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Business Directory


We need all U.S business with names, addresses, phone, fax, website, etc updated as of 2011 no duplicates. Needs to be in different csv files in excel based in different category for entry on our business directory site. This can also be script that scrapes the web and puts it in excel or a previous data base. need this fast. thank you.

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NEED 2,000 B2B SALES In 3 Months, VERY HIGH PAY-$110,000.

This project is for Business Sharks ( an online interactive U.S business directory.

We need someone who knows how to market using the web, telemarketing, whatever brings in the sales to our site. I need someone that can talk to the U.S. Small Business on the phone, email, and sell my product.

This is a site where business can create their own page on our site. Post all their information including pictures, coupons, and much more just like a personal website.

The annual service coasts $125.00 a year. People can pay via PayPal, credit cards (PayPal), or check/cash mailing.

The price is very very affordable for small business and I am sure my product will sell in the right hands of an expert.

This is a commission only job. You will get paid only when a sale is completed and the business pays us.

You will be paid via PayPal or any other forum of safe and reliable payment either weekly or monthly.
You well receive $50 for every business you sign. Math; $55×2000=$110,000!!USD
I Need…

I need 2,000 business memberships to be sold in 3 months.

There are millions of small businesses all over the United States. All you need to get is a very small % of this.
This project must be completed in this time period.

1. Generate own leads in the united states

2. Must be able to write a powerful script, for telemarketing!

3. Must be able to have access to huge numbers of leads of US small business only!!

4. You must be able to close all the sales, and have all business sign up at the website. I am looking for closers.

5. Use any method of communication to get these sales. Call, Email, etc

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Need Facebook Worker

Need Facebbook expert worker long term relation

Pls bid only expert person (Indian spacial )

Detial via pmb

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Web Developed Project And Need Agents


Need to build a web development project and need sales agents

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Need Sales

Hi all,

I need someone who can generate sales for and

I will offer 35% on each sales so set your bid to 30$

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Ioncube Decoding

I have a file that is locked by ioncube. The main file (unlocked) is lost. I need a person who can decode ioncube file.

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Need Sales Pro For IT Sales B2B And IT Career Candidates

We have a proven track record of delivering the "best of the best IT training in the world. For the past 60 consecutive months weve been ranked in the top 1% of all Microsoft Certified Partners for Learning Solutions (1% worldwide out of over 10,000 partners).

5 of the 10 fastest growing jobs in the US highlighted by CNN Money Magazine are in the IT field – a sector of the economy that is projected to grow at 43% over the next 9 years.

Our FY 2009-2010 performance was highlighted by an 83% growth in revenue. Weve just recently expanded our territory by 800% and were adding to our team of sales professional to help continue our growth.

If you have a proven track record of inside telephone sales excellence, integrity and strong work ethic and have a decent understanding of the Information Technology sector specifically in the areas of CompTIA, Microsoft Server, Adobe, and Cisco product lines, we have an amazing opportunity for a new career in IT Sales.

Compensation for Freelancers will be 100% commission based on performance. We have a ten-year track record of sales reps who make over $100k/yr.

Post a copy of your resume if youre interested in this amazing opportunity.

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I Need To Promote My Site , Need Traffic And Sales

I need to promote my website
I need ideas how you can achieve it.
Please let me know if you have any query

All I need is google rankings.


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Need To Promote My Site , Need Traffic And Sales

I need to promote my website
Its a project management software . I need ideas how you can achieve it.
It will be long term project and selected provider will have other coming projects too.
Please let me know if you have any query

the above description for those who are experts in SEO
Providers who choose other methods of providing leads like telephonic calls,online campaigns, etc etc are also invited to give the proposals . I will need a fee sample leads and proof that you can do.

I am flexible in payments methods but prefer freelancer.
All I need is some sales and google rankings.


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Sales Person B2B

we are a startup with a great and innovative technology with almost no comeptitors.

Our target custommers are: insurance companies, Internet auctions providers, online dating companies.

We need some sales persons and lead generation persons.

Perfect written and spoken English and experience in sales is a must.

We assume no or very small fixed cost and a revenue share model with our sales person.

