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Add OPT-IN Area That Allows You To Place (Aweber Code)

ject. Basically A PopUp That appears with a list of social networks. I want to add in an Opt-In Box After They Click A social Network. Please PM me for more details.

Skills required:




Script Install

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var protocol = (https: == document.location.protocol ? https : http);

OX.addVariable(job_type, -HTML-Javascript-PHP-Script Install-);

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resizable: true,
height: auto, // set height is not working in IE 6/7, will cause the popup squeezed. –MZ 17/10/2010
width: 400,
autoOpen: false,
modal: true,
buttons: {
“No” : function(){
“Yes” : function(){

function getDateFromTimestamp(timestamp) {
var dateObj = new Date(timestamp * 1000);
return (dateObj.getMonth() + 1) + / + dateObj.getDate() + / + dateObj.getFullYear();

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Code Conversion FoxPro To C#

I have 26,800 lines of FP code (global functions and procedures) in a prg file that I need to have converted to runnable C#.

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Script Modifications Required

I need someone to modify a classifieds script, do some fixes and add some features to it.

You should be able to work with procedural php code and produce good quality code(commented, secure and readable)

You will also need javascript/ajax skills.

Good to know svn.

Please begin your message with "read and agreed when you bid.

Please see attached file for details and then provide your price and time estimate.

Do not bid over the estimated budget or your bid would be ignored.

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Facebook Chat Application Written In PHP


I need facebook chat application code written in PHP.
If you have already any such code let me know how much
it will cost. This is very urgent and I need it pretty soon.

Note: Please only bid if you have extensive exp in php and
facebook API.


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Modify A Script

I need someone to modify a classifieds script, do some fixes and add some features to it.

You should be able to work with procedural php code and produce good quality code(commented, secure and readable)

You will also need javascript/ajax skills.

Good to know svn.

Please begin your message with "read and agreed when you bid.

Please see attached file for details and then provide your price and time estimate.

Bids from cost effective countries/bidders prefered.

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Groupon Clone Script Littel Modification

Hello i have groupon clone script i want to add a new field where user where buy deals have to write obbligatory FISCAL CODE so when thy print deal coupon fiscal code in write over there because they have write it on form!
for have more information before BID please contact me on skype: pacio982


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I have a theme that is PSD/HTML.

I have modified the PSD and I need someone to code it into the HTML theme.
You will not have to write all the HTML/code that is already done.

Very simple job.

My budget is $30

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Flash Avatar Chat

Basic avatar style chat room like the one developed by ( ) coded with PHP, MySQL and Actionscript 3.0 Code must be unique (do not copy code from other designs/projects)
Bidders must provide examples from similar working projects (do not bid if you do not have working example).

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Script Modification

I need someone to modify a php script to do some fixes and add some features to it.

You should be able to work with procedural php code and produce good quality code(commented, secure and readable)

You will also need javascript/ajax skills.

Good to know svn.

Please begin your message with "read and agreed when you bid.

Details will be provided to shortlisted bidders so that you can provide your time and price estimates.

Work is ready to be allocated as soon as a bidder is finalized.

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For Php4world – Bug With My WordPress Website

Hello php4world,
I have a code error with my website It happened while I was making some changes to the functions.php file.

The error I am getting is:
Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_CONSTANT_ENCAPSED_STRING in /home/content/22/6558022/html/sportsvibe/wp-content/themes/twentyten/functions.php on line 453

I have checked line 453 and restored the code to the default wordpress code for this portion (function twentyten_posted_in) of the functions.php code but I am still getting the error.

Can you please help as soon as possible?


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Zip Code Search Returning HTML File

I need immediate assistance. Im able to do general html/ccs code and understand other code but dont know how to write it. I need a php or javascript based simple entry form made where a zip code is entered and a upon submit an html page (already built) appears based on that zip code. I have 12 different locations. All I need is an example made of the form with the code that I can plug into my page with a few simple instructions if needed. Id GREATLY appreciate the help; I cant find a decent tutorial online. Thanks so much and please let me know if you have any questions!!

04/04/2011 at 22:08 EDT:

An html file of the form along with the necessary code would be most helpful 🙂

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Business Website Design/Code/more Needed

I need a web-site for a business, similar to this one ( I plan on selling toys and electronics, about 500 + products. I will need a shopping cart, login and registration, A design on the site pages for background, any buttons/links/text,and the general looks of the site(excluding a logo)to go on this site I want to be able to edit the HTML and to up-load products to the site so please add comments to the code so I can understand what they mean(You dont have to go into to much detail w/the comments, I have a basic understanding of HTML). Id like to see some of your work before I accept an offer. My budget is about $200 to $500.


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I require a php developer to copy a site that I have (100% owned by me) built last year and get the same working on another URL with no real changes but label names, paths and 3rd party account details.
It is a membership site with mysql database.
I wish to change the URL and business application to another purpose.
The code framework is code ignitor.
There is integration with facebook and twitter API.
There is also some integration with amember software.
It has some ajax functionality and auto complete search.

** No companies please.
** Work from home fine and on weekends ok too.
** Applicant to take ownership of the site on-going

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Wee Need Online Poker Budget 45,000$-50,000$

Hello, we need Online Poker software (Client+Server) +Administration Panel. We can pay up to 10,000$.
And we will pay ONLY after showing us your demo successfully working soft on our servers.
After full amount payment we will need Source Code for our programmers to customize it.
Please only contact if you already HAVE Source code because it is MAIN thing we are needing.
We are waiting for them who has already made Poker Project

We were scammed once and we are not going to risk our budget again.
And again money will be transferred after showing demo WORKING version on our server
And AFTER paying will ask for SOURCE CODE.

please write me your desktop poker software Demo Download Link, thanx

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Java Assignment Due Tonight!

