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Ruby On Rails – Application Must Clean Coded

I need a person to create a simple application for a client. Please contact me for more detail.

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Clean-up HTML & Convert To Joomla

"Coming Soon" page / links are skewed and needs some HTML / light design tweaking. Convert to Joomla. See: American

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WordPress Theme Clean-up

1. I need to change the front page to have one colum instead of 3 and fill it with an image (illustration provided)
2. the front page also needs the bottom part to be a page instead of titles of a page teaser or headline.
3. using the plugin "Cata Blog" i need to change the formating.
refer to the attached image.

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Need Some CSS Clean Up And Minor Menu Customization Done ASA

Had a freelancer do some work for me and it seems he made a little bit of a mess.


I had the previous freelancer enable the ability for the main meny to have drop downs of child pages… he did that.

However, the style isnt even close to what my original style was. Also, the CSS code that the menu is pulling from… i cant find it ANYWHERE!

Basically i need to match the new meny with my old menu… get rid of all unecessary style sheets and files the last guy created and basically just clean the site up.

Also, when the main site CSS is edited… it should automatically update the CSS for my idx real estate pages. See example here:

current home page:

IDX hosted page with menu style i want, but for some reason it didnt update with the new home page CSS:


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CRE LOADED- Malware Clean-up And Security Enhancement.

Our CRE LOADED site is being prompted with a "Reported Attack Site" warning from google.

We are seeking an experienced developer that can fix this malware issue, clean the site of all hack codes and then secure it so that the vulnerabilities are removed.

With your bid, please let me know exactly what you will do and what you will be implementing to accomplish this task.

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Private Project For SunrisePHP – Clean Malware

Private project for SunrisePHP – remove malware from site CRE Loaded cart.

$30 Budget

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Private Project For SunrisePHP – Clean Malware

Private project for SunrisePHP – remove malware from site CRE Loaded cart.

$30 Budget

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Need A Clean Bright And Professional Design In Photoshop


Here goes the site:
I need it redesigned so that it looks professional, nice and clean. Need 2-3 pages designed. One with the same page with a form and without the car.

The car will be exactly the same. talk in pvt.

Looking for cheapest solution. Dont need to be the most creative.


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Simple Clean Personal Website Needed

I need a very clean professional website for a Therapist.

This is the current website . ( )

I want the same page categories plus a contact us page
the book page will need the covers added on,
The services page, where the videos are i will need room to embed those videos.
, and all the same information used in all the pages.

And i was thinking it should look something simliar to this just a little bigger. (

Your ideas and creativity are always welcomed. All questions will be answered ASAP.

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Active FOREX Traders List Wanted, Clean Quality Leads

I need a list for active FOREX traders anywhere in the world. Must be clean names [first and last] list with email addresses. Thanks for your help!

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Shopping Cart Website

I would like to have a shopping cart website designed similar to this website:
Except I would like it to look more modern, unique and stylish.

I would like to base the shopping cart off this software if possible: As it can easily be integrated with drupal themes !

I would like to integrate it with this theme:

I need this project to be completed within 5 Days ! This is important and Cost no more then $350 ! There will be more future work for the successful applicant.

When you apply show me examples of previous work !

Thank You,


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Ajax And Magento Programming And Temple Clean-up

This project s for RTzine Only. – thanks,

1. Please install AJAX into our search by brand, color, size, style – we need this to work well, so we can add products.

2. Clean up the template – graphics, colors, buttons, etc,(minor changes)

3. Add a brand logo to product pages and minor changes on product page.

4. Test credit card module (we want to have our own secure check out with credit cards) since we will have secure servers installed.

5. SEO submission. We need to be sumbited to all the search engines in worldwide.

6. The site have to be in 7 languages (we have 4 installed – 2 are missing).

Here is our website –

I am sending you a bunch of files with screen shots so you can see in detail what needs to be done.

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Bulk Emailing

I need someone to send email marketing for me. No spam, nothing touchy or weird, I just want to clean an old database to clean up.

