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5.5" X 8.5" Trade Paper Back Full Color Book Cover

This is a cover for a cancer survivor book. Short-run, offset and LSI file preparation required. Front cover, spine and back cover – bar codes provided.
Thank you.

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Template 1

I need template as per our talk and

1) reference link is

2) No need to make logo just integrated with word with color combination word "fundraisingscript"

3) just take all the feature in home page design

4) i wan to see your creativity so i am not going to give my color choice make what you like


Term & Condition:
We expect you to design with unlimited revisions, legal right of the images used, full copyrights.By placing a bid, automatically confirms that you have read and accepted the terms.

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Animated Bucket Filling Controlled By 2 Parameters

I need an animation that will be able to be deployed in the iPhone / iPad (therefore, NO FLASH) that will show a bucket empty, and shaded by a color (parameter controlled) which should be similar but not exactly like the image attached. I am open to all visual representations that work on the devices specified below. I then need this bucket to slowly fill up by the image becoming a darker shade of the original color – in a way that easily can be seen as the bucket being filled with a liquid of the same color (only darker). The speed of it filling up will be dictated by a single numeric parameter increasing.

At the beginning of the animation, the user would set the COLOR parameter by hexidecimal or HTML color code. The user would set the FILL parameter with a single number to represent the "FULL" state (100%) of the bucket. The animation program would begin with the bucket at 0% full, and then it would fill the animated bucket with the color change as the FILL parameter changes or increases value.

If the FILL Parameter gets OVER the FULL state (more than 100%), then the animation should slowly and proportionally show the color liquid overflowing – first down the side of the bucket, and then filling an area around the bottom of the bucket.

There is free code for how this is done on the net – but I have no idea if this works:

This must work on a web page, and on an iPhone / iPad – even if we need separate code to do so.

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T Shirt Design Modifications


I have a single t shirt design that needs updating to 4 color image and matching left chest hit…

The current design is in 2 color mostly lettering related to the hunting industry with a single image (that needs to be higher quality). I need it updated to a 4 color design (HQ). Lettering is in 2 colors with stroke/ borders to separate colors and 1 image (1 color- needs updating).

There are 3 "layouts" for this shirt.

The difference is in 1 word in the design… example "This" type of hunter, "That" type of hunter, "These" type of hunters….

I own these designs (3 with 1 image in common) and need them updated to higher quality.

3 Designs total (changing 1 word to make 3 different designs), 1 left chest hit with logo (have sample for template- just need it to "match" back design), and 1 "hunter" image that needs updating to 4 color (higher quality) style design that is common to all t shirt designs in this "series".

No google images.

Sample images:

1 image used with 3 "word" designs…..

Project should be completed in full color, full size, in file formats to accomodate separation for screenprinting, etc…

Please include samples of work. No samples=deleted



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Change Colors Of My WordPress Theme

Thank you for taking the time to look at this project i need someone to be able to change the color scheme of my wordpress theme. My website is at I would like the colors to match the color scheme of I need this done in a timely fashion and i am willing to pay $30 for completed project if you are able to do this for the price stated I will have more projects for you in the future. once again thank you for taking the time to look at this project.

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Steganography Application

I need a steganography software that could embed hidden message and retrieve data. The cover image must be in JPEG and it must be good quality after the embedding process.

The method that must be done within this project is spread spectrum. Besides, I need a tutorial on this steganography as Im a newbie in this field.

additional info:
I need a big help in learning advanced color theory, compression techniques and various image formats, sot his qualifications are:

-experience in advanced image processing
-strong knowledge in coding and color theory
-experience in steganography
-teaching must be done in C/C++/C#

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Template Modification, Css Change, Button Change

Hello all hope you are doing well.

I have a project that needs to be change in css, background color, some images. I have html files. just need to change css, bg color, bg image, banner, inner page button color. One template. 10 version I need.

My budget is not too much now. If you complete with proper time line I will give you or award you more 10 template same changes. So you have lots of work coming up.

I have 2 food ordering site project which will be in PHP or open source. Just after this project i will post this one. Another android application project i have.

My budget right now for one template is USD 35 to 40. You can easily complete one template within 1 day. Then rest 9 template i will give you.

But if you complete this by tomorrow or day after tomorrow I will give you more 9 template. I am looking for good designer team or freelancer who can deliver very fast. Because all the template must be complete within 7 to 10 days from now.

I will send you html file psd in inbox.

Happy bidding!!!! Please bid me per template cost.


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Photo Edit (colors Only)

I have a PR picture for an employee. Id like the color of his jacket darkened, the color of the shirt changed to ivory and the color of his tie changed to black.

