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Children’s Book Illustrator

Need a childrens book illustrator. Full color drawings. Would like to see samples please. Budget is $1 per page and I have about 30 to 40 pages that needs drawings. I will have more projects in the future as I have 4 more childrens I will write in the next 4 months.

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Childrens Illustrator Needed (VECTOR FORMAT ONLY)


I need an illustrator to develop 24 regular illustrations + 24 simple illustrations.(little drawings)
If the quality is the expected more work is assured…im thinking in contract to an illustrator for a monthly payment.

Style: Very easy childrens book (google: dora)

deadline: april 18

budget: $250

Ill select the winner tomorrow.

PM with childrens examples to receive more details

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Voice Talent Needed For Childrens Book

Looking for voice talent to read a childrens book.

we need 4 different character voices:
1) Farmer Joe (8 words)
2) A Duck that speaks english (34 words)
3) Aunty Joan (55 words)
4) Narrator (453 words)

Only for candidates who has clear English language without heavy accent.

If you are interested please,
1) forward your profile and previous experince in this area,
2) give your best samples of each of the voices needed,
3) number of days of your deadline,

The final product will be presented in a series of MP3 files – 1 file per sentence (There are 43 sentences, so 43 files needed)
Payment will be released to you within 48 hours after your project is satisfied and approved.

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Flash Programmer Needed For Childrens’ Games


We are looking for a good Flash games developer. Please, send samples of your work.
Well take our decision based in quality cost and experience speed to work.

Its a big project about several flash games focused in childrens..also, please describe if you are flas game developer and website programmer…if the quality is the expected we also will contract you to make the company website.

Its a big project so provide your best examples!


P.S. We will need to know the range time you are in skype or yahoo messenger to make the job please clarify that.

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Designer Needed For Childrens Project

Hello there!

Im looking for a designer with experience in childrens projects.
Important:The 80% of the artwork is done. I just need a person with skilles to make the book more interesting.

Please, send examples of your works.

Project details will be supplied to the designer with good examples.

Budget: $100


Trazosstudio Team

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Illustrator Childrens Book In Colour

I am looking for a childrens illustrator for my self published childrens book. The original book was done in black and white originally and know want to re do it in colour. The pictures of the book also would need to be re illustrated. You can always contact me for further info iy you require.

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Childrens Book Illustrator

I am looking for an illustrator for a childrens book i have self published. I have previously had the illustration black and white but i would like to change the illustrations and have them in colour.

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Childrens Books Needed!!

I need 5 childrens books written. This project is perfect for beginners as it will help build a portfolio for you. The books should be about 10-20 pages. I will need them transferred into ebook format and submitted. All rights to the books are to be handed over to me upon completion. Payment will be recieved after publication of the books. They are valued at $5 a book. Please bid with how long it will take to complete the task.

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Childrens IPad Application

Childrens iPad application, based on a revolving globe, with around 150 pages of content ranging from mini games to story. Have as powerpoint, have a freelance artist so now need a developer who can take basic slides and turn into a proper iPad applictaion with lots of innovation. Must have experience. Thanks

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Childrens Story Illustration,whimsical And Cartoonish

Need illustrations for a childrens story about a good mouse and a bad greedy mouse.
Requirements :
– A 2D cartoon style with good colorization
-Whimsical, friendly

The assignment is to create 6 DRAWINGS.
1 of them will include a simple background with both mouse characters.
The other 5 include background scenes of a simple mouse village.

You should have a portfolio on the profile, or send a link to it. So I can see what are your abilities .

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Illustrater Needed For Childrens Books

I am looking for an illustrater for my childrens books. They are christain based that teaches morals. So far there are just three or four books. But many more to come. I am looking for someone that lives in the United states.

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IPad & IPhone Book Design

We are looking for an iPad / iPhone designer to create a book to be sold in the Apple store. We have an Apple developers license. To get some idea of what were proposings, visit this link:

The client has a childrens book. We want color, snap and interaction. If this is your skill set, lets tallk.

