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E-Commerce Website Using Vendio Platform – Read Requirements

Please read requirements carefully and bid accordingly!

I currently have a website using the Vendio platform – which is a free online store platform. My website address is I simply need to make it look better and add some functionality like links to facebook, twitter, blog, newsletter. Keep in mind that this is not a E-commerce project with integrated shopping cart – Vendio already provides that. I simply need to make the site look better and add functionality. Here is the short vendio tutorial on how to build/incorporate a custom template in their platform You could skip to the final page on how to create custom template. It is really easy.

Listed below is the added functionality I need for the website:

1. I need facebook and twitter links

2. I need a blog created and link for it along with an rss feed through feedburner.

3. I need a newsletter sign up similar to or has at the bottom

4. It is a jewelry website so Id like the overall look to be elegant, simple, and clean. Here are a few examples I like

Please attach some examples of your e commerce, website design, and logo work.

Please bid accurately. I would like to get this newly designed site up within 14 days maximum.

Thank you in advance.

04/05/2011 at 13:05 EDT:

Note: this is a template needed – not an e-commerce site built from ground up. read the doc

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DotNetNuke Business Skin For Business Presentation WebSite

I am looking for a web designer to implement a clean, simple, business skin for a DNN site.
Skin should specifically exclude any not necessary items such as social networks references, 3-rd party add space (such as Google or other exchange systems).
Design should allow multi-language versions selection (for the versions set in the backweb as available), clean business menus (dynamical and allowing nice layout for at least 2 levels), a set of custom flash banners on the site thematic (enterprise infrastructure IT projects).
Design background should be WHITE, main colour of design artifacts (lines, menus, partial area background, etc.) is preferred to be blue.
Please observe existing company logo and visual identity on the web site
Existing content (which is in-hose design from scratch, not DNN) should go as a link from the presentation site.
An ideal result would look much like this site which can be taken as reference (especially for menu, flash and organization) –
For integration reasons we can only accept DNN Skin projects. Please do not send proposals for any other technology.

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Make A Presentation For Website

I want a Presentation made for my SEO Website
As an example see this video: www(DOT)wisdek-seo(DOT)com/video/

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Sell Downloadable Music On My Os Commerce Website

I currently have an online store which was built using os commerce. I need someone to add the capability of purchasing downloadable music on my webiste. The address of the online store is www(dot)thedamnboutique(dot)com.
Basically I would like to sell downloadable music on the above website. Please help

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Convert Prezi Presentation To Website Tutorial

We require a professional 4-5 minute You Tube video that will be linked to from our website.

The video is of a Prezi presentation with sound added. We have captured the presentation using webinar software (screen & sound); now we need someone with a good voice (preferably female) to re-make it using desktop screen & voice capture technology. No special skills are needed for the Prezi presentation – it is a web based alternative to PowerPoint. The presentation is ready; all that is required is to click to advance through it.

In addition to a good voice, it is important for us to find someone who knows how to do this and can take charge of getting it done. We have several additional step-by-step website tutorials to create within the next month and would hope to use the same person for them.

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World Education

Similar to and e-commerce website

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E-commerce Website W/ Member Logins – 200-300 Products

We need the backend of a decently-sized (200-300 products) E-Commerce website coded and implemented within our front-end designs. You will not be designing the page, however, you will implement a shopping cart system into our HTML/CSS layouts.

The shopping car needs to work like this:
To actually purchase products from the E-store, there will need to be a member login section, but to simply view and access the products, there will be no level of validation. To clarify, if you are a non-member, you can ONLY view products and descriptions and photos. You HAVE to become a member to actually buy something. Again, to clarify, the website will function the same(navigation, layout, amount of products, etc) for members/non-members, except that members will see the Shopping Cart function and have Shopping Cart privileges.

Once inside the E-store, the member can save items in their shopping cart, add/remove items, and the other popular features in an e-commerce site. The site will also need to warn the user before he/she hits the back button, redirects to a different page, or attempts to exit out of the domain if there are any pending transactions/shopping cart items un-purchased.

To set up an account/become a member, the user will need to either: A- work for -or- B- own a business with the interest in reselling the bed/bath products at wholesale(the price we will offer to members only). That being said, the user will need to have a Company Name as part of the initial login registration for proper validation, along with a few more custom fields. Total custom fields for user to input at initial registration: 25-40, with 10-20 being required*.

Once a user becomes registered, this will have to be linked to a database so the physical store, has access to all the registered accounts.

E-store will need to be easily updatable with either a CMS (custom built, 3rd party, template based, shopping cart based, etc, etc) which is preferred, or linked to an external XML file(or something of the sort) that can be easily updatable by someone with intermediate web knowledge.