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Private Project For RTzine – Website Migration

Move contents of old hosting account to a new hosting provider
move website to a new domain
upload products to magento shopping cart, i have the csv file, I only want an item to appear only once even though there are different color varieties. The customer will choose the color on the product details page
install blog on a subdirectory of the site

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Video SlideShow Addon-3 (Text In Alpha Box)

I want to add another function to my existing software.
The way the font shows up, you cant really see it.
Is it possible to give a box behind the text so the text:
a) is floating within the image, and
b) the box behind the text is a black color but with an opacity of maybe 70%?
It would be good if we could have this and, if the user can select the color of the background
hope its clear 🙂
this project is reserved for ineedWorkJob

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Prestashop Default Theme 1.4 (color Change)

I need a small modification of the default theme in prestashop 1.4.
Want to change color from white to black and gray on the default theme in prestashop 1.4

I have a working example of the theme i want on a prestashop 1.3.7 website.(theme used is et-black ps 1.3)
Allsow have 13 small HTML Validation errors in 3 modules that i wanted to get fixed at the same time if possible.

Hoping to get this done without paying to mutch 🙂

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Design 3 Kindle Book Covers

I am looking for someone who can design 3 Kindle book covers.

These covers are for Self Help books. The covers will have a simple
background with the focus on the text. And the designs have to stand
out well as thumbnails when listed on

Each cover needs to be unique rather than be variations on the same
theme with only a change of text.

I am not looking for work that looks like it was produced by an ebook cover

Here is the description of the technical requirements as provided by Amazon:

"Amazon KDP accepts two types of files for cover images:

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Wedding Gowns Website

I want a website similar to with a small twist.
The only difference that I want in my site is I want people to be able to list and sell everything BUT wedding gowns and wedding rings for sale for free. But to list the wedding gowns and rings then I want to charge a one time $25 dollar fee.
I want to be able to have a cms system in place so once site is created I can EASILY go into the back end to make small changes etc.
I want the site to be a light blue color like color used on mixed with a pink like the one used on
But overall i want the site look and feel to be like but of course different enough to where i dont look like i have that site!

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Color Changes Facebook Link And Small Design 1 Page

Hi i need some small color changes on 1 page of my site also face book link and very small design work IE small box coloerd in

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I need a WordPress-based website with a design to match our sample. It should look elegant and professional. Needs a design and functionality. 5 pages and one contact page with form to start. Top menu design with option for drop-down menu. Also require a banner rotation on the home page administered from WP dashboard.

SEO important, Google Analytics, Newsletter function.

WordPress will be installed by us.

will require a custom WordPress theme.

The website should NOT look like a blog site.
Logo will be provided.

This is the current website:

want it to look somewhat like: but with more silver color.
so it will be center fixed width with drop-shadow effect to push the center up
and combination of blue, silver and black color (black is the least used color in the theme design)

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Category, Product, Custom Product Customisation


Im planning to sell custom car mats online. Please see for reference.

I need someone to create the menu on the left, create the structure for the categories, products and a form for refining the product.

After selecting vehicle type within the menu, the product refining page will be presented as follows: (mostly like except the step sequence is changed)

Step 1
Select Range- (Standard Carpet, Delux Carpet, Heavy Duty Rubber, Super Delux Carpet, Ultra Delux Carpet)

Step 2
Select Color- (Color varies on range selection) (Do not display if Heavy Duty Rubber is selected)

Step 3
Select Trim Type- (Plain cloth Trim, Two Tone Trim, Leatherette Trim)- (Do not display if Heavy Duty Rubber is selected)

Step 4
Select Trim Color-(This depend

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Image Editing

I have furniture set images, and I want changes in that images like the suitable color of wall, suitable flooring tiles, and want to add some interior objects like – Lamp, watch, Wall paintings, mats, flour pot etc. I want higher quality work, images should be look realistic, and original, must be have 3d effects, color sense.

20 Images want to be edited,
I will prefer those designer who can edit 1 image for sample

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CSS And Tables Display

I would like a CSS created for my site which will work across all browsers and mobile platforms and is visually appealing. I have a lot of tables in my web pages and would like the colored cells in each cell to be referenced back to a single CSS for colors and formatting. I would like my tables to be displayed in such a manner that the columns are sortable, rows alternate in color, and highlight on hover. I do not want a proprietary method that requires extra software or additional DLLs. You can view my site at and for mobile

The deliverables are:
1.) A single CSS file that can be referenced on all of my pages that is visually appealing and conforms to Web 2.0 standards.
2.) A method which displays my tables in a manner as to allow user to click to sort on columns, alternating color on rows, and on hover color change on row
3.) You will update 8 of my pages (4 non-mobile, 4 mobile) with the new table method and CSS

My site uses .aspx, SQL 2005.