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NEED Netbanking Or Sbi Card Holder

i am in need of person from india who is haveing online netbanking or having sbi card.
I want 1400 INR can pay $ 30 .
only bid if you agrree and start it within 12 hours or can complete it as soon as possible.
I will select multiple bidder if reqired.
I will select within 12 hours or imediately if i like your proposal.

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Hello everyone I am in need of a person, or a company that will attract all their own leads, and data, and then sell my service.

I run an options advisory service, and I am needing a person/company to sell my service to the masses of stock traders, option traders, and general trading community.

I have been in business since 2008, and have over 400 members. I have a special promotion where I am offering a lifetime membership for the price of $299.00. I have sold 95 in this last month alone, and all the members are very happy! I just do not have the time to market anymore, since I work with my members one on one, and I have to research the market all day.

You will be the only person marketing this opportunity, there is nobody else doing this. I have even set up a landing page for you to use if you need it.

This person or company will need to know the stock market community, and where to go and post, or to generate leads, or to cold call and make sales, or basically however you want to market it, it is up to you. You could post an ad on facebook, craiglslist, PPC, PPV, mass emailing for leads, it is unlimited to how you want to market this business.

You will be required to make 7 sales per week, or 28 sales per month. But you are not limited on sales, the more the better.

You will make $50.00 per sale you make, and that adds up to $350.00 per week for 7 sales, and $1400.00 per month on 28 sales for the month. That is what is required, so that is what you will make. If you make more than 28 sales in a month then it is just more money for you, but I know you will get a nice bonus if you get past 28 sales in a month.
If you are successful for 2 months at getting 28 sales in a 1 month period then I will move the rate up from $50.00 to $60.00 per month, if you are successful after 2 months at the $60.00 rate then I will bump you up to $70.00 a sale.
You can do the math, you will make a lot of money. And this is a very easy sale since you will be selling a lifetime membership to the number 1 options advisory service on the internet today. I WILL GIVE YOU AN EXAMPLE!

I decided to do a small pre launch of my lifetime membership, so I started looking for an open forum that was heavily visited daily, I started making posts with my landing page URL in there, in 1 week I managed to have 812 investors sign up for more information, then after that I sent out an email saying the service has opened, and 95 investors bought in 2 days. That would have made you $4,750.00 in commissions in 2 days on $50.00. This is a very easy service to sell, it almost sells itself. What I did above you can do over, and over, and over again. For the experienced marketer this will be extremely easy to do, and you will make a killing.

What I am looking for is a seasoned marketer, or a marketing firm that will work on commission only. They will already know where to collect all of their data, and everything else they need to make this campaign a success. You must have your own leads, mailing lists, emailing lists, know how to post, Q&A sites, I mean you must know everything about marketing. I will not help you with the marketing at all, and i will not supply you with anything. This is why you must be a #1 top ranked internet marketer to drive sales. Now if you know what you are doing and you need something small, I am not against helping you out then, you will just have to let me know in advance what you need! No surprises!

This can be a full time position, or a part time position. If you are great at this position, and you make it up to $70.00 per sale, then I have a big surprise waiting for you. Lets just say that you you will be compensated heavily above the $70.00 mark. We are a growing company, and we need an experienced person, or company to take charge on commission based only!

I will pay thru paypal to your account on sales, or send you a check, whatever is easier for you.

Looking for Top Marketers!!!

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Need Someone To Be HR Company Representative In Canada


We are looking to hire overseas representatives for our company all over Canada.
Candidate has to be professional, smart, dynamic and someone who
needs little guidance.
This is not necessarily a full time job.
Sales experience and knowledge of the agriculture and oil sands industry is a plus but not necessary.


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Need Phone Numbers For 105 Name/addresses

I have a database of 105 names that have full names and full addresses. I need as many phone numbers as you can find on the internet or otherwise for each person. I can only spend up to 10.00 on this.

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Need Sales Letter And Graphics Combined Onto Webpage

What I need is very simple.

I have my sales letter written and formatted. I have my graphics made.

All I need is for somebody to make my sales letter using the graphics that my graphic designer made for me and the sales letter that I wrote, that you can find on another website that I will give you.

