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Create Us A T-shirt Design For A Streetwear Brand

This is an emerging street wear brand and we need someone to create a great design for us.
This brand is a new streetwear clothing brand that will offer the finest quality, exclusive and fashionable t-shirts for men. Our intention is to brand it as a premium quality, stylish and clothing brand.

I need some cutting edge, fine designs to be printed on t-shirts. Ive attached some designs that I like and sort of represents what our clothing brand is about. I w.


– I like CLEAN, SMART, CUTTING EDGE designs.
– I like the bold san serif fonts
– Nice, clean and simple illustration design. Clean, simple yet fly but I dont want quick / cheap looking designs.
– I dont like really messy designs (stuff you see on rock/metal shirts). Dont do any crazy illustrations. Adding heaps of stuff dont impresses me unless its really well put together, like a NEAT illustration.
– I like pencil sketches of real life portraits with water color on it.
– Its streetwear but NO GANGSTER design with the really tacky graffiti font. Please no.

– T-shirts are worn with grey jeans with sneakers . Think premium, luxury, hiphop yet classy.
– Think designing for classy rich guys and hip hop. Imagine designing for celebrities like pharrell.

– Check out the attached files but DO NOT COPY, BE INSPIRED.

Some of our clothing are influenced by the east too (Japan) and music (DJ-ing / hiphop / RnB ).

Check out these brands for inspiration
– I like the FEEL of this brand. I like the logo illustration. Not really the designs though.
– – I like clean bold words and the OSAKA t-shirts (serif fonts works fine here). Superdry is too retro though.

Heres a few way for me to want you to design for me
– Show me samples of your work (portfolio)
– Must give us exclusive rights for the design
– Must be able to do revision until the design is suitable for our brand
– Must be able to provide a design ready for screen printing
– Must be able to provide files so it can be edited if needed.
– For me to use you as a designer you must agree to confidentiality
– Maybe continued work for the right designer
– Price :up to $150 – $200 per design if great and more for exceptional designs. Less for concepts only.

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Print/Clothing Design Software

I am looking to have software custom designed on a budget for something like this – and this –

We want people to be able to go on the web site, choose their product and customize/preview their design before purchase. Things like color, font, text, size, graphics, etc. should all be available options.

We can likely install it ourselves but will need something who communicates well and can be there to assist if needed.

Project will lead to future projects as well.

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Online Store To Design Your Own Clothing

I am looking to launch a new web-site that would look similar to
I have a limited understanding of what specific skills are needed and would appreciate your insights.

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Designwork – Ebay Logos And Banners

I have some graphic design work I would like to have done:

1. redesign 3 of my outdated logos.
2. Banner adverts – flash (5 rotating adverts that will promote products in my store)
3. HTML Click graphic that will link areas on the graphic to section within my ebay store

Notes: All 3 logo are clothing & shoe related, and must be original artwork, to my design brief. The logos need to be able to fit an ebay shop design size (all info will be given in due course)

This is a simple project, and I am looking for someone with experience of ebay design work (with example of past projects – ideally clothing / shoe related)

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Customized Clothing Website

We would like to create a website to allow users to:

1. View our products/image
2. Customize their own products using available options
3. Purchase finished products
4. Market our image/products

We would like an experienced website designer who has the knowledge and tools to create a unique and professional website that will reflect our companys image.

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Seeking T-shirt/Apparel Graphic Designer

Hello Designers!! Ive recently developed a new surfer clothing line similar to that of QuikSilver and Billabong. Im looking for a talented experience apparel designer to assist me with creating attractive, unique designs along the lines of surfing. Please have a portfolio available for review and also a fee schedule (your cost per design). Im NOT interested in cartoon character designs so please DO NOT forward such designs. Ive attached a few sample from established clothing lines to give you an idea of what im going after. I look forward to hearing from you all and the best of luck to you.

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Photographer – Clothing

Photographer required to shoot industrial clothing.

Photos will be used for display on our website.

First project is a pair of work trousers.

You need to provide a mature male model who will appeal to
the working man. ie Model should look like he has
actually worked in heavy industry, rather than someone
who looks like they belong in a boy band.

Trousers will be sent to you by post, so we can
only consider someone in the UK or mainland

Deadline: Approx 14 days.

Applicants must provide a weblink to a portfolio of
similar types of photography.

Further work available if work is of required standard.

Advanced payments will not be considered. We will
provide sufficient evidence of our good standing to
ensure you will get paid.