You should be skilled in email marketing, have access to smtp server and be able to send bulk emails in a short time (100K a day at least) without compromising the delivery of the campaign.
You should have a clean sender reputation. You must have a clean IP (white list) and a good inboxing rate.
You shouldnt send from an IP in Asia.

I furnish the database (1M emails)
I provide the html e-mails
You just have to sent and export the results to me.

I want an export in .csv or .txt of all contacts that DO opened the emails sent.

Before contracting, you should be able to do a test on a small portion of the Database to check you results and knowledge in emailing.

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Beauty Therapy Flyer 2

We are starting a home based day spa and we need a professional flyer designed so we can start advertising.

We are looking earthly tones and a very friendly look and feel.

The text for the flyer is below, you can format and reword this anyway you like but it must look professional:

Alamanda Health and Beauty

Accredited Professional and nurturing home based beauty therapy at affordable prices. Conveniently located near Club Alamanda, Point Cook.

Eyebrow wax – $5.00
Lip Wax – $5.00
Full arm- $10.00
Underarm- $10.00
Bikini Wax- $15.00
Brazilian wax- $30.00
1/2 Leg wax – $15.00
full leg wax – $20.00


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Custom Drupal Install Profile

Hey, Im looking for an experienced Drupal developer to build a custom install profile, or possibly Feature(s).

The project would be built on Drupal 7. You would need to use the Location module (or a custom module) to provide search results of users and taxonomy terms within a given zip code. The pages would need exposed filters (dating site-esque.) There would also need to be user profiles, preferably utilizing the Profile 2 module. You would need to make create a clean, minimalist registration form, at the module level. Any custom code that needs to be written would need to be written in such a way that it could be contributed back to the Drupal community. Id also like it to be done as clean as possible, with adherence to best practices.

As of this moment Ive been able to get as far as creating custom search pages for users on my own, but have hit a roadblock when trying to integrate location search with taxonomy filters, due to my lack of PHP/MySQL/advanced Drupal knowledge.

Also, Ive been basing much of the functionality of this project off OkCupid (though used for a non-dating purpose), so the closer you can get the functionality of OkCupid, the better.

Ill give extra weight to anyone who lives in the San Francisco Bay Area who I could meet with personally to discuss smaller details, and do a little prototyping.

Thanks in advance,

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Crop & Clean Out Background Noise In Pictures.

I need someone who is skilled at editing out background noise from pictures
so that they look like this.

Cheapest bid will win. I have many pictures to do and this will not be a one time job.
I want to pay on a per picture basis.

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Clean Up Web Pages

Need to clean up the look of 4 webpages./

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MLM Conpany Needs Clean Website Asap

I need a brand new website designed asap… max 3days only…only professional web design need apply. its a

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PSD 2 XHTML – Clean Code

Need someone that can clean code psd 2 xhtml. Using as little css and html as possible. Need a fast turnaround time.

*** Must provide examples of work.

If you are not proficient in css or html please DO NOT bid.

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Iphone April 1 App

We are looking for an iPhone developer that already has an account with Apple to produce and quick app and get it posted prior to April 1st 2011.


We are a Company that manufactures detailing equipment for Cars, Rvs and Boats. We want to promote a spoof app that we are going to tell people all you have to do is point your iPhone at your Boat and it will clean it for you.

Screen layout and actual function.

Home screen detailing the what the app does with 3 buttons. CAR / RV / BOAT

After selecting the proper button the camera will turn on so they can line up their item on the screen. There will be a button on this screen to begin cleaning. Once they press this button the phone should provide a sound effect and and a visual que that something is going on. After several seconds of this the user will be present with the clean item which will be a stock image of a very nice expensive and clean CAR BOAT or RV based on their first selection.

From here they will be presented with 2 options. Start OVER or Visit for all the old fashioned gear and information.


This is on a tight deadline and must be able to be live by April 1st.

