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Various Website Fixes

Need help with making website fixes. Need a bit more color and some adjustments with alignment, etc.

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Need A Website Optimized

I need a website optimized. Need to pull traffic to the site. Please have search engine optimization skills. Need someone with previous experience optimizing websites. I will give the selected provider more details.

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Copy Of The BBC Website Homepage

I require (for a non-commerical learning site) a webpage that looks and feels exactly feels like the home page.

I need it as a Classic ASP webpage and callable Ajax (javascript) to another Classic ASP script to save the drag movements – writing to a cookie for each portlet position is fine so that the initial page can build the portlets correctly for the next time it runs.

The initial script must specifically ;
1.have portlet sections that can be dragged and dropped as smoothly and slickly as the website page.
– that sections can be easily moved around and do not need an exact position for the drag facility to work – unlike other jquery examples that can be found around the web.

2.exactly the same CSS setup is needed; so that the mouse over of the dragable [top] part of each portlet is highlighted with the portlet border.

3.that portlets can be collapsed and expanded with the triangle at the top left of each portlet (next to the portlet title). The collapse and expand must be with the same slick (prototype) animation effect.

4.Where two types of portlets are provided in the final delivery one where there is an EDIT option and one without. The EDIT option (see BBC site for example) will animate a section opening up that will present check box options for that portlet.

5.For each section drag and drop it must save the portlet section position with a Classic ASP cookie (from an Ajax Call) so that on the next reload it will be positioned exactly how it was left.

6.Each portlet must have curved corners in the same way as the website – no curved graphics just javascript or CSS to curve them so that portlets can be created easily after the project without any need for anything outside of the project delivery.

Although the colours shown on the example attached document are green and magenta, the site must have CSSs in the same way as the BBC site so that they can be tailored using the Customise this Page ptions:

Drag and Drop operation
The drag is easy to use for non-technical users, it highlights the area that it is coming from with a subtle grey area with white dotted border

And the moving of portlets to the new position shows the same subtle highlighted area.
Where a Drag operation is not completed it must return to the original position in the same animated tween effect as the current BBC site.

Documentation needed:
I will need an overview document explaining how the elements of the site has been put together so that I can understand it and change it where needbe – specifically the jquery/prototype functionality and how to adjust it if needbe (e.g. size, speed of drag, speed of drop, CSS details etc). I am a proficient Classic ASP coder so I do not need much about that.

Other Notes
Deliverable files should be uncompressed ASP, html, CSS, Javascript etc so that I can work through things clearly and easily.

This is not to be sold on or used in any commercial way so I think that means that if you need to use the actual BBC website CSS, JQuery etc then this will not compromise any license issues that they have. This is for a learning exercise.

The pages must be able to work on [primarily] Microsoft IE (8 and above) but also Firefox.

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Payment Module For Os-commerce For A New Payment System

We have a new payment system and we will need a new payment module for OS-Commerce shopping system.

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B2B Website

I need b2b website, similar to alibaba. All the functions must be the same, accepting few modifications. Send me the list of features included to your offer. Only serious bidders please. Send me examples of your similar work.

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Fairly Simple Website

I need a website that is very similar to Of course, it will be customized to my business, but this is the general idea. There are only four pages. I can provide the text for the four pages, the logos, and the pictures of the products.

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Need A Website Similar To This

Hello guys ,

I need a person who can design a site similar to this .

Its a surf site and this is the job given to my clients , i need a home page site and this page as my sub page . Some codings has to be done regarding how much percentage we should pay the workers etc . Please register and see the backend of the coding page how this company has did .

This site is not that much attractive . I need attractive site with same concept .

Please do contact me with your messenger id if you are willing to do

Payment : 30$ via paypal as soon site is completed

This is the payment for just this trial website . AFter that we will pay you good amount for each site . WE are a company and need more sites every month. So first let us see how u do with this trial website . WE are paying for trial website too !!!


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Need A Good Writer From India

S | Reviews

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need a good writer from India  

need a good writer from India is project number 953704
posted at Click here to post your own project.





Selected Providers:

Budget: $30-$250 USD

Created: 02/18/2011 at 0:24 EST

Bid Count: 0

Average Bid:

02/23/2011 at 0:24 EST
(4d 23h left)
Project Creator:

Employer Rating: (No Feedback Yet)



It may prove a longterm opportunity.

this time I require 40 articles (words will vary between 350 – 600)
I can pay $30-$50 for this job. Depending upon the quality. ( no bargain )

I need 2 content writer with very good writing skills. The topics will vary from time to time.
(SEO promotional reviews and product description)

need to start ASAP. Must be able to deliver 1500 words in a day.
400, 500, 350, 600 words articles according to demand. ( 100% original content, copy-scape proof and informative)

The payment will be one week after reviewing the work. (please do not ask for any advance payment)

The work is Urgent and I need someone who can start right now.
Rest of the details will be provided in PMB after going through your bids.

I may ask you to submit a small sample of your writing on a topic provided by me.
Time wasters are not required. Quality and timely completion of job is all i need.

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WordPress Menu Styling

I need a dynamic menu to match the style of another dynamic menu on my website

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Website For Tournament Based Online Gaming.