As mentioned above, the E-store will have two-three hundred products. With 3 main Categories, and several sub-categories under each one. We will break down the navigation and all the subdirectories, you will be implementing it within the product line and within the E-stores database. The store will need a database that can automatically pull the appropriate information, and display the appropriate information when/if the user clicks a category.

There will also need to be a search function, like a typical google search or a wordpress search that displays the results within the designed layout.

Each product will have a photo(or 2,3,4), detailed description, and a price.

The company is in the bed/bath department, and is expanding quick.

The product will be handed to you as basic CSS/HTML layouts. Preferred shopping carts may be suggested, but you will be responsible for building this from the ground up. If there is a template-based system that already allows for this-great. Its your job to implement it.

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Make A Video Presentation For A Website

I am looking for a freelance provider to produce a short video demo of a website.

The site is it is a comparison site for outsourcing marketplaces.

I will work with you to define what I need the video to demonstrate exactly, but my initial thoughts are:

Advanced Search Function – a demo of how this works

Filtering function (down the left of each page) – a demo of how this can be used to filter marketplaces according to the users needs.

Comparison function (enabled by clicking up to 4 compare boxes alongside a marketplace) to demonstrate the side by side comparison of key features at several marketplaces.

Ratings and Reviews functionality – demonstrate how buyers or providers can rate and review a freelance marketplace

You must be good at this sort of stuff. I want the video to be slick, no 80s style clipart, slick imagery, production and video editing skills are a must.

Please send me links to samples of your work on youtube.

I will need to upload the video to youtube, but would need it in WMV or another format initially as I will also need to play it from a laptop not connected to the internet for presentations to groups of people on a projector.

I need a sotryboard in place within 24 – 48 hours and the first draft of the video ready by Friday. I then need the completed product delivered to me by Monday 29th November.

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Product Management & Search For E-commerce Website

Hi Freelancers,

This project is strictly for an individuals only (preferred Indian individuals ), so please if you are associate with any company or group then this project is not for you.

Required Skills :

Good Web Search skills for products information
Good Data Entry and Internet search/Research Skill
Good Knowledge of Microsoft Excel
Previous work experience as a Virtual Assistant or with any e-commerce portal would be an advantage.

We preferred VA from Delhi/NCR (only individuals)

Please apply with your resume and ask for more details and mention work "Got It" with your bid to understand your bid is real or automated.


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Writer Needed For Electronics E-commerce Website

We need assistance writing our product descriptions and featured product sliders for our website, ongoing work also available for the right person

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Administration / Customer Service- E-commerce Website

I am looking for a professional(not a company) to work with us as a virtual assistant / administration assistant on a variety of projects and tasks. Candidates should meet the following requirements:

Work 8 hours a day (Monday to Friday) online and that time should exclude anything that is not related to work.

– Must be available on Skype all the time while working

– Salary = $300-400 USD/month according to experience / speed / efficiency – up on negotiation

– Must guarantee that you would work with us for at least 6 months.

– Must be available from 9:30 to 5:30 Australian Time

Work involved:
– Product listing management (Computers, electronics) – product descriptions, pictures.
– Order processing
– Answering customer emails – such as product availability, returns query
– We will use MSN/Skype and Google Docs for internal office communication

Must be:
– Attention to detail
– Punctual and reliable

Need to know
– Basic understanding of computers and electronics products
– Writing and editing product description and basic html editing
– Customer service experience
– Must have high speed internet connection

Payment weekly by Paypal

Please apply by outlining relevant experience and bid, as well as any other comments, generic answers such as will not be considered.
We will initially take the person on 1 week trail (paid of course), and if it goes satisfactory, offer full time employment.

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SEO Needed For Jewelry E-commerce Website

We are looking for a reputable and experienced company to manage the SEO for our e-commerce website.

The website is on Volusion platform, so experience working with volusion is a must.

Few details about the website:
Company is over 5 years old
Volusion website has been up for over 6 months
Nearly 10,000 items
Predominantly sell Gold Jewelry
Further details of website will be sent after the bid is reviewed

Black hat techniques are not welcome.

Please bid on monthly service, and include your proposed strategy.
Experience with jewelry websites is strongly preferred.

We would like to have our website up on the first page of google for a few keywords before the Christmas Holiday Season.

Looking forward to making this a long term project.

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Descriptions Needed For Jewelry E-commerce Website

S Needed for Jewelry E-commerce website | Copywriting | Product Descriptions | SEO

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Descriptions Needed for Jewelry E-commerce website  

Descriptions Needed for Jewelry E-commerce website is project number 785450
posted at Click here to post your own project.





Selected Providers:

Budget: $30-250

Created: 09/02/2010 at 20:52 EDT

Bid Count: 0

Average Bid:

09/07/2010 at 20:52 EDT
(4d 23h left)
Project Creator:

Employer Rating: (5 reviews)



We are looking for someone who is fluent in english to write short descriptions for jewelry on our e-commerce website.

