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IPhone Application

Hi there,

I was seeking to get a quote for the build of the following iPhone applications:

Happy Hours:
Cocktail Compass:

If you are also able to provide a quote for both Blackberry and Android applications it would be much appreciated.

Best regards,


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Cocktail Shaker

Design and Implement a web-based cocktail mixing application. The application should show a collection of at least 20 bottles, each one named individually. The user should be able to choose a cocktail from a list, and then be guided by the application to mix together shots from the different bottles to make the cocktail.

The application should show the bottles, a cocktail shaker, a cocktail glass, and the instructions. As the user clicks on a bottle, a shot is added to the shaker. A list of the totalled contents is shown next to the shaker, for example

1 gin
2 banana liqueur
1 scotch whisky

When the user clicks on the shaker, a simple animation should show the shaker shaking up and down for a few moments, then the list of contents next to the shaker should become empty, the glass should be shown full, and the name of the cocktail the user has made (if it is a recognised recipe) should be shown next to the glass.

When the user clicks on the glass, the glass should become empty and a message "Cheers!" should appear, and the application should reset itself.

Your client-server application must use AJAX, PHP, Object Oriented Programming, and Flat File handling. The recipes and ingredients should be held in some form on the server such as an XML file, and delivered to the client dynamically. The process of displaying recipes and bottles, and of identifying the cocktail mixture in the shaker, should also be dynamic, so that the website owner can add or remove bottles and recipes without needing to amend the application. Professional coding standards must be used such as indentation and comments.

With this it will require that the UML design diagrams are included:
Use-case diagrams
state transition diagram
class diagrams
sequence diagrams
deployment diagrams

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Website Research In The Bartender And Cocktail Feild

What I need or require: I require a database of websites and their main contact emails and the person to contact in the field of bartending magazines, cocktails etc

Other context/requirements that providers will need to know: I am writing a book that is filled with bartender stories and once the book is finished i want to have 100 names, emails and websites to contact as possible JV partners in helping me sell the book. So any website, worldwide that is based on a bartender magazine, cocktail books, online distribution of bartender equipment, that sort of thing to begin with.

What will be provided: I have already begun and have about 14 names and sites collected already. I have it set up in an excel sheet.

Specific expertise/background that I am seeking: Someone who is fast at finding the right information that will then lead to a long list of contacts that i will email and get intouch with.

Timeframes: 1 week to complete should be enough. and im flexible up until the 15th November.

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Urgent German Translator Needed


We are in need of a German NATIVE translator to start working with us.

To start with, we have around 9000-12000 words to be translated. If your work and quality is good there will be a lot of ongoing work, so please PM me with your best rate per word.

Please also translate the following text in order to check your quality:

Yes, its ladies night. Oh, what a night

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Portuguese Native Translator (BR)


We are in need of a Portuguese NATIVE translator to work with us in our future projects.

The translator must be NATIVE Portuguese from Brasil. So please only bid if you meet the requirements.

We have work to be started right now, and we have a lot of projects coming in the next few days and months, so please do your best offer per word by PM.

Please also translate the following text in order to check quality:

Yes, its ladies night. Oh, what a night

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Portuguese Translator


We are in need of a Portuguese NATIVE translator to work with us in our future projects.

The translator must be NATIVE Portuguese from Portugal. So please only bid if you meet the requirements.

We have work to be started right now, and we have a lot of projects coming in the next few days and months, so please do your best offer per word by PM.

Please also translate the following text in order to check quality:

Yes, its ladies night. Oh, what a night

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Slogan, Logo Design, And Website Design For New Start Up

New start up company requires technical skills from Interweb guru.

Company name: Dimes & Nickels (www[dot]dimesandnickels[dot]com)

– Slogan for our company
– Professional & Fun Logo Design
– Professional Website Design with playable classic arcade games (pac man, ms pacman, galaga, etc.)
– Brochure/Marketing material design
– Business card design
– Inventory & Shopping cart / online ordering
– meta tags, submission to major search engines, google adwords, etc.

Service we provide:
We provide original arcade cocktail tables from the 80s that have been fully restored to small establishments such as mom and pop restaurants that cant afford to loose valuable table space by having a full size arcade cabinet put in. Our arcade tables are 100% authentic tables, fully restored.

We sell these tables and provide these tables to local establishments that qualify free of charge and
share the profits with the store owners.

Examples of links necessary:

– Products (Shopping cart)
– Services (Description of services provided)
– Investor Relation page (Description and contact information)
– Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ and answers)
– Contact Us page (Contact information)

Products we specialize in:
– Classic Arcade cocktail games (Pac man, Ms Pac Man, Galaga, Donkey Kong, Frogger, etc.)
– Classic Arcade cocktail game accessories
– Classic Arcade cocktail game replacement parts
– Classic Arcade cocktail graphics

Link for Bio of the owners of the company.
– Bio #1
– Bio #2

Its important the person bidding on this project understand that we need a highly motivated, self starter that can take this information and provide us with a sample product that we can review.

