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Need Great Coder For Good PTC Project

Hello everyone

We are looking for Person which have great knowledge in PTC (pay to click) with Gen4 script which can do modifications

Also if you have knowledge in Desing is better for us

The most importat , what we need to work long time with us becouse PTC work need permanently person with this knowledge for any bugs ,new modifications ect …

IMPORTANT NOTES – we need people with good review

During work need to be online allways on YM,GTALK, MSN, SKYPE

Happy biding


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UK PHP Coder Required


You must be from the UK and based here – applications from outisde of the UK will not be accepted.

We need a coder to form part of an existing team to assist in completing ahead of the deadline.

Its straight forward coding and you will be able to pick it up straight away

All expenses will be paid

Please get in touch asap with your availability and hourly rate

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Mud Coder Required

Hi i have a mud (multi user dungeon) that is mostly complete but id like some extra coding help. The mud (for those who know what that is) is a mostly origional ultraenvy mud.

For those who dont know what a mud is, its a text based multiplayer rpg written in c.

The work i require will probably amount to about 10 hours or so of coding for someone familiar with muds

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Motion Compensation Block For H.264 Implementing In Matlab


I am working on video codec H.264. I am coding module in MATLAB. I want someone who can work on motion compensation module. Here is wiki link which gives you very rough overview.
It mentioned motion compensation methods such as VBSMC, OBMC, Qpel and Half pixel Motion compensation. I wanted to implement any of two in matlab, and compare performance based on MSE, PSNR.
Entropy coder and decoder will be implemented in matlab after Motion compensation block has been finished.
I need someone who can work on both or either. I have some reference material for motion compensation, but not for entropy coder-decoder.

I am working on VSMC using bottom up approach, and used huang lin report as reference.

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Script To Insert Data In Joomla

I have a mysql database with titles, article content and category structure information (few levels).
I need a script to insert it automatically into my joomla website using either an existing extension script or to modify an existing script or to write a script yourself.
End result should be the joomla site with content listed like in a directory with all the menus and articles inserted.
Need coder with the following skills:
Would need a coder with the following skills PHP, Mysql, CMS, Joomla, K2, and template, Rockettheme, Yootheme.

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Zencart Administration & Fine-Tuning

Our company needs an efficient and time-effective programmer to fine-tune our pre-existing site. The pre-existing site is NOT live, and we had an in-house coder that dealt with the Zen Cart installations as well as the requirements for the site. However, the site is not yet complete, and now we need somebody to take over the remainder of our requirements. The project specs is included in a word doc, and basically it will require the site to look like the following template

We have already purchased the template to be used on the site, and it is already installed. I will provide mocks for module positioning and the elements that need to be turned on/off after the project has been awarded.

We need an experienced coder who knows the intricacies of Zen Cart, and can achieve both the front-end requirements (i.e. fine tuning the template) as well as the back-end requirements (i.e. adjusting the navigation of each page as well as integrating products, pay methods, and shipping modules).

Important note: We already have a few shipping modules and internet secure ready, and an excel file for easy populate).

We are basically just filling in a few holes on the site, an experienced coder should be able to handle what we need.

Thanks for your consideration!!

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Looking For Facebook Developer Coder

Im looking for a professional facebook developer/coder to create several applications according to my requirements, I have several examples to show.. Please only professional developers who have already worked on applications, you can show me examples if you like, price of the project can be discussed later.

Thanks for looking

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EBay Store Designer And Coder Needed!

I have a template that I would like to add to my ebay store, but I need someone to help me code it so its functional on ebay. Will also need some minor graphic adjustments on my template, but it is mostly just coding. Access to the store will not be available, so be to have extensive ebay knowledge

Bidder must be experienced with ebay design. Will send my template for interested bidders. Thanks.

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Looking For HTML/CSS & WordPress Coder


I am a qualified & experienced web designer and I am looking for a coder who is willing to convert my themes from Photoshop to HTML/CSS. If youre interested, show off your coding portfolio via private message. Thanks indeed.

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WordPress Plugin Creation + Web Development

We are looking for a web developer to take in charge the programming and coding of a website project we are currently working on.

The website is a mix of User Generated Content and social Networking; it invites visitors to do bets (play money and real money) on various sports / matches / subjects.
Users will be allowed to submit content such as a new Match to bet on, results, comments, forum discussion, etc.