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Graphics Design Work For Games Based On Classic UK Childrens

Dreadnought Design has recently signed a deal to produce a series of iPhone and iPad games based on some of the most loved childrens TV series from the 1970s and 1980s. Due to the vast amount of work involved in bringing these to the small screen, we need some additional resource to be able to design some game and web-site graphics to very high quality and exacting standards

We need someone with good experience of creating cartoon style animation based on an existing style guide and also experience of airbrushing photographs as whilst we have been given access to a large volume of original artwork, much is in poor condition and needs restoring.

This is likely to be a 1 month contract at the moment, which could be extended to 4-6 months if everything works out well.

Due to the highly confidential nature of this project, you will be expected to sign an NDA until we are ready to tell the world about this work.

At this stage I am looking for examples of childrens cartoon work that has been previously created, and an example cost for 1 months work (i.e. 160 hours).

If youre British – you will definitely have heard of these characters…

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Clean Up Line Art, Insert On Word Document And Format

We have a short children

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Childrens Cartoon Artwork


We would like to build a long term relationship with an individual or a company who is/are able to create and design artwork for childrens books. We will provide the concept and images to similar designs.

Candidates must be able to turn around final coloured artowork fairly quickly, be available to make necessary adjustments, be very imaginative.

If you are interested, please send links to recent projects undertaken.

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Childrens Book Illustrator

Require 41 pages of Illustration for a childrens book, need to be A4 format size and delivered in Photoshop CS4 or higher ready to print format. The illustrations will need to be original and done in a warm colourful semi realistic way, whilst maintaing a comic like aspect. The best way for me to see if you bid or ask a question is provide me with a link to some of your previous work.
The payment will be considered as full payment for submitted work and copyright will transfer to myself,should you wish a different working relationship where credit is given in the completed work this can be negotiated. I am looking for a long and successful relationship with an illustrator as have 20 books coming up in the next 12-18 months. Payment on Completion and acceptance of final proofs. Also I provide loads of detail as well as basic layout sketches and model images to work from (for the people), you will need to sign a confidentiality agreement that has a penalty clause as well. You need to also be highly proficient in English, as accurate communication both ways is of vital importance.

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Illustrations Needed For Childrens Book

I have a simple childrens rhyming story that I am planning to make into a printable paperbased book and an online audio flip page book. It is a product I will be providing for free on my website.

I need about 15 illustrations for the book and they will need to be provided in png or jpeg format.

The story is about a girl who teases other children until one day her mirror casts a spell on her and reflects all of her negative comments back at her. She learns about bullying the hard way.

Here is a sample of the text
"The beautiful Mirrora went out to play.
She ran into Lipita one day.
Mirrora talked about Lipitas lips;
something about them sinking ships.
She said they were big, but worst of all
It made Lipita feel quite small…….."

"Mirror mirror, such as me
I will help Mirrora see
Every time she talks and taunts
It is her image I will haunt
Every word of hurt will teach her
As it becomes her very own feature"

Please provide a sample of your work when bidding

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Enhancing Childrens Portraits

Creative Individuals with excellent photoshop skills require to enhance / finish/ retouch studio portraits of children for busy photographic studio.

Using simple photoshop brushes adding Fairydust, Moonbeams, stars etc to studio portraits.

High volumes of work available.
Must be able to do fast turnaround.
Please quote price per image.

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Enhancing Childrens Portraits

Creative Individuals with excellent photoshop skills require to enhance / finish/ retouch studio portraits of children for busy photographic studio.

Using simple photoshop brushes adding Fairydust, Moonbeams, stars etc to studio portraits.

High volumes of work available.
Must be able to do fast turnaround.
Please quote price per image.

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18 Pgs Childrens Book Illustrations~Jazzy Inner City Style

Self-published author seeking an illustrator for my urban style, rhythmic childrens book. I would need the total of about 18 jazzy illustrations (inner city: harlem, brooklyn, etc). There is one main character throughout the story: african-american girl, age 11. The projected timeline is three months. Some of the page illustrations will be full spread.
The book size will be 8.5 x 11

The budget for this project is $750.00.

