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Create Site: Video Clips For Sale

Hi all,

I need to setup a website where video clips can be sold.
With different sell options: pay per video, video pack
or monthly subscription.

The site has to be "easy handling".
This means I have to be able to update the site
adding pages with new videos, new comments,
changes prices, etc in a simple way.

Some other active features it need:
blog, voting of videos..

If you are 110% sure to design this,
let me know and I will send you more detailled information


Rgs, Pieter

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Video Clips Edit

We need about 6000 short 1-5sec video clips edited saved and and labled.

You will be given 13x 12 minutes continuous clips of a person saying people names to camera. You will need to edit and save each name as an induvidual names of what the person says.

For example the person on camera says…. "John Butler" You will need to export and save "John" and label, than export and save "Butler" and label.

The continuous files will consist of frist names and last names

For first names you will need to add 3 frames at the start and 4 frames at the end
For last names you will need to add 7 frames at the start and 3 frames at the end

ATM we are looking for 2 quotes one to do 50 first names and 50 last names.
And one quote for entire 6000 files

Once we have checked all is well we will require the remaining 5900 files.

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Video Editing

I am creating a video promo for an event. I have several clips I want to use.

Here is the basic I have created. I am not happy with it.

The clip needs to be slick, crisp and easy to follow and foremost cool. Its going to be a 30-40 sec clip.

I need to see if you have created similar promo clips first and you must finish within 48 hours.

I could give several text to animate such as "Shop", "Savor" and "Party" and the event date.

Budget: $40

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Let Us Play! Upload Various Video Clips

Let Us Play! is a new youtube-ish website but without all the restrictions! every kind of video is welcome!
so we need a hand to help us to just upload a bunch of random videos to fill our site with to begin with!

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I Require Several Youtube Uploaders

I require several workers to upload clips. I will provide the clips and the instructions on titles, tags, etc. You should be familiar with uploading to youtube, adding annotations, etc or have similar experience. Please note, I will not be online all the time, so if I dont reply right away to messages, be patient. Remember, I am probably in a different time zone.

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Need Clips Of I-phone App Video

I need recorded clips of my I-phone app. Designer will have to capture video from iphone and save as AVI or WMA files.

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Evaluate My Media-youtube/user/pjperlakogAPPRAised@50k

"You have the opportunity to witness & stock(mintage) some rare skateboarding footage of talented rising stars. Approximately HALF HOUR of edited Film that was shot between the years 1998-2000. This Motion Picture includes Skateboarders most during their high school years performing difficult acts or stunts for the audience s pleasure. "The HALF HOUR of Film takes place through out regions of Los Angeles and but not limited to Orange County. This film was originally created for a grade in a High School art class, although with the triad s vision and with your help Victory Skateboarding through D. A. D. would love to stretch the original limits and give viewers across the globe the opportunity to view these images & or Graphics. Former C. A. S. L. Member plus triad; Paul R Perla is literally managing to scale the mountainous 3CCD DIGITAL WORLD of the recent film industry by copyrighting a smashing HALF HOUR 8 millimetre definition VHSX, DVD, or BlueDisk upon demand; titled "SATURDAY SCHOOL." Back in 1999 a group of Minors (Thunder Bolt, PJ, Chicklett, and Dragon Ball) skateboard from Euclid street in Upland(57 too the 60 too the 10 exit Indian Hill) through deep off of the 710 N inside the city of San Pedro, With in the Los Angeles County collecting what they like to call footage, moreover artistically created tricks with flips, spins, and, jumps. Upon demand can be reproduced inside VHSX, DVD or BluRay COMP. The Nineties ERA proove clips within material could be antiquated Choice despite EightMM definition RAW(direct) & RARE.
For sale on this website as well as Payless Tobacco in La Mirada.

an animation I have been working on for the last two years, yet was captured inside eight MM video during the turn of the new Millenium. Within the video you can see clips, graphics, or images that are A-ccurate D-istribution.) Which is my Business Some of these eight MM clips are skateboarders that have appeared in Transworld as well as atleast five that are caught inside four one one Skateboarding Video Magazine, where Bam Magera made his first debut. The film Maker and Creator of "the Beginning," wich this title can be found through out the Netflix as well as the DVD Empire Database(under Extreme Sports) has some of his artistic ability, plus touch found hidden in multiple scenes. Also there are two clips and or scenes of Board Rider found in Motion Picture "Lords of Dogtown(." Role-Tony Alva s Stunt Double.) Plus, finally caught on tape is celebrity & board rider seen in an "Warner" Pictures Gaylord Film Please enjoy this Media, thus is the memories of my past.

