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Meeplace Script Modifications Needed

– The city list for people registering as a new user is way too long and hard to use. We want this to be an auto suggest box. This needs to work with wildcards at both ends of the results ( i.e. *term* instead of term* )

– We also need to have a good multi country functionality added. All of our listings right now are limited to the US, we would like to be able to add new countries. This doesnt have to be through the CMS, we are comfortable with editing the database to add countries if need be.

– We also need a better tell-a-friend page. We want the script to request permission from the user to pull their contacts exactly the same way that facebook does this. We need to do this with gmail, aol, comcast, msn, hotmail and all yahoo addresses (.com etc.).

– Due to the fact that this is a business directory script, its not easy to add products in a cohesive manner. We need a separate page template that would allow for product listings that would leave out some non necessary info such as zip code, street address etc. This would be the default page template for several of our categories so we would need to be able to control that as well. We want a new tab in the admin panel for product management.

– The city autosuggest feature is buggy. Right now if a city has multiple zip codes it suggests once for each zip. So if you have a larger city like LA you end up with close to 100 suggestions.

– We have created a new header template through photoshop. I would like this sliced and coded in css and used as the new header design for every page.

– We want to create a new sorting function in the search results. This would allow us to sort by name/rating and one other category that we will discuss later.

– We also have small design bugs throughout the script. Such as an extra linebreak in the search results that we would like removed.

$500 Dollar Bonus for the following features beyond your estimate

We are offering an additional $500 USD if you can complete the following two tasks. In your quote please list whether or not you are able to complete these additional tasks.

– WordPress integration. I want to have wordpress installed in a directory called /blog and I would like to have it so that people logged in through meeplace would be able to comment on blog posts and the username would link back to their meeplace profile. This needs to use the same stylization as the rest of the site.

– Meeplace offers a premium listing feature, we just want to automate the payment process so that it is hands off. We want a custom area for people who have approved claimed businesses that will allow them to become premium members by paying a recurring monthly amount through paypal. Once approved their business would be featured and highlighted at the top of all pages where their search results would normally appear. We also would like to add the ability for a featured business owner to select which of their user reviews they would prefer to have highlighted. These reviews would be featured at the top of their business page.

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Customized Events Platform

Objective to create an events platform to allow people to setup events and people to purchase events. The events will be run world wide

The website will provide an events platform for people to setup events and activities at a set price for people to book into each day/week.

Worldwide service accepting US$ (if possible other currencies) via paypal

Min spend $50 per event

People running Event

Peoplecan make the event a weekly, monthly or yearly event, allow replicating the schedule
Must upload the character, type, dates, start and end time, location, meetup, what to wear, suitable ages, number of people, category, cost per person or group, what the trip includes etc of event run on set nights during the week or month (replication).
Event must be approved before being listed on website by admin
Default event programs setup as guideline
Payment to be taken by us via paypal
People paid after the event is finished by us via paypal
People will need to apply and granted approval before they can submit events
Only accept socialites will be allowed to upload events within their specific city
We will have each approved socialites description â how long in city, favourite drink, favourite bars, What makes their city special etc
Each city will only have a set amount of event organisers
Events/Tour to be rated on popularity and rating by people attending the events
Similar to any general event upload
Event to be liked / shared on facebook & Automatically onto Twitter when submited


Customer to sign in with username/password or via Facebook or Twitter
Can accept and pay for set package or event
Service must be ranked out of 5 after service feedback after event via automatic email
Similar to Odesk or freelance platforms
Internal emailing and response between parties, similar to

All Services

Follow up email requesting feedback
Service must be ranked out of 5 after service / or Liked or Not Liked (Similar to

Additional Pages on Sites

Blog submissions from each event organiser on going out in their city
Integration with facebook, twitter and youtube
List of Partners/Suppliers
advertising space on each page
Rules for Event organisers
Rules of Customers
Become a Even organiser, sign up questions
Monthly Poll


To take 20% of sale of every event booked (allocated event organiser 80% of sale in points, 3 days after event)
Refunds if event is not held or not satisfactory (within 3 days)
Approve all event listings
Approve all socialites worldwide
Offer advertising opportunities â focus on hotels, airlines and local services


