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Custom ECommerce Project With CMS

We have a custom ecommerce work. We need a development team or good programmer to make all the functionality running. This project has an urgent deadline in 20 days or sooner. You dont need to do the design or the css layout for front page. Please read the following requirement

1. Install payment gateway (for accepting credit card)
2. Add other payment method (bank transfer and COD) >> will be done offline
3. Activate an email notification for ordering (3 types: by Credit card, Bank transfer, and COD)
4. Create a shopping cart (Order workflow will be provided). >> there will be minimum amount to get a free shipping (e.g. $100)
5. Create a "tagging" feature
6. Survey feature
7. Tweet and like feature on each product
8. Activate a standard form: (contact form, catering form, and kids activity form)
9. Membership feature (for checking points) >> User will register offline, and member can only check their current points, checkout using their details, and get a points when purchasing a product.
10. Newsletter feature: just prepare the database (with CSV file) >> no need to provide a blast feature or use a newsletter application
11. Weekly Quiz feature
12. testimonials feature
13. each product will have a size selection and qty

1. CSS for admin / CMS (dashboard css layout will be given, you can continue from there)
2. ability to update the content for all web pages
3. ability to edit the categories, sub categories, and product (including image, price, description, and tag)
4. CMS feature: order status (past and pending orders)
5. CMS feature: member list
6. manage a weekly quiz
7. Sales report & Product achievement (Can be exported to .xls or .pdf)
8. pdf. upload for "download page"

I will provide the basic css codes, site map, and workflow details. Please provide the quote with your best portfolio and make sure you read all requirement and pay attention to the timeframe. Milestone will be released after full work is running well. Thanks for bidding this project.

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CMS Suppliers Project + Balance Osc 3.0

CMS Suppliers Project (the expensive one) + Balance $1600

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Automobile / Car Portal Project: CMS Or Custom Coding

I am running a WordPress Blog and I want to build an Auto Portal now.

I need somebody who can create a Automobile Portal based on this WordPress Blog or using a new CMS like Drupal. I am open to Suggestions about the best CMS that will suit to my requirement.

I am looking forward to have the following Modules:

1) Car / Bike Model Details
2) Car / Bike Comparison
3) Car / Bike Classifieds
4) Car / Bike Picture Gallery
5) Community

I will need somebody who has prior experience of developing such a portal on Autos.


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I am looking for a php coder to implement bits and pieces of the application I am trying to develop.
I will be giving you setinputs (Input forms), table to which data has to be written. and display forms.
Your job is to write data into the tables. in an appropriate way.
I will give you all conditions to be met while reading and writing data.
There would be a series of small projects which make up the application.
Each project will take approximately 2 to 4 hours to complete.

You must have the following skills.
1. Top class php
2. Mysql.

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Private CMS Project For Muhammadasad

As discussed for CMS and SEO.

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Cms project

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Very Small Cms Project For Bangladeshi Coder

I need a cms, which have the following things:

1.I will give the template , the cms must be built on it.
2.there are three or five tabs, which should have CRUD and image upload.
3.rss from yahoo finance.

I need the project by 2 hours. i will pay as soon as it completed.

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URGENT: Simple Joomla Or Other CMS Project- Need VERY SOON!

This website is supposed to be done as a favor for a very close friend, and I am supposed to have this done in 10 hours or less. I cannot do this project myself, and he will be very upset with me if I cannot show him anything!

Please view the following website:

Click on the link on the welcome page. You will see links on the left. This is what I need:

1. GEDICHT.html

This page, Poem of the Day, will show Poems, added manually each day. The poems should show the time when added. There should be an anonymous user comment feature. It should show only the most current poem, should have a previous poem button, and a view all button to see a list of poems listed by title and date added. In the admin control, the entry form should be VERY simple.

2. HYDEPARK.html

On this page, there needs to be a text field that anyone can see and use, to submit poems. There should be very little restrictions as to what can be entered here. When a user enters a poem, it should show on this page very similarly to the GEDICHT.html page.


This page should be just like page number 1, however it will be poems submitted by users, that are selected by email.

The other pages can be done later, but these NEED to be finished!!