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Design 3 X 1 Minute You-Tube Clips

I require someone to design 3 x 40 second to 1 minute clips and post them on You-Tube for me.

I have an affiliate product which entails sending the customer to a 15 minute and/or 90 minute online presentation.

The affiliate product I have is related to the stockmarket, gold and silver. The 3 short clips I require you to design is to be related to these topics and the information can be taken from the 15 and 90 minute presentations.

My affiliate link will also need to be embedded onto these you-tube clips.

I can give you further information prior to commencing the project if required.

Please give me suggestions on how you will carry out this project upon bidding for this job.

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30 Video Clips


We want video clips to promote this website

Clips will be put in youtube

Must be between 5 to 10 minutes not more not less

Should have music but the music should not be copyrighted.

in the video there must be a link to the website.

30 clips for $30

to be selected create one sample put it in youtube show me the link, who provide best clip will win,


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Need Several Youtube Uploaders

I require several workers to upload clips. I will provide the clips and the instructions on titles, tags, etc. You should be familiar with uploading to youtube, adding annotations, etc or have similar experience.

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Editing Hd Movie Clips To Make Super Movie Trailer

I am looking for a very good video editing person who is really good at making videos from a clear story board of video clips. Alot of masking is required for the video effects e.g. Throat Slitting and half cow half person shot.

Please only apply for this if you are very good at this type of work. You must also have alot of previous examples of movies edited.

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Add Front And Back Mucis To Audio Clips

I have 38 audio clips.

There is about 10 seconds at the beginning of each clip that must be trimmed off and then front and back music is to be added to each clip.

The clips are current mp3@128kbps

I will need the clips saved again as

and also saved as


budget $50 or less

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Greenscreen/Chroma Video Loops Of Farm Animals

Hey everyone,

This task is somewhat tricky but could be a lot of fun – and could lead to a longer term professional relationship. We are currently creating a piece of entertainment software which includes a country landscape with moving elements: namely, farm animals. To create these moving animals, we need 5 loopable video clips of farm/country animals: chickens, cows, rabbits, you name it.

Here are the specs:

1. The video clips need to be 5-20 seconds long and ready to loop.

2. They need to be videos of real animals, not computer animations.

3. The loops need to be absolutely seamless. If necessary to create the loop, you can play parts of your video forward and then backward again, as long as this doesnt look awkward.

4. A few loops can be for an animal standing in place and just moving their heads/wings/whatever (good example here: Other loops can be for an animal moving across the screen, e.g. a cow that walks trough the screen by repeating its steps seamlessly, by replaying the same sequence continuously.

5. The videos backgrounds need to be transparent.

As we researched our options for ready-made greenscreen animal videos, we have only come across one source, which we – frankly speaking – cannot afford.
Also, only a few of these videos can be looped.

However there are many other affordable stock videos (e.g. of animals on green meadows) that might work for creating loops, for example:
If you decide that you could create a good loop from a certain video, we would buy it for you to work with.

For each video your task would include:

1. Finding or filming loopable animal video footage

2. Creating seamless loops (5-20 sec., 25 fps, average size ca. 200×200 pixels)

3. Post-editing video to make the background transparent and to match the landscape colorwise.

Please let us know if you are interested and we can send you the countryside background picture for your information. We look forward to receiving your bid with a total price for 5 clips of 5 different farm and countryside animals.

Best Regards,

the binary family

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Virtual Training Platform

– We need a virtual online training website where users can log in, watch training video clips and log out.

Background: The idea is that a client will browse our website, find a training course they are interested in and pay for a user name and password. Once the client has log-in details he will be presented with a range of 5min video clips that will be played in sequence. Once the first video clip is done he will either be presented with a online test to see if he grasped the training or be directed to the next video clip. If he passed he can move on to the next video. The site must offer extensive reporting to the client as well as his manager (in cases where it is used in a corporate environment to train employees) and includes, pie charts of how many times he watched the video clips, how he did in the test, which questions he got wrong, how long did it take him to complete the test, how far is he in the training course etc. That is it in a nutshell.