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Android App For Childrens

Android App for child , i would discuss project with each developer in pm. i want to start Development ASAP.
Developer needs to be good at English.
there are few more project in pipeline.
Submit your bid with portfolio.

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Need Experienced Graphic Designers To Design Flyer & Poster

Hi there,

I am looking for an experienced graphic designer to design a flyer and poster for Childrens Birthday Coverage Company.

I want the flyer and poster to be fun, young and have the birthday theme.

The company records Childrens Birthday Parties.

In order to be evaluated for this project, please post samples of your work and different ideas for the flyer and poster.

Thank you.

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Quick Article Writer Wanted For Web Articles

We require:

20 articles of between 400 450 words each

Articles are to be themed around childrens nurseries and related information such "how to find a childrens nusery".

We will provide a list of around 10 keywords to be optimized in the articles.

5 articles a week for 4 weeks.

Budget for the whole project $30.00

We run many web projects and would like to have a writer to use now and in the future.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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Voiceover For Childrens Ebook.


I am looking for someone who can provide a voiceover for a childrens ebook. The story is about 700 words long and has the following voices:

A troll
2 boys
1 girl
narrator (male/female).

I would require finished mp3 files with the audio, so you would need to have the means to record your voiceover.

I would prefer a clean english accent, remember it is a childrens book.

Please send me a few samples of some of the stuff you have done when you bid.


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Need A Lot Of Articles

Hey guys,

I need a lot of articles. 40-50 articles. They each need to be ca 3-400 words.

The theme of the articles will have to be about parenting and raising children.
Such as how to toilett train them, feeding them, potty training them.

Here are example subjects:

Potty training your kid
Getting them to stop wetting their bed.
How to make them not be afraid of the dark.
Teach children how to ski.
Teach young children how to read
Teach foreign children how to learn English
How teach them how to sleep alone
Teach them how to crawl,
how to walk,
teach them the time,
How to put them to sleep, and how to make them sleep all night;
Teach them how to listen to their parents,
A couple of articles on childrens fashion.

Also I need articles for pregnant women.

Most importantly; how to pick out good childrens clothes. Both for babies and kids up to six.

These articles are aimed towards parents with children from newly born up to 6 years old.

These articles will be translated into Swedish. However I do require them to be unique.

Please provide examples.

Short summary:
50-60 articles on parenting, childrens fashion, having a newly born baby, parenting tips etc.
Writer should have SEO in mind.

Please provide example articles!

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Illustrator Needed For Children’s Book

Are you young and talented and hoping to break into the industry of literature. I am a writer in the same position, I am 22 years old and I have written a short childrens story called The Boy That Didnt Stop Growing and I am looking for someone to illustrate it, there will be a price paid for the illustration but more importantly, once the book gets published there will be a 50/50 percent split of any profits earned between me and the illustrator. Childrens stories are a very lucrative pursuit so dont take this lightly. Please send me examples of your work and I look forward to hearing from you. J V

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Sing A Childrens Rhyme

Hi Freelancers

I need someone who can sing a childrens rhyme. The rhyme is around 2 minutes and needs to be set to simple music such as a piano or guitar (same tune as there were 10 in the bed, and the little one said…). I would prefer a British female for this if possible, but if you are female, have a good singing voice, and can do a reasonably good British accent, please bid.


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SEO For Childrens Shoes Website (Opencart Experience)

We require SEO for a childrens shoe website. You MUST have proven experience in doing SEO for websites based on Opencart software. DO NOT RESPOND to this listing if you have not worked on sites built on Opencart.

We require the website to be optimised, articles being submitted, and HIGH QUALITY linking.

The current website is:, but this will be changing to a new company name and URL (which requires the SEO work).

If this is successfull, there will be a second website requireing exactly the same work.

Many thanks

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