Focus on high end travellers and corporate, must suit
Part of travel experience


To feature main regional areas; Great Britain, Europe, Asia, Middle East, South America, U.S.A, Canada, Australia, N.Z. and Pacific Islands â with major cities underneath them
Each city will feature the event organiser, the packages on offer, blog feed with information about their events, plus 2 x advertising spots
If no Event organiser in the city, request for a socialites to apply to offer events


Built on godaddy server
Must be automated in setup allow for monitoring and approval only
Search functionality on main page
MAYBE â enter trip dates and places and share with friends on social media â side feature!!
Built in Affiliate program, 10% of sale

Building or Website

– will happen in 5 stages over 2 months
– first phase is development of website to allow event orgniasers to apply to setup events
– second phase is build website
– third phase is confirm event organisers, and allow them to setup events
– fourth phase is launch website
– last stage is to complete all bugs and errors after launch
– you will be paid after completing each milestone

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Need Spider For Yelp And Spafinder

I need a programmer to create or provide a spider or bot to grab records for the following two sites? and

for yelp spider….i need to grab all US records for several categories. I will grab data one category at a time for the entire US. I want to grab all data for US, not city by city.

For….i want to grab all records for US. etimate 4,700 spas in US.

for all data, I need: name, address, city, state, zip, phone and hopefully email address and url.

2 spiders for one price. Must be completed in 3 days.

spiders must be reliable and reusable in the future.

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Build Bots And Spider

build bots and spiders for

yellowpages and

output: csv into excel

must be able to grab specific records for entire US, not city by city.

website url

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EXPERIENCED Craigslist Ads Posting

ing for an experienced CRAIGSLIST POSTER to post initially 400 ads DAILY.

The ads need to be posted in FIVE different cities.
Postings must be between 8am- 7pm Central Standard Time 7 days a week about every 6 minutes for EACH location.
You must send a daily report via email of all Craigslist ads links posted so that we can verify that the ads are active on Craigslist and that the ads are not ghosted, flagged, removed, or have otherwise become Inactive. You will not be paid for ghosted, flagged, removed, or inactive ads.
You will not be paid each day we do not receive a Craigslist email daily report.
Ads must be Live on Craigslist for at least 24 hours.
The Post must be searchable (Show up on Future Search Results).
We will provide HTML for all ads.
The HTML text files (SAMPLE UPLOADED) will be posted (copy/paste with possible HTML editing to avoid ghosting by you) on a 4 day rotation (7 days/week) per the provided schedule.

We will:
Host all images. The Images MUST remain Clickable per the HTML we provide.
Provide an Excel Spreadsheet that will contain (Spreadsheet Uploaded).
o Schedule of ads that are to be posted on which days
o Craigslist titles to post with each ad
o Specific locations, city, state and category for each ad
o Craigslist posting link for each city/area associated with that ad
o We will send you a new schedule and ad content weekly (Tuesday)

Youre responsible for:
Post 500 total ads per day in five cities and category based on the information provided (100 ads in each city per day)
Ads are to be posted between 8 am and 7:00 pm US Central Time (IE Texas, US time) AT LEAST 5 MINUTES BETWEEN POSTINGS and MAXIMUM 10 MINUTES BETWEEN POSTINGS PER CITY.
Provide any and all email or Craigslist accounts
Provide any and all PVAs and IPs to post the ads
Update the HTML text behind image as necessary to avoid being ghosted
Post each ad in the Craigslist area specified by the link associated with each ad on the schedule in the spreadsheet.
Send a daily email with the links to the ads you post for us

Once you are awarded the job we will escrow $350 ($0.10 per ad) through PayPal and have you post the first week of ads.
We will not pay for ghosted, flagged, removed, or inactive ads
You will not be paid each day we do not receive a Craigslist email ad posting daily report
Ads must be Live on Craigslist for at least 24 hours
The Post must be searchable in Craigslist in the correct city and category

Please ONLY BID if you are interested in LONG TERM work. Ready to start immediately,

1st week is a trial week for you and we will pay at the end of 1st week $0.10 per ad.
After the first trial week we will pay $0.15 per live ad every two weeks by PayPal if you pass the above requirements and do a great job for us. We will increase our Craigslist Ads postings if you give us excellent results.

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Scraping Website Fields Into Excel

I am looking for someone with scraping ability to create an app or an excel macro to scrape groupon pages for defined fields.

I need each link on this page followed

and once the link is followed, I need this information from the Groupon landing page for each deal.