Experience with jewelry descriptions is a huge plus, so please include examples in your portfolio.

We currently have over 1,000 items on our website, and should have nearly 10,000 when fully complete.

The intent of the descriptions is mostly for SEO purposes, so we would also like to get metatag description and keywords.

Each description must be unique.

For a quick example of format and lenght of description you can check goldenmine com, we will have very similar items.

Please send us your best bid along with previous work experience.

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E-Commerce Website Development | User Group Product Prices

We want to set up an ecommerce site for trade customers where customers can view products in the catalogue, add items to the cart and place orders. The additional requirements are:

– That visitors will need to be registered and be required to login to access pages beyond the home page
– That each registered user belongs to one of 3 groups which apply different prices to the products they can view and order.
– Users can order products individually or in multiple quantities and there will be special offers so that if they order certain combinations of products they receive additional discounts.

To provide a detailed list of required functionality (PLEASE VIEW ATTACHED WORD FILE FOR FULL BRIEF):

– Visitors to the site will submit their details through a registration form. They will then be assigned to one of three user groups (bronze, silver and gold) by the admin user and set up with an account and emailed account details.

– Users then login to view the products. The home page prior to login will give information about the site, but not allow them to review the catalog or place orders.

– There will be categories of products and lists of products as with a typical ecommerce site

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Video Presentation For Website

We need to create a 30 second video introducing some products. We will need to go over this over Skype so be prepared to do a call with a mic (required). You should have experience creating these type of videos (we will ask for a portfolio). You can see a video similar to what we want in

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Skilled/Talented Designer(s) Required For E-commerce Website

Please read the full project description, this is not a hard project but it does require a good insight of what we want. An eyecatching design should be the very priority.

First of all, our inspiration and something you should atleast be able to reproduce: (worldwideweb)

The webstore will only sell digital items. Each item is a unique scanned licence code of various software in the .jpeg format. These are to be delivered by e-mail as attachment after the costumer has paid. As each item is unique they may only be emailed once.
Weve already developed a zen-cart module for this feature, it will still need some fine-tuning. You may also use your own preferred Shopping cart or CMS, as long as it will be search engine friendly.

Further requirements:

– Easy use interface (both costumer and admin)
– Discount coupons, with a few minor additional requirements
– Multi language and currency support
– Social network integration
– Toolbar
– SEO ready

On top of these there are some additional minor requirements, the reference site posted earlier will give you a clear impression.

As said before, this shouldnt be a hard project. Theres no hard time limit or strict reference design which means youll have a lot of freedom. The only real requirement is an unique eyecatching design, therefore Id really appreciate if you show me some of your best previous designs when bidding.

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Small Tweak To A CSS Menu On A Magento E-commerce Website

I require someone with experience with magento e-commerce system, php, html and css to make an adjustment to a css drop down menu on an technology e-commerce website.

The applicant will be required to incorporate the theme css into the menu, add the theme search box to it and restrain the menu within the site container.

Only applicants with previous magento experience may apply.

All css and files are already installed for the extension. Theme css files are also provided. Aim is to have menu functioning properly.

Website is

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E-commerce Website With Cart & 100+ Items Craigslist Adds

Hello, I need someone to design a simple easy to use e-commerce site. I have the website already but have done nothing other than saving and paying for the site name and its hosting. I am going to be receiving a shipment of products from china at the end of this month. I would like the site ready to go live at that time. I will be selling bracelets. There are 8 styles available, and there are 6 different bracelets in each styles bag. I want people to be able to order and pay for the items on my site. I will need about 15 different items, some will just be higher quantities of an item, listed for sale on the site. I will need the ability to take credit card payments, and paypal as well. When the site is up and running I will need help launching a nation wide advertising through Craigslist that will link to the webpage where people will then buy and order the product. I want to be able to list my items for sale in every major market or large city listed on craigslist as fast, easily, and effectively as possible. The craigslist ad will give them most of the pertinent information like prices and deals, and will link them to the website to buy the bracelets. If someone can help me with both of these parts that would be great, otherwise I would consider two different people with solutions to each need. One being the Website design, and one being the craigslist advertisement.

Thank you,


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Presentation Website


I looking for someone, who can make motor oil presentation web site and design it (pixel graphic!).

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E-Commerce Website Revamp And SEO Work.

Dear Freelancers,

My current website consists of the following;
– 3 pages
– Paypal commerce

I built it utilizing a WYSIWYG What You See Is What You Get type software. It is an online store for fashion items.

