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Website Home Page Visual Comp & Web Style Guie

Hi all.

I have a set of wireframes and a new product. I will be using BigCommerce for the implementation of my store. I have a developer who will help me with the tricky build parts but am looking for a designer to provide me with;

* 1 x visual comp of the home page (based on the wireframe layout & packaging design)
* A background pattern for the website (I have a pattern which will need to be manipulated for this)

* Colours (primary, secondary, tertiary etc and any acceptable shades there of in RGB, CYMK & Hex- these can be pulled out from our existing packaging)
* Typography/typefaces (this can be pulled from the packaging)
* Styles (colours, font face, colours etc) for page titles, headers 1-5, para, tables, links, hovers, visited colours, buttons, forms, etc – basically the CSS elements (the designer will need to make sure these all work together on the page)

I have an very rough mockup of the page layout already to give the designer an idea of what I want. This job is really just to refine it and specify the elements for the CSS so the developer can continue to work.

Thanks for your time

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Website Design

I need a website deisgned for my PHOTOGRAPHY business. It should contain basic information about me, my passion and my contacts. This website should allow for customer photos to be loaded on and clicked on but NOT printed or copied. I will require an arvice library and no more than 8-10 pages. I will also require the ability to export a customer contact list to an excel spreadsheet. The customers will need to be able to utilise a contact and Request for busines or Quote form. The customer will need to be able to email me . Iwant the pages to be clean, simplicitic but professional.

This is a brand new website. I would like a LOGO done with colours for my business. I like BLACK with contrasting BRIGHT vibrant colours… (NO PINKS, NO PURPLES)

I want my website to be searchable on Google/yahoo is anyone is searching for a photography in my area.

You should have experience in designing photography websites. Experience with search engine optimization is an added plus.

Experience in the CORPORATE and SPORTING sector is a bonus.

I would like to have this up and running in 4 weeks if possible. However I will not sacrifce quality for deadline commitment.

Examples of current work sites for evidence of experience is desirable.

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Merge Columns Of Data In Excel

We have an excel file that needs modifications.

It looks like this:

SPC Brand Code Colour Code
[spc] [level_3] [colour_code]
2000 GILDAN 32
2000 GILDAN 32
2000 GILDAN 32
2000 GILDAN 32
2000 GILDAN 32
2000 GILDAN 32
2000 GILDAN 30
2000 GILDAN 30
2000 GILDAN 30
2000 GILDAN 30
2000 GILDAN 30
2000 GILDAN 30
2000 GILDAN 03
2000 GILDAN 03

we need it to be formatted like this:

SPC Colour Merge

2000 <img src="images/colours/GILDAN/GILDAN-32.jpg><img src="images/colours/GILDAN/GILDAN-30.jpg><img src="images/colours/GILDAN/GILDAN-03.jpg><img src="images/colours/GILDAN/GILDAN-04.jpg>

Unique SPC

If you think you can do this project then please bid for an hours or twos work and we can discuss further in PM

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I have an osc site amd want to chang box colours, text tyes and colours and also the banner, i have a banner designed which needs to replace the existing one. i will release milestone payments when each task is completed eg banner, boxes, text

please only bid if you know how to work osc

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Affirmation – Quote Design

Hi there,

I am looking to get two quotes written in lovely typography and possibly incorporating icons/symbols into the design. I imagine the finished product could be a pdf around about 20cm x 25cm

The quotes I am looking to have designed are:

Quote number 1 – preferred colours – lime/light green and white on a white background.
I like a font like this:

Those who matter dont mind, those who mind dont matter – Dr Suess

Quote number 2 – preferred colours – rainbow colours in the font, or gold? on a white background
I like a font like this:

Gratitude is the Attitude

thanks very much,


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Sock Designs

50 different sock designs are required.

Limited to 20 colours of designers choice for all 50 designs. We are after bright, fun colours.

Examples of designs we need are:

The designs we require need to be brights, fun and funky.

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Photo Editing – Change Colours And Surfaces In Photo


We need the colour of the leather areas on the underside and in the top plate of the computer changed in these photos:

The new colours we need are these:

Can you help us? If you have additional questions do get in touch with our company.

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High End Ecommerce Customisation- Vipmerv – ONLY

To customise our ecommerce shop to the colours and layout around our business colours etc.

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Bug Fix In Php Code

This is a very small job. I have a PHP shopping cart page. When the products are displayed there is a drop down box for colour which is pulled from a database. This works fine but when the add to cart button is clicked it comes back to the category it was in (which is correct) but the drop down box loses its content (colours). If the page is manually refreshed the colours reappear. I need this fixed asap.