Thank you.

Dimes & Nickels

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Bar Cocktail Menu Design

We are looking for a designer to create an eight page cocktail menu to be used at a bar. well be providing all the text and photos needed.

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Cocktail Recipe Writer Wanted

Hello, I have a website http:/ based on cocktail drinks recipes. I want 100 fresh cocktail recipes for 10 categories. You can find 10 best categories from your own or can have idea about categories from my site. The recipes must be passed copyscape test.

You can PM me for any question.I have a srtict budget and a recipe should be minimum of 350-400 words, so bid reasonably. Writer should be able to write flawless English bladed with creativity and uniqueness.

Happy Biding.


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XSitePro Template & Graphics Pack Required


I have a new project in the offing which will be a service based website offering SEO and Backlink building services to clients.

The project is called GoogleJuiceCafe

We will provide a choice of 3-4 seo backlink building packages and we are looking for someone to build the initial XSitePro template for us which should include all sales page graphics, header, footer, order button, bullet, optin form, testimonial box, cocktail menu form and navigation structure (for probably around 6 Pages).

We are looking for someone with a bit of artistic flair who can take the name GoogleJuiceCafe and come up with a good design concept based on this idea (order different strengths of google juice from our cocktail menu of Backlinks, Social Bookmarking, RSS Submissions, Article Writing, Spinning & Submission, Directory Submissions etc) – each of the 3-4 cocktail menu options will have a different mix of the above services.

Our preferred platform is XSitePro but we are willing to consider other options, we are also looking to achieve a Web2.0 look and feel for the site.

It would be of major benefit to us if interested parties could provide us with some additional design concept ideas to ensure that we select the right partner for this site.

Many thanks

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Drupal Expert Wanted To Style A Form With JQuery & PHP

We are creating a cocktail website where users of the site can search through a database of cocktails and make a choice according to certain criteria (Currently spirit type, glass type & flavour).

We need to find someone with a good knowledge of:

1 – Drupal
2 – JavaScript (JQuery)
3 – PHP

Ideally we would like a module created that would enable us to style our forms with a unique style which would remain constant within all browsers.

We would like it predominantly for an exposed filter form in views but it would be best if the form styling was site wide

We have been looking at 2 pre-existing JQuery solutions and if an amalgamation of these 2 could be created this would be perfect!

1 – We want the forms to have a specific styling which could possibly be achieved with the jqTransform JQuery plugin –

2 – There is a dropdown menu which requires users to choose a glass type and we need this to include an icons to represent the glass types because without these the names do not mean too much to the amateur cocktail maker – We were thinking it would be possible using Jquery ui – (see "Default: "popup" Style with custom icon images") (This would not have to be a dropdown if you have any other ideas/solutions?)

3 – We need users of the form to be able to select the choice of spirit in their cocktail to be either from a broad choice (i.e Whiskey) or to be more exact (i.e Bourbon). The Hierarchical select module seems like it could be enabled to do this.

Anyway anyone who is interested in doing this for us we would be very grateful to hear from – I ask though that you send a reply that highlights similar examples of work like this done before or deals directly with the contents of the email so as to give us a clue as to your suitability.

Thank you

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Drupal Developer Required – Cocktail Website

We are looking for someone who has an excellent understanding of Drupal, JQuery & PHP to help us out and create some modules for a large cocktail website we are making for a client.

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Inventory Managment Script

I need a php script written to help me manage alcohol stock.
I buy and sell stock on a daily basis, so should be designed to easily and quickly add stock in and remove stock sold.
I have approximately 200 items and I should be able to view at any time the amount of each item I have in stock

Main features are

Catagories – (add, remove) should be able to view all items in catagory at one time

Items – (add, remove), info about supplier, cost, portion size

Stock in – should be able to list all items in a catagory and add quantities

Stock out – should be able to list all items in a catagory and remove quantities

Cocktails – should be able to list ingredients in a cocktail from items so when cocktail is sold it will remove stock from each item. eg vodka martini. I enter 3 sold and it should remove 3 portions of vodka and 3 portions martini from the items stock

users – should be able to add users and give users rights to add/edit/view/remove eg, user 1 has all rights, user 2 can add items and quantities to stock but not remove them, user 3 can enter sales to remove stock but not add items or quantities.

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Produce 10 Cocktail Dresses

Were looking for someone with previous experience in manufacturing dresses to produce 10 cocktail dresses. You must be able to source all materials locally and produce these cocktail dresses. Please bid on 10 finished cocktail dresses. If you must include a bid price range then please state the details.

No upfront payments. It must be quality workmanship. Please provide details on your previous work experience as it relates to making dresses. Photos of any previous work is appreciated.

The design of the dress will be provided. You must turn it into finished product.

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