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Need Visual Basic Programmer To Do My Six Program Project

Hi Bidders,
I am a beginner in Visual Basic and no prior programming knowledge. I need somebody who could help me out analyze the basic program design coding of my project since I am doing a self-study.

THE PROJECT: I need an EXECUTABLE CODES, PSEUDO CODE and GUI design for my SIX programming Visual Basic project. ( I will forward the six programming projects to a selected programmer.)


1. You will design a GUI, (very simple, depends on the given requirements), CREATE A CODE, and make these design EXECUTABLE.

2. You have to follow the requirements whats in the SIX PROGRAMMING PROJECT esp. the GUI

3. You have to have a MICROSOFT VISUAL BASIC 2008 or 2010 or MICROSOFT VISUAL STUDIO 2010 to work on these projects; it should be compatible to mine since I have Microsoft Visual Studio Professional 2010. I dont like non-working codes and non-executable codes if you are using different version of Visual Basic.

4. Your codes must be understandable by me, that mean do not apply to advance programming codes, take note, I am a beginners in Visual Basic.

5. Aside from the SIX PROJECT Visual Basic ZIP files that you are going to send me. I would like you to copy and paste the PROPERTY you use, HAVE A SCREEN SHOT OF GUI, PSEUDO CODE, and EXECUTABLE CODES into MICROSOFT WORD (this will be my personal learning).

6. You must have time to answer email about any questions regarding the overall design.

7. We must meet to talk using Skype and Yahoo to talk over the design; I need a full understanding of the codes you assigned on this project.

more requirements.. ask to PM.

PAYMENT: I can only afford to pay $50 to $100. Thats it. Please do not bid more than the said amount, since my design is pretty simple (learners type of program design). And payment will be released once completed; GUI designs are executable, and satisfactory.

Lastly, I prefer Visual Basic programmer from INDIA or PHILIPPINES.


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Secure Call For Iphone And Other Apps

1) We need an Iphone Secure Phone Application…

Calls between two Iphones with this software should be encrypted….

2) We buy your ready Iphone App Projects

if you have ready Iphone applications send a message through getafreaalancer with name and a brief description….

we need following:

1) Source Codes of the Project
2) Detailed Documentation of the Software
3) Hardly Documented Source Codes (Every Procedure in the Source codes must be explained in detail, every line in the sourcecode must be commented)…

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CKEditor QR-Codes Plug-in

Good night,

Im looking for a coder to develop a plug-in for CKEditor to insert QR-Codes in websites.

You need to get the QR-Code Plug-in and add the following features:

– Size
– Encoding
– QR-Code Size
– Preview

Please check the attachment to see how the layout of the plug-in will be.

Thank you

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Gather Embed Codes From

I am after somebody to go though and supply me with all of the embed codes for specified tv series. Im after a cost per 1000 episodes.

Easy job!

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Want $100 Adword Coupon Fast Today

I need Google AdWords coupon codes

Please bid for 10 coupon codes.

You will get paid, after I have confirmed that the codes are correct.

If everything works well, I will continue to buy coupon codes from you.

Scammer Get Lost From here

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Want Adword Coupon Fast

I need Google AdWords coupon codes

Please bid for 50 coupon codes.

You will get paid, after I have confirmed that the codes are correct.

If everything works well, I will continue to buy coupon codes from you.

Scammer Dont Bid Here

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Google AdWords Coupon Codes Needed

Need Google AdWords coupon codes that have the Value of $100

Please bid for 50 coupon codes.

You will get paid, after I have confirmed that the codes are correct.

If everything works well, I will continue to buy coupon codes from you.

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Google AdWords Coupon Codes

I need Google AdWords coupon codes that can be generated at following address:

Please bid for 10 coupon codes.

You will get paid, after I have confirmed that the codes are correct.

If everything works well, I will continue to buy coupon codes from you.

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Build Web Based Pull Down Menus For N American Cities/ Codes

I want to build a website with pull down menus. The initial box should contain all countries. The subsequent box should include additional options for those from USA or Canada, with major cities and zip/postal codes listed. There should also be a pull down menu for gender and for age ranges (15 to 25). There will eventually be other drop down menus so the platform should be scalable. I also want to run reports against the disaggregated data, so a reporting function should be incorporated (graph form).

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SIP (voice) Client Source Code For Android

I would like to have a voice SIP library for Android 2.x and working sample codes.
What I need is only voice SIP. I dont need video call.

This is what I need
1. Voice SIP Library for Android
2. API reference documentation and getting start guide.
3. Working sample source codes and an application which has following function.

– Log in

– Dialer

– Call status screen

– Account/Connection setting screen

4. Support term detail.
5. Delivery time in 5 days

The developer for this bidding must have experinces in developing SIPdroid or IMSdroid or Linphone.
Trial version for 3 days for us to test is preferable

Please quote me the special pricing and term of payment

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Joomla Expert – Bug Fixes , Speed Up

We need to speed up our website and to correct the technique of the website to get higher SEO rankings.

So the freelancer we need also have to have knowledge of SEO.

