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Spanish Text Checking/Editing By Native Spanish Speaker

The checking of the Spanish text (more than 10 000 characters without spaces) and correcting of grammar, spelling, syntactic and stylistic mistakes needed! Only for native spanish speakers!

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Asterisk Vicidial – Phone Dead Number Checking Program

We are using VicidialNow as a dialer.
I would like some software to dial the phone numbers and check for dead numbers.

Only bid if you have experience of asterisk. Please tell me your experience.

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E-Book Production

1) Format an existing 60-page word document (on Growing a Small Business) into a compelling E-book product. This will involve:

a) Optimising fonts and formatting etc
b) Inserting appropriate graphics at your discretion
c) Expanding paragraphs which have been marked as needing extra content. There are c. 20 such paragraphs in the document, each of which will require less than 10 minutes online/wikipedia research in order to write a sufficient paragraph.
d) Checking spelling and re-checking formatting
e) Publishing in pdf.
f) Give metrics-based suggestions for an AdWords campaign to market this product.

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Asterisk To Skype Config/Programming

We need to configure or program our Asterisk (using Free PBX) so when SIP calls comes to Asterisk, the call immediately route to Skype network without checking the extension or DID on the database. We want to avoid the database checking in the Asterisk and send directly to Skype (we already have Digium license).

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Checking Mailman Configuration

Hi, i have mailman installed on my server. We just moved from Listserv listing to mailman and are having problems with emails not being delivered to work acocunt and hotmail accounts. We just want someone to check our configuration on server, dns, mx and anything else which will help us resolve this issue. Your help in this matter will be really appreciated.

WIth Regards,

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Android, Checking Aura

Im looking for a developer who can build cecking aura app?

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Data Checking On Web And Excel Spreadsheet

Im looking for a reliable, meticulous person to help verify entries on our website. The project will entail checking if all required details have been entered by web contributors. Initially this will be for a few hours a day, increasing later. The remuneration will be $10 per 200 entries pro rata. You must have a very fast internet, be very good with excel.

As you will be required to edit some entries, your English must be very good. You must be available for up to 8 hours a day. You must be available on the phone and email. Please bid for 1000 entries only for now.

Please bid explaining why you are the right person for the project and what you are doing for a living or are you a student?

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PageRank Checking Scripts Blocked By Google

We are a SEO company with a SEO analyse but since the pagerank update our IP is blocked.
Our developer wants to use a private proxy server for it. We do not want it like this.

Has somebody another solution and can build it.

Best regards,


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Mail Checking Job (Only Indian)


Simple Job. You can easily earn regular income. Just open & read the contents of the mails.

Thank you.

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Backlink Checking Tool

The bid is to create a back-link checking tool that can run properly on my wordpress website. An example of the tool is located here:

Ill need the same functionality. This is not checking a source file. This program is to check back-links upon the entire web.

After this project is complete there will be more work with this tool and other php programs.

Please do not bid on this if you dont know what youre doing.

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Set SSL On Joomla Site To Work Only On Vieturmark Checkout

This is a very small project to configure fro SSL certificate to be activatage only whne a customer is checking out. The certificate is already installed on the site but at this point when you navigate back from the checkout option the entire site goes back to HTTPS instead of HTTP.

So the requirement here to to ensure that HTTPS is tied only to the check module in Vituremart and not the entire site. Also when a customers is checkling out and wants to continue shopping the site, it show go back to HTTP.

So HTTPS should only be activated when the customer is checking out.

take a look at our site here:

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I require a person , who can test/ review the site and make a report that covers the following area

1 list uncompleted areas
2. list the bugs/errors
3. list the improvements can be made
4.checking for validating HTML and CSS,
5.checking for any error messages displayed,
6.testing functionality,
7. user flow, and
8. security

only those who are experienced and those who use messenger yahoo/msn bid pls

Only individuals bid please

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Checking A File For Viruses

I need somebody to check over a rar file for viruses/trojans/keyloggers and tell me if it is safe to use without any harm.