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WordPress Clean Up, And Small Additions

Our Customer has a wordpress site already and we need to perform some a clean up.
We need to upgrade to the latest version of wordpress, Install some simple plugins such as all in one seo

from there we need to have a rewrite of all the pages to the title of the page appears as the link

the example is http://www.samplewordpressxx/samplewordpressxx/?page_id=7
to the following

at the same time we need to do an over all clean up of the site.

If this project goes well, we will award you a second wordpress site to clean up as well as about 3 – 5 more after that

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Clean Website Design Needed

We need a simple one page website design. Wed like the use the same structure as fbanners(dot)com, but have an original design. The colors can be similar. Were looking to have this done asap.

Please message us with any questions you may have.

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Advertising Campaign To Get Lawncare Customers Fliers Etc

I am looking for someone to come up with an ad campaign With a Flyer can be a 8 1/2 X 11 or a postcard as well as a full color brochure to
Promote our services as a full property maintenance company providing lawn care etc.
We will be attending a home show on April first
We have will be choosing someone to do the artwork unless you can complete that as well..
I just never know what to say to get customers etc.
We offer lawn care ( lawn mowing, weed wacking, leaf clean up, property clean ups, bob cat services. loads to the landfill, demolition, flood cleanups and pump outs Vacant property clean up and maintenance. Snow plowing and removal etc
We offer seniors discounts, 24 hour emergency service, quality work.. insured and registered.

Interested in putting something together then let me know I need it within 5-7 days as I have to get it printed as well

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Ebay Motors File Exchange Project

I need someone to make sure ebay file exchange "All listing templates" has all correct fields and will upload to my ebay account, correctly. Currently, missing some fields, so i get error when i try to bulk change items in my inventory. I have about 4600 different items. I want to clean up any bad fields or code, so i can get clean uploads,,, So I can start changing info in bulk, using ebay file exchange. I can provide the ebay PDF. with starter and advanced manual.

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Clean And Verify Email List

I have 20,000 email list i need to verify it, Remove duplicates, correct obvious errors, Check whether the email are working, etc

I need this urgently

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Clean Erase Bud Listing In Google

when i search for my clients name i see bad listings that appear in the first page of google i need to clean this
can u do it??
I need u to push it to the 4 page on google, the clients name is unique so it need to be easy

this how i going to pay:
%10 milestone to start
%40 after 2 weeks that i dont going to see it in the First page of google
%50 month after i see it in the 4 page

So Its to Clients that i need to push their bad listing to the 4 page

if u going to do good job more work will come

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We Are Looking For A Copywriter To Produce Articles.

We are looking for a copywriter that can produce several articles for a cleaning company. Each article must be at least the size of 200-250 words we need three articles in total. The subjects for the three articles are as followed:
End of lease clean Perth
Bond Cleaning Perth
Window Clean Perth
Each article must have the phrase of the title in it several times to create repetition. The articles will be used for SEO. Please send your sample so we can read through it and make a decision to go ahead.
Kind Regards

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Powerpoint Cleanup & Launch Page

Need simple cleanup to three power point presentations:

1) Presentation 1 – clean up text overwritting
2) Presentation 2 – clean up text overwritting
3) Presentation 3 – add standard footer
4) Set auto transition for each presentation
5) Create master presentation with links to launch each ppt separately

Additional details will be provided to selected bidder.

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WordPress Template For

I need a custom WordPress template so i can rebuild one of my customers sites

colors must be similar to whats already on the original site, id like some sort of scrolling widget near the top with some images in, and text ( i cannot remember what the widgets called!! )

The reason for the new site is its to be SEOed so the code needs to be compliant and tidy. I will be putting all the content in.

Would need the template completed by this weekend.

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Social Network

I want to build a social networking site. I have a site that we can copy the code from and just edit it to my preferences, Im looking for a clean, clean site and want it to look good. Most of the code well be using is somewhat used which should make it easy, just a little photoshop and coding to get a good site up including some other things. These are some of the options and pages Id like for my site off the top of my head:
sign in
news pages
picture viewing page
video viewing
If anyone is able to do this site for a cheap amount since I have spent some of my money lately on a new computer I would greatly appreciate it. Thank You

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