We wish to use an OpenSource CMS (WordPress). We will also be taking care of the Design (banners, logos, etc) as well as some configuration of all kind (hosting, plugin customization, and so on)

The web coder will have to be able to make plugins work together, do advanced modifications to available plugins (forums, content submission, paypal API, etc), and possibly to create new ones for the need of the project (such as the bet plugin) as well as make the overall website design work with these add-ons.

The core of the work relies on the betting system which needs to be built from scratch or customized from released plugin (choice is up to the coder). A core team of few artists and web designers will assist the coder in lower tier work (plugin customization, installation, etc). A good portion of the website creation is already under way (about 1/3 done so far) including theme design and various features

We are looking for a good interactive website (ajax, html5, javascript) with good optimization (advertisement, SEO, etc) and our theme is based off Cooolzine (preview:

We do not have a specific Deadline, but anything done at good paste is good. We are aiming to have a website of quality built.

Feel free to ask any questions regarding the project,
we will answer them with the best of our knowledge.

Thank You.

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Need A Designer And Coder To Make My Monitor Totally Unique.



SITE: [Removed by Admin]


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SoundClick Play Booster

I am searching for a reputable coder to figure out how sound click dot com calculates their chart system AND CREATE AN APP (BOT,ETC)that will allow me to boost my songs up the charts of the website without detection. Although it is based on views, artificial hits are able to be detected and ignored thus far.

The views increasers do increase the plays actual numbers but if those plays don

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Pretty much code my PSDs to XHTML/CSS 100% valid!

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Need AOpen GL Coder

I need help for my Open GL coding assignment for animation .I will pay 100$

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Drupal/PHP Coder Needed

I am looking for a drupal coder to make some minor edit to my site. The edits include adding adsense referral, allowing users to have links in their posts and other.

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Need A Open GL Coder

I need help for my Open GL coding assignment for animation .I will pay 100$

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PSD To VBulletin And IPB Skins

Im interested in hiring a coder to be involved with a custom skin designing website in the making. I will be charging people $250 per skin (prices will probably be risen) Of that $250, you will receive 50%. ($125.00)
I want someone who can code vBulletin IPB and preferably WP (not a bid deal if you cant do WP)
Also I would like the coder to be skilled at jQuery or similar javascripting effects.
Message me for more details

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Finish CRE Loaded V6.4 Site 90% Completed

I need my Cre Loaded B2B 6.4 site completed.
My current coder has gone missing and I have been unable to contact him for 2 weeks.
i need this site completed ASAP.

1. I need some final touch ups done to template and integration
2. Image processor configured for size of pictures
3. Live chat added
4. Make sure all Cre Loaded functions are working correctly
5. Email domain configuration

I can give your further instructions once you contact me.

This site was 90% finished so should be easy for an experienced CRELoaded coder.

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Good Programmer/Coder Wanted

Looking for programmer/coder to create software.

Details will be given to those that are interested.

Prefer to work with India or Philippines based programmers

Would really appreciate speed with this project but not willing to sacrifice high quality and workability

Winning bidder MUST BE in almost constant contact.
Available through Email, IM and Skype.

Will not compromise on available contact

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PHP Script Simple Customization To Add Php Variable

Im using the email script at to send my newsletters. I need a good coder who will add a new variable that can be assigned in the admin to add body tags to the newsletters. For a good php coder the job should only take 15 minutes. Ill pay $15 for this job and will give you another $15 job in the near future in order to reach freelancer.coms minimum of $30.

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PHP/MySQL Coder For Advanced WordPress Plugins

We need an expert coder/programmer to create from zero and/or customize WordPress plugins, very advanced and easy ones.

You need to be an expert in WordPress 3+, and highly skilled at Javascript, the jQuery library, HTML&CSS, PHP&MySQL.

Currently there are 3 available projects (1 small, 2 big), but we will start with the small one now, and if we are satisfied we will give the coder also the next 2.

The task for this project is:

Coder must fix a PHP bug in a wp custom category template.
In this category we are displaying the posts of each month from a specific category (created with the plugin Flutter).
Every post has a custom field with a "start date" (day-month-year date).
The bug is that all posts get retrieved correctly in this category page, except for the first 9 days of every month.. they are always empty even when there are posts for that day.