Must work on ALL browsers.

Simple job should take 24 hours or less. Fluent English is a MUST!

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Need Sales Rep. For Hosting And Webdesign

I need people that can get clients for my hosting packages and web design. I can pay you a percentage of each sale or I can sell you at my price and then you resell at your own price.

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In Need Of An Advanced Marketplace Script

Hello, Freelancers!

I am in need of the following script:
People register on my site, and tell me what they have for sale. I will see if I am interested, If I am, we both aggree to a contract and I will list the item for sale on my site. The user can see what of their items are for sale on my site, and see what has been bid on them. A minimum price has been set by me and the user of my site. If the item is sold via my site, the user will get a set amount of the profit (eg 20%). Sending the money to my user could be done manually.
The other part of the website: Registered people can tell me what they are interested in to buy, if an item they want comes by, I will buy it and sell it through my site to the interested person. The items people are interested in CAN NOT be seen by other users, the items being sold by me, for other users CAN be viewed and will be listed in categories.

This is not an exact description, but it would be nice if some freelancers can estimate a price for me.
Looking forward to work with you!

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Need Only 2 Sales At Jewelry Shopping Mall!

I need only 2 sales in 2days at my store

anyone can help me this project for $30

please bid!

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Need Writer For 30 Affiliate Sales Texts: Expert Level Only!

We have a popular website for which are are adding about 30 affiliate offers over the next few days. All are dating related and will be about 200-300 words each.

You should be:

1. A NATIVE ENGLISH SPEAKER. Sorry, do not apply if you are from India, Pakistan, etc. Its nothing personal but we need native speakers familiar with online dating!
2. Experienced with writing promotional texts to promote affiliate offers.

Send some examples of what youve written regarding promotion of affiliate products from clickbank, etc.

Need someone to start on this ASAP.

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I Need 200 Signups

I need 200 Signups. I need someone to promote my referral link. All the signups have to do is signup and complete one free offer. No credit card is required. Im looking for people who will be active. They must be real users with a valid email and use their real information when signing up for the site, and not keep changing their IP. NO FAKES. I need the signups to come from the US, CA and the UK, but the person doing the job can come from anywhere. If you do an excellent good job I have other programs that I would need you to get me signups for.

Please only bid if you are serious about taking this job, and know how to get signups.
Im not looking for SEO,Im looking for someone who knows how to market affiliate programs and get referrals.
I will pay when the work is done. Please only bid $30 to $50
I will monitor each signup.

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Do You Need Massive Sales And Sign Ups?

Hi .. I have a solution that can get you any of the following:
A: Highest URL PR in Google
B: Best Google positioning for your site for any keyword you choose
C: Massive Sales and Sign ups for your online Products or Services
D: Massive Clicks on your Adsense accounts.
F: Pushing down bad links about their online business or activities

Kindly put your Max bid for your exact need and send the details of your need on the PM
Only highest bids will be accepted as winners

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Need sales of musical pieces
more info in PM

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Need Sales Men

I am looking for sales man who can sell an education Cd.
Note- *This project is only for Indian salesman
*Please only apply when you can make sell.

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Need Sales Manager In US And Europe

Hello everyone.

SimpleArt is an Ukrainian web design company. Our staff is over 20 specialists

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Masterpiece Sales Letter

I need a masterpiece sales letter – persuasive and concise.

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Adwords And Analytics Tracking With RomanCart

We are unable to successfully setup conversion tracking for Adwords campaigns to measure returns from sales through RomanCart. We need this setting up and checking its working.

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Need Sales Reps In US And Europe

Hello everyone.
Enterra is an international software company with offices in USA, Brazil, Germany and Russia. Our regular staff is based in Russia with over 60 specialists

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I Need Sales Reps, Telesales And Internet Marketers

I am looking for sales reps, telemarketers and internet marketers.

I have a software package literally every business needs, online and offline.

PM me for more information.

Thank you.

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Ebooks/Software Or Products With Resell Rights Wanted …..


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Ebooks/Software or products with resell rights wanted …..  

Ebooks/Software or products with resell rights wanted ….. is project number 663723
posted at Click