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49 Articles By March 1st.

We need 49 original content articles (copyscape-free) about 49 states, excluding Alabama. The Alabama article is already written up and I am attaching it to this project as an example, so that you can see what exactly is required. The articles structure should be very similar, if not identical — intro, climate, geography, agriculture.

The articles can cover topography, terrain zones, water resources, climate zones, review of agricultural activities and farming (required), and, possibly, hunting and fishing resources. You can use Wikipedia or other sites to research geography and climate, and possibly some other sites for farming/agriculture.

Time frame: need all 49 articles by March 1st. Delivered in batches of 10.
Word count: 700 words minimum

Create a sample article on any state and attach to your bid. The winner will be chosen based on the sample.

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Climate Change

Why our environmental issues becoming important for profit and non profit organisation?
Look at the case of Marks and Spencer, Shell, BP and British Airways?
To what extent should an organisation look at current issues such as global warming, climate change and waste in order to be successful?

there must be a market research in order to get responses from the companies above.
a 15000 word dissertation needed by the 10th of next month with references and bibliography.

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Thesis Proofread

I need my PhD to be proof read to get it finally accepted. It its about 300 pages, double spaced at font size 12 and includes over 70 figures – approximately 60,000 words. The thesis topic is Southern Hemisphere climate variability. The spelling is Australian English.

Some experience with scientific writing would be ideal.

I need this done within a few days.

Ill send the winner instructions on how to download the document from a website as the file size is ~40mb. You will need to have an internet connection that is able to handle this type of file size.

The best way for you to proofread this is to create a separate word document that refers to each page and paragraph number with specific comments.

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Research Quotes

Here is the process we would like you to follow

1. Find 1 or 2 quotes online from Chief Executive/Managing Director/Director stating a desired need to communicate a message with young people
as the potential consumers/recruits of tomorrow or simply to help them learn. The executive doesn

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Media Clipping Files (Ozone Depletion And Climate Change)

Choose eight clippings that represent a wide variety of sources and viewpoints and critique media reports concerning "Ozone Depletion and Climate Change"

You May Wish to look in newspapers, magazines, information leflets, corporate websites, environmental groups, etc. Make sure to look for the most up-to-date information. Gather a wide variety of media clippings.

Style Requirements:

1. All body text in assignments must be double-spaced, in 12 pt Times New Roman font.

2. Include a table of Content with page numbers for each item. You may want to subdivide your clippings into subheadings and if you do this, you should make this clear in your table of contents and introduction.

3. Write a 200 or 300 word introduction that briefly describes the issue "Ozone Depletion and Climate change" in broad terms and explain the structure of your report. Explain how you have grouped your commentaries and why.

4. Write a short (200 or 250 words) analysis for each of the eight clippings. In your analysis, DO NOT summarize the clippings. Instead, describe breifly what viewpoint each author takes, and say whether you think this viewpoint is balanced, explaining why you think the viewpoint is balanced or unbalanced. Discuss the authors use of language. How does the author use writing to make the argument? Give examples. Outline any reasons the author might have for arguing one way or the other.

5. Provide a bibliography or reference list for the clippings and any other sources you cite (MLA)

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Essay On "Climate Change, Trade And Competitiveness"

Im looking for somebody to write a Term Paper under the general theme of

"Climate Change, Trade and Competitiveness"


Depending on the skills of the writer, we will agree on a subtitle.
Those may be some EXAMPLES that I have in mind:

– What does Competitiveness Really Mean? (i.e. how is the competitiveness of countries and companies impacted through climate mitigation? How is it impacted through climate adaptation? Are countries and companies one and the same? Is "competitiveness" the right paradigm through which to explore our response to climate change?)


– The Impact and Functioning of Emissions Trading Schemes / or a look at Carbon Markets more generally (here your paper could examine, for instance, how carbon markets have been established, how they function, and whether they alleviate competitiveness concerns by reducing the compliance costs of firms. You could also explore the various problems involved in these schemes, such as the collapse of the carbon price to zero under the EU ETS in 2006-07).


– The Role of Technology Transfer and Cooperation (here you may wish to focus on technology, going into a discussion of intellectual property rights, and whether they help or hurt the fight against climate change. Are they a barrier to accessing clean technology, in particular in the developing world? Are there technological solutions to climate change? You could also focus on your paper on a particular technology, like solar power, and how the development of, and access to that technology, could boost trade and competitiveness as well as help solve climate change)


– The Impact of Developing Country "Differentiation" (here you could explore proposals currently on the negotiating table to "differentiate" between developing countries that are at different stages of economic development, in terms of their level of obligations under a new climate treaty. What are the political, economic, and other implications of such "differentiation" on the international stage? How would such differentiation re-shape North-South, but also South-South, relations? Would such "differentiation" spill-over into other spheres of global policy-making?)

Approximatley 15-20 Pages

This is NOT in the framework of a science degree. Perspective has to be rather from an economists point of view. This is part of a masters degree, so perfect language skills (English) are required.

Paper will be assessed based on the extent of the research work conducted in their preparation, and the level of analysis they reflect on the general theme of the course. Some papers may choose to focus more competitiveness, than on trade, and this would be acceptable.

I will provide extensive research on the topic, studies, articles etc. Further research (by the writer) might be useful for digging deeper into the topic. I would highly appreciate a writer with previous knowledge in the area of the whole Climate Change debate going on (Kyoto Protocoll, Bangkok Summit, Bonn Negotiations and the upcomming Copenhagen Talks).

3rd January 2010 12.00pm GMT

I will also provide guidelines on academic writing.

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Blog Posts In Current Real Estate Climate

We are looking for writers that are familiar with real estate in the US. All posts will have a KEI of no more than 2.5% I want these in less than 10 day. I will give you samples once your bid has been accepted,

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Description Many farms in the South Western Cape area which has a mediterraining climate. Productive farms as well as beautiful lifestyle farms. Farms that produce thatch, olives as well as dairy and many others.

Title: South Western Cape Farms for sale.

Keywords: South, Southern, West, Western, Cape , Farms, Farm, for, sale

MAX NUMBER follow links please

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