Budget for this small task: $30

The next 2 projects are: 1. create an advanced event plugin with payment gateweay, maps, guest lists etc, 2. use existing plugin or create newsletter plugin that automatically sends every week/month the last x posts, with batch sending, newsletter template, etc.

The coder MUST have MSN or Skype, MUST be online regularly at least 5 hours a day, must deliver on time, must provide support for bugs..
Please provide links to WP plugins/websites/scripts you have created or customized. If you dont, we will not consider your bid. Dont provide design portfolios, we are not interested in that at this time.

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Looking For Facebook App Coder

Im looking for a professional facebook coder to create an app that let users create apps with their own content.
I have an example if you would like to see how it works, also if you have done some work before you can pm me to show me.

Thanks for looking.

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Virtuemart Coder Needed

Looking for an experienced virtuemart coder to work on customising virtuemart and cleaning up virtuemart code and theme.

Only bid if you are serious and currently available to work on this project.

Maximum bid considered $50

Bonus and future projects will be given upon successful completion of this project.

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Skilled PHP Coder: On-going Work

Im looking for a great PHP coder that has great communication skills and is looking for on-going work.

I have a few projects I want to get done and Im looking for one person I can go to for all my PHP work instead of posting an ad each time on

Im looking for someone that:
– Can be in constant communication via Skype chat
– Great PHP & MYSQL knowledge
– Has some html/javascript skills

Please do not bid if youre from India or Bangladesh. The time difference is too big and I have had bad experiences.

When you bid please send me:
– sample coding (not only visual example but a part of PHP code)
– your hour rate


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Gaming Anti-cheat Coder

We are a gaming league, and we host monthly tournaments for different online gaming communities. However, we are in great need of an effective Anti-cheat software.
Please feel free to contact us if you have 2 years+ of programming experience, or if you think you already have what we need.

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Need A Coder To Automate My Billing On Adult Site

I need someone to create or code my billing page to be automated and a few less pages, have it automatically credit customers accounts right after they purchase credits through my billing processor.

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WordPress Expert Coder

Need an expert WordPress coder… More details Via PM..

Important Note –

Only those bidders will get a PM from me who Pm me with 3 to max 5 links of ONLY WordPress Related work done by them.

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E Commerce PHP Coder

We are looking for PART TIME FREELANCER who is expereinced in PHP shopping cart custom coding.
Experience in OSCommerce, CRE Loaded, SunShop, VirtueMart, PrestaShop -custom cart coding ( at least 2 of the listed carts)
as well as module/plugin development experience will be helpful. PHP Coding Experts ONLY.

Must be able to work from 10-20 hours a week- on a regular basis- we will pay $10 USD per hour.

We will require examples of custom cart coding work you have done.

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ShiftCode GPT Coder

Person that has Shiftcode GPT experience

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Ok so i am looking for a coder, and who has a little bit of knowledge of HTML.
THe project isnt big and its not really hard if you are a good coder. I am not a coder so i cant code it, however i have a source that is already working it just needs some editing and adding few things, thats why i need you.
I cant say much about project here, so i suggest you to pm me or something here so we can work this out.

I would pay from 20$-40$. Since its not really hard, and by paypal.

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Classic ASP Coder Needed With JQuery And SSL Knowledge

A strong ASP coder is needed. Someone with understanding of Classic ASP; xHTML, CSS, javaScript, jQuery, IE6 and IE7 debugging.

The project is about making a ecommerce bundle system; so customers can add more than one product to their cart like a drag and drop on but a lot more simple by just clicking.

The document and spec is available on request. Bids can be altered after viewing. NDA agreement is needed.

Experience in classic ASP recent development would be great.

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Website Developement, PSD Provided

I need to complete the development of a website. The design is ready, i provide the PSD files.

The website is simple. We are designer. We sell logo designs, website designs etc …So we propose few packages. the customer select a package, go through an easy process of online order, pay via paypal. he receive email confirmation etc…
There is also an user area, where he can check his order, is profile etc … can integrate a CMS.

To figure out the kind of job, go to It will be in the same idea.

You will receive images of the PSD files to figure out the website to be developed.

I need a coder that will work full time on the project from the start to end. No coder that uses to get multiple projects to work on will be admitted.

It is quite easy project, development time should not be so long.

The coder should give advice on using a CMS or develop an proper user panel ….

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