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Need College Essay Written Within 72 Hours

I need a college essay written within 72 hours.

PM me your samples


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College Management Software

College Management Software

call: (+91)-9618222220


Students Complete profiles
fees management software
attendance management software ( with biometrics and RFID cards also available)
exams and marks management software
Front office management software
SMS , sms integrated in all modules

College Management Software
College Attendance Management Software
College Fees management Software
Complete Student details management Software
Faculty Payroll Management
College attendance software
College automation software
College classroom management
College ERP software
College admission software
Smart College software
SMS College management software
College scheduling software
College management software India
College enrolment management software
time management software for College
software for College fees management
College data management software
timetable management software
Student management software
Student Attendance software
Student enrolment software
Student grading software
Student Scheduling software
Student tracking software
Student management software
College Office management software
Student marks management software
Student exams management software
Students management software

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Private College Website

I want to build a basic one-page website for my Norwegian college, the templates and details of which I shall provide. I dont want anything fancy. Just a simple and elegant job.

The website template is this:

The colors need to be deep brown for the header and entry form, with light golden text and golden logo. The actual info section need to be color reversed (i.e, light golden background with deep brown text), and the submit button must naturally be light golden on the brown background.

The college logo and text I shall provide on commencement.

There are no links or any other requirements, save for a data entry form and a submit button, which will then forward the entered information to the nominated e-mail.

I am prepared to pay 100-150 USD for the work if it is done within 5 days.

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College Parties/events Website And Mobile App

I am looking for a team to build an online/mobile application that allows college students to post and view parties on a map-based interface.

The website should allow users to view a map and accompanying list of parties/events in their area. Users should be able to indicate that they plan on attending certain parties (list should be sorted by how many users plan to attend). Users can click parties to get additional information (cost, address, updates). Last, users should be able to add new parties.

The iPhone app is similar but needs to incorporate the users location in a few ways. First, users map should indicate his/her current location. Second, parties can be sorted by distance. Third, when a user is at a party as indicated by coinciding locations, the user can leave an update (e.g., "Lots of dancing").

Each user belongs to one college, which determines the users map/list of parties. In this initial stage, only 5-10 college campuses will be tested.

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About Me Simple Letter

Its a very simple project and I need someone to write at least 2 pages about me. Which means Ill tell you about me and all you have to do is write it out in a very good English because Im applying at a very good college and they want me to do it before I apply to their college.

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Custom Image/Graphic Design

I need a custom image/graphic created that incorporates each of the following elements into the design.
1. College Education
2. Achieving College Graduation
3. Social Media (et al) e.g., Facebook, Twitter, Digg, etc.
4. Businesses
5. Scholarships for College

There is a relationship between businesses that support college education in providing funding to college students by way of scholarships for education.

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Flyer Distribution


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Flyer Delivery


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Flyer Distribution

I would like someone to distribute flyers for me at their college or university. This could be elsewhere if you have a better idea then let me know.

I want to know which college you are at and where.

You will print out the flyers that I design and distribute them at the college.

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Need 2-3 US College Or University Students -Long Term Work


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Website Analysis

Please bid for a detailed consultation report and analysis of this website (listed below) letting me know exactly how much work is involved and estimated costs for completion (if possible). Basically use your expertise and experience to give me a report of

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School/college Portal Design

Am creating a school/College portal software.
I need a user interface designs in html format.
i already have the code, just need a user interface layout, and i will tailor the code n css to work with the user interface. portal is being developed in java/j2ee application.

i have a design of my own, need something more mouth-watering. so if you could have a ground-up design, thatd be kool.

youd provide the layout and images to go with it.


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Website Development For 2 Days Management Fest At College

2 day management fest,, need to create a website for it telling about ,, event details, about college, about fest,
about registration, contacts, everything.

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SUCH AS hair remover , wrinkle remover , body buidling , aaki berry
the product coast is 1.9$ to 6$
and i will pay for just double payout
means if you sell product coast 2$ then you will be get payed by me
in 4$

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Recruit Campus Representatives

A newly developed free site for college students would like to have some campus representatives. Membership is always free to all college students. Site has Homework Forums and College Blogs.

Your job: Invite current college students to :

1. sign up for a free membership at the site and
2. apply to be the campus representative for their college/university.

All new members for this site at this time will get a Charter Member badge and a small welcome gift.

If you can sign up at least 30 campus representatives within a month, we would like to hear from you. Please tell us what you can offer us and how you can get the job done. Preference will be given to those who can recruit campus representatives from the colleges/universities at the United States.

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Deliver Flyers At A College!

What I need done: I need someone (preferably a college student) to put flyers on each desk of a classroom right before a lecture or class comes in. I will need this done every day in a different classroom for 1 week.

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Need 100 Articles Written

I need at least 100 articles written on many subjects including:

Tips for Studying
Staying Healthy in College
Maintaining Relationships in College
Cheap and Easy College Recipes

And other articles relating to college life.
Good writing is preferred, but I am looking for cheap rates.

