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Custom ECommerce Project With CMS

We have a custom ecommerce work. We need a development team or good programmer to make all the functionality running. This project has an urgent deadline in 20 days or sooner. You dont need to do the design or the css layout for front page. Please read the following requirement

1. Install payment gateway (for accepting credit card)
2. Add other payment method (bank transfer and COD) >> will be done offline
3. Activate an email notification for ordering (3 types: by Credit card, Bank transfer, and COD)
4. Create a shopping cart (Order workflow will be provided). >> there will be minimum amount to get a free shipping (e.g. $100)
5. Create a "tagging" feature
6. Survey feature
7. Tweet and like feature on each product
8. Activate a standard form: (contact form, catering form, and kids activity form)
9. Membership feature (for checking points) >> User will register offline, and member can only check their current points, checkout using their details, and get a points when purchasing a product.
10. Newsletter feature: just prepare the database (with CSV file) >> no need to provide a blast feature or use a newsletter application
11. Weekly Quiz feature
12. testimonials feature
13. each product will have a size selection and qty

1. CSS for admin / CMS (dashboard css layout will be given, you can continue from there)
2. ability to update the content for all web pages
3. ability to edit the categories, sub categories, and product (including image, price, description, and tag)
4. CMS feature: order status (past and pending orders)
5. CMS feature: member list
6. manage a weekly quiz
7. Sales report & Product achievement (Can be exported to .xls or .pdf)
8. pdf. upload for "download page"

I will provide the basic css codes, site map, and workflow details. Please provide the quote with your best portfolio and make sure you read all requirement and pay attention to the timeframe. Milestone will be released after full work is running well. Thanks for bidding this project.

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URGENT! CMS Issues And CSS Fixes Needed On Existing Site

We have an existing site that has a CMS. It has issues with layout and style, and also doesnt look the same in all browsers. Currently the shopping cart layout is not correct so customers cannot place orders, therefore the need for urgent fix! I have been told that it could be an issue with the CMS changing the html code but not sure.

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Data Find&Process&Entry (1000 CMS Forms To Be Completed)

We are student portal focused at exchange students (basically European exchange students).

We need to have almost all European universities and European cities where those universities are located in our database (Universities as first database and Cities as second database).

We use CMS to fulfill the content.

On average, to complete all three steps (see below) for a single city or university it takes 20 min for experienced worker.

We have about 1000 cities and universities combined to be done at the moment! If we are satisfied with your job we can assign you almost 1000 more.

To complete a city you need to find a content for about 12 text blocks, 2-4 photos and one video link.

To complete an university you need to find a content 11 text blocks and 2 photos.

The task is to:

1) Find and extract desired text, photos from websites or open web encyclopedia (or to find a hyperlink to video)
2) Remove formatting (pasting text to MS Windows Notepad)
3) Entry text data to a specific entries (upload photo as well) using CMS.

You need to follow our detailed instructions describing how to use our CMS properly (it is strictly required).

Once we start talks about contract, we would like you to put 2 cities and 2 universities in our database (soon after we would deliver you our detailed CMS instructions) to be sure if you understand the idea and how to use our CMS formular properly.

Once it is done, we would be ready to set up serious cooperation. We expect well-organized and hard-working teams, reliable and responsible.

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CMS And Ecommerce Website

Basic ecommerce website with CMS.

No design needed.

HTML/CSS/Javascript, CMS, eCommerce.

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CMS For Flash Website

I have an existing website is built in flash. I have all the necessary source files. What I need to do is to modify design in order to add functionality.but mainly you will be required to deploy a constant management system to allow end-user to modify content with ease. They should be able to add pictures modify text etc.
I hear that DRUPAL is great solution for this, but there may be others that you will suggest. Im open to suggestions.

here is the scope of everything that needs to be done:

CONTENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM Drupal/Jumla for the site text images and video

HOMEPAGE revise layout to future images with links

GBGB FINALISTS: list students and photos


CALENDAR : ability to submit new events and add this module to homepage


THANK YOU NOTES PAGE and Home page module for it



CLASSROOM: social interaction, Ustream


PRESS PAGE: addition of categories, and Images. Potential redesign

I estimate this project at $1000 and I expected to be completed by the end of the month. If you think my estimate is too high or too low please let me know.

