I am seeking for a professional Article Writer in College Basketball niche with quick turn around time and established work etiquette.
Ill provide specific keywords for each articles. The following are the payment details and quality guidelines:

Payment Details
– 500+ words unique articles = $3/article
– Quantity = 20 articles
– Pay through PayPal

Quality Guidelines
– ORIGINAL WORK: Content should be UNIQUE, WELL-RESEARCHED and RELEVANT to the resources that will be provided. Articles must pass copyscape.
– PERFECT ENGLISH: Articles must be a good read and have no grammatical errors.
– ARTICLE TITLE: Articles must have a catchy title ( less than 100 characters ) that contains the given keywords.
– PARAGRAPHING: Articles must have enough paragraphs compared to its length.
– KEYWORDS: Articles must be optimized with 1-3% keyword density without affecting the flow of the articles.
– CLEAN FORMATTING: Unnecessary empty spaces, hard line break, lines, unwanted special characters must be removed or replaced.
– ON TIME: Committed and is able to meet deadlines.
– APPROVAL: Articles will not be paid if they are DISapproved by ezinearticles.com

I have the right to reject content that does not meet my standards.

All paid articles are 100% my own. I have the right to change them, sell them and publish them in any way I want. I can put my name as the author under the articles.

Since I retain full ownership of all paid articles, they cannot be redistributed nor sold in any form.

When you want to bid on this project, please type in the bidding code


after you read and agreed with the terms stated above.

All bidding will be ignored if the bidder DOES NOT AGREE with the terms stated above.

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