If the checking for the rar file is too expensive, then ill need someone to just check one single .dll file without a source code (hex edited)

Thank you

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Simple Data Processing- Checking Validity

Hi freelancers,

I have pretty simple job to do.
A database with full contact details, need to verify them.
If found any mismatched, do simple look up and replace it.
Total data quantity is 30000.

Please bid with reasonable price.
Successful completion of the project leads to future permanent job.

Looking forward of your bids.

Important: Please dont send me PM, i would ignore those bids.

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Processing the order through various process.
Checking the forgery/ duplicate for transaction done by the clients.
Retrieve the relevant document required to prepare the title report through access to various web sites and software.

Cross checking the document and finalizing the Report.

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Need Man For Checking Text.

Need check text to English language. Work very simple. Need check description.

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AntiVirus Checking Web Site

Hi all professionals

I need to create web site for file virus checking/scaning

Few words about:
– Huge closed antivirus base from 30-40 AVs (Kav, Nod, Avira, Microsoft Live OneCare, Dr. Web, …)
– Link cheking in bases
– Possibility to scan folders, archives
– Multithreads scaning
– Reports for users
– Desktop version

Only for professionals with experience, who know how …
If you doubt in your skills dont spend my and your time!
Ajax, ruby on rails, desctop programming (need create just simple desctop tool)
Russian language is welcomed, but optional

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**Need 100k Facebook Fan Page** (Bonus $$ Available)

I need a facebook fan page with 100k fans.

Bonus money for:

Niche specific (movie fans)
More than 100k fans.


No illegal, automated, or botted ways to create the fan page.
Fans must be real people. My boss will be checking. If we find bots, the deal is dead.
Nothing that can get this page banned or suspended from facebook. This is the MOST important. We are paying you good money so you MUST give us a new account. My boss will be checking this as well so dont try and get away with anything illegal or automated.


100% Payment on 14th day as long as the page is still standing and hasnt been banned from facebook.
PayPal preferred but Ill pay via GAF if its necessary.

Factors Im considering in hiring you:

Past reviews
How you built the FB account

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Pagerank Checker Script .

The script will grab domain list from a site, that site publishes 1 domain list everyday. Every list has 60k-70k(60.000-70.000) domains.

The script should:
– check every domains pagerank in the list.
– check 70k domains a day.
– add domains to the encrypted file if the domains pageranks are higher than zero and should make fake pagerank control.
– make fake pagerank checking after checking pageranks

Notes: This is easy job but Google bans ips which query more than 1000 domains so you need to use proxies or find another solution to that. (i have a solution for it but i will tell it only to serious bidders by pm )

My budget is $50 for the project.

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For Retail Chemist Shops

The software should cover requirements of a retail chemist shop including invoicing, Ordering, Purchase, Inventory management and full-fledged financial accounting.

Features Required:
Bar Code & Label Facility, Product, Suppliers & Patient queries, Substitute wise Sales, invoicing from day one, Patient credit details, Control over near expiry items, Checking of Purchase Bills, Rate calculation for L.T. Extra items, Selling in Tablets and Strips, Option for Pensioners Billing, Complete profit analysis, Doctor wise reports, Best Supplier wise Order generation, Supplier wise Expiry Details, Prescription wise sales, Export/Import of Data
Retail Invoicing Features Required
Fast billing, No calculation mistakes, Latest Product Database, Stock Control, Option to adjust sales return, Single entry for multiple items, Checking of short items, Checking of margin in M.R.P, Multiple series option, Graphical Reports, Tracking of Modified Transactions, Flexibility in Stock Control, Invoicing- Cash, Credit & Petty sales Checking of purchase. Rate and schemes
Financial Accounting
Vat ready, Very simple to operate, PDC & Dishonored cheques, Bank reconciliation, Complete A/c upto Balance Sheet, Cash flow statement, Statement of Accounts, Accounting Books, Printing of vouchers, Cash Book for Direct Entry, Multiple company accounts, Columnar registers & reports, Complete Book-keeping, Supplier Ledger
Other Features
Multi-User LAN Support, Intelligent Calculator, Data Reliability, Data Secrecy, Multi Level Security/User wise rights, Regular Upgrades, On Line User Manual, Strong back-end support, Online Support through Internet Backup/Restore facility Graphical Analysis of Data User wise Log facility

I will prefer Adobe Air or PHP/MYSQL based application. Only experienced and professional programmers should Bid for this project.