– The site must be able to accept credit card payments.
– The site must be update-friendly so we can add new training clips on a regular basis.

Please have a look at the following video clip explaining a similar site in action:

We are not happy with the above look and feel of the similar site and want a more corporate look and feel.

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Website Design

I am looking for someone that can design a website that allows users to log on and create 20 second video clips and 20 second voice clips. I need help with ideas for storing the content as well. The website will have to be able to work with iphone, android and other smartphones as well. It will need a shopping cart, the ability to port software to a phone after purchase. Log in credentials a must as well as secure purchasing/shopping cart.

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Clips Audio Sync

We need about 6000 short 1-5sec clips synced to audio. We will provide both the video and audio.

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Video Software

I am looking for a programmer or developer for a desktop application used on Mac OS 10.6 or higher. The new application (program) shall be able to batch import short quicktime clips into Final Cut Pro, superimpose the clips name , timecode and watermark before batch exporting a compressed video clip for web streaming. All processed clips need to generate a thumbnail (into a separated folder) before uploading to website.

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Need Edgy 1-2 Min Outreach Video Created

Student SPILL is looking for someone to create a cool, student-oriented outreach video for campuses that can educate students about what the program is, and get them excited to use it / volunteer for it. It would only be about 1-2 min long, and it needs to be edgy but still appropriate so that professors feel comfortable showing it at the beginning of their classes. It should be laid-back and genuine looking/sounding, avoiding the "cheesy" feel that a lot of student-outreach materials have. It would probably include some clips from students (interview tidbits), and then these clips could be mashed up in some sweet way. We would provide the student interview clips, as well as an interview from a professor/counselor if needed! The absolute latest deadline would be Dec 27th, but wed pay extra to get it by Dec 15th!

Possible Components:

–Explanation of what SPILL is/does, (SPILL is a peer-to-peer support system online that lets students anonymously vent about whatever problems theyre going through, and get support from other students who have been through that problem)

–Brief run-through of how it works (Students vent at Their email addresses are stripped by our software, and their message is sent to 6-8 "Student Supporters"–or volunteer email responders–who have had experience with that particular problem. These Student Supporters respond within 24 hours with unbiased feedback, support, and resources for getting through the problem. Both parties are anonymous to one another, and all outgoing responses are screened to make sure that the feedback is appropriate.)

-Student interview clips: why students like using it or tried it initially, what they like about it, why it they think schools need it, why the volunteer "Student Supporters" get involved (ex: no meetings, like helping people, low time commitment with only a few emails a semester, community service opp where you actually feel involved), etc. All these interviews could be scattered all over the video, they dont need to be in a clump or in any particular order

-Professor/counselor interview clips (optional): why its important to have something like SPILL on campus or how it helps the school

….and… Whatever else youd like!!

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Make Juggle Video

Cut and paste video clips

I need somebody to help me to cut and paste 160 little video clips into one film, titles of place and date should be added to the videos. Average video is 5 seconds, which should to lead to approximately 13 minutes as one long video.

Two trial videos have been made see: see here as well text and original thoughts of the idea, and second video (both videos are not exactly in the chronological order).

Idea is based on

I have all clips on the hard-disc but are not a video editor, you need to provide a FTP or other way how I can share all videos from my hard disc with you so you can do the editing.

1. The main video should be all videos set in chronological order with date small in the right hand corner and place, country in a more prominent place.

2. Another short promo should be made from the best clips, looking like it has been done in a random order.

Please select some copyright free music to put with the videos, or give some options for tunes which could fit the videos.

This is the first assignment, I keep on travelling and create new clips, expect every 6 month to make an update. I have approximately $50 for this project.

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Video Editor With Voice & Music

I own a training company with a strong national client base and am seeking an individual to put together a video of approximately 4-6 minutes from my raw data. The raw data consists of about 25 video clips (mp4) as well as some audio mp3 clips and a print out of the script.

