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Android PDB Decoder/reader

Read pdb file in Android, implement in attachment (main function is getChapters())

$100 project: implement class public class PDB extends BaseEBook{}

+$50 bonus: support big file (>16M)

***note1: support various encoding (for example, english/russian/german/chinese/korea/japanese), convert all to UTF-8 encoding used in Android.

***note2: I want other file formats too, includes chm, rtf, pdb, prc, mobi, etc. each one is $100, support big file (>16M) will pay $50 more, all use as the base class to implement, search my other projects for these.

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Android RTF Decoder/reader

Read rtf file in Android, implement in attachment (main function is getChapters())

$100 project: implement class public class RTF extends BaseEBook{}

+$50 bonus: support big file (>16M)

if you cant extract the chapter information, rtf -> html is acceptable

***note1: support various encoding (for example, english/russian/german/chinese/korea/japanese), convert all to UTF-8 encoding used in Android.

***note2: I want other file formats too, includes chm, rtf, pdb, prc, mobi, etc. each one is $100, support big file (>16M) will pay $50 more, all use as the base class to implement, search my other projects for these.

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Android PRC Decoder / Reader

Read prc file in Android, implement in attachment (main function is getChapters())

$100 project: implement class public class PRC extends BaseEBook{}

+$50 bonus: support big file (>16M)

***note1: support various encoding (for example, english/russian/german/chinese/korea/japanese), convert all to UTF-8 encoding used in Android.

***note2: I want other file formats too, includes chm, rtf, pdb, prc, mobi, etc. each one is $100, support big file (>16M) will pay $50 more, all use as the base class to implement, search my other projects for these.

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Android CHM Decoder / Reader

Read chm file in Android, implement in attachment (main function is getChapters())

$100 project: implement class public class CHM extends BaseEBook{}

+$50 bonus: support big chm file (>16M)

***note1: support various encoding (for example, english/russian/german/chinese/korea/japanese), convert all to UTF-8 encoding used in Android.

***note2: I want other file formats too, includes chm, rtf, pdb, prc, mobi, etc. each one is $100, support big file (>16M) will pay $50 more, all use as the base class to implement, search my other projects for these.

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Prestashop 1.4 Bugs

I recently upgraded my site to Prestashop 1.4, and I have a few bugs that need to be worked out. The site is essentially broken at the moment, so Id like to get these issues taken care of immediately.

Website URL:

Missing categories
Footer is vertical, needs to be horizontal, footer content edits
Smarty3 not working
Java errors:
jQuery Easing v1.3, jquery.fancybox-1.3.4.css, js/order-address.js, Warning: Unknown pseudo-class or pseudo-element last, Unknown pseudo-class or pseudo-element visible, Unknown pseudo-class or pseudo-element First, Unknown pseudo-class or pseudo-element hidden, Error in parsing value for filter, Error in parsing value for eq, Declaration dropped, Unknown pseudo-class or pseudo-element first. Malformed simple selector as negation pseudo-class argument first, Expected color but found #ff. Error in parsing value for color. Declaration dropped.

Product page issues: (all)
Thick box images reloading in a new window, should be on same page.

Header Issues:
When currency and Language blocks are disabled, the permalinks move underneath the logo, positioning does not fix.

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Simple Program And Operator Overloading

[A] Define a class Car to represent an automobile in a driving simulation program.

You are required to include the following components: integer ID number,
2.the odometer reading,
3.the name of the manufacturer
4.the purchase dates (define another class called Date),
5.the fuel economy rating in kilometres per litre,
6.and the petrol tank (define a class Tank)

The class tank includes the following components:
1.the tanks capacity and
2.the current fuel level, giving both in litres,

Include default constructors and constructors for all classes.
Overload << and >> for all three new classes, ensuring that the definitions of
<< and >> for Car use the definitions of << and >> for Date and Tank.

Define a member function called fillUp for class Tank

Define a member function called drive for class Car.

Function fillUp should copy the tank capacity value into the current fuel level
component and return a type double value indicating the number of litres required
to fill the tank.

Function drive should take the number of kilometres driven as an input
argument and should adjust the odometer reading and the tanks current fuel
level component.

