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Groupon Clone Script Littel Modification

Hello i have groupon clone script i want to add a new field where user where buy deals have to write obbligatory FISCAL CODE so when thy print deal coupon fiscal code in write over there because they have write it on form!
for have more information before BID please contact me on skype: pacio982


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Clone Of Website

i like one similar to

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Twiends Clone


Looking for a fully working clone of

This must be ready to be rolled out as soon as complete.

The developer must be available to work on future updates and upgrades.

This shouldnt be too hard to put together as its just a matter of connecting it all through the social networking sites. With future upgrades we will be looking at other social networks to it as well.

But for the time being we are looking for a clone of

Good Luck.

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Clone Include Design

I need a complete clone of this beautifully design website including all the functions. the website ip add is pls have a look on it and let me know your feedback including your budget.

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TVI Express Clone

I need a clone of TVI Express ( Please PM me for more details). This is an MLM script which I want you to develop for me. If you have no experience on MLM related development and if you dont have any demo then please dont bid.

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Repair Error Paypal Express Checkout On Groupon Clone Script

i have an error on chekout of my groupon clone script in backend i have all access and registration to API paypal but with i try so send payment it wrote me …………The merchant country is not supported………….
or give to me awhite page please i need a good programmer

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Clone Or Build A Similar WordPress Website

We have a wordpress website hosted with a hosting company that we need to be cloned or re-built similar and transferred to our host.
Details in PM.

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Clone Of

I need an exaclt clone of the buddypress

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Easy And Fast Modification On Groupon Clone

Hello i have to apply follow modify:

1. during compilation form user create a little row where user can write FISCAL CODE topic there are some work in english not traslated and calendar show BAD date on comment posted.
3. delete some link from home page
4. put 1 immage in home page
5. modify grafic setup of automatic mail respond of website
6. modify text of a right box in home
7. create a box on home page to put like facebook

i think in one day it can be its very easy but i need help of expert man

please let me know!!

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Clone WordPress


We want a fully functional clone of with some minor changes.
Review function as used on the site we don`t need.

Must be able to change the color layout in wp-admin and have a correct working click to copy code box.
Max. budget is $150 for this simple project.

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WebDesign Clone + Integration Of It To A ASP.NET

Web design and integration of that design into ASP.NET c# mssql dating website with VisualStudio 2008. (using visual studio is essentiol for this project)

Script has purchased from and needs a really professional work
design will be a clone of

Please turn me back with your at least 10 web design projects done before

web site is on dedicated server with windows server 2008 uses and c# as language and mssql 2005 database. it is coded with visual studio 2008 so it has to be handled and recompiled by it before upload.

Top quality designers please..


1- Check and download trial file to see what you will do
Probably will work over 100 files not only .css work


3- Dont send me copy/paste pms i will stop reading if i feel its copy / paste work.
Cleanly provide me your thoughts about the project, what will you do, which steps will you follow

4- You have to finish work at least 20 DAYS! stay away if you cant

CODERS less than 3 REVIEWS will NOT be ACCEPTED!

Thank You…

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Redesign Of Layout

My project is very simple and clear..

1. my site should be similar not clone to , clone.
2. my site is the same script..only that it needs redesign/outlay to resemble
3. functionalities should be the same.
4. my current site is, so u can check.
5. it also needs to be made pure php/mysql for quick speed.
6. my theme color is pink deep
7. all adsense should be included just like but not clone to
8. only difference is that my site should be for eastafrica states..and not cities. i will provide them.
9. design logo too for my site..and allow for banners too.
10. do SEO to ensure my site is very marketable

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Clone Our Old Site

We have a site we built, but cant move it to our host. I dont want to wrap the site so we need to clone it. It is a very basic flash site and should take only moments to do.

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Outlook Contact Form Clone


I need a windows form which essentially is a clone of the outlook contact window
the data model will be specified/provided

the controls used must be the devexpress editor controls
theyre free, see here

or you can download their trial and use that

questions are welcome

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Website Real Estate Clone Milwaukeecondoman

I have a client who wants a site very similar to

it will have to integrate MLS rets Data and provide it in the way that site does. Please tell me if you have experience with RETS servers.

budget is $1500

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Fmylife Clone

Looking for a clone of, i know i can buy the script with all he modules for less than $200 at fmylifeclone. I would like to keep the current options + some customisation:

1. more adspace
2. auto add a banner after every 5 or so posts
3. not the boring light blue background
4. logo
5. add youtube videos
6. add pictures
7. mobile ready
8. MOST IMPORTANTLY SEO! I have a keyword rich domain and would this site fully SEO ready and optimized

If you would prefer I can buy the script from fmyscript and you can modify it or provide me with everything.

if you have done this type of project before you will be preferred!