What I am after;

1. Fancy E-commerce function (all standard stuff, add product, checkout, pay via credit card, paypal etc) that allows users to purchase from both Australia and the UK/Europe as I have 2xdistribution centers for my product. They need to be able to select postage and currency depending on location.

2. Content must be able to be managed by myself and easily updated. Using open source CMS software.

3. Extra page for blog that i can update easily utilizing open source software.

4. Lastly, but most important. The website needs to be found in google, bing and search engines etc. We require SEO and quality backlinks. We need the website found, but we dont want heaps of dodgy back links that will hinder our site in the future.

We would fondly look upon those who have worked on fashion websites before so please provide examples if you have them.

Looking forward to your responses and bids.

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Designer Handbag Images & Details For E-commerce Website

Looking for Designer leather Handbag images not less than 400 x 400 pixels along with detailed description, without water mark to upload on a e-commerce website.

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Magento Expert Team Required For Clothing E-commerce Website


We require a high end e-commerce website in the same vicinity as (H&M) or
It must have all the features as these websites and also is a scalable website that we can upgrade in the future.

In terms of front end, you must understand the modern style of designing. Back end must be neat and commented properly.


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E-Commerce WebSite (Just For FLs In Turkey, Istanbul)

Internet uzerinden satis yapacagimiz websitesi icin yazilimci ariyoruz. Is modelinde, web sitesinden alinan urunler alici adresine veya tanimlayip kaydedilecek kontaklarinin adreslerine gonderilebilecektir.

Yapilacak websitesinin ornek olmasi acisinden yurtdisinda bir versiyonu bulunmaktadir.

Proje toplam bedeli uzerinden anlasma yapilacaktir.

Web Sitesiyle ilgili ozellikler:

1. 1. Kullanici hesabi
a) Kullanici hesabi olusturma ve kullanici bilgilerini girme
b) Kullanicinin kontaklarinin adreslerinin kaydedildigi bir adres defteri olusturma
c) Daha once satin alinmis urunlerin istendigi zaman tekrar goruntulenebilmesi

2. Urun secme ve sepet olusturma
a) Urun secme ve sepete ekleme
b) Urun uzerinde kullanicinin kisisellestirme yapabilmesine imkan verilmesi (ornegin urun uzerine yazi yazilmasi ve bunun uygun formatta sisteme kaydedilmesi) (bu islemin gerceklesmesi durumunda 1.c)

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Update Administrator Panel For E-commerce Website

We have an administration area of our website that doesnt allow us to edit customer information, delete customers, or alter orders in any way. We also have no ability to create an order for a customer through the administration panel. we also need a way to create users (sales reps) with permissions. we need to have this added to the website in a time frame of ASAP. Our website is built on Zend Framework, so you MUST be familiar with it. obviously with that, its coded in PHP and MySQL db. Here are the exact features we need:
–(This feature is broken) create AND edit order through admin panel – selection of customer, item, quantity. customer can be new or existing. Should be able to alter shipping and tax costs as well as items in the order and there quantity.
–Update the create AND edit customer through admin panel – Create customers name, billing address, shipping address (option to use same as billing), e-mail, phone, fax, country. All info except fax is required.
–Ability to apply coupon codes in the admin panel to a customers order.

You must have zend experience and you must be a serious coder. The code in the site is complex, so please, SERIOUS bidders/programmers only. please be available to talk on Google Talk from 9am-5pm EST so that we can discuss this further.

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Audio Presentation For Website Commerce Project

I would like to create a video presentation very similar to the following site: Of course, not to duplicate, but only use as an idea for my own process. It will also need to be linked to my existing ecommerce merchant account and gateway. If you are experienced in building these kind of video presentations, please bid today..

P.S. I need this done in 5 days for a workshop that I will be presenting next Thursday, April 1st.

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E-Commerce Website Revamp And SEO Work.

Dear Folks,

1. A startup company is looking to revamp its existing e-commerce Website to make it look more professional to attract more Customers. It has about 8-10 pages and you can make use of its contents. Shopping cart works fine.

Please let us know how you can help and are you going to use any Template (eg:magento etc),PHP etc. Please provide the cost if you decide to use Database or without Database.

2. Will need SEO help also. We can guide keywords, Metatags, Link details etc. Will need help in Social Media areas, Directories submissions, PPC, Article writing.

Would like to know cost effective SEO as this is a start up company.

Will need help initially to start with (both in Web development and SEO)and then on a long term basis.

If you can help only in Web development or only in SEO then also it is fine.

Any exposure to e-commerce websites with selling Diamonds, Rings, Jewellery is preferred.


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Fedex Shipping integraion

I have a e commerce website in that i want to use a fedex shipping, tracking system.. Only bid if you will having good experience in fedex integration in a couple of hours.

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e-commerce website needed with catalog, shopping cart and ability to accept major credit cards.

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