[B] Write a driver function that fills several Car-class variables in ways designed
to test the three classes various constructor functions and the overloaded >>
and << operators. Also include calls to fillUp and drive.

[C] Store class interface and implementation in separate files.

I need this is Visual Studio 2008 and with in By [Tomorrow Morning]

Have a budget maximum of £30

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Javascript. Change Div’s Class On Browser Window Change


I have a basic problem i need solved. I believe this should be quite easy for JavaScript experts.

I have a website, two divs. Left and Right
The right div is fixed position.

However when the user browser window, is less than the height of the div, i need it to be no longer fixed, but to scroll with the rest of the page.

I imagine the logic to be the following:

-detect div#right height

-if window-height is less than div#right height. change div class to xxx
-if window-height is greater than div#right height. div class stays at yyy

(must update window-height everytime window is resized)

BUDGET: <$20
DEADLINE: 24hours

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Website Development


I have atached the templates for the website.
Each page is designed individualy in Photoshop.

The winning bidder will have to provide me with the following services:
An admin interface for all the texts on the website.
And when i say ALL i mean ALL.
I want the site to be optimized for Google and for other search engines.
I have to be able to add/remove customers in that particular column.
Functional contact form, some download links within the site.
Links to facebook, twitter, linkedin, lastfm.
Restrictions on downloading content from the website.
Restrictions on accesing the website, for a certain country. (ban class IP).

The site must be optimezed for: Google Chrome, IE, Firefox and Safari.

The website must have 3 versions on the same domain.
1st – the entire site (no exceptions)
2nd – the entire site without the contact form.
3rd – the entire site should be accesable to a certain IP class.

Look over the templates, think about the deadline and give me a fair price.

WARNING: I am a very picky customer. I will not accept anything less then perfect.

PS:State in your bid: "I have understood the terms of this project"

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Joomla/Virtuemart Get Shopper Group Id And Write If Then

My site is running Joomla/Virtuemart and is using shopping groups to apply a %20 discount to users that are part of a certain group. I want to display a line below the price that reads "your 20% member discount has been applied"

Ive been able to locate the file and write the line but Im unable to get the value of the current shoppers group. The line should only appear if they are members of the "Members" group.

You can see the page here:

log in using

Below is the code Id like you to modify. You will need to replace the line $shoppergroup = Members; with somethign that will actually get the value of the current shopper group from the database. There will probably also be some other minor changes. I would like to keep all of the new code located on this page only.

Please let me know if there are more questions. I can give more details about the project once it has been accepted.


Page code:

$user =& JFactory::getUser();
$userId = $user->get( id );
$shoppergroup = Members;

<div class="browse-page-block">
<div class="browse-page-block-inner">
<div class="home-featured-blockImageContainer">
<?php echo ps_product::image_tag( $product_thumb_image, class="browseProductImage" border="0" title=".$product_name." alt=".$product_name ." ) ?>
<a href="<?php echo $product_flypage ?>" class="browse-product-title"><?php echo $product_name ?></a>
<div class="home-featured-productPrice">
<?php echo $product_price ?> <?php echo $shopper_id; ?>
<?php if ($shoppergroup == Members) {
echo <div style="font-size:10px; color:#F00;">your 20% member discount has been applied</div>;

<?php echo $product_s_desc ?> <a href="<?php echo $product_flypage ?>"> <?php echo $product_details ?></a>
<?php echo $form_addtocart ?><br />

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Flex AlivePDF Extension Class

Flex Builder 3: alivePDF Class extension:

I need a Class which extends alivePDF to perform the following task:

– add page
::: should allow me to define is the page is colored or black and white.

– set page measure in Pixel
::: to replace the Size method which I cant get to display the right measure.

– override the MM value displayed on PDF document without interfere with the page size
::: ex: page measure is set to 500X500 pixels but on PDF, this method allows me to display 85x55mm.

– set background color using RGB (hex: #FF0000)

– set background image
::: should cover the entire document area without padding.

– add html text
::: the method should allow me to embed the font into the PDF.
Ex: addFont(htmlText, embedFontName.
Also, I must be able to position the and rotate the text using its matrix.