We think we have lots of unnecessarely Javascripts. Also we want the freelancer to work with us in future to make things beter and instal new modules etc.

So shortly: We need somebody who looks to our SEO perfromance in technique / codes. Not in meta, title etc. Just the codes, because how lesser and better the codes how better Google will read the website!

Let me know if you can do the job!

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DLL To Download Music From MySpace

I need a DLL library made in C#.NET 4 that will download music from MySpace. I need a method like this:

byte[] DownloadSong(string songId)

This method gets MySpace song ID and returns downloaded FLV file as bytes array. Of course, method can contain other parameters if it will need them, this prototype is just idea, I need method that will accept any parameters and return song FLV file.

Other conditions:
1. I will need full source codes; if source codes will refer to third-party DLLs (except Microsoft ones included in .NET 4), Ill need also sources of all referenced libraries.
2. I will escrow payment when youll confirm that you already finished job and have the library; after escrow youll have to send this library (and source codes) to me for my tests; and when Ill see myself that sources are compiled well and test them with 10-20 MySpace songs, Ill finish escrow payment.

So, this project is for professionals only who knows ho to implement it.

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Windows Phone Barcode Reader

I need someone who can make a windows phone application that uses the phone camera to read a barcode pattern.

To be Done using silverlite: (Note that this is a project for the new platform of windows mobile i.e. for windows phones and must therefore be done using Silverlite).

You should also provide a simple way of saving the code to a local DB (use this tutorial
Or to DB on inet webservice.

Print the attached codes to ensure that your project reads the codes.

Programmers with the following skills have added advantage:
MFC programming. # (PM details why you should be awarded with the project).#
Understanding of syncing Windows phone DB and Mysql server.
Have done Silverlite programs and Barcode projects.

This is required ASAP and it shall be a pluggin for another project (that makes use of the codes) therefore the source code and documentation shall be required.

If you cant do it, dont bid, proof of required skills Is neeed before award.

Budget is $30.

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Facebook Link And Ukpost Codes Needed For My Website

Hi i need a face book link on my website i also need some one with uk post codes to upload on 2 my website

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VirtueMart – Joomla – Flash/Elearning Component


We have a website based on Joomla. Customers can buy a license for our Elearning system (based on Flash) through VirtueMart. What we want:
1. VirtueMart generates an unique code (i.e. F72HlyK) after payment
2. This code is sended to the "buyer" + administrator
3. This code is added to the database used by the Elearning system (so users can activate their account with generated code)

The whole Elearning system already exists (including databases). We just a need to link VirtueMart with the Elearning system (using unique codes which are sent).

It should be possible for the administrator to generate a batch of codes from the backend as well, which can be given away.

Perhaps this component can be used or else a whole new component should be developed:

This component seems fine, but we would like to add 2 things:
1. Generated coupons/codes should be added to the Elearning database automatically (so activation process is working correctly)
2. The ability to generate a batch of codes from the backend

Looking forward to your replies.

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Automatic Delivery Epin Script ( URGENT )

I am looking for PHP online Coupons shop script.

* Its need membership with features ( balance, report payment)
* Members will buy Coupons with balance then they will get coupon codes instantly.
* Its a simple project.
* Doesnt not need good design.

Just that, waiting for offers.

03/04/2011 at 11:06 EST:

I am looking for PHP online Coupons shop script.

* Its need membership with features ( balance, report payment)
* Members will buy Coupons with balance then they will get coupon codes instantly.
* Its a simple project.
* Doesnt not need good design.

Just that, waiting for offers.

* Coupons must be entered from admin panel.
* WHen customer bought the coupons. it will seems as sold.

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Website Design Conversion Homepage

Hi there,

This is a 1 page design conversion. I need a good programmer to convert a homepage design and complete the conversion in 1 day. This job will involve a bit of javascript (e.g. slider banner, twitter integration, and time).

The codes should work in various browsers, and provide "pixel perfect codes". I prefer someone who also good in HTML5 and CSS3.

I will provide the .psd file. Please only provide your best portfolio.

Thanks for bidding this project.

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Small Data Collection Website Tailored For IPhone,

Good day

I require a website designed for iPhones, and strictly for the use of employees of my client. The purpose is for field techs to be able to open the the site on their phone and tap to enter in pay codes for work orders they are completing. They will need 4 categories of codes, then 20 or so separate codes in each of the categories. Once a phone has logged in for the first time the site should remember the users device so they will not have to log in again. The site will need to generate reports for the users as to the amount of income they have generated in this month, week year etc. And a emailed report or on screen display can be generated. The apple look and feel should be followed, and a fully editable cms for all the pay codes should be easy to navigate by admin. No milestones , full payment on completion only .

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Google Adwords Coupon Codes

I need Someone who can either sell or generate coupon codes. You may use this link:

An expert on Google adwords will know how to generate multiple coupon code from here. We will not show you how to do this, the bidder must know how to generate codes. We will purchase hundreds per month.

Our adwords account is an English account.

