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Craigslist Ad Blaster Advertising Needed

Looking for someone to post 1000 classified ads around the united states for my vehicle wrap company

We have the AD ready to be COPY AND PASTED in different FREE classified sites.

Only one advertisement is allowed per site typically. (for example, craig slist

In your bid, PM me of the types of classifieds you will be posting in and how long it will take you to complete the project.

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Local And Free Classifieds Site

Dear all

I recently bought a turn key classified from however the quality is not impressive compared to another similar site ( . A friend recommended a software developer to make some changes. but still Im not impressed.

Navigation is not as smooth as i wanted it to be. To cut the long story short i want this site to be more user friendly, i will gladly love to hear your thoughts. Please visit, bid and let me know how you can help me in this regard and Kindly provide any samples or demos,

Im thinking of having the whole site redesigned and still have the same or more features and functionality..

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Craigslist Poster

I am looking for a well seasoned online classifieds posting person.
The person has to advertise 40 ads daily on the 2-3 most popular classifieds websites, the ads has to publish with a gap of 30 min between each ad and the person must know what hes doing in order to keep the ads visible, please no rookies.
Ads has to run from 8am to 1:30 am EST.
All responses from the ads via phone or email, has to be forwarded to my email or phone line.
The person will be provided with many photos and basic script for various types of ads.
The person has to submit a daily report and prove of posting.
We are talking about at least 1,000 ads per month, please send me offers per ad.
Experienced candidateswith very good English writing skills , candidates only, there is no point in wasting anyones time.

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Online Classifieds Ads Posting Kiji-Ebay And That One…

I am looking for a well seasoned online classifieds posting person.
The person has to advertise 40 ads daily on the 2-3 most popular classifieds websites, the ads has to publish with a gap of 30 min between each ad and the person must know what hes doing in order to keep the ads visible, please no rookies.
Ads has to run from 8am to 1:30 am EST.
All responses from the ads via phone or email, has to be forwarded to my email or phone line.
The person will be provided with many photos and basic script for various types of ads.
The person has to submit a daily report and prove of posting.
We are talking about at least 1,000 ads per month, please send me offers per ad.
Experienced candidateswith very good English writing skills , candidates only, there is no point in wasting anyones time.
Thank you for looking.

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Ads Website Integrated With Paypal

I am looking for someone to build an Ads/Classifieds website in Joomla which has Paypal integrated to support paid Ads/Classifieds. If able to provide graphics will be excellent, else will be provided.

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Classifieds Website – Need Help With Ads Posting

Ive just finished a classifieds section on my website and Im looking for two people that can help me on posting new ads, Im gonna be responsible for the SEO (marketing) part.

How do I pay you?
Im gonna provide a free space for you between the ads, so you can give me your banner, Ill post it, that way, all the users and guests gonna able to see your banner, what might be a good income for you if you have a ppc banner (except adsense), I can also put an ad directly to your site, that way you could raise your services/products selling.

The website is about classifieds in the USA and Australia. Even though, the focus is USA.

Remember that your income will not depend only on me, I can make the SEO part, but once you post new content to the site you are automaticaly helping with SEO, so, as much content as you post, as higher are the chances to raise visits, and your income.

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100 Classifieds Posting On CL

I need a CL posting professional to help me test whether or not CL posting will generate good traffic for me. I need 100 ads posted randomly in the "for sale" section of CL throughout the US.

I will provide you the html ad and you need to do the rest to make sure that the ads stick

Youre responsible for:
Post 100 total ads
Ads are to be posted between 8 am and 11:00 pm US Eastern Time (IE New York, US time) AT LEAST 5 MINUTES BETWEEN POSTINGS and MAXIMUM 10 MINUTES BETWEEN POSTINGS PER CITY.
Provide any and all email or Craigslist accounts
Provide any and all PVAs and IPs to post the ads
Update the HTML text behind image as necessary to avoid being ghosted
Post each ad in the Craigslist "FOR SALE" area
Send a report email with the links to the ads you post for us

I will create a couple ads for the provider I select

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SEO + IPhone App

Im looking for someone to get me to page 1 GOOGLE in Australia, WWW.GOOGLE.COM.AU (ONLY)! The 2 Keywords are: FREE CLASSIFIEDS, CLASSIFIEDS,

For the iPhone App i want a iPHONE VERSION of my Website where people can use the app to SEARCH CLASSIFIEDS ADS and POST CLASSIFIEDS ADS with.

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Classifieds Site Some Php Customisation

Need someone to finalize and customize some script on a classifieds software. Things like adding and extra variable field, and when posting an ad as a registered user to have a pre-filled address and contact details which will be linked from their account and lastly to link a floating box from the homepage to the admin panel in order to edit content.

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Classifieds Posting Project

I am seeking someone who can post in either community section or services section of
Craigslist per their Terms of Service. Please send me your best and lowest per post rate
in your reply.