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Urgent Job Take Over

Hey looking for 9 charactors to be drawn
I have detailed charactor descriptions as well as samples of the style the charactors need to match
Had someone else on it but after 12 days have only seen a sample of 1 charactor so please no time wasters
I am not interested in choosing a pre drawn characters that have nothing to do with the ones we need

Sinders pig needs to be a female and probably a lot
more porkier and cuter and on all fours with a tiara maybe with pink
fluffy boots with small pompoms and long lashes. She sees herself as a
fashionista pig but daddies litle princess

Agent Om and Agent Roose are the Magpie which is a black and white bird
bird who is an fb1 type bird. think american fb1 agent MEN IN BLACK or
the mean dude in the matrix dark sunglasses white shirt and tie and black

Elephant a female pretty and pretty fat on all fours, think jumbo, She
hangs out in the forest and is friends with Aussie Possum and Eme U. She
is like the female version of Eddy Murphy ummm maybe Whoopie Goldberg

Eme U, keeping the colours closer to emus actual colours eg beak, legs
body also extening the slight backend slightly so and arent they pretty
shaggy on the back end, she is middle age and wise a bit of a mother hen

Tem the tuatara and he is the mayor of Jollywood, he is like the
godfather and when he speaks noone but a mexican worm can understand him.
he is big and fat

A human old man, grumpy with grey tuffs of hair around the ears but bald
on top and round rimmed spectacles with a rather large butterfly net,
dressed in explorer outfit, think Gargamel from the smurfs in a safai suit

Arnie who is a buffed ape who wear track pants and runners with a singlet
top and a whistle around his neck think planet of the apes crossed with
Arnold Swaerzenager (not sure hom to spell his name)

Doctor Fred is an optomotrist Kangaroo and has a pair of eye doctar pull
together glasses around his neck and those big google type things on the
top of his head pulled up from his eyes and a white coat with a name badge
saying Dr Fred

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We are non-profitable Christian organisation having website. We are doing some changes in website like going to static pages into dynamic pages in (JSP, Tomcat). Developer doing coding on that but I need some ONE with creative mind to change the site index page and other pages with nice colours and tabs.
1. I need someone with java background and want to create good looking tabs with drop down menus with nice colours preferably black and blue but its optional for u. we created some more tabs and drop down menus apart from what u will see in website.
2. I need my daddy picture in back ground as an image like water mark in main index page. (More or like if u open u will see the images in the back of the page).
3. I want to change the my banner name(JAYASHALI.TV) with nice font and design AND colour.

We got 2 websites and need to change tabs and back groud colours in both websites. have a look.
We are going to live on 1st of November so anybody if interested to provide me before that please bid.

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Icon Set Design

Require a set of web icons with the following:
Telephone icons, similar to these:
Need these in the following sizes:
24×24 and 32×32.
Doesnt need to have the 3D shadow.

Also, require the same set of colours with a "user" instead of phone.
For this, please provide 3 options to choose from.

Also, same set of colours with "number keypad" instead of phone.
For number keypad, its just a grid of 9 squares (3×3)

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Ego Clothing

I am developing a new website with the Mynxx template from but have limited knowledge so need help with customisation.

We have around 100 designs that we would like to make available in the store, and each of these designs can be printed onto around 18 different styles, in varying ranges of colours. i.e. the unisex tee comes in 26 colours, the toddler tees come in 4 different colours and our baby range is white or natural only. All up, there are 96 different colour variations across all styles, and it is obviously not ideal for us to load in 96 different styles in different colours for each design as it would produce a store with 9,600 products. That isnt even taking into account variations in size.

Our current website achieves this, by requiring the customer to select a style, which then re-populates the list of colours available and sizes it is available in. In Virtuemart, you are able to create attributes for each product (which in our case is a design), but there currently isnt a way to repopulate the fields based on first selection.

The second step would be to change the image based on the selection, which I think is achieved through javascript?

We would like to offer a Daily Deal tee, at a heavily discounted price for 24 hours. This would need to include a countdown timer and the ability to load multiple products into a queue so that we didnt have to do it every day.

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PHP Shopping Cart Modification

I have a php shopping cart. At the moment There is a static page with a list of categories. Each category has its own php page. I want to just have one php page that changes depending on the product category selected.
So instead of viewcata.php and viewcatb.php we will have viewproducts.php and this will change dynamically depending on category selected.

The second thing is that each category of products comes in various colours but the colours are different for each category. For example Category 1 comes in Red and Blue, Category 2 comes in Yellow, Black and Blue. At the moment the list of products on each category page is in a long list with an add to cart button beside it.
What I want is for the products to be listed in size order e.g. 12 14 16 18
I will do a mock screen of the layout of this page but the list of products will have a quantity box beside each product, beside this I want a drop down box showing the available colours for this category so for category 2 above the drop down box will show Yellow Black and Blue. The user can then select what colour they want and then add to cart.
Also before the list of products I want to show a thumbnail of each of the colours. Again I will show a mock screen of how I want the page to look.