About half of the video clips are of me talking and the other half will have a voice-over with me speaking while other video scenes are running. Script will be provided illustrating the sequence of the entire video. You will know exactly which videos will have me speaking into the camera and which ones will have the voice-over and in what sequence. Videos will be clearly named. There will be very little editing required within each separate raw video clip except for the front end and back end.

Videos clips for the final video will be approximately 2-3 seconds to approximately 10-16 seconds in length. At least two scenes will have a bulleted list; for example, as I point out the benefits of my program.

Background music is desired unless it interferes with the quality of the message. This is not a project for a newbie. Quality service is more important than speed.

Service provider will sign an agreement that the ownership of the raw data and final product belong to me and shall not be used for any other purpose.

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Video Clips Of Products For Youtube

Need somebody to take 10 second clips of about 16 different products. Just a top to bottom pan, close up, clear, showing details of colors and textures. will mail you the products. need on white background and format to be uploaded to youtube high quality. also need 5 second intro just a picture with our logo and information and the same picture on the end.

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Need Video Editor For Some Quick Work

Need video editor to add some text to 4 short clips of about 15 seconds each. For two clips you will also need to add BREAKING NEWS text like seen here:

This is quick and easy and the budget is $30

Thank you

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Kannada And Tamil Voiceover Artist Needed


I need a professional male voiceover artist who speaks fluent Kannada and Tamil languages to record 16 seconds of audio clips. You will need to send the completed, recorded audio clips as a .WAV file. The recording must be up to professional standards.

The turnaround time for this project is 1-2 days, and I will need the audio files ASAP. To apply for this role, you must be Indian male, with a good powerful voice and flawless Tamil and Kannada accents, who has worked professionally as a voiceover artist. Please submit samples of your voiceover audio clips to be considered for the project.

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Flash Demo / Presentation


We are looking for a creative flash designer for creating a Flash demo / presentation for an online software demonstration, similar to:

Around 5 clips, 1 minute or less per clips.

Flash animation (short story about the product) + video screen capture (how to use the product) + voice narration


Thank you!

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62 video clips – 30 seconds to 8 minutes in length – 2 hours and 22 minutes in total – require transcription into written english – both what is being said along with concise visual descriptions eg. "Vision: a truck is spreading mill mud in bands. Stephen: what we call this system is the three tails" (offering $35 per hour).

25 video clips also need descriptions written – 25 x 150 words aprox. each (4$ per 500 words), some key quotes from the transcriptions can be used in these descriptions but the descriptions need to summarise the key ideas presented in each clip.

Applicants will need good English language and writing skills, and be able to understand Australian accents. Applicants also need to be able to access the video clips via youtube, they are already uploaded, my username is shedmeeting. A good understanding of agriculture and agronomic concepts would be helpful and preferable.

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3 Short Video Clips







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Urgent! 2 Min Video Clips – Editing And Creation

Hi There!
I need to make a series of 2 minute videos, about 8 no. videos in all.

We all ready have the video footage and we will provide the story board. We need someone to edit the videos to match the storyboard. You may be required to find the appropriate soundtrack to go with the video.

Please place your bid per video and attach a sample of your work for us to see.

This position has the potential of being long term.

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Seamless Flashplayer

Hi there!

I would like a quote for a flash videoplayer that loads a playlist from XML and then seamlessly displays the playlist as one clip.
1. No buffering or any noticable delay between clips in playlist
2. One timeline/progressbar where all clips are combined and displayed as one.

Best Regards,

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Montage Of Video Clips For The Web

What I need or require:

Create 10 original video clips for the web. We need a montage specialist. Introduction and conclusion standardised that can be used for each video.

After effects and premier montage 10 sec intro and 10 sec conclusion. Titles and transitions + editing of the actual clip content. 2 minutes each clip. More information will be provided in the selection process.


Adobe Premier
Adobe After effects
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator

What I already have versus what the provider will deliver:

Video content will be supplied. What we need is specialist for the montage of the video.
No writing/editing/typing required.

Other context/requirements that providers will need to know:

We need to have the project files so that we can re-use transitions titles etc.

Specific expertise that I am seeking:

Video montage

Timeframe for delivery:

Please deliver assets specified within 30 days after selection

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