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Photo Editing, Colour Correcting And Manipulating

Looking for candidate with experience in clothing/garments photo editing. Candidate must have done edit of photos of clothing for websites.

You must prove it! On the following link is example of what the item should look like after. I have also attached a folder with images you will use for sample to show me your skills. You can download the file here:

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Business Card For Upstart Clothing Company

I am looking for a nice business card design with the same feeling as my website:

I would like to use the Vintage Wear logo idea of the orange scripted text, and would like an old vaudeville feel to the cards… something that feels vintage when passed out.

It will end up being a double-sided, full color card, so any creative ideas are welcome.

The full name of the company is Vintage Wear Clothing Company, and our tagline is.. Putting the Super Back In Superficial.

Thank you!

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WEBSITE For RETAIL Site With Shopping Cart

I need a new website for a website that was built from due to the slowness, pic loading and shopping cart sucks!

want some kind backend to edit and add content,pics and new clothing, etc

I want someone with experience and resent work for clothing retail websites

I will send link of current website to freelancers that message specifically to my project(dont copy and paste your info)

also need facebook and twitter links

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I Am Looking For Ebay Parnter Sell Cycling Clothing On Ebay

Hi. I am the manager of bobosport outdoor gear company,china. and we have our website(but cant display in here)

I am looking for one or two friend who can work with me sell cycling clothing on ebay or on other site. we have good quality clothing and nice price, so we trust we can get good business on ebay.

I want my partner like this:

1.You should be honest to me and buyer.
2,You have good experience on ebay.
3.You have enough time to work on ebay and treat buyer well.
4.You can work with me for a long time, i am not interest working with a partner one or two month.

estimate sales monthly around $10,000~15,000USD. I offer my price to you, you sell on ebay higher price(125% or higher). and you pay ebay and paypal fee. for example:

my price is $30 plus shipping fee $13, total $43. you could sell on ebay $45 plus shipping fee $13, total $58. after you paied ebay and paypal around $6. You can earn $58-$45-$6=$7 . Or you can earn more, depend on your selling price and you sell a lot of items, And we can sell 10~15 sets per day . so, i estimate, you work with me could earn $2000~$3000USD per month. and if you have two ebay account. you will earn double amount money.

my policy to customer:
free exchange. 100% money refund if buyer dont satisfied with clothing.

After you sold it, you should forword buyer information to me. i will ship package in 24hrs. You can track package on china post online website.

please write to me or reply me your ebay ID.

thank you


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Write A Blurb About My Womens Clothing Store

Hi There

I am looking for somone to create a blurb for my womens fashion store, it needs to be creative, fresh and origional

This blurb will need to be created from scratch and NOT copied in part or full from anyone or anywhere else, I will copyscape them to ensure it is unique

I can provide you my current blurb and also some key words about my company to assit with the creative, this blurb should ideally be about my store but also allow google etc to search and find my website easier, like key words.

Please contact me if this is something you are able to do, Please send me examples of previous work

Only people who meet the criteria above will be shortlisted


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100 Photos Retouching For Rajesh Srivastava

This is for Rajesh Srivastava

100 photos to have background to white
Rings taken off the fingers
Skin smoothing however still keeping it look real
Keeping the original colours of the clothing
Some clothing pieces have the bra lines coming through the fabric this needs to be removed also.

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Fall/winter 2012 Mens Clothing Collection Design

Im looking for a freelance fashion designer to assist our companys exicsting design team by providing trend, pantone colour and theme for each season. I will provide many information about the brand, our values, our elements etc in the later stages.

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E-commerce Website – Clothing

I am looking for someone to make an e-commerce website with a shopping cart. Should have a cpanel/backend for us to modify the website easily, and upload more products.

I will provide a website as an example of what is should look like upon request.

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Joomla 1.6 – Custom Clothing & Item Design Module

I want a module to be able to plug into joomla v1.6 that will allow the customisation of various products such as tshirts, hooded tops, mugs, mouse mats.

The end user can add text, photos. Like or

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Online Clothing Customising Program

We are looking to get a program developed on our website where customers are able to customise our current jacket sizes and colour and then it updates automatically.

Please message me for more details on this.

Kind regards,

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Halfricans Clothing Co.

Business Name: Halfricans Clothing Co.

Business Description: Halfricans Clothing Co. is a clothing and fashion designer, with lines started and designed by Halfricans (multicultural people). HCC specializes in creative design that promotes multicultural heritages and backgrounds, more specifically african-american and Caucasian. HCC primarily designs and sells T-shirt with aspirations to expand to multiple product lines in the future.