If you have other Classifieds you can post cheaply to, please let me know also.


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40%Afiiliate Commission For New Members, Classifieds Posting

We offer you 40% Afiiliate Commission to get New members and Classifieds posting for International Multilingual Classifieds
Register as new affiliate here:

If you will be very good you could reach commision up to 60%!!

If you need banners click(at bottom):

Benefites and features for new users:
– international small ads(real estates, used vehicles and boats, jobs, travel)
– multilingual content of ads
– 30days FREE period, very cheap prices
– you could even earn with – from 40% Commission
– 800 000 potencial buyers are waiting for you from all around the World
– every month actions, discounts,…
– 24/7 Support

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Best Classifieds Portal Required

Fantastic classifieds website needed. Something like yelp or olx. Only bid and message if you can provide me with a demo link. Web 2.0

Design is the key element.

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Classifieds Website Using Joomla/WordPress Template


I want to create a classified website and have looked at WordPress and Joomla. The below templates are options i would like.

I am purchasing either Template Plaza

or classipress:

I will purchase these and just need someone to help me customise with graphics i will provide content and what i want.

I want someone to basically help me get this started. I need someone to upload to a host for me, and then from there take my instructions to customise to my tailored needs. This involves new graphics and changing layou etc to match what i need. I will need logo and graphic creation in places as well as editing where boxes are.

I will need SEO and search engine listings as well as help installing ad space etc. I will then probably need over a period of a month or so tweeks to be made or bugs fixed etc


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Classifieds Site

I want to create a classified site that is similar to

I want that done in 2/3 weeks time so it would be better to use an existing script that we adapt.

I will select a programmer who has done a similar job before and has experience necessary, please send:
1/link to classifieds site you have done
2/your solution to complete my site (script you want to use)
3/how long to adapt the script and launch that site ?

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Classifieds Website Needs SEO

I have launched a new classifieds website. It is "wordpress" and uses the "classipress" theme.

I have already submitted the website URL to google and yahoo and bing.

But I require someone to do proper SEO. Like metatag addition and so forth. It should be pretty simple to do as the site is not very complicated.

The target for my classifieds are Canadians who are interested in free local classifieds.

My site is here:
My competition is

Please search engine optimize my site.

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Fill up my classifieds website with 2620 classifieds.It means 20 classifieds per category.
You can collect data from other indian classifieds website.
Title should not be copy pasted.It should be slightly changed to prevent duplicate content.
Pictures not required.But a user will be preferred if you accept to post atleast 5 ads per category with picture.
All ads can be posted from the same username.
Fast turn around required.
But not expecting 100% copy paste worker.
Contact number,or any information to contact the original ad poster must be included.

People From India preferred.Others also can apply. Maximum Amount is $100,so dont bid above that.I will give the site details to copy if required.

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SEO For Website, Page 1 Google Needed For Classifieds Site

I need SEO work done on my website, I need to get to page 1 on GOOGLE Australia (ONLY) so i only need to be on page 1 GOOGLE in Australian search ONLY!. My website is a Free Classifieds Site.

Keywords are: Free Classifieds, Free Classified, Classifieds,


ps. I will be posting another job after this one is complete for an iPhone App for this same site (iPhone Version Of The Site).

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Geodesic Classifieds Help Needed Asap!

We are looking to hire someone who is well educated on the GeoClassifieds software from Geodesic Solutions. You must have good english, be able to work quickly, know how to work with smarty templates, css and php. PM prior work with the software and this code "Geo" so I know that you read this and understand the requirements.

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Auto Classifieds!

Hi , i need someone to make me an software who can help me posting my cars on , ,and more auto classifieds …i need only the soft , i will write all the info and i will pay for the ads …Also , the soft must have included a proxy program who can change the ip any USA state that i want … I am ready to pay good money for this soft , if you think that you can do it ,get back to me a.s.a.p … I need it in less than a week . If you need more info regarding this project ,let me know .

Thank you …

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I am launching a new classified ad website and i need someone who can post as many ads as possible.

* ads are sorted by cities/area and category all within the UK

* must be UK ads only

or even software to spider/scrape from sites like gumtree

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I am lauching soon a website in both English

It is a Free Classifieds Website.

I need someone that can fill it with AS MANY CLASSIFIEDS AS POSSIBLE that she/he will find online for this region:

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Need A Adult Classifieds Site

Hello Im looking for someone who can make me a adult classifieds site with all the functionally of a site like but with my own logo and color and I have full assess to the admin. panel. I can get hosting from gatorhost and provide my domain name I just need you to go through the steps so I can hookup the site through gatorhost so it can be up in running. my budget is low. 100.00 to 150.00 . If you think you cant do it ,dont post vulgar messages about the price, just dont reply. And please speak English because communication is everything .when I award you please have a phone number I hate working on emails. So if you think you can do this ,contact me asap . I will have lots of business for you in the future. Thank-you….