City (Groupon Identifies the city in the url by using /City-name like
URL for the deal
Description of the deal
Name Of the company
Company Website URL

I need to be able to update this daily. This should be either in excel format or in a program that is easy to export to excel format.

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A Tourist Map For The City Of Cairns In Queensland Australia

This project is to design an original map of the City of Cairns in Far North Queensland, Australia. The map is designed for independant travellers and backpackers under the name Cocky Guides – a relevant, quirky and humourous map that can be relied upon by travellers. The style is to be fun but functional.

I envisage an A3 size map with room for 25 advertisement spots categorised into 5 groups of 5, within the A3 size. The groups with be Eat, Sleep, Party, Thrills, & Adventure. Each group will have a unique colour and a reference to the map (ie grid location and colour coded spot). Up to 15 major landmarks are to be portrayed in the map as a mini cartoon/caricture image.

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Addressess Needed Urgent

I need urgently 10000 fake names and addresses.

The addresses need to be: 10000 for Republic of Ireland

The data must be provide on the Excel format

Addresses can be real.

They cannot be within the same city. The addresses need to look different and be unique otherwise payment will not be made.

They need to have First Name, Last Name, Gender, house number, street, town/city, postcode

These will be used for online surveys and therefore need to look real.

please can you mention your fastest delivery time as this is very important.

please say if you can do it within 24 hours.

the addresses cannot have repeated street addresses

NOTE: You must provide 100 sample address with your bid otherwise your bid will be ignored


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Classsified Ad Script

Hi ,
I am looking for classified ad website development with following features.

Business Listing
1.This contains the all kinds of business for different category,and search for the same.
2.Events posting,in particular area and display them when user filter by city.
3.Image support
4.When user filter by city/zip , all the business listing should be filter by that area
5.Event Validity support.Event info should delete after the due date

1.Category Listing
2.Country ,State and City,zip wise search and posting
3.Image support
4.When user filter by city/zip , all the ads should be filter by that area
5.Ad validity support.Ad should be deleted after expiry date

Coupon module
should categorize the coupon module
When user filter by city/zip , all the coupons should be filter by that area
Image support

Other Features
1.Payment options (for Business listing,ads)
2.Multi country,city support
3.Very good look and feel(important) and support high resolution images
4.Should work on all popular web browsers and easy to use admin panel
5.Send mails option.

Based in the success of this project,i am looking forward to continue with different ideas of my business.

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City Selection Dropdown

City selection dropdown

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Rank My New Site For City Name In The Uk

Hi guys,

Im looking to spend around $100.00 or so as a one off payment.

Im looking for someone to build links to a new site. Its a site dedicated to Hereford in the UK. Im looking for someone to build whitehat only links; directories, prs, articles, one ways etc. The object of these links is to get some PR flowing into the pages on the domain.

If anyone wants to offer to it rank my site in, for the city name Hereford for a set fee using white hat techniques Ill be interested in hearing from you as well.

Its a new site, literally Cached for the first time on 16th March.

Would like links from as many different domains as possible, and our domain has the word Hereford in it. The links I want built will mostly be branded links with the site name or url.

Im looking to get the work started as soon as possible.

Please bid accordingly, and include the phrase gotcha in your reply so I know youve read this.

Thank you.

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1. Conduct thorough searches on Google (keywords provided)
2. Identify businesses that offer outdoor group fitness training within 20km of Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra, Hobart and Darwin (all Australian cities)
3. Select ONLY the businesses that meet the criteria specified
4. Record the details of these businesses in the database attached

The task should take approximately 8.5 hours in total. I completed the same task for Melbourne city and have based this estimate on my own experience. **Only thorough and diligent workers should bid.

Spreadsheet attached with full task instructions and a tab for each city. Please state your hourly rate in your bid.


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Classified Website

We are looking forward for development of a classified website with the following features.

Keyword and City Search
Add posting which will be integrated with the user registration process for the new user.
Adsense Integration
Analytics Integration
Maximum ad-posting
Admin dashboard with complete features.
SEO optimized, friendly URLs including city, automatic title tag, heading tag, Internal linking of posts and category, xml sitemap for Google.

