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Children’s IPad App Illustrator

We are looking for iPad & iPhone illustration for children book.

Looking for an edgy, contemporary illustrator with a good handle on characters and a munny-sensibility.

The concept is about a little boy pet missing from home, there goes the story begin….

There are 20 screens in the app. The characters will include: mother, little boy, some cartoon animal characters.

We will commission in the middle of April and want delivery in four weeks.

Required sound effect: sweet mother sound, charming little girl for some conversation.

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Children’s Book Illustrator

Need a childrens book illustrator. Full color drawings. Would like to see samples please. Budget is $1 per page and I have about 30 to 40 pages that needs drawings. I will have more projects in the future as I have 4 more childrens I will write in the next 4 months.

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Children Stories

Seeking creative minds: Are you creative and can get into the minds of children?

We are interested in a creative/ghostwriter interested in writing children stories. The stories all have a morel and are built around an ideal mother who is close to nature.

Please supply previous work in your bid. And you must be willing to sign an Non-disclosure Agreement.

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FLASH Web Programer For A Children’s Site

Hi Freelancers:

We are looking for a web programmer for a children´s site. This site will be created in FLASH.

We will provide the design and the games for the site.

This site will have:
-Flash Games
-Account management page
-Payment option for credit card
-Statistics of apps
-Help or FAQ
-Contact us (as pop up box)

The site will take a couple of months, we need that the freelancer have a great communication with us.

Reference site:

Do you have Skype or Yahoo messenger?
Are you avaliable to work with us in the next couple of months?
Maybe we can pay you a flat fee per month, Are you interested?

Please send me your site samples with your bid.


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Annotated Bibliography Relating To Yoga For Children

Looking for a writer with a passion for yoga and kids.

I need an annotated bibliography for research-based (academic) articles relating to yoga and children.

Specifically, articles should be relevant to the benefits of yoga for children dealing with learning disabilities and child disorders (autism, adhd, add, sensory integration, etc.), stress-reduction, learning-enhancement, physical fitness, mental acuity, and general wellness.

I am looking for ACADEMIC articles citing ORIGINAL research or original narratives of specific programs and outcomes. I am NOT interested in summary articles such as,, etc.

Entries must be in APA style.

Annotations must summarize each article providing a descriptive and evaluative paragraph that informs the reader to the relevance of the article to their research and interest (i.e. How does yoga benefit children). Annotations must be at least 50 words long, not more than 200 words long and should average 75+ words long.

I am NOT looking for cutting and pasting of abstract information, but re-writing and analysis as to the validity of the cited article to the subject. Answer the questions: Why is this of interest? Why should I read this article? What information can I find here?

This information will be posted on my website as a resource for people seeking information on the benefits of yoga for children.

Finished product will be submitted in MS Word format with appropriate hyperlinks to the article on the web. Citations should be organized by subject.

Please quote per citation. I am looking for 50-150 citations (and possibly more) Citations which do not meet the indicated criteria will be rejected and will not be compensated.

Sample is as follows:

Peck, H.L., Kehle, T.J., Bray, M.A., & Theodore, A.L. (2005) Yoga as an intervention for children with attention problems [] , School Pyschology Review, 34, No.3, 415-424.

Looking at yoga as an alternative to increase attention for those with ADHD, ADD and other attention disorders, the authors conducted a study of ten elementary school children on grades 1 to 3. The study looked at the children

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Internet Dangers Children Encounter

Write a blog about the dangers kids face online and how parents can protect them. A few examples might be, the dangers of the software Formspring or Chatroulette. Or other dangers children face online.

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Quick Link Building – Children’s Jewellery Site

I am looking for someone to build links for me on relevant jewellery websites and children sites and sites that mothers, grandmothers and people buying gifts for children would look at. I am wanting to get my website on first page google here in Australia.

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Children’s Picture Book – Feedback And Suggestions

I have written a picture book for young children (around 3 years old).

I would like to have someone read it and provide feedback and suggestions on how to improve it.

Suggestions could include:
* Changes to storyline
* Changes to characters
* Suggested re-writes for individual words or sentences

Or anything else you think could improve the story.

Changes would need to be made using Track Changes in Microsoft Word.

This project is designed for published writers or those with significant experience in writing for children. Please state your experience in your bid.

There will be significant follow-on work from this project – the successful provider may be offered future work if their suggestions are valuable.

Happy bidding! Any questions, please ask.

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Creative Writing – Short Stories For Children

We would like to have a concept and text that would have great appeal to children and parents. The concept and web content must have a story experience so that the visitor buys into the concept, feels attracted to the site, and happy about the service.