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Classifieds Poster

I would like to post my consulting services on various classified sites to generate business. Suggestions on where to post are welcome, but I have the fully written ad.

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Gumtree And Craigslist Poster


Im looking for a classifieds Ad Poster.

You should be experienced and familiar with Gumtree UK ad posting and Craigslist USA ad Posting, must know how to successfully post 10-20 ads a day, must know how to create new email accounts for this purpose. You will be posting in Jobs categories in all the major cities in UK/ASU.

You are bidding for posting first 20 ads and if good ongoing work will be issued. All ads must be verified and approved and generate traffic and emails from viewers.

Please note that you will only be paid, when the ads are physically approved and generate traffic and mails from viewers!

– Must be able to post multiple ads in US/UK classifieds (multiple cities/regions in the Jobs catagory),
– Good english writer – you must be able to change the ads description and texts in order to get the ads approved,
– Must have US/UK proxys to post ads to Gumtree UK and Craigslist USA
– Must be creative

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Property Classifieds Portal

The Property Portal must have

Utilities for administrators

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Classified Ad Posters

I am in immediate need of a Classifieds ad poster that can
place our dealership pre-owned inventory on Classifieds Ads sites, with removal and re-upping about every 4 days. Must use a staggered approach- ie, post 20-30 cars today, 20-30 tomorrow, etc. This number is not set in stone. Then, when taking them down and re-posting them, repeat this staggered approach, so that some inventory is always up and being swapped. We are looking for someone that is experienced in Classifieds Posting posting. You must provide your own PVAs, phone, proxies, etc **you can use clad genius if you would like**

The posting must be made in:

3 cities in TX 4x/Week in Cars+Trucks for Sale By DEALER
3 cities in TX 2x/Week in Cars+Trucks for Sale By OWNER

Post Until ALL Inventory in Pre-Owned section is posted.

Pay is flexible, but looking for about $.25/ ad. With that in mind, pay would equal $25/100 ads posted, using our ad-creation and posting software, this is VERY EASY MONEY. Then, multiply that by the removal and re-upping, and weekly pay increases very steadily.

I will provide you an login details for an inventory management/ad-building software that you will use. You can find the details of the package here:
All details such as phone numbers, addresses, names, etc. will be provided for you to use in the postings. I have personally used this software successfully; once you enter the contact info and Classifieds Ad account info, it retains it for future postings. Very E-A-S-Y to use.

This is a continued job and based on performance workload will increase
Please contact for more details.

Several Ads have been predesigned for your reference. This job will require a little bit of creativity in the descriptions of cars- ie, "This Mustang is a great two-door sports car for summer. Show up next to Camaros and Challengers and prepare to have fun!" Simple stuff like that. If you need help w/ a cars features or descriptions, please email me and I will help you w/ that.

We will PAY for only the live ads that are posted, and remain posted for a minimum of 8 hours. Once each ad have been sent, you will need to forward us the confirmation email from the Classifieds Ads sites.

We will not pay for any Ghosted ads. You must provide a daily report displaying links in excel format. If you can deliver a successful campaign this job will become a continued job; based on performance workload will increase

Again if you Do "NOT" have Proxys, IPs and PVAs to use, please DO NOT BID.

Classified Ad Posting Newbies***NEED NOT RESPOND***

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Web Directory Needs Improvement

We have an online directory based on Noahs Classifieds and another one using Joomla and we installed the Sobi2 component. Our goal is to make one but using features from both.

Our database from the Noahs Classifieds based webpage is cleaner, easier to use and is full of information but it lacks of certain features like ecommerce, google maps api, template customization among other things.

We would like to use joomlas because of the integration of articles, events and social network stuff but the templates are not that good. We also need to integrate a mobile phone template for our visitors.

Thank you. This is our first post on freelancer and we do not know how this works but we hope we can be explicit enough

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Classifieds Data Entry


Looking for a team of data entry experts to copy listings from one site to another. Very simple work. Please place a bid and we can do a couple of sample postings and then go from there.



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Post Your Ads On International Classifieds

Post your ads/listing for:

– Real estates, houses, villas, apartments(sell and rent)
– Used cars, boats, motorcycles, trucks
– Offer jobs
– Offer your apartments, villas, rooms,….

We offer you multi import all of your ads(min.=50 listings). This means if you would like to place more than 50 listings on our website you no need to place them manualy but we could import all your ads automaticly.

Just send(info at us URL(http address) to your XML file, RSS FEED or Microsoft Excel file and we will import all your ads/listings.

Visit and start posting your ads on International Classifieds(30 days FREE!).

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Open Clasified Theme Php Work

My website uses open classifieds
I have iframed it into my site but somtimes people get stuck in the frame

I need someone to create a theme for open clasified so it looks like the above website but is one php and not a linked iframe!!

If all goes well i hope to use the person on a few more bigger products i have!!

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