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Ecommerce Website

I need a ecommerce website with joomla,cms and shopping cart.
please apply with similar work done before.

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Photo Marketing Website

Photo marketing website required with online image hosting.
Preferably CMS based
Site needs to be clean and contemporary in look.
Images from events and promotions will be uploaded to the site. People can then view the pictures and add them to their Facebook page/profile. Also need are;
Password protection of galleries option.
Photo search function.
Facebook and twitter integration.
Google/Facebook analytics.

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Website Design: Apartment & Room Rentals

I need a complete redesign of this temporary website:
This job is a fairly basic, simple design requirement but I realize that price may go higher than the simple project ($30-250)
No super hurry on design.

Temporary site is a few hour effort by me using jalbum and Dreamweaver editing the jalbum HTML & skin but I need a real design.
Two language site – Home page click for either English or Spanish – I will supply English to Spanish translations for identical Spanish site so only knowledge of English required for site design.

HTML and is fine but CMS is OK if I can edit (Maybe I can learn sufficient CMS Made Simple to edit????)
I am too lazy to learn Joomla! but maybe that is best?????
Mostly one time design but maybe small maintenance required later.

I have 3 sites registered at GoDaddy but redirects to above temporary site right now.
Or maybe use these but too long of a name so probably redirects only:

Paid for about $150 for 3 years cheapest premium site at but no site design done yet. They seem to have auto installers for most scripts including popular CMS progs and were recommended by several designers I know so hope they are OK.

Job Details – Do not want a super elaborate or fancy site since local prospective clients here in Nicaragua are simple. But site should look "nice" and modern and not real cheap whatever that means:
1) Home page similar to existing but maybe Photo at top and links at left instead of bottom.
Same links on every page. Prominent English/Spanish buttons on home page.
2) Add 1 text page for pricing details. No Shopping cart or vacancy info – Customer response only by email or phone.
3) Add 1 page for location in city map of San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua. I can supply map based upon modified Google maps or modified Google Earth.
4) Will eventually need Photo albums for about 10-15 total Apartments or Rooms similar to the 4 photo album pages now.
I could copy and modify a basic design to add photo album pages myself later but maybe CMS is easier.

I am open to advice and recommendations since it has been 10-15 years since I did a lot of HTML site design and I am lost and out of touch with modern site design.

Thanks for reading all of this ;-))

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CMS Website Directory Joomla

Create travel related website with menu system and various pages to be discussed in PM.
Php, mysql.
There is a mysql db with lot of content to use to insert content in site automatically and also create the directory structure.
Preferably using using joomla+rockettheme+k2 template or joomla+yootheme+zoo (have sites with these already installed)
Can suggest another CMS if better, easier, faster.
Professional look (top menu like in rockettheme or yootheme).
Skills wanted: PHP, Mysql, CMS, Html, Ajax, javascript, joomla, rockettheme, yootheme, ZOO.
Timeframe: 7 days
Budget: 200$

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Dear All,

Im require a site similar to with the functionality.

CMS, Admin Panel, SEO friendly, Full Source Code, Merchant Side Area…

Require to show demo & Serious bidder only.

Would prefure Magento or Umbraco as the back-end cms.

Front-end should be in danish language.

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Mobile Website With CMS

We are looking for mobile website developer for a long lasting relationship. As a test job want one website build.
Website should be optimized for major mobile devices, and user should be able to change some content by himself (CMS). It also should be automatically redirected from the main website if request came from the mobile device (the code to embed to main website should be provided). Happy to see (and pay for ) 3 different designs with simple, medium and fancy design elements and features. All quoted separately but with one final price. The design will be based on an existing website.