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500 Words X 20 Articles For College Basketball Niche

I am seeking for a professional Article Writer in College Basketball niche with quick turn around time and established work etiquette.
Ill provide specific keywords for each articles. The following are the payment details and quality guidelines:

Payment Details
– 500+ words unique articles = $3/article
– Quantity = 20 articles
– Pay through PayPal

Quality Guidelines
– ORIGINAL WORK: Content should be UNIQUE, WELL-RESEARCHED and RELEVANT to the resources that will be provided. Articles must pass copyscape.
– PERFECT ENGLISH: Articles must be a good read and have no grammatical errors.
– ARTICLE TITLE: Articles must have a catchy title ( less than 100 characters ) that contains the given keywords.
– PARAGRAPHING: Articles must have enough paragraphs compared to its length.
– KEYWORDS: Articles must be optimized with 1-3% keyword density without affecting the flow of the articles.
– CLEAN FORMATTING: Unnecessary empty spaces, hard line break, lines, unwanted special characters must be removed or replaced.
– ON TIME: Committed and is able to meet deadlines.
– APPROVAL: Articles will not be paid if they are DISapproved by

I have the right to reject content that does not meet my standards.

All paid articles are 100% my own. I have the right to change them, sell them and publish them in any way I want. I can put my name as the author under the articles.

Since I retain full ownership of all paid articles, they cannot be redistributed nor sold in any form.

When you want to bid on this project, please type in the bidding code


after you read and agreed with the terms stated above.

All bidding will be ignored if the bidder DOES NOT AGREE with the terms stated above.

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Isuue In College Management System Code

I need a code to be fixed asap, other details will be in PMB, budget is 14$

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Word Processor (College Final Year Project 2)

This project is for developing a Word Processing Software using .NET framework with proper documentation.

The details are in the attached file:

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Word Processor (College Final Year Project)

This project is for developing a Word Processing Software using .NET framework with proper documentation.

The details are in the attached file.

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College/School Management System

We need web based College/School Management Software. This should be readily available with full function front/backend.

Pls send your Demo.

Only Serious bidders

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Distribution Of Flyers At Your College

Seeking college student to assist in very simple offline marketing strategy for small marketing firm.

Job entails placing flyers in computer labs, library, and lecture classrooms with computers.

University must have at least 15,000 enrolled students.

Template for flyers will be provided.

Proof of distribution (pictures, etc) necessary.

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Simple GUI Process College Assignment

Need someone who is able to do an assignment/report if they are familiar with
1. use case model
2. volere
3. GUI template

A relatively simple assignment. Bid above $80 will be rejected.
PM for for details.

Budget: $60-80

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Develop Website For Virtual Stock Market For College Fest.

I want a website for virtual stock market for organising contest in my college festival ,
That website has to fetch data of sensex from yahoo or real time basis.

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College Project

My college project is keyword extraction from a textual document.In this project i am given the a text file,which will be input to the software and output will be the the algorithm i have already i just need a good java programmer who will code the software in java accordingly my algorithm.

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Blog Writer For College Help Site

Would like a writer for my blog which is off of wordpress and is

This job is for 80-100 unique and high quality postings on helpful topics relating to college.

All posting are to be in draft and not published once given access. They will be individually approved to the agreed amount and if not acceptable it will be deleted or ask to be revised and not count in the total number. Topic examples are financial ways to save and budget even scholarships. ways to cheat are also in the site for like papers, math, or what ever but intelligent not simple like write on my hand the notes.

The job is simple:

Write 80-100 approved blog postings about topics to make it easier for the college student to get good grades and free up time and less stress.

If done very well then more projects could result with the winner on the bid.

Private message for more information and also include a sample brief post. as well as ideas you might have that make you stand out.

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2000 Word College Level Chemistry Paper

I need someone to help me write a 2000 word Chemistry paper. I will provide you with a choice of 5 topics to choose from.

Please let me know if you can do this so I can send you the list and then you can tell me how much it will cost. You will have one week to complete.

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College Classified AD


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I Need Few Softwares Like College Mgmt, Hospital Mgmt,payro

We are looking for few softwares for outright purchase with source code.





*****ONLY BID****

If you are able to complete and deliver a working software by 31st January, 2011.
Your bid is likely to be selected if you PM a quick prototype with sample menus etc.

If you have a hotel software already that works, I would like a DEMO of any suggested software. It will have to be rebranded


1. Im not interested in an online software. I only want DESKTOP one as such I wont check any online software
2. Software should be PORTABLE i.e be able to load on all window machines without hassle
3. Should have all components in one zip file. ie I dont want to be downloading extra software when installing.
4. Dont care what programming language its in so long as it works.
5. You should able to put my logo on it.

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Finishing GRIT Website

The GRIT site was developed using WordPress. The following features need to be added to the site.
Registration Page
1. When new users select the "type of account" they are signing up for, it should be linked to the type of access rights they possess for the site.
– The type of accounts should be

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Hi Everyone, We need readymade,bug free,.net/c# based erps like Campus Management system(school/college), Hospital Mgmt System( Multi speciality), Payroll & HRMS, and Jewellery tracking system with source codes. We wish to purchase outrightly in 10-15 days. Budget for all above four softwares is 500 – 1000 $ only.If you have any innovative readymade projects kindly send the demo version login details along with the above four. It can be desktop or web application. Any applications on bar code or RFID are most urgent. Dont just bid, casually. Only ready to deliver projects need to apply for bidding.

After viewing your application, we will travel to your place and will finalize the deal within 24 hours. Hope we can mutually benefit on a long term basis.

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