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Magento Site Needs Online Picture Framing

Develop or supply an add-on to my Magento site to include online picture framing.
Similar sites,,, or,

Features to include:

1) Give the customer the ability to select an image from available works of art or
digital art from different categories.
2) Links to include a (See It framed) option, Then select a picture frame profile from different categories.
ie: style, color, width, etc. up to 20 profiles; Initially and I have the ability to add more through admin
3) Adjust color of wall background with a slider Widget passing through a the color spectrum
4) Adjust color of mat with a slider Widget passing through a the color spectrum.
5) Option to select a Mat and frame. Chose to Select mat type, and chose Select Mate and frame type. etc.
6) Option to select only a frame, Frame type wood, metal, Frame hangers
7) Select a mat/border for the frame (this goes inside the frame and has a cut out section for where the picture is).
8) Adjust size of mat/border – Slider Wiget to adust mat
9) Adjust shape of mat/border – slider wiget to adust ,mat height and width.
10) Option of a second or third mat/border or no mat/border from different categories such as: color, fabric, etc.
11) Ability to crop picture
12) I have the option to add more mat colors from admin
13) Produce a cost with all options. (Cost is based on size of the work of art or digitial prints)
14) Add a comment section
15) Ability to then add the final product to the shopping cart and purchase it or edit the wall color, frame, mat or
glass options until happy
16) I have the option to add and remove frames and mat colors from the Admin back-end.

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Flash Banner For Finance Company

I need a flash banner for greenvaultmoney dot com site. Disregard the present banner.

contents will be provided color should be the dark green which is being used in site.

the banner theme should be something like the solid forex graph(dark green color) fluctuating with some titles and then goes high when green vault name comes in.

look and feel of the graph should be same as the picture shown under menu Services ->Global Equities page in our site.

little urgent and the rewarded person will get more future works.

Cheap and Best bidders will be preferred. serious bidders only

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Zen Cart Product Template

I want my product page attributes to work like the link below. Where if you select a color it will show the color you select and so on.

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Need Web Designer And Photoshop

Looking for an experienced web designer ,who must know Photoshop very well.

I have a new website template – I want to edit there few thing .. like few image / logo are not clear , so, u have to make it clear using Photoshop …….. and the website text color is brown – I want to make it black ( only text color) and also put some payment proof and few extra image.

Its only 30 min job – very easy to do. So, please bid here with reasonable quote.

Happy Biding.

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Shopperpress Design

Need someone to upload and design my shopperpress template, I will do the content.
Just add upload shopperpress I will send file, add photoslider, change background color, body color, font color, and add header.

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PHP Function To Dynamically Create A Color Scheme Image

Our website is

We allow users to build color palettes, then we dynamically turn those color palettes into an image for them to share.

You can see an example using simple squares here –

We would like to allow the users to create fancier images to share their color palettes. Right now we are running a contest at in order to get a nice color palette template. You can see the entries here –

For this project, you would create a function that dynamically builds a color palette image, starting with the template.

The function would accept the following parameters.
1. List of palette hex colors
2. Background hex color
3. Image Size

The function would start with the color palette template, then dynamically switch out the colors to create a new image using the palette colors passed in. The function would set the background color to the one specified in the parameters and would size the image according to the image size parameters passed in.

Depending on the template that we choose, the Hex colors may need to be dynamically added to the image along side of their respective colors.

The function would then return a PNG image to be displayed on a webpage.

We would like for this function to be created using PHP and PHP Libraries if all possible. We are using Dreamhost as our webhost and may be limited on what technology we can use.

We would need to know how you intend to create this function. And we would also need to know what image file types would be required in order to complete this project. We can ask the 99designers to give us an SVG file, if that would help. Also note, that an image could have from 1 to 6 possible colors in a palette. Also, we may choose a palette which could theoretically have unlimited number of colors in the palette.

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Add A Color Option To Amazon Item Page

I need a skilled programmer to add an color option in my amazon product.
For example, I sell a product which has different color in the same price on I need to add a color option for user to choose which color to buy.

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Need 3 Icons Created

We need 3 icons created with a bubble, spherical look. We will provide you with color scheme for the background color and you can choose the rest for yourself. Here are the topics:

– Webhosting
– Merchant services
– Domains

We will provide you with a look of the rest of the page design so you can get an idea of colors and overall look. We need this done TODAY, Sunday. NO EXCUSES so those who are motivated and want to secure longer term work will make themselves available for today. The job should not take long for someone who is good. You MUST put relevant work in your PM, not just general webdesign or or reused icon stock

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