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WordPress Websites And Design


Im looking for a WordPress Designer and Developer for on-going projects in Australia.

I seek someone with good CMS skills – using WordPress and Joomla and other Opensource CMS systems. Im looking for some who can take a wordpress template and/or copy an existing site and understand the ins-outs of the website. You will need to have 10+ portfolio of real websites that I can look at and test.

This is potential ongoing work – I will keep you busy with work however I need 24 hour access to you and fast turn-around. Youre written skills need to be 10/10.

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Mass Video Add To Controll Panel

hello guys
i had private cms that some Arabs [programmer wrote for me
and the programmer is gone now ..
on my cms i add videos – series of non- copyrighted videos ..
the problem is there is a series that count 30 episodes and its very frustrating that i had to add 30 time a single ( name – url – picture and choose the category ) ..
i want programing of stand alone page that add the movies to the database – and importantly to the cmd edit video page( that i can edit it after that ) … so its look like similar the way i entered each episodes ..
i dont want the programmer find that somebody mess with his script if he find out he will not give me any support ..
so i want stand alone page that i need to put one picture and mass of urls pick category and just press add ..

ill take the cheapest best good php programmer ..

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Customized CMS System

I am in need of a customized CMS system that runs on a license system. I have a system what i need all call backs removed and changed to add a few features like Custom Calendar system and more using plugin system.

This project needs to be completed within 5 days no later.

Budget for Job is $200.

No milestone payment will be paid until Job is done as I have 75% project already completed.

When bidding please include in your bid "I understand your requirements 100%"

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PSD To CSS/HTML (9 Page Website)

I have some PSD files, and Im going to need these files in real good and incredibly clean HTML / CSS pages.

All the PSD files are for the same site so they share the same header and things of that sort.

My goal is to implement these pages as a template for another custom CMS script that Im working with.

Right now the PSD has about 8 pages, but remember they are all for the same site. So, its not the same as doing 8 totally different PSD files that have no connection.

If can also help me integrate this partially in my custom CMS (PHP with Yii Framwork) let me know as well.

If you are only interested in getting the pages to CSS / HTML then thats fine too… just let me know when you are bidding.

Please only bid on this if you are a design perfectionist and you are willing to go the extra mile to make sure that all aspects of the page function properly and that you are able to generate CSS / HTML that will be easily adoptable by another CMS type script.

Thanks so much.


PS – In order to view the PSD files, or jpg or whatnot, youll have to ok signing an NDA.

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I want to do further development on our own Content Management System for our business. I want to be able to run the website myself and learn php and mysql enough to be able to do what I need to do in our business website and cms.

Seeking a patient person with strong skills in php and webdesign to teach me the basics of php coding and making changes to our websites using the custom made cms system that we use in our business.

I am hoping to find a person who can spend 2 days, 8 hours per day giving me training and support to make some system and function changes and content changes in the cms.

Please bid if you can spend the 2 days one after the other to help me cram as best I can to understand how to do what we need to do to our website. For my future reference, I would like a screen capture video of the work we do and how it was done during the 2 days so a requirement of this project is that you have fast internet to handle this.

You must be with me for the full 8 hours each day sharing your screen and/or available with instant responses in skype or yahoo messenger and I would like to watch your screen as you work on the various issues that we need to fix and as much as possible explain to me what we are doing and add comments in the code as we go for my future reference. I will pay in full at the conclusion of the 2 days with a bonus if we get great productivity.

I could be interested in an ongoing arrangement if all goes well in this first 2 days.
I know you are all worth much more than you will bid – but I am hoping to spend around $50-$70 for the 2 days. If that suits you please make your bid. If your bid is higher than that I understand – thank you. I have to stick to my budget

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Basic CMS Website


Im looking at creating a website.

– password protected
– able to upload pictures and change content
– graphic designed

I am making this site for my girlfriend and want to be able to upload pictures and update content easily.