Hello, I have part of the code but it needs some work. You create a stack, check to see if expression is has balanced parentheses in infix, then convert to postfix RPN, reverse polish notation. Please give me a quote, its my first time here and its due by midnight.

Instructions and current code attached!

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Something Is Very Wrong With Our Site’s Code.

Whenever we try running an online SEO tool such as or it cant read or analyze the sites code.

Were afraid that this is hurting our exposure to Google crawlers.

We will give you cpanel and Joomla login with admin to try and fix the problem.

Thank you

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Coding Of 2 Pages Only – WordPress And CakePHP

We are a collective buying company, operating in the same business model as groupon and LivingSocial.

We have hired a designer to make a refresh of our current website, and have two psds which need coding.

1) We need to code the landpage in wordpress and valid W3C code for SEO purposes, as this page will only contain links to our main page where the daily deals are displayed. There are 6 boxes in this webpage which will contain images and the price and discount value of each deal, so this needs to be controlled by the wordpress CMS.

2) Our website is currently all developed in cakephp, so the PSD for the deals page will be coded in cake as well.
All the basic modules are already implemented into our current website, except for a new funcionality we will need in order to allow us to print cupons with more then 1 code.
All the rest of the functionalities are to be maintained, so this will basically be a change of design task.

Both of the files are attached

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Explain How An EA Works

Ive an Ea with source code but I dont know how and when and why it opens the positions. I need a programmer to read the code and explain how the EA works. Which are the strategies behind it? The results will be a detailed word document with the explanation.
No custom indicators are integrated in the code.
The EA has 676 code lines.

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Lat/Long To UK Post Code

Good afternoon,

We have a CSV database of 84,000 lat/long co-ordinates and need someone to help identify the UK Post Code location for each of these points.

Some of these resources may help:

We need this doing swiftly but also accurately 🙂 Any questions, do feel free to drop me a line.

Many thanks,

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Modify Script

I need someone to modify a php script and add additional features to it.

You should be able to work with procedural php code and produce good quality code(commented, secure and readable)

This work may take a few hours to accomplish but not more than a max of 2 days in any case. It all depends on your efficiency. However i can allow you 3-4 days to get this done if youre working on other projects as well but not more than that in any case.

Budget is $100 and under.

Work is ready to be allocated as soon as a bidder is finalized.

Please begin your message with "read and agreed when you bid.

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Seats Record………………….

the language is java……

this is the requirements…..

Implement a piece of software suitable for use by a cinema. The system should be

capable of providing information about films currently showing, and of the availability

of seats in the cinema. The system should allow for seats to be booked either

individually or as a block. For example a block of 3 seats would require 3 adjacent

seats to be booked together.

this the requirements……

1 A description of the system that you have implemented. This should
explain the various functions that your system is able to perform.

2 A UML diagram for each of the classes in your application.
? produce an application that meets the basic requirements of the system;
? produce an application consisting of at least than 3 classes written ;
? demonstrate degree of input validation.

3 provide a graphical interface that has been created using native Java code
(i.e. not one produced by the use of a ?drag-and-drop? facility such as that
provided by Borland JBuilder for example);
? provide additional features (such as exceptions and file handling) not outlined
in the specification.
? psoudo code.

best regards

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looking for someone to convert our psd design into a wordpress blog and code the pages of the design.

provider needs to be able to start immediately.

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MOSS|Sharepoint > Ubraco Theme

Currently we are using Sharepoint Portal server for our websites. Due licensing costs, resources and complexity, we want to migrate to Ubraco.

What we need:

– A 1:1 concersion of the current design , including font´s, images and layouts.
– 100% XHTML valid code
– Browsersupport for all major browsers (FF/IE6,7,8,9/Opera etc..)
– All images need to be included with the theme.
– Umbraco 4.0 compatible.

04/04/2011 at 3:54 EDT:

– All the current javascript code and functionality needs to be converted as well.

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Interactive Story Book Ipad Iphone Xcode App Cocos2d Ios

I would like to buy the source code in Xcode for an interactive book/ animated book on the iPad with animated pictures, possibility to move/ throw/ move around objects by touch and tilt, gravity, possibility to change form of objects by tilt. Sound, flipping pages are also needed.
I would like to have source code for a project that is customizable so that sounds, pictures, animation and possibly extra coding can be added later on.

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Cuda Programmer Needed( Urgent)

There is no code , I was not provided any code, I have to come up with the code, look for it in the internet, and finally compile it using emulation through the command prompt tool in visual studio
you have to do the below task
An algorithm in CUDA for one of the following:
1- The Seller algorithm.
2- The Neighbor-Joinig tree construction algorithm.
3- An algorithm for parsing BLAST file outputs.
I just want a cuda code to be run on the machine: to do the folowing

An algorithm for parsing BLAST file output

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How To Make An Avi Video Popup An Html Code Or Open A Webpag

I am looking for someone who can make an avi file once played to popup an html code or open a specific webpage.
To give more detail. Once the movie file .avi is downloaded and played it needs to popup or open the html code or auto open a specific webpage.
Please contact me if you can make this happen.

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