Or alternatively we will pay you for Google Sponsored listing positions, for example the keyword Virtual Receptionist we will pay monthly to be on page 1 in Google Sponsored listings. If you know how you can get our company listed in the sponsored listings in for Virtual Receptionist on page 1 top 3 for less than $100 for a full month then you will be successful.



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Assembly Codes

To write some codes in assembly according to the specification provided later.

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Voucher Codes Website


I looking for an experienced individual who is experienced Interspire Website publisher.

The requirements are

– Convert Interspire website publisher into a powerful voucher codes site based in the UK
– Ensure the the site can accept CSV feeds/API
– Ensure the site has all the components of website publisher
– Create eye catching design
– Provide ongoing support

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QR Code Reader Mobile App


We have a system that lets users create QR codes and configure how they will scan. Each QR code is unique and represents a URL in our system (for example this URL could represent a QR Code in our system – Our system lets users configure what the scan of the QR Code will redirect to. Most users will have the redirect go to a mobile website (which is configurable in our system) but some will have it go to a website (e.g. or dial a phone number (e.g. tel:2125551212) or send a text message (sms://2125551212).

We are seeking a developer that can create both an iPhone and Android app that can scan QR codes as well as integrate in with our system.

iPhone/Android QR Code Scanner Requirements:

1. Scan QR codes using phone camera and redirect based on content of the QR Code. QR Codes can do the following:
a. Dial a phone number
b. Send an SMS
c. Send an email
d. Navigate to a URL
e. Download a vCard
2. Log into our website using username/password or facebook connect. We will provide an API for logging in using username/password.
3. Create a new account using username/password or facebook connect. We will provide an API for creating an account.
4. Call our API for the list of a user

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I need someone who has used and has experience using commission junction & wordpress.
My budget is $10 for 1000 to 1500 embed detailed product posting.

Basically you search the item, find it, copy the embed code and paste it on my wordpress website.
Super simple and easy to do. Must be fast since I have alot of work to give the embedding winner.

Once again budget is $10 for 1000 to 15000. Please bid only $30 first. Id like to have multiple freelancers working on many websites.

Must also know how to use wordpress.

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Google Adwords Coupon Codes Needed.


I need Someone who can generate coupon codes from this link:

If you are expert on google adwords,you absolutely know how you can multiple coupon code from here.I will not teach you how you can generate coupons from here.The bidder must know how he can generate multiple coupon codes everytime.
As you can see it is so easy job.

I will pay 1 dolar for each coupon codes.I will pay via paypal.
If you can do this job,I will order coupon codes daily or weekly.
Please make your bid according to 30 coupon codes.I will at least order 30 coupon codes.
But,as I mentioned before,I will order daily and I will pay you after you send me coupon codes.
My target is trying to have 300 coupon codes montly.
Thank you so much for your attention.

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QR Code Generator Website

Advanced QR code generator implemented in website

I need a website like
Basicly I need this QR module from
I want to use this web application for Marketing use (advertising company) and commercial use (public website). You can use open source code for the generator module or work with API (use google chart api ).

Basic Requirements:

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Need Promo Codes To Work On Our Site

Look at

I am looking for someone to create a field on our registration form. If code is good, client does not have to pay and will be automatically added to the database.

This is an project/SQL server. We are not looking to re-do our entire site. This is a 1 day project. We need this completed in a few hours.

Promo code will work like this:

We will be able to upload bulk promo codes (in this case 2700 codes) and people can use this code up to two times per event. or they can use the same code on two different event.

I need this by the end of business day here in New York.

If you do a good job, I will give you a lot more work.

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OSCommerce Coupons Addon SunrisePHP Only

Create coupon codes for your customers to use for discounts on orders.

Discounts are applied before tax and are displayed as one order total line for each applicable tax class. You can configure whether to display the order subtotal including the discount, or before the discount is applied.

Coupon codes may be configured with a start or ending date, number of times they may be used, and an order minimum.

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Volusion UPC Code Research And Data Entry

My volusion shopping cart website has 1,139 products in it. I need someone to source and input the UPC codes for these products. I will provide CSV file with product names and Manufacturer.
To be clear, YOU MUST BE FULLY ABLE TO RESEARCH (SEARCH THE WEB OR ANY OTHER VENUE), FIND, and Input UPC codes, and have experience with this type of work. Not all products in the spreadsheet provided will have UPC codes. These can be left out, however those that do in fact have UPC codes must be provided. Failure to provide at least 98% accuracy (accurate UPC codes for products with UPCs and blank for N/A) will result in NON PAYMENT.

You have NO LONGER THAN 72 hours from bid acceptance to complete this task.

If you are accepted and fail to do the work, your feedback WILL get slammed.

You Must Be Quick and Accurate.

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ICD 10 To ICD 9 Mapping

We need to map an Excel file containing ICD 10 codes to an Excel file containing ICD 9 codes. There are numerous redundant ICD 9 codes, and the final product should contain the redundant ICD 10 codes. The product will be used as a database for a medical record software, so accuracy is absolutely essential. We will provide both excel files; a sample output file is expected within 24 hours, to ensure that the correct output is being generated. The final product will have more than 27K entries.

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