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Plask One Page Payment Checkout

Need to integrate plesk billing into our existing website. Already
have Moderbill installed and already have custom shopping cart in
place but need to be able to send shopping cart variables over to
MBAPI for processing. Need to be able to processes credit cards and
domain names through MBAPI (already have registrar and gateways setup on the backend).


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Osc One Page, One Click Checkout

I need a one click checkout form converted to work with osc.

Ive created their form from an old site that they used to use. It was originally integrated with paypal pro subscription. But they wanted to use ARB and AIM instead. Since i have a working oscmax installation that accomodates both modules i thought it best to use OSC. But this form does not work with osc checkout, but we need it to work.

Here is the form ive already transferred over.

There are 2 products as you can see… and if the subscription product is selected, then Authnet ARB module needs to load in the cc area or at least the hidden fields, if the other radio button for one time payment is selected, then AUthnet AIM module needs to be activated etc..

I basically just need this form setup to work with osc. WHich would probably mean, adding several hidden fields and creating some javascript with some autoload and onclick features. Client does not want the customers to log in or create an account at all, so purchase without an account is enabled on this osc, so if we have to somehow use that we can as well.

If youre interested in doing this project, keep in mind that there will be more paid work involved on this site in the near future.

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Squeze Page

This task is to a basic squeeze page, and then to make some simple graphical changes to it. You MUST be a css expert to do this right. The finished product must display correctly in IE 6,7,8, and firefox

here is a quick video to show the task:

this is the squeeze page to be cl.oned

there are 3 pages that I show in the video…to see the pages, simply start on the first, enter fake info, and walk thru to see the 3 pages.

If this goes well, we have more projects. This is a simple task for the right bidder, so please bid accordingly. Also, this task must be completed in 24 hours or less.

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Oscommerce Modifications

Oscommerce modifications

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Mix Algozone Fraud Screen With Ajax Checkout For Oscommerce

I have recently implemented an Ajax checkout system on (oscommerce based). I use Algozone Fraud Screen on the site, which requires the ip address and order number to be written to a MySQL table. I am struggling to get this element to work. Also, the session information is being retained when an order has been processed, resulting in (amongst other things) the shopping cart still appearing to be populated after check-out.

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Fix A Bug In OsCommerce Checkout Process

Theres a bug in the checkout process in our osCommerce (version 2.2-MS2) that needs to be addressed. Currently, if someone selects PayPal as their method of payment, they are redirected to PayPal to login and approve the transaction, then sent back to the osCommerce to confirm the order (which is the way its supposed to work). The problem begins here…when clicking the Continue button to move forward to the final osCommerce confirmation page, the user is simply redirected to the same page again. Right now there IS a temporary fix…the user simply clicks choose another payment method from this page, and when led back to the previous page from here, they can check the "Check this if you want to pay with different payment method" box, and when theyre then taken back to the page they were stuck on before, it will now allow them to move forward when they click Continue. In other words, the functionality of the checkout process DOES work, but this bug obviously works to discourage purchases and needs to be fixed.

Now, the payment contribution used is probably rather old, and I wouldnt be surprised if there is a better solution available at this point. I dont mind if youd rather fix whats already there or install a better contribution…as long as NOTHING ELSE winds up broken with the store. This cart has been built meticulously and carefully over the course of several years, and this is the ONLY existing issue…so its VERY important to us that new issues are not created in the process of fixing THIS issue.

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WordPress Partnership Project

This is a WordPress related Partnership project.

What i need in details :

First Part

1. Setup webspace on your name (to run a multi-blog wordpress site with a good performance)

2. Setup a .com domain i will give you

3. Setup wordpress (multiblog) with this shopping theme

4. Setup a PayPal Account for this new shop

5. Create a logo and some banners for the shop

6. Setup the integrated affiliate system

7. Create an imprint

Everything from above must be setuped under your name.
You will give me admin-access to the webspace, wordpress-install and paypal-account.

Second Part

This part is for a lot of premium themes from woothemes, elegantthemes, studiopress, themeforest, templatic, and ……

For every theme i send you, you have to :

1. Integrate a shopping plugin with a jquery shopping cart. See for details this is an update theme "Gazette" from woothemes. An other example is the wootheme "Bueno"

1.1. What are included in this integration (this are only some small changes) :

1.1.1. Update the Index und Category Views to display the price. (if there are some portfolio templates in the theme this must be done for every template)

1.1.2. Update the single.php to display the shopping-cart features

1.1.3. Update the page.php to display the checkout features

2. To integrate the shopping-cart i already created a plugin.

3. Setup a new blog with the multi-blog freature at the domain.

4. Setup and install the changed theme

5. Setup and install the shop to show a demo with the theme

6. Create a ZIP file, but only of the changed files (we dont sell the themes, only the shop-update)

7. Create a new product at the shopping cart

This sounds very complicated, but there are only some small changes for every theme.

What will you get :

For every setuped theme you will get an advance-payment of 5$.

You will get 50% of EVERY selled product at this shopping-site, reduced by the advanced payment.

And, of course, upto 200 premium wordpress themes.

I will pay all the themes.

Example :

The price for each theme to sell will be 5$.

You will setup 50 themes and get 250$ as advanced-payment.

If we make 100 sells we earn 500$. You will get (100 x 50% of 5$) 250$ but reduced by the advanced-payment you alreday get of 250$, so you will get 0$.

If we make only 10 sells we earn 50$. You will get (10 x 50% of 5$) 25$, but reduced by the advanced-payment you already get of 250$, so you will also get 0$.

If we make 500 sells (and i hope so) we earn 2500$. You will get(500 x 50% of 5$) 1250, but reduced by the advanced-apyment you already get of 250$, so you will get 1000$.

So in every way you will get the 250$. If we sell nothing its my risk.

Your only risk is the costs for webhost and domain and your work.

The Project Amount will only be for the full website-setup and the first 50 themes.
You will got the themes after the webshop is setuped.

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Google E-commerce Tracking To MIGS Checkout_thankyou Page

I have a virtuemart site which has JoomlaXTC Google Analytics for Virtuemart handling the analytic code and also the e-commerce code on checkout_thankyou pages. The code works fine for paypal and cheque, moneyorder as these are directed to the normal virtuemart checkout_thankyou page. Problem is I have the MIGS payment gateway for credit card purchases which sends customers to the Banks gateway to make credit purchase and then back to a checkout.result_migs page after transaction has been approved.

This is the page the customer has to go to after the purchase and cannot be directed to the normal checkout_thankyou page. For some reason the ecommerce tracking code on this page checkout.result_migs does not have any of the order details listed when the customer is directed back here.

I need a way to have the order details listed in the e-commerce tracking on this page checkout.result_migs as it is done on the checkout_thankyou page so the order details can be sent to google. Or some war around it without threatening the security of the page.

So I need someone who knows the MIGS internet gateway service.

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Integrate Inner Page For Oscommerce Site

Hi developers,

I have an oscommerce site. I integrated template to the homepage. I need someone else to integrate inner page. This is a simple project for someone who has experiences in oscommerce.

Here is my site

I attached psd file of inner page.

Nguyen Trong Nhan.

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Custom Sales Page For Checkout

I need a custom sales page for a product sold over The sales page needs to be similar like this one:
I will give you the codes of forms part and you will need to make some nice graphics and same layout like the sample page

Budget is $30 for this project

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1 Page Google Checkout Site

I need a 1 Page Google Checkout site setting up.

There will be 1 Page of information with a buy button at the bottom of the page.

The buy button will take the user to Google Checkout. If payment is received they can download a PDF on a secure link (I.E not a direct link to the file system location)

Preferable done in ASP.NET c#

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Need Fix Php Error On Checkout Page


I need someone who can fix my checkout page on my website

the left menu not showing well with all system payment

Happy bidding

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Minnor Fixes For Oscommerce

Minnor fixes for oscommerce

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Error On Secure Pages – Checkout – Need Help ASAP

We just renewed our SSL cert and reinstalled it, and are now getting errors on secure pages– see error msg below:

Ive been told its a simple settings problem, but need some help immeditately.

Our checkout is also developing an error.

Please bid only if you can help right away, I will be actively monitoring bids.

Internal Server Error

The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.

Please contact the server administrator, and inform them of the time the error occurred, and anything you might have done that may have caused the error.

More information about this error may be available in the server error log.

Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.
Apache/2.0.63 (Unix) mod_ssl/2.0.63 OpenSSL/0.9.8e-fips-rhel5 mod_auth_passthrough/2.1 mod_bwlimited/1.4 FrontPage/ Server at Port 443

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Disable Oscommerce Checkout


I want to disable my oscommerce checkout page (so nobody can purchase) as there is some maintainance work i need to do. Also, i need a note on the shopping cart page.

On shopping_cart.php – i need a message in red underneath "Your Basket Contains:"

"This website is currently unavailable while we perform some maintainance – you will not be able to purchase at this time – we will be back soon"

On checkout.php – i need this page disabled completely. Maybe redirect checkout.php to a custom error page stating – "This website is currently unavailable while we perform some maintainance – you will not be able to purchase at this time – we will be back soon"

Also, you will need to tell me how to restore these pages to its original state.

Need this done pretty quick – should should be quick experienced oscommerce developer.

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Oscommerce Checkout Need To Be In One Page.

We have a highly modified oscommerce site, the checkout currently has purchase without account option as well as register for site option. The checkout also has discount coupons module installed, however the checkout has become very very slow. Customers have to wait more than 30 seconds at times for the screen to go to next page. At first we thought it was a server issue, mysql optimization issue but none of these are it. Server loads are excellent. We need a complete redesign of this checkout, we need it to be fast, all in one page where customers enter info and hit complete order or checkout and then land on page checkoutsuccess.php

1) Have you ever created or modified checkout files for oscommerce?
2) Please give us links of oscommerce sites checkout pages you have worked on?
3) Link of the website will be provided once bidder PMs us.

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Swing Developer For Advise And Tests Only

I need an experienced swing developer. I am a server-side developer and dont have the time to run experiments and tests to come up with the best approach for some of our UI requirements. Quite frankly, I think UIs are a waste of time, but Im stuck with the work for now…. However, I still need the UI component to be performant and have an appealing and professional look.

You must provide your resume showing at least 5 years of relevant experience: swing dev and java dev. Web/servlet dev is useless to me. Dont bid if this is your experience: you wont get picked.

I am hoping to build a profesional raport with an individual that has the right experience and this may expand to several months.

You will run tests for me such as taking a JTable and blasting stock updates to it and let me see how it performs. You will incorporate suggestions on tuning it. I may incorporate your suggestions into my final product. In all of this, you are writing throw-away code. You are simply building prototypes and simple stand-alone apps w/o production strengh code (error checks, dynamic configuration, etc) for testing my ideas and needs. This should be a cakewalk for anyone with strong swing and java skills. Probably 7-10 hrs of work per question.

The budget is therefore low: possibly $200/item, but we can negotiate based on difficulty.

Our interaction will be over IM mostly and we will determine the price per question. The above question is the most complex I can think of.

Sometimes, we may need to have a phone conversation. I can do this around 8AM CST (US). You need to be able to receive a 30-60min call at that time. Im guessing this would happen twice a month.

Each question will be a milestone and paid as such. The first milestone question will be about which GUI builder is best to use with Eclipse for this project. You will provide a written document (nothing formal) with your professional recommendation supported a list of products, pros/cons etc… I will give you the criteria for this choice.

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Project for Sherif

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OsCommerce Checkout Modification

Good day Freelancers!

I need to have a website checkout process modified to the following specifications;

1. Install PWA module (,355)
2. Modify the checkout process to be one page rather then 4, no fields will be omitted rather placed within one continuous page.

The website is tinyurl

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private for mirod

1. Checkout review page
2. Improvement of fabrics section
3. E-mails for each order to admin and customer

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Wii chip

I got the hole page. Just need some adjustments.
All the text on the site will I add after your job is done.

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one page checkout contribution debugging on a osCMax website

A programmer installed on my osCMax website the contribution "one page checkout" ( and but he did the biggest part of the work and disappeared.
The implementation is almost finished but there is still a bug with the JavaScript function. The shipping and payment doesnt appear automatically when address is entered.
So the module has to be debugged and has to work on my website.
Happy Bid!

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