– add image
:::: the method should allow me to insert the image into the PDF using its matrix position, rotate, scale, skew it.

– watermark
:::: it should allow me to add a watermark text into the PDF

– save to server URL
:::: could be the same as create.php

– display in browser
:::: file reference save() method (FlashPlayer 10) could be used.

– IMPORTANT: I need this Class ASAP so bet only if you have experience with alivePDF.

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HTML Scraping

I need a Class developed which I can plug into a large application. This class will need to be able to make an HTTP request to retrieve the HTML from a given URL, and then parse the HTML into a object model I will provide. There is a main page which will need to be crawled, which contains a list of links which will each need to be visited. Additionally, when on each sub-link, you will need to visit one link of each sub-link.

Its a structured navigation pattern, and the problem probably lends itself to some copy-and-paste.

This must be a C#.Net application, compiled against the .Net 4.0 Framework. Also, while not mandatory, it is suggested that the solution use Regular Expressions.

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Facebook Upload Class In PHP

Web Developer – for an PHP Upload Class (with Zend Framework will be nice)

the script should run on the Command Line in Linux
it should upload and create the following:

!!! Upload for a Company Page – not for an Private User Profile !!!

1) create an Image Album
2) upload images from local to Facebook in the created Album
3) create an Event for the Site (with all data required) and Upload an Event Image

Please experienced developer who wants more work in the future.
( Nice to see some references in facebook APP development with Zend Framework -&gt; next project )

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Basic Java Craps Game – Needed March 8th 8am.

Brief Program Description:

Java and JSP only using Eclipse IDE

Deadline Tuesday March 8th 8am.
Craps is a dice game that you might enjoy if you were to visit many of the interesting
casinos on and off the tribal lands encapsulated within the United States. It can be
enjoyed solely for fun or for slowly donating your hard earned cash to the casino
owners. For this exam, you will create a Web application that will allow a user to
practice playing a round of craps, pretend to wager on the rolls of the dice, and then
calculate the wins/losses for that round. The user may then choose to enjoy additional
rounds of craps (but you need not keep up with the users wins/losses for multiple

Craps Resources:

You can read about the game of Craps at the following Web sites. You can visit other
sites if you wish. Use this information to understand the problem and how it might be

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Invoice Project

A. Write an application that does the following:

1. Creates class Invoice

2. Declares class member variable called numberOfInvoices that is incremented each time a new invoice is created

3. Declares the four following instance member variables:

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C# ASP.NET Mime Parse Class

Need to be able to parse MIME multipart email and save attachment. Must be C# code and not use any third party control.

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Location Sensing Gps Class For Android

Need a class for gps or network location sensing

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Wowza Media Server Project

Using the Stream class customize the script accomplish the following.

We are trying to create a "televsion" station, that will be played using recorded video files (.mp3 / h.264 format). Using the stream class or any other easy method customize a script that can:

– use files from a folder for example c:/videos/
– continously broadcast the files to a defined publishing poin to wowza media server
– option to either randomly play files in a folder or in sequence
– once a clip is done, must stream the next file without breaking / interrupting the session.

The purpose is to create a 24×7 tv channel, the script must be tested and bug free. The stream class example can be found at

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EBay API Class

We need a PHP abstraction class for eBay API / WS to put offers throughtour backoffice and to get back the orders.

We will integrate by ourself this class in our backoffice.

We just need a simple PHP class to simplify that integration.

This class need to allow us to :
– Post offers
– Update offers
– Retrieve orders
– Update orders (statuses, shipping…)

There is many samples on eBay developper website :

We need an OO PHP5 class developped in E_STRICT | E_ALL mode.

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An Extension For The Standard ASP.NET 4.0 Menu

We need the following extension to the standard ASP.NET 4.0 menu:

The standard 4.0 menu is only capable of having first the static levels and then the dynamic levels.

We would need to use it with 1 or dynamic levels first an unlimited static levels afterwords.