There is a facility to add a product which will need to be amended to cater for the above.

I can make whatever change is required to the mysql database.

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Online Store Hacks And Mods (Prestashop)

1.) I have a topmenu mod installed, I would like you to improve its loading state! As when it loads it looks terrible, I would like the loading of the css to be done in its containter!

2.) Many of my products come in various colours, and I dont want to duplicate these products I would like them as one. So would like a mod creating, where you have colour swatches in the product list rather than clicking on the actual products to find out it has many colours.

3.) Prestashop has a colour picker, which allows you to display images of the colours as opposed to a drop down menu. I would like a second one implementing for sizes!

4.) On the product page, I have a colour picker active and would like it so when you click a colour then it has a tick image over so the customer is aware they have selected their colour!

5.) I would like the label on the login page, to be styled the same the labels on the registration pages to keep the site uniformed!

6.) In the categories I would like the pagination sorting as when on the 1st page the previous button is visible would like it to not be visable and likewise when on the last page the next button is visible!

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PSD Designer – Sunflower Ilustration. Must Be VERY Artistic

Need someone to do an extremely fast turnaround on a PSD design for a wordpress powered site. Must be artistic – budget $50 (using attached images – sunflower theme – you do not need to use all the images but use them to create an artistic design)

Client likes the following:
Like the way the text is blocked into a white page to sit ontop of the backgorund image. I don

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Graphic Design – For A4 Colour Leaflet


we need a designer to bring together an A4 leaflet .

Our budget for this initial project is $30 …. bidders should be willing to show rough mock up
and make any minor changes required prior to final approval

The leaflet is made up of our logos – text and 2/3 photographs.

we are producing a double sided A4 leaflet – full colour
and it has to meet standard UK print house conditions .

The specification that has been sent to us is laid out below.

I will send a word document with a rough outline of what we need to interested bidders.

Previous experience or proof of similar project work would be preferred.


File Formats
Although we can accept artwork in many other formats (see acceptable programs), our preferred file formats are (in order of preference):

Corel Draw 8,9,10 or 11
Freehand 8, 9 or 10
Photoshop file at 300dpi scaled to the exact size of your finished item, with an additional 3mm all the way around if bleed is required.

Setting of Colours and Image Sizes
If you are supplying artwork to be printed in Full Colour (CMYK), please ensure that ALL images, text and other design elements have colours set to CMYK palette and do not contain RGB or Pantone colours.

Similarly, if you are providing artwork to be printed using Pantone Colours (i.e. any other product not printed Full Colour), please choose the Pantone colours you require and set all text and other design elements to those specific colours. There should be no part of your artwork file still set to CMYK or RGB. Please ensure that there are only as many Pantone colours used in the document as you are paying for. (Normally either one or two). We will print your job in the Pantone colours specified in your document unless you advise differently.

All non-vector images (e.g. photos) should be converted to bitmaps at 100% scaling and 300dpi resolution. This means a photo you want to appear on your finished printing at 10cm x 6cm must be set to the exact same size inside your Corel Draw or Freehand document – and have a resolution of 300dpi.

Layout and Bleed
Please set the page size of your document to the exact correct size as follows:
A4 leaflets should be 210mm x 297mm

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Categorising Images By Their Dominant Colours

Im looking to categorise some photographs by their dominant colours. I will have a folder containing a number of images. I then want to have somewhere to define a list of colours to look for, and then have the code go through all the photos, see what the dominant colours are, and then output a list of the photos and the name of the colour groupings that most closely match that photo to &lt;STDOUT&gt;.

A colour grouping is one or more RGB values. So a colour grouping may simply be a defined green, in which case photos that are mostly green should be tagged with that, or a colour grouping may be two colours, red and green, and photos which are mostly red and green should be tagged as that.

If a photo matches more than one colour grouping (its red and green, so it matches a red, a green and a red and green grouping) then thats fine. Just output all that.

It may be good to have some thresholds too, to output a numerical value of how close it is, in case it matches two colour groupings, then I can decide which one to use by whichever is the closest.

The app needs to run on a Linux server from the command line. Id like if it was written in Perl at best (as thats my preferred language), but really any language is fine as long as its fast. And if its going to use some external software to help (such as ImageMagick etc) then that should be easily installable on Debian. Im happy to follow any instructions to get something going on my own servers.

Itll need a config file, so, in hash/dictionary terms something like this I guess, to give you an idea…

{ colours =&gt; [ [ 255,0,0 ] ], name =&gt; &quot;red&quot; },
{ colours =&gt; [ [ 255,255,0 ]], name =&gt;&quot;yellow&quot; },
{ colours =&gt; [ [ 255, 0, 0 ], [ 0, 0, 255 ] ], name =&gt; &quot;redandgreen&quot; },

So really I just want to be able to cd into the folder of photos, run the command, and have it spit out its output.

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