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Clone Based On My Banner Maker

I need an experienced developer to develop a script like (I dont need the free / paid stuff). Meaning, we dont need the members management, free section / paid section…
We just need the complete features one can access when being a paid member (of course you need to know what I mean, so you need an account before bidding) to create banner (without any ads)
Then we provide 2 options: save them locally (no need for all the forum and myspace junk) or dynamically uploaded to imgur through their PRO API (we have a pro account with them) integration to shorten url of url to link to the blog (only when banner is not saved locally). Meaning, when user selects this option, he has to provide a link to link the banner to and this url will be shortened dynamically and user will be provided a code to paste.

We dont want a clone. We want same features related to banner creation. Do not bid if youre not used to dealing with images, fonts…

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Gorupon Clone Template

Hello i want to make a new grafic template in my groupon clone website i have an idea how to do it but i need a good and fast worker for it !!! thanks please contact me

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Readymade Clone Of MLM Is Needed

Hello Everyone,

I need a clone of Multi Level Marketing. I will prefer a readymade solution so show me if you have something. I will buy it as soon as I check all the functionalities and it is according to my requirements. Please also tell me the cost for it. If you have something ready then post a link to your demo. Happy Bidding.


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Clone Of Site (static Clone)

I need a site cloned and need it to work with facebook connect

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Need Clone

Dear User,

I need a clone site of, Same as this site just color and site name change.( I will give you later)
Site design should me more attractive then
I will pay for this project maximum $210. DO NOT DID If you are going to charge more money after award this project. I will not pay a singe sent more then $210.

After award this project I will milestone $90 then you transfer total project i will pay remaining.
I need this site within 7 days.

If you agree with my condition then bid otherwise NOT.

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Trill Site Clone

Project for coder trill to clone site in joomla

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I want clone script if anyone has ready script also can buy it also.

But must have country targeting included on ads.

Do not bid high price

03/14/2011 at 12:30 EDT:

i ment to chose 30$usd to 250USD i chose wrong one so would be good a porice between that to receiev

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Sharecash Clone/copy

Mm looking for a freelancer that can make me a site just like Sharecash

Can you do this?
Please pm me details and we can talk more about it.
I do not accept freelancer who trying to cheat on me.

If you have a ready made script that we can re-design that is perfectly okay with me.

Go ahead and bid!

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Add Video Sharing To Twitpic Clone

I have a twitpic clone script that currently allows for image sharing only. I would like to add a video sharing feature, like twitpic currently provides.

Message me if you need to review the website before bidding.


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Clone Http://

I need 99% clone of
I need the following changes:
1) Main page map and district name will be changed.
2) User will have sub-domain meaning suppose your user name is XYZ. So you can post item in your profile and anyone can just hit and see your product.
3) Online payment system like Paypal, credit and visa card.
4) My secret payment system.

Thats what I want. I need someone who already did similar project as I have low budget.
Thank you

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Bid Website Like Ebay But Looks Different

I would like someone to create a bidding website and software like ebay but looks different, I do not want an ebay clone, i know I can get a clone for less than $50 but that is not what i want, I need someone that is creative, I want it to be simple to use. Keep in mind websites like UBID, Amazon, etc…

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Facebook/Twitter Simple Application

Im looking for an expert on twitter, and Facbook application. I have a twitter application url, that i want you to clone it. It s a simple cpa application. than i want you to get the same idea and create a facbook application . As i said it s a simple application , so please dont bid too high. If you are good, more work will be given to you. Pm me to get the link iw ant you to clone.

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Urgent – Goldmine Clone

Need full clone of i have a nulled script with name AJ Matrix DNA but missing some functions like eshope and others some, anyway lower bider will be choose please provide a demo before bid thank you, i need it as soon as possible thank you

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I see there have been various clones or sites created here. I need one ASAP that has full integration to flight, hotel, car rental systems…etc. I need to the service to be in english & spanish and has the ability to preform the showing of denomination in pesos…please provide quotes and timelines. If you have it out of the box and it is your IP I will be happy to see them as well.

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PSD To CSS & HTML For A Fiverr Clone

I need someone to implement PSD to CSS & HTML for a script from

Experienced pros with relevant work links are welcome to bid.

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I am looking to create a site EXACTLY like, using my logo/my name.

Please do NOT bid if you do not understand how this site works, or have not completed similiar work.

Please provide portfolio of your work.

I would like an admin panel, CMS, integrated with paypal and CC bill gateway.

Price can be discussed.

thank your so much for your time!

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Groupon Clone Modification

I have recently bought a php script that works like groupon clone and need some one who is capable to help me .. .make changes to teh script and change teh design around it

I will pick the one that can do design changes and script changes
the codes i bought are not encoded.

it involved basic modification and should be take more than 1 week to do…

look at, as the site is setup but mod needed

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