We are looking for someone who has a great creative breath and imagination that will engage parents and children. We want parents to want to pass this story along to their friends to share the experience. The story needs to include a passion for the story itself, ie illustrations of dedicated followers.

Details of the story: There are two characters, one main and one secondary. Both characters are parents, the main character is the mother. Both characters live on an island in the North Atlantic Ocean. We want a story built around an ideal mother of the world. Although the mother must have real characteristics, there must be an air of mystery. Included in your concept must be good deeds that the mother does from time to time, or an example of how kids can do good deeds in a similar way.

We are looking for a creative writer/marketer/copywriter to develop this concept with 14 one-page stories and 14 stand alone paragraphs, that are stories about the mother of the world directed to children. The paragraphs maybe a short conversation, a deed, an interest, or a short message or quote about or from the mother. The stories must have a morel or a lesson in them.

Dont bid unless you are going to mention what you could bring to this project. It needs a creative mind and someone that can make deadlines. In your bid, please include some of your initiate thoughts about the project, and previous projects that you have worked on.

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Speech, Phonics Mouth Videos For Children

This app has highly specialised concepts & content. It will be used for teaching children how to make sounds of the alphabet using their mouth and matching it to letters. It will benefit children with speech and literacy difficulties and should have a market with speech pathologists, teachers and parents.
Stills & videos have already been taken and are part of a small existing business.
A PDF is the first page and when areas of this are tapped, goes to next screens (around 20). There will then be requirement for the camera as well as a video clip be used. From these screens, half of the screen needs to stay (camera) and the other half needs to be swiped to go to an illustration (already done in eps or jpeg).
There is lots of details to this app due to specialized nature. There is also another part to the app ( or probably a new app) where video clips needs to be manipulated (joined together, speed up, slowed down) with the swipe of a finger. I have the concept mapped out on paper and most of the content although I haven edited the video clips yet.
I am an individual and my business is very small with a limited budget. Would prefer to work with app developer as local as possible to ensure content is accurate and someone can make it as I need it! The developer would need to be able to get my app on iTunes.

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Creative Website Design For Parents And Children

Are you creative? We have a website that needs a fresh look and feel that is friendly toward parents and children.

We have a series of children stories focused on a mother who is a caregiver of all things on an island in the North Atlantic. We would like the website graphics to reflect the story experience.

This would be a great project for someone to build their portfolio with before and after photos.

We have the basics, all the menus and content planned. The backend work of the forms are complete.

Before bidding please visit At minimum we want to add a left hand menu, revise the top menu, add a site map, install Google analytics, a PayPal link, and we are open to more creative solutions. We would like the design to engage parents but also children. We want to know what you can do with the site to make it look sharp, creative, engaging. With your bid include some examples of your work and more importantly what you can do for this site.

Please don

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Children’s Book Illustrator Needed

I have written a childrens book about fairies. I need the cover and all pages illustrated. Whimsical and fun. Would like color images. The story is in poetry format and has 13 pages.

Please provide samples of your work for my review.

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Children Book In Flash


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Get This Children Success Program To Parents For FREE

I need a rush of qualified visitors to rush to and take up this Childrens Success Program available free only in the next 7 days.
Can you help?

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Animator Extraordinaire – 1 Min. Children’s Cartoon

We are currently looking for a young and talented 2D animator/ illustrator to produce a 1 minute independent childrens cartoon.

Applicants must be skilled illustrators, capable of emulating a given style of drawing.

If you are truly passionate about cartoons and a hard worker, this may be the work for you.

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Children’s Online Storybook (flash)

This project requires a creative and artistic as well as technical ability. I am creating a website for small children to help with their reading and am looking for someone to create a flipbook in a VERY child friendly manner. I have already purchased an excellent template… and am happy for this to be modified.

Id like there to be a fairytale style pop up intro in the style of the settlers 7 intro
I will provide the basic flash characters to go with it, but you will reanimate them as knights and wizards and astronauts and explorers etc in different stories on different pages of the pop up book – see video link
Video will load on opening of file, but will have an option to skip.

The book functions need to allow for a solid .swf load (via xml) as per the original template. I will send a short story as a guide and test.
Price is negotiable.

Navigation functions must be child friendly and overall layout must be extremely simple yet attractive. The program must remain easily editable as I will be uploading many books. Any ideas you may have will be welcomed. If you choose to use the activeden template please note that functions such as zoom and page choices etc are not required.

Only serious animators and programmers should apply.
storyboard, artwork and layout will need to be preapproved via sketches, mockups etc.

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Children Website Design With Vector Graphics

A website design is needed for 4-5 pages .
The UI mockup will be given in a PDF sketch format.

The website should retain the simplicity and ease of use of popular websites like stackoverflow or google products (docs, gmail etc.) but still have a colorful theme that can be appealing to children.
All graphics shouldnt be raster looking but rather vector.