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PHP Streaming Module For CMS

Good night,

We are looking for a coder that is able to develop a PHP/Flash to stream event live from a USB camera or a webcam.

We have the CMS already developed but we need someone to help us with this task. The development must be using PHP, MySQL, jQuery and it uses CodeIgniter 2.0

– The user in admin logs in and it will be able to connect to a camera to stream the event.
– After setup the streaming the user can enter a code {qeria:stream id=1} and start to stream the stream created with the id 1.

Video Settings Admin:
– Stop Streaming
– Stop recording
– Mute
– The user should be able (enable/disable) to record the streaming to a specified folder.
– The user should be able to set permissions who will be able to see it.
– Set location or auto-detection (PHP library already done).
– Other settings the coder and script suggest or able to provide.

Please let me know your price, time to complete the project and your portfolio.

Please only bid if you have experience in this subject.

Thank you

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Installation Of CMS That Is Open Source

I need somebody to install an open source CMS. No design needed. I already have the logo.

The CMS youre going to use is up to you. It should be SEO friendly, should generate tableless HTML for the pages.

Please see

I want as simple as the above website.

Low cost provider only. Thanks.

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Web Design + CMS

Brief : Design Website (Restaurant) with CMS
8-10 pages with some sub pages
ability to upload documents (pdfs)
Mobile friendly site (ease of viewing menus)

to be able to edit,upload,maintain site.

Please note :Only apply if frequently and easily contactable.

My client currently has an existing site that they would like similarly replicated.
I will need someone that can achieve this and able to be on hand for contact and support daily with communication back to me during the construction process. Project needs to be completed with 3 weeks.
In regards to CMS as stated I want to be able to edit any and everything in the future for this client.

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Update Medical Website With CMS, With SEO Review

We have a medical website that needs updating
We need a CMS so we can manage it ourselves
We want SEO review to ensure we maintain and increase placement
Remove music currently on site

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Image Resizing & Cropping And Data Entry For Toyota Vehicles

The job consists of adding promotional information (including pictures that must be resized) for Toyota Canada vehicles. There are 16 vehicles in total, and each vehicle needs to be added to a CMS in both French and English. A knowledge of French is not necessary to complete this job.

The tasks can be set into 2 groups:

Image resizing:

– Well be providing a ZIP file with 71 images
– Each vehicle has 4 images that need to be cropped, resized and saved to meet specific resolution, file size and filename specifications. Photoshop is required.
– These images must then be uploaded to an FTP server

Data entry:

– Add each vehicle in both French and English into our CMS system.
– The fields to fill out are: Vehicle Name, Promotional information (same text for all vehicles), Images 1 through 4 (must fetch the images uploaded previously), and Vehicle Description
– The Vehicle Description text must be retrieved from the Toyota Canada website.

Detailed instructions and login info for FTP and CMS will be provided to the winner.

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Website Optimization Using Joomla With JomSocial

We have a website that uses Joomla CMS and JomSocial with several plugins.
The performance of this website needs to be improved considerably.
We are looking for people with good experience configuring Joomla and optimizing it to improve the performance of the website.
Please provide examples of websites that you have worked on that use Joomla and Jomsocial with Add-ins for them.

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Similar To

We are looking to make a website similar to item engine. We are accepting bids and will require previous work experience in a similar area before selecting you as a provider. We would like to become long term partners with someone or a company. We are excited to meet you and work with you to complete this project and many more in the future. The requirements for this job will be to create a cms based web application similar to This project needs to be completed within 4 weeks and we need to begin as soon as possible.

Happy Bidding!

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Vbulletin Cms Mods Needed ASAP!

Using vbulletin cms for site , and forums for my new free game-server , I need some kind of shopping cart ( for vbulletin ) and integration with the game-server . The game is hosted into separate server .

Whats needed :

1. shopping cart for items in game and donation (* details of inventory and everything will be provided to the winner )
– payment modules for paypal , paysafecard , ukash and .
2. bridge between registering part of vbulletin and game-server .