This should be written as a class that is derived from the original ASP.NET 4.0 class

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Student Record Management System

A client has hired you to design a client/server application with a MySQL backend database.
The database will hold student records. Each record will contain the student

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Calling And Informing Firms – No Selling.

We are an English firm based in Valencia, Spain. We are looking for Spanish speaking marketing help to build our client base. The work will consist of generating leads by contacting businesses and offering them a free trial class with a starter list of around 60 possible clients.

The marketer will inform the companies of the price of normal classes and the trial class will then be logged into an online calender.

We will give advice about which sectors, which geographical areas and a few hints gained from doing the same job.

On the online calender there are lots of time slots available.

We will pay 4dollars (US) per trial class obtained.
10 trial classes is the objective, If this is obtained before the 12th of December 2010, a bonus of 30 dollars will be paid.
Hence the 70 dollar fixed price.

This position would suit someone:

– based in a Spanish speaking country, and able to work Spanish working hours
– have previous sales experience. B2B sales experience would be an advantage
– focus on quality of calls made/received rather than quantity

To apply, please contact me here with full details of your experience and why you think you would be good for this position.

Alternatively if you have any questions, please dont hesitate to contact us.

Skills Required:
spanish fluent, polite good telephone manner, no hard sell, just smart soft selling.

Skills Required:

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Drupal / CiviCRM Installation Issues.

We have a current need for a developer who has installed and set up CiviCRM before … We have a charity organization that we are working with that wants to use the software and we are getting errors that have to do with the "Smarty Modules" Below is a brief cut out of the first of several errors:

user warning: Smarty error: problem creating directory C:/inetpub in C:inetpubvhostswomenincoffee.orghttpdocssitesallmodulescivicrmpackagesSmartySmarty.class.php on line 1093.
warning: include(C:/inetpub/vhosts/ [function.include]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in C:inetpubvhostswomenincoffee.orghttpdocssitesallmodulescivicrmpackagesSmartySmarty.class.php on line 1263.

We own the servers and manage them in house, so we can make any permission changes on the fly. This should not be a hard assignment for a seasoned developer so we would like the price to be low with the expectation of more development work coming in the future.

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PHP Sorting Algorithm

We require a PHP class for sorting and inserting items of various size and weight into a list of known 3D spaces.

The class is to accept

1). a list of items with id, size (LxWxH), weight, and two boolean fields.
2). a list of available 3D polygonal spaces.

There are two booleans per item, a). is on floor and b). is stackable.

So, you could sort the floor items best fit first, and layer up the stack. Items that are not stackable go on the very top.
Items of an equal weight or less can only be stacked on top of the one below.

The class is to output an optimised loading list, from the back left floor corner zig-zagging to the top right back corner, then moving forward to the front of the 3D space.

Given that this could be a computationally intensive sort, you may need to thread the program in some way.

All rights to sources to be transferred to me on completion.

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C# RS232 Serial Communication

My objective:

I have two different computers running two different C# programs. The two computers are connected by a long RS232 cable, each end connected on COM2. Each C# program has an identical static class:

class TestClass
public static double var1;
public static double var2;
public static double var3;

I need code that can track changes in EITHER program, and update the static class in the other program with the changed values. For example, if var1 in program A becomes 5, then var1 in program B must also become 5. If var2 in program B becomes 3, then var1 in program A must also become 3.

This should happen through RS232 serial communication, and be pretty reliable.

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1 Articles Write About "Building Class Definitions NYC"

1 Articles Write and Submit to 200 Places Each

"Building Class Definitions in New York City"

for New York Area.

Subject is about Commercial Properties CLASS A Buildings and Office Buildings in Manhattan

Class A+: Landmark quality, highrise building with prime central business district locatation (the best of the Class A buildings). Class A: Generally 100,000 sf or larger (five or more floors), concrete and steel construction, built since 1980, business/support amenities, strong identifiable location/access.

Info about :

Info About Class A :

Need to develop 5 keywords Anchors

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Finishing Teacher And Student Matching Site.

This site has been developed for the teacher to create the scheduled class so that the student makes the reservation for the class.