Please only bid if you have confident that you can do this FAST!!!

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Vivvo CMS Project.


I need to correct a problem on a website (Vivvo 4.0.3). The site works correctly, articles show up, but as soon as I go back and edit it, it disappears (and is only available at the direct url (i.e. it doesnt show up under its category or during a search)).


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Project #3 For Crewsoftwares

This is for the CMS project:

i added a new page to the admin panel (/admin/contact.php) which should control the contact info thats displayed on the public contact page and gallery page (/contact.php & /gallery.php). its pretty self-explanatory, but let me know if you have any questions or run into problems.

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Need Affordable Custom Website Design


The following is what you are going to have to do:

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CMS Project ECommerce

Online cAlender
for different usage

programmed in php
I have everything a lot more specific and more complete programmed in asp.
But i want to switch to php.
In Future i want to reprogram all and this module will be a step.
You need to comment in the code all parts carefully
and be sure all is adaptable
I must be for multi language

main aim is : Frontend for customer may be filled automaticly by local installed software
or script

SAfety : the customer module should not be cracked as easy, so in the code points must be points at different positions to need information from the gocom server
there are cryting php software (by now i have no favorite or overview for safe versions)

we use follwing words to understand

owner = is gocom wheo sell or rent this script to customers
customer = are the people who buy or rent this module from me
users = are the people surfing at the websites

systematic is:
main module on my server
-this server adjust domain
– this server adjust the amount of available products to offer
– adjust additional websites/shops when article is not available or off
– allows filling by local software or script or only by web
– all features must be able to be controlled
–i suggest that there are 3 versions and so the customers script should know what is allowed or not
may be it easier to allow

customer module
– the customer has his own interface and can do everything what he likes
– there are two modules at customer side
–frontend for users of the website
–customers frontend where he offers his products in that timetable

– step 1 we program the timetable only by days

– there are different categories where articles are avaialble

Object management

* Add objects (no limit) ja ja
* Add subobjects nein ja
* Deleting objects ja ja
Calendar display

* Calendar turns on/off ja ja
* Display 2 to 36 months ja ja
* Colors configurable ja ja
Update reservations* immediately* ja ja
* Admin area ja ja
Form control
* Date (correct input)* ja ja
* Date already occupied* ja ja
* Mandatory fields set ja ja
* Captcha-Control ja ja
Form adjustment
* Form turns on/off ja ja
* Form-field-position change ja ja
* Form-field label change ja ja
* Form-field enable/disable ja ja
* Add Form-field nein ja
* Delete Form-field nein ja
Language control
* Language switching on/off ja ja
Object languages
* Add ja ja
* Modify ja ja
* Delete ja ja
System languages
* Add nein ja
* Modify nein ja
* Delete nein ja
User management
* Add user nein ja
* Delete user nein ja
* Manage permissions nein ja
Template management
* Add templates nein ja
* Modify templates nein ja
* Delete templates nein ja
Additional modules
* Add nein ja
* Delete nein ja
* Backup/Restore nein ja
* Database synchronization nein ja
* Database update (version) ja ja
* Output Filter nein ja
* Switching off possible nein ja
* Free information by mail

Web users frontend
adjusting calendar
depending to the frontend are the amount of month adjustable

( you must remember when calcullating the total available products at this date that you do not add user which give back products)

the user see by the colour if all is blocked or not
there are the three ways (1.1 you say which category do you want and then show the calendar 1.2 you say first the calendar and then ask for catgories 1.3 you say first the calendar and then you show available catgeories)
and as cutomer choosed red = blocked green is OK

when the deal is made there is formular where all users data has to be typed in
i suggest that we should add this "checkIN" field where a code will be shown and this is the authorisation.
(for this functionality i do not have a safe code, you should check and we should discuss)

configure frontend customer
1.1 you say which category do you want and then show the calendar
1.2 you say first the calendar and then ask for catgories
1.3 you say first the calendar and then you show available catgeories

all versions must be adjustable in the frontend for the customer

Customer can choose kind of colour
my pre colour would be red = blocked green is OK

Step 2
programming timetable by hours
ajax sip system on my server- this give a standard call to the customer- reservation made !

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