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Craigslist Multi City AD Poster

Looking for a craiglist ad poster who has PVAs and US proxies for to complete the following:

– Looking to pay $.30 per ad for 700 ads per week in for sale section
-Need posting in about thirty cities in the "for sale" section to start with.
-Will be adding more cities based on your performance
-1 Ad a day in each city to start
– As we get experience working together, work load can
increase if candidate desires to do so.
-This is an UNLIMITED work assignment
-Will pay only for non-flagged/non ghosted ads
-Need a email with the links to the posts everyday.
-Payment will be made daily after links are verified.
-Several Ads will be provided (mix of titles and text with links)

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Copy And Modify Web Page Code To Create New Pages

Your job will be to copy and paste 15 pages (with the details outlined below). There will be about 50 groups of 15 pages to copy and past.

Scenario: We have a website which sells

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Create WordPress Pages

Need someone to create city pages on an existing wordpress site, then add links to those pages from the state pages. Page only needs city name and linked to appropriate category, then a link on state page to new city page. Takes approximately 30 seconds for each one including the link.

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Android Widget

We are looking to develop android widget application, which consist of three parts: RSS news reader, weather, clock.
An user should be able to add city, set current city, delete city. The widget must show time and weather for the current city.

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EntryLevelJobs – is the domain name

I would like to work with someone to develop a landing page for my website. The website will give information about entry level jobs in different cities around the USA.

I would like it to be extremely sharp but very simple. The page should first ask the person for their screen name, and then ask which city they are interested in.

I would like some sort of image to come up for each city. Very sharp images

The cities include:

New York
San Fran

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Simple Search And Export Program

I need someone to write a program or script that will automate searches on a public website namely[]. It needs to be able to change the file number by one digit at a time and export the search result into a word/excel file that will allow me to sort by City and Date.

For example: if you type it 800034540 in the "File Number" it will show a business name and city amongst other information. In this example the city is Bellaire. I need to have this program import the results in a Word/Excel doc and sort it by city of Bellaire and/or filing date.

(Im not sure what skills to pick, please correct me if Im missing something)

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Modify Or Redo Simple Classified Site

Needing to upgrade a new website ( that I would like modified to be search engine friendly, listings to have a USA Google API map (free and available from version 3). Posting an ad will require a start point (city, state) and end point (city, state) for the map, poster has choice to post contact information or not. Design a simple but nice theme whereby each pages header and footer can incorporate logo and banner ad(s), maybe rotating. Utilizing the existing script or starting from scratch with the current info is at your descretion. Being able to complete this task in a relatively short period of time and with a very reasonable price will be a great reference to one of my other (reverse auction) job posted on this site. Thank you

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Craigslist Multi City Multi Day AD Poster

Looking for a craiglist ad poster who has PVAs and US proxies for to complete the following:

-Need posting in about thirty cities in the "for sale" section to start with.
-Will be adding more cities based on your performance
-1 Ad a day in each city to start
– As we get experience working together, work load can
increase if candidate desires to do so SEO please visit
-This is an UNLIMITED work assignment
-Will pay only for non-flagged/non ghosted ads
-Need a email with the links to the posts everyday.
-Payment will be made daily after links are verified.
-Several Ads will be provided (mix of titles and text with links)

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Website Design – To Supply Photoshop Layered Psd Files

We require a Groupon site similar to city dash treats dot co dot uk however with new, fresh and original in terms of layout, design, color scheme,logo, text and graphics – the same high design standards are required but must not look like their site.

Please do not bid on this project unless bespoke high-end web design is your strength and you have a portfolio that can demonstrate this.

Project consists of

– website colour scheme – background, template etc
– website design – icons, feed containers and elements, side bar elements

Pages as per city dash treats dot co dot uk

– Email capture page (with website in background)
– Home Page
– About Us
– Choose your city
– Extra Deals
– Advertise
– Contact Us

You will be required to present initially
– initial ideas
– container feed design
– home page design
– splash page design (for email capture)

Followed by rest of pages once initial ideas approved

Job needs to begin ASAP
Time to complete no more than 10 days – very important
You must be available by chat or skype for adjustments as necessary

Please quote for complete job
MIlestone payment after approval of initial ideas

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Craigslist Multi City Multi Day AD Poster

Looking for a craiglist ad poster who has PVAs and US proxies for to complete the following:

-Need posting in about thirty cities in the "for sale" section to start with.
-Will be adding more cities based on your performance
-1 Ad a day in each city to start
– As we get experience working together, work load can
increase if candidate desires to do so.
-This is an UNLIMITED work assignment
-Will pay only for non-flagged/non ghosted ads
-Need a email with the links to the posts everyday.
-Payment will be made daily after links are verified.
-Several Ads will be provided (mix of titles and text with links)

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Complete City Portal Using Drupal 7

Need a complete city portal using Drupal 7

The customization and features will be based on

Search engine optmized.
Content Types: Restaurants, Bars, Colleges, Shops etc.
Reviews and Ratings

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Need 500 Facebook Likes, Targeted By City


I urgently need someone to add REAL targeted likes to a facebook page.