Im looking for a website to be created for an online tournament based gaming league. This project would include but not limited to:
-register and log-in to accounts
-create profiles and teams once logged in. Also be able to "manage" teams, and other information through being logged in.
-bracketing and ladder system through a point system in which teams win/lose and move up and down.
-different sections of the website would have to be for different games, tournaments, and ladders.

That would be the basic idea of what I need. I can also give examples of websites that have similar things that I would like this website to incorporate. This should be a super simple project. Bonuses and other work may be offered if the job is completed with diligence and high quality.

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Need A Website Based Upon 2 Existing Sites

I need a complete website/online mall. Very similar to and/or The Header information would be customized as would any contact information. I basically need all the same functionality of these two sights. 1)I also need to be able to replicate this page through the use of subdomains with a unique url extension according to the clients needs. 2) must be able to edit the header box to customize it to my clients logo or brand/colors. 3) The sight needs a way to sign up unique users and be able to individually track their links/purchases. 4) Also needs to have the ability to accept donations through a merchant account. We will need to know how to upload the site, and edit the site as often the merchants change their terms or run specials and we need to be able to convery this quickly to our subscriber base. Also, would like a toolbar for use on Firefox and Internet Explorer, so clients can be signed in at all times while making web-based purchases through contracted providers. Would like to see categories laid out (they may also be customized). If all goes well, Id eventually like to have smartphone apps added so clients may still receive the benefit of his her account via mobile web. This is a start up operation and as such, has a very limited/restricted budget. If you need more information, please respond.

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Need Website And Articles

Need website and lot of articles similar to this site –, please reply with the service which you can provide and no. days to finish the project….

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Jquery Expert Needed Urgently!

I need any jquery expert for my website.
more information as details.

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Need Nop Commerce 1.6 Xml Importer

We require the following:
* ability to import xml in nop commerce 1.6 using the same format as it outputs.
* documentation regarding where code is changed or replaced and any information on database usage required by the code you use to do this.

Example of how it outputs can be seen the BusinessLogic library (ExportImport directory) source files.
e.g. ExportManager.cs, ImportManager.cs

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Need Website Designed

I am looking for a web site designer to create a site that looks similar to this:

I need to know what the cost will be and how long the project should take. In addition, I need to know what application(s) the design would require.

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I Need A Website Similar To Etsy

Looking for someone who has experience or has previously built a marketplace-type or Etsy-type web site.

The web site will have a shopping cart foundation (you can consider using open source shopping carts like Magento as your foundation). Key features to have:
1. multi-storefront, for different vendors.
2. centralized/consolidated shopping cart for entire web site
3. core features available on Etsy

I am looking for someone who has experience in building a site like above, if you have built something similar you will know what I am looking for. If you have something that you built in the past, I would like to see a demo and preferably ask you to simply customize it to fit my needs/requirements.

I am open to have a .NET solution or a PHP-based solution, as long as the web site is solid and you are available for future support on the web site.

Please PM me a demo if you have built something similar.

Thank you.

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Need Website For Rating Songs

I need a website created that will rank songs by artists based upon a thumbs up or thumbs down rating. The entire website will be organized by genre of music, then artists, then youll be able to see which songs are the highest rated by each artist. Let me know some of your ideas on how to set this up.

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I Need A Simple Website For A Popular T.v. Show

I need someone to build me a website from a popular USA T.V. show thats airing now.
Let me know if you are interested ,then I will give you further details.

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Company Website Designing And Developing

We need a website designed and developed (preferably in wordpress or Joomla). the website is for a designing company. the company offers 5 different services. i would like to show all 5 services on home page (just part of it). i need beautiful top banners preferably changing. i will also require a Request a Quote Form.

You will be provided with the text. you will use your own images.

the company offers following services.

Graphics Designing
Web Designing
Web Development
Search Engine Optimization
Copy writing and Ad Management

If you do a good job with this project obviously you will be my first contact for all the projects that i get i here. best price with quality samples will win you the project.

Please send mock ups for the above mentioned company. please do not bother to bid if you are not willing to create mock ups and share with me. Best mock up will win the project.

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I Need A Website Similar To

I need a website like

if you can make ever aspect of the site like fiverr then bid, if you cant then dont bid.

im sure you all know so i dont think i need to say anything else, i just want a site exactly like it, of course the layout may be a little different and pricing structure would have to allow for $5 – $100 and not just 5

if you can do this contact me and let me know what your cost will be

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Need A Website For Selling Sports Merchandise

An ebay type sports merchandise website is required with pics and features and payment gateway etc.

There has to be a section for articles and the main body will contain the pics and features. Please bid if you can integrate the shopping cart and the payment gateway

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Website Development Task For Orfejzarada

We need to design a website and we want to get this task done from Mr. Orfejzarada.

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Website Development

I need someone to upload content into my website and later work on the design and development.

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Need A Website

I need a website with hosting.
i have already one but this one had problem.. so, this time i need website without any problem in future..
and that should be must good looking..
pls bid here whom have good reviews..also pm me with ur best prices..and how long it takes to make..i need some urgent..

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I Need Someone To Copy And Paste Links From Warez Forums.

I need to someone to find a list of Items I give you from various warez forums places where you can download software,MUSIC, movies …ect. All you gotta do is find the links and copy and paste into a notepad and send it to me.

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