For examples and details please contact me via PMB .

Also if you do not have a portofolio with at least one website that can meet the upper characteristics (simplicity, vector graphics) please do not bid.

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Iphone App – Children Puzzle

We are developing a children application and would need a developer to assists with the programming.

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Keyboard Flash Game For Kids Music Educational Site

Name of Company: Music Discovery for Kids

Role: Flash Game Developer

Remuneration: $30-50 US per game (Negotiable)

Skill Requirements: Flash Game Developer

Looking for a flash game developer to do simple flash music games/quizzes for children. We will post one game per freelancer job number. (This gives you additional feedback/review.)

1. We are needing to have a game made that helps children learn to identify the note names on the piano keyboard.
A similar game is:

The question/ideas will be provided so you dont need a music background. We need to be able to have option to send the game results to an email address (via flash action script) and possible to have a "report/score card" displayed at the end of each level.

Other future flash items we are considering:
a.) something like: but for other instruments;
b.) a simple rhythm game
c.) identifying instruments and putting them into categories

We have the music graphics and overall design idea that wed like incorporated.

Let us know if youre interested. Serious inquiries only.

Please advise us on this if you have any questions/comments.

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URGENT! Children´s Illustration


I need someone today, is a Urgent project!!!

We need a children´s illustration (1 to 3 years old) in vector format (adobe illustrator) vey colorfull and great quality!

Please send me PM with you relevant samples (just vector samples please) and website and I will send you more information.

You must to be ready to create a mockup of the scene today to check your quality (just b&w).

This is a important project, we have a lot of more drawing like this for 6 months!!!

Budget: 45usd

Dead line of the project: 26/02

Dead line for mockups: today (you have 10 hours)

Is very important the fast communication, do yo have skype or yahoo messenger?

Happy bidding =)


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Children’s Stories And Songs, Android, IPAD, Website

Im looking to have an application that have traditional and modern children stories and songs from Arabic countries. The stories will be from every Arabic country. I will collect these stories and songs, narrator is needed so children can listen to the story alone. Im going to provide the stories and I need someone to illustrate the stories, and then I need to be able to upload these stories to my application and website. The application is upgradable, so each time I will upload new stories and songs. User can turn the page, see animation, here audio that goes with that story, have the story read to his children. Application and website to be full admin, where I can add new stories, edit stories, edit all text on the site, all pages, order of pages, email, customize homepage, etc. I want these stories to be viewed on iphones, ipads, and other Apple devices, its not to be built in flash. The site will also need to be SEO friendly. I will need to be able to edit all SEO aspects of the site. Including tags, descriptions, titles, etc for every page and image/story. User can take photo of his son or daughter and use it in place of the story heros face. user then can filter the stories based on some options. User is able to become a member. Once they are members they will be able to upload the best drawings of his kids, vote on which drawings they like the most, make comments, etc. The application and site will need to be secure, the first two or three stories from each country is free, user needs to pay to get the rest of the stories and songs. I will have very specific design and other details once you win the project. Im looking to get your inputs in order to develop the idea.

Good Luck Developers 🙂

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Children Illustration / Character Design

We need design for three characters for a childrens book.

The characters are a dragon, a knight and a princess.

We are open to choose between different styles of illustration.

We would like to see samples of your work.

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8 Manga Characters

Need 8 manga child characters (4 male/4 female) created in Illustrator for new Japanese product for children. Children will be between 7yrs and 12yrs old and dressed in various school uniforms. May need 3 or 4 versions of each character e.g. playing, studying etc

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Recepis WebSite Creation

Description and purpose

This is a site that addresses the general public should be able search and placement of cooking recipes for the reader.
There is a forum, which is divided by category and subcategory.

We intend to monetize the site by placing adsense by Google.


Site Name: Beabaa

Categories: Home / Recipes / Children / Puppies & Co. (later will add more). These should be positioned horizontally.
The subcategories are presented when the cursor is placed on top of the category.

There should be choice of language: Portuguese and German

The site for placement of advertising by Google will be a bar to the right upright.

We send an attachment as intended. The photo of the banner changes according to the category in which we find ourselves. For this we need to be a program that enables us to make this change easily.
Categories in the horizontal bar below the banner. The icon next to regista-te/login. Do not forget the flags of Portugal and Germany.
The various subcategories appear in drop-style (?)

Text boxes and pictures are highlights of several categories and will also be changed.

The Forums shall be subdivided by title. For example, in the forum section of the children: they can be addressed several issues such as bullying, obesity in children and car safety.