Both servers ( vps where is hosted website and the game-server ) running on linux & mysql . The game modifications consist only on alteration the mysql database (* adding new users , update of the game inventory and so on ) … I need a dedicated person , with strong understanding of automation , its required to have some free time on your hands to apply for this project , its second time when I try to bring this project to finish so I dont need anymore time wasters if you know you are a busy person and have alot of projects on work better do not bid . Thanks .

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Website CMS With CSS Template And Client Access Area

Im a freelance photo retoucher looking to build on online presence using a CMS eCommerce/Shopping Cart website that supports CSS templates for easy display of content.

Other than the main features of a CMS website, including a gallery for artwork and/or photos that can be ordered as prints, I need a Client Access Area where clients can upload their own images to be retouched and/or printed. I also have a very specific pricing structure for retouching and printing as well as offering discounts to specific companies and organisations.

The layout should be clean, easy to navigate and professional. Artwork will be provided for CSS template design as needed.

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Website CMS With CSS Template And Client Access Area

Im a freelance photo retoucher looking to build on online presence using a CMS eCommerce/Shopping Cart website that supports CSS templates for easy display of content.

Other than the main features of a CMS website, including a gallery for artwork and/or photos that can be ordered as prints, I need a Client Access Area where clients can upload their own images to be retouched and/or printed. I also have a very specific pricing structure for retouching and printing as well as offering discounts to specific companies and organisations.

The layout should be clean, easy to navigate and professional. Artwork will be provided for CSS template design as needed.

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Magento Specialist – Sidebar Testimonials On CMS Pages

We are looking for someone with knowledge in core programming with Magento.

Our project is very straight forward:
What we want to achieve is to be able to place testimonials [static blocks] on one or both sidebar(s) of SPECIFIC CMS pages… (Not "All" CMS pages but SPECIFIC ones and not on "product" pages, that we know how to do it…)

If you have the knowledge in getting this job done or in helping us implementing it please apply.

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Convert From Dreamweaver To WordPress/Joomla CMS Site

We are looking to convert our Dreamweaver based website to a WordPress (preferred) or Joomla CMS based website for easier future modifications. Feel free to view our current website at . The WordPress website must be made in a way that is easy for us to be able to add our personal items, content, as well as easy to update flash files onto the site.

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Convert Static Website Into CMS

My Client have static website. Now client want migrate to a cms to easily manage the website in future.

The project is is need to complete ASAP. Please contact, If you already have

I will pay once website converted into CMS (Joomla or WordPress) and working fine.

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CMS. Converting A Simple Website To Joomla Or WordPress

Task is to convert to Joomla or WordPress with a feasible template.
The current website is mostly textbased with 1-4 levels of menu structure with link to some graphic work.
All must be converted, including the links and graphical example found at e.g.
After converting i must be able to maintain it all through the standalone CMS administration panels and change themes if needed.

Extra features
A contact form (name, email, telephone, content) to be integrated in the "contact us" page.
A new menu: "Homepage/CMS" with some textcontent including links to finished cms websites.

Winner of this job can be part of future tasks so you also need to permit (and integrate) links to already made (minimum 5) cms based websites.

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CMS Development Alredy Discussed

As discussed

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Bookings Pro V2.0

I need a clean design to sell travel online. The inventory in the shop needs to have different pricing options for Adults, students (Backpackers) and children – plus there needs to be seasonal rates – eg. holidays are more expensive during Xmas & Easter holidays.

The CMS should allow 3rd party suppliers to log-in and update there inventory and product descriptions, it should allow payments online with an embedded credit card form (I have a gateway through, and it should offer the choice to send out travel vouchers automatically.

Once the CMS is built to manage inventory – this data should be able to feed 100s of websites – with filters so only relevent product appears on each domain.

Last of all we should be able to launch new websites with ease (I already have 50 sites that I want to launch for different markets).


This is Stage 1 of a multi stage project that the winning designer will be part of.

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