The targeted people are to be from los angeles (or at least California).

Potential for more work in the future for the succesful bidder.

Please no bots or low quality followers, and please provide previous work done.


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Online Chat Room For Dating (log In With Yahoo Id Or Open I)

We are looking for an online application that runs as a yahoo chat room but supports logging in and register with only a yahoo id or it can use OpenID.

That information should be given by the user when he registers on the site.

We want it to be the simplest possible and for anyone that could offer a demo for doing just this two things: sign up with my own yahoo id, and complete a form with the city area, I get in the chat room with people from the same city like myself and can chat in public and private mode with whom I want from the list with available users in the right.

From a successful demo we would like to develop it even further, so we would like to collaborate and of course pay you

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3D Ancient City Collapse

I need a few shots of an ancient city in 3D cgi… for video

1. Wide angle shot of city in day time
2. Wide angle shot of city at night time
3. Wide angle shot of city in day time, with hanging red rope from a window
4. Wide angle shot of city at night time, with hanging red rope from a window
5. Collapse of city by earthquake, in day time. At the end of the collapse, theres only one corner of the city left standing (see attachment). Also a red rope hanging from the window.

City is built of brick and stone.

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English Writers Needed For SEO Articles

Hello all,

Im looking for some English writers to write articles about traveling.

A few search is needed on websites like Wikipedia (to be able to write one or two sentences about a particular city, and to write the name of some interesting things in this city). Please note this search is very limited and wont ask a lot of time, as the goal is not to write a full guide. Most of the text should explain the services offered and not detail everything of the destination.

Each article should be at least 500 words long and youll have some easy guidelines to respect.

This is a repetitive work, so its not complicated and youll have to produce at least 5 articles per day.

Please bid for 10 articles.

Thank you.


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Complete City/State/Country Dataset

I have a list of city names such as:
* Bratislava
* Brussels
* Budapest
* Copenhagen
* Ljubljana
* Madrid

I need this list converted to a list like:
* Location.create(time_zone: "Mexico City", city: "Mexico City", country: "Mexico", market: "Latin America")
Location.create(time_zone: "Chihuahua", state: "Chihuahua", country: "Mexico", market: "Latin America")

The data entry part is easy – its the research thats going to take a but of time.

Theres 110 entries to process.

Data accuracy is key in this project – as is the timeline

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Restaurant Website Directory Needed

We are looking for a website designer who can both design and develop a new website with a CMS. Ideally it would be in Joomla although we are open to any application which we can make modifications to after the fact.

The website will be a directory listing of restaurants for several major cities in the US, possibly 15-20 cities. Each city will have its own landing page, i.e.

Each city will have around 20 restaurants. Each of those restaurants will have a profile, i.e. name, city, state, phone, website URL, and some information about the restaurant. Consumers will be able to go to each city and find a restaurant in that city and look up the information. Restaurants can create a profile for a fee. Payment will be made via PayPal (one-time fee and recurring payments).

In addition to pages for each of the cities with the restaurant listings, the main website will need a home page with information about the directory, FAQ, online newsletter, and promotions page. They will need the ability to put polls throughout the website as well.

An example website is

Please bid on this only if you have experience with a similar website in a CMS environment. We will need to see several examples of websites youve done.

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Secure Payment Form

I need a payment form that is secure where people can make donations and stay on my site.
I need that data collected in a Database that I can access as a Excel CSV file ..

Here is an example … I want it to be like this …

Here are the details
1- I need people to stay on my site and make a donation via paypal payments pro.

2- I need that data to go to a database where I can access basic information
Name, Address, Email Phone, City and State

3- If the amount they are donating is $100.01 or more .. I need another form to show up below (but only triggered if the amount is $100.01 USD or more)
For their occupation, Company name, Company Address, Company City, Company Phone ..

4- I need this asap .. I want to see examples of your work .. This needs to be turned around right now ..
Please bid ..

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