The reservation can be done by the student for each class, or 20 classes at one time. Or the monthly class reservation can be done by admin people to process

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$400 Best Designer – Higher Price

This is a $400 project. I have 200 pages that need to be made. I will pay $2 per page. I only want the best designer. The instruction is below. If you want this project you must send 2 sample of the work below. DO NOT SEND ANY 2 sample. YOU MUST SEND 2 sample of the work below you can put watermark on it so i dont use it. I WILL NOT HIRE ANYONE that does not send sample. Please show me a template of the work below, do 2 sample and if done correctly i will hire you for the other 299 pages. Total project is $400 please bid $30 for the first 15 pages and send me 2 sample of the work below (do your best quality work the design must be the same as the one below. )

1. Go here after you go there it will redirect you to the actual site and the username is test(at) make sure you change the (at) to the at symbol the password is test . After you login it will take you here That is our Emergency Medical Response class. Students come online and take the class and take the quizes and they get a grade. Now that is all done but i need you to make another class in similiar design but i need a few things added. The new class will be in the same design as the old class but must be in this format so basically above the picture there should be 4 tab, one that says My Job Interview Class, My Jobs, My Job Settings, My EMT Class , do not make the tab green make it look good and make it match the site. Also above the tab it should be called My Activites , and the picture that picture there was for the Emergency Medical Response class this is the Job Interview Classroom so search google or something and find picture of job interview and put it there and instead of Emergency Medical Response make it say Job Interview Classroom just like this … Now also under the Jobe Interview classrom there is Job Interview Setting just like the picture… Under List all Job Titles you want to work in is a (textbox) so they can put in the list, and under list all cities you want to work in is another (textobx) and under that put a button that allow them to save it. and under that you can just copy all the chapters from onlinecampus.php And the last thing the design should also include a right side bar , in the right you will see a side bar that says # of JObs Applied put that in the design the sidebar you can make it look like this on that right side we are basically going to be putting all the job we will apply to. So this is very simple i have explained everything very clearly if you dont understand read it again, I am basically making a new class so i need a new page made, the new page should be similair to the old page but it should have 4 tab on top, a side bar and underneath the 4 tab it should have a different picture becuase it is a job interview class not an emergency class and under that there is a simple form.

The total project is for $400 , each page is $2 .. you can finish 1 page in less than 30 so you can make the $450 in a week if you work hard. If you want this project, please bid $30 for the first 15 pages and send me 2 sample of the work above (do your best quality work the design must be base on the instruction above.. you cannot send sample of any other work i want to make sure you understand my instruction and can do quality work. send me 2 sample of the work above so i can choose you as winner and make sure they look great.

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Text To Image – .NET Class

Text to Image – .NET CLASS

The overall concept is to take take text documents and convert them to an image or multiple images. An example would an email (text only) converted for viewing as 1 or multiple images.

Design of the object/class should work as such: (lets call the class text2image)


ImageSize System.Drawing.Size
TextFont System.Drawing.Font
TextFontSize single
TextColor System.Drawing.Color
ImageBackgroundColor System.Drawing.Color
WriteToFile Boolean
BaseFileName String
Images() Listof/Or Array of System.Drawing.Image
ImageFormat System.Drawing.ImageFormt (BMP, PNG, etc)
Text String
FitToPage Boolean



The operation is quite simple. By setting the properties on the class, then choosing publish, the images either get stacked on the Images array/listof, or writted to disk using the BaseFileName as the BaseName and appending "_##" to the name for each page. The decision as whether to write to disk or stack individual Images on the property is decided by the value of the property WriteToFile which is default – FALSE.

FitToPage: Default is False. IF set to true, all text will be written to 1 image, so computing the number of lines required, then dividing that into the ImageSize as is set (minus font overhead – also using windows can tell you how man pixels high or wide the characters are) will give you an appropriate font size to scale to, OR create a temp image size large enough at some set font size, and then reduce/scale the image down to requested size.

Important: Word wrapping. Because text can overflow the width, you must provide for word wrapping. No words, sentences etc should go off the page.

If the documents is 52 lines of text, and the image size and font selected only support 24 lines per page, then you will end up with 3 images.

To be done as a .NET class and cleanly documented.

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