Color Preferences: Red, Black, White

Logo to be used in: Print, Online, Merchandise, Signs, Television/Screen

Further Requirements:
Demographics – Target Audience, 12-27, m/f, multicultural themselves or friends/family multicultural.
Psychographics – Interested in style, music, fashion, quality/clean appearance, African American Culture, modern trends in clothing and music.
Lifestyle – Family, sports, music, fashion, style, appearance, and having a good time.
Behavior – habits of purchasing for commodity, clothes, fashion, music with interest in physical appearance. Very up to date with trends and pop/hip hop culture

** Effective creation of a Logo Design may result in further business in contract implementation of Tshirt and Graphic Design

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Web Designer Wanted! Big Cartel Clothing Store
If your experienced in designing apparel websites with portfolio to match
we would love to hear from you.

This job should be straight forward for the experienced web designer.
You should also have a great eye for detail that is user friendly and modern with todays users accommodating to all ages and groups.

You must be able to show easy steps and guides for quick updates to staff on board who know little css knowledge.

You have the freedom to express as a designer but keep in mind layout of templates/garments is essential.

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Women’s Christian T Shirt Website Designed W/ Online Store.

Im very new to this project so bare with me. My target audience are Christian woman. My shirts are very stylish with rhinestone bling and metallic screen print. So I need a modern, classy, sassy and stylish site that screams excellence. I love the dark backgrounds and plan to sell up to 15 shirts so I need online selling options. Can you please send me some projects of clothing websites you have done. If not clothing I wont consider. Thank You

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Flash Clothing Generator


I am looking for someone to create me a simple, yet effective flash app that will do the following:

1) Have a preset number of clothing images and a preset number of modifiers such as stars, stripes and so on. A user can select a clothing template – I.E a dress and then change its color, add things such as stars etc to create a final image.

2) Once they are happy with their final image the item needs to be saved to their computer as a PNG image.

You DO NOT need to provide any of the clothing templates as these will be provided for you.

You will need to..:

a) Create the design of the application
b) Create a number of items such as stripes, stars etc
c) Make it so that the items can be rotated, resized, colored etc
d) Utilize a "drag and drop" style interface
e) Allow the saving of the completed image to the users computer (or our mysql database) as a png image


Please only bid if you..

– Start straight away
– Can communicate via msn messenger
– Wont dissapear for a few days
– Dont have several other projects ongoing at the moment which will take up your time

Thanks and good luck!

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Constructor Required For Materntiy Fashion Clothing Project

Need to take current fashion design idea and produce constructor documentation to the pass to production facility to produce actual clothing

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Email List Database Mail Data Loan Credit Credit Card

Email List Database Mail Data Worldwide needed all Countrys !! PLEASE ALSO PROVIDE EUROPEAN ADRESSES !!

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Thank you for you bidding.

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Website And Launch Party Video "FLY GEENIUS" Clothing

Hey guys,

Im looking to create a video for our new website and launch party for a new clothing line based in new york. The clothing line is described as a smart, luxury hip-hop clothing line.

The video should be made to be website and screen saver ready.
The video would be a cartoon of our mascot FG, walking from left to right with moving 3d background of new york city theme background (such as city skyscrapers or large buildings) The video needs to be 10-15 seconds in length.

Here is our website and black and white image of our mascot, the video will feature a colored version of the mascot.

So I will need a freelancer editor / animator to create something that is watchable, colorful, engaging. This is an introduction of our mascot and needs to be vibrant in color and detail, clean and quick. Music or sound effects are not important at this point in time.

Here is a great examples of the sort of work i am looking for.
Kanye West music video – "Good Morning",

Please only apply if you are able to DEMONSTRATE something like this (with links).
Many thanks!

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Write Profile Texts For An Online Clothing Store

The text should be written in Norwegian..
I need 10 articles that each is the size of an A4 page.

Each article should be a unique text about the company. Each focusing on different keywords.

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Vintage Clothing Online Boutique

I"m setting up an online boutique selling vintage womans clothes. I need assistance in socail media, wordpress and Mailchimp. I have the foundation and need everything fine tuned and ready to go. Please only contact me if youre EXPERIENCED IN WORKING WITH FASHION. I really need someone with a design background that can suggest how to make my current site more interesting and creative using social media. My demographic is females 18-35.
Im only interested in hourly quotes as this is not a start from scratch job.

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