Subcategories: Appetizers, Soup, Fish, Meat, Dessert.
Later will be added more subcategories

Suggestions with our photo and title of the recipe, well changing.
Must have a box saying "inspires you" where the reader can enter the recipe you want, or the main ingredient for which such demand revenue (
Must be able to assess the recipe on a scale of 1 to 5 (this is not necessary to register, but can only do so once).

The reader should have the option of putting himself its revenue, after registering, and after it has been reviewed by us.
There must be a pre-defined document for the introduction of the revenue picture.

More can have your own cookbook, where you save your chosen recipe (also here must be registered).
The book itself has a space for personal comments on each one for each recipe.

Subcategory: Bullying, Safety Car, Childhood obesity. (Also here to add more subject headings)

Home consists of featured articles with image.

Puppies & Sons Co.
Subcategory: Plan dog vaccination, cat vaccination plan, Dog Diseases, Cat Diseases, Adoption Seeking girlfriend (also here to add more subject headings)

Here it is articles on various subjects.

In subcategory Adoption and boyfriend are looking for, there must be once again a record and pre-defined form where the reader chooses the country and city where you live. Here the reader can put photos and text that gives animals for adoption or where you can find a partner for mating.

All articles, recipes must be able to print, save, e-mail and share on Facebook, twitter etc.

I hope I have explained this well, but no doubt tell. Must have some experiences to texts?

The program should be very easy to handle, since we do not see much of computer science and be a site of constant change. Either in the pictures articles etc.
Most wanted the site to do an automatic analysis of what the most searched items, etc. Most searched words.

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Voice Talent / Narrator Needed For Children’s App

Hi There,

Im looking for a good narrator for a childrens book app. The story is about 20 pages and text really short for each.

Please, let me know your fee/cost and if you are woman or man.

Please, send sample of your past works.



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We have made an application for healthcare professionals to help them detect pain, depression, dementia etc. in patients using the appropriate assessment scale. The tool consits of a number of assessments scales for elderly, children, babies ,etc. linked with a patients database. The assessments results are visualised through graphs allowing the medical caregiver to correctly follow-up the patients evolution. The tool is intuitive, much faster than paper versions and the scores are calculated automatically and stored in the system.

Our app is nearly ready but we now realise we do not have an eye-catching icon to announce it on the Appstore. Our target group is the medical professional (doctors, neurologists, pediatricians, nursing staff, etc…) involved in care for elderly, children & babies, etc… specifically those patients who have difficulties to communicate.

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Iphone, Ipad And Android App For Children

We are looking for a developer for an app for young children. The app consists of about 10 screens, on each screen there will be one simple interactive activity for the child to touch and explore.
We will provide the design, images and sounds.
This app is the first in a series and well be happy to develop long-term working relationship with the successful candidate.
We will provide all the remaining details to qualified offers.

The developer must have proper experience in developing apps. Please reply to this with a portfolio of past apps.
A final price can be discussed upon our final agreement.

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Illustrate Children’s Book

I need a 16 page childrens book illustrated. Main theme is a Prince becoming a King. I will send you a picture of my son to use as a reference for the main character. I would also like to see some examples of your work.

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Ext.Container With Drag’n’drop Reorderable Children (Ext JS)

I am looking for an experienced Ext JS developer who would be able to extend (or hack) the Ext.Container class so that its children would be movable (re-orderable) via dragndrop.

To get a quick idea of what I need, please have a look here:

Basically, that is a very good example, but too complicated and not re-usable.

Another example is here:

I dont need you to handle all possible containers layouts and types of children. A solution for the default layout (where children simply go under each other vertically) would be enough. It would be also enough (and necessary) that the children will be draggable by their headers, not whole body.

At this moment the task is partly done by setting draggable: true to the children. But you will need to add a DropTarget to handle drops and reordering, and anything else so that the result would look as a hacked Ext.Container (via Ext.override) or a new class derived from Ext.Container. It should contain the following elements:

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Children Cartoons Illustrator For IPhone-Android Apps

We are an independent publisher of iPhone / iPad / Android games for children.

Were looking for an illustrator who would work for us as a contractor on a recurring basis in the middle / long term.

This would involve designing for us, depending on projects needs, 2D characters and background screens for some of our games.

Requirements :
– at ease with 2D cartoon style
– vector drawing (preferably using Adobe Illustrator)

For one of our most important project, you would need to draw in an existing graphic style (cartoon, primary colors, children drawing).

The relationship would start by ordering you 8 DRAWINGS. 4 of them will include a background and a character. 4 other include only a background. Each drawing is 1024*768 pixels (iPads screen size).

For now, please send us a quote for this initial assignment only (8 drawings).

When applying : please send us links to 3 cartoon drawings in your portfolio (ideally vector drawings).

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