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Joomla Work Project

I need joomla work done for a site. The site will be approximately 100 pages. I

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Virus Scan Site


Need to create web site for virus checking. User upload a file and and press check it))
Uploaded file checking on viruses from most popular antivirus data bases and latest versions.
For example:
A-squared, AVG, ArcaVir 2009, Authentium, Avast 5.0, Avira, BitDefender, ClamAV, DrWeb, F-Prot, F-Secure ., Kaspersky, McAfee, NOD32, Norman, Panda, Sophos, Symantec, Vexira, VirusBuster …
If possiple more antivirus databases.
After checking user receive report by selected ways

If you cant do it, dont spend my and your time!

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I Need 2000 Email Accounts

I need 2000 mixed email accounts. Meaning gmail, hotmail, yahoo they must come with associated passwords so I can login to them.

Please do not, do not attempt to send me any that you have not personally checked. Dont say here is 2000 and then i check and find 100 that are not working and then tell me oh they used to work. No you must be sure that ever single one works. As i will be checking every single one before payment.

The must be real emails, i.e not fake, not ones that are just numbers they must look like regular email accounts. If this requires you have to make 2000.. then so be it.

Also they cannot be ones you have sold to anyone else or plan selling to anyone else. They are strictly going to be used by me.

I want regular looking emails.

I will be checking every single one of them

Project will go to the person who can get me them immediately within 24hrs.

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Link Checking Project (#2)

This job is very simple. We have not updated our link exchanges for over a year. I need someone to go through the 13 pages listed here and check that all the links on there reciprocate from their website back to ours.

I will send an Excel spreadsheet the person would have to fill out which would show links and reciprocated URLs.

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Quick Seo Tool For Harvesting, Anchor Checking And Msg

Hi all..

your experience with creating seo bots and tools is MUST for this project. basically we analyse backlinks of any specific website through google, yahoo and msn, then gather all the wordpress related posts and the do some further tasts that I will disclose to the person who has experience in something like this through Private message..

if you are not a bot, do NOT bid, just post a message in pmb and I will get back to you.


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Link Checking Project

This job is very simple. We have not updated our link exchanges for over a year. I need someone to go through the 13 pages listed here and check that all the links on there reciprocate from their website back to ours.

I will send an Excel spreadsheet the person would have to fill out which would show links and reciprocated URLs.

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Need Bulk Gmail Accounts Daily (min 1k)

We need bulk of gmail accounts. Our rate is fixed i.e $25/k.

Any one can give 1k gmail accounts atleast.
All ids should be from the US names
Accounts look like real US names.We will not accept account names that are matching or that follow a known sequence such as Tokyo1, Tokyo2, Tokyo3 (This will not be accepted). All names must be unique and different.

We need daily maximum 10k gmail accounts.
Please PM me, interested providers can only bid my project.

Payment will be made only after checking ur gmail accounts.
I dont want (dot) emails.
like steve(.)henry23.
just I want without dot gmail accounts.
No Escrew Payment, Only payment realese after checking gmail accounts.
payment through paypal and gaf. payment daily basis.

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Bulk Website Checker

I need a program that can check more than xx,xxxx amount of website at once in a .csv or a regular .txt file. Basically what the program should do is check to see if each website is up or not with preview while it is checking it so I can see what each website look like. I hope it doesnt give me an error in middle of the checking process. any more question feel free to ask me.

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