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Children’s IPad App Illustrator

We are looking for iPad & iPhone illustration for children book.

Looking for an edgy, contemporary illustrator with a good handle on characters and a munny-sensibility.

The concept is about a little boy pet missing from home, there goes the story begin….

There are 20 screens in the app. The characters will include: mother, little boy, some cartoon animal characters.

We will commission in the middle of April and want delivery in four weeks.

Required sound effect: sweet mother sound, charming little girl for some conversation.

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Fitness Cartoon Illustrations

I need two small illustrations for a fitness site of mine. They will both be white male cartoon like illustrations showing a transformation from a skinny weak person to a muscular/strong person. The first will show a full body before/after illustration (like the attached sample except not for fat loss) and the second will show one before after of maybe just the chest and arms flexing (similar to the blue image attached, just skinny to muscular).

They need to be clearly viewed inside a 200×200 banner so if you make the illustration big make sure they can be viewed small as well.

You can see the level of detail I am looking for in the samples.

Please show me examples of cartoons or other illustrations you have done of people.

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Political Character Cartoon Images

Hi. I am looking for 6 to 12 cartoon images of various politicians/political figures. I need them to be roughly the size of an iPhone icon/button, although it would be nice to have a larger size and then shrink it down to a smaller size for later.

I may decide to have all of the images of just one politician (i.e., Obama), or one image for a variety of politicians (Obama, Hillary, Bush, etc.)

They need to be funny looking but professional-grade as they will be used in a game.


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Cartoon Image of two Mormon Missionaries

We are seeking an orginal design cartoon characters in full color of two mormon missionaries (LDS Church).

If you have the flare to do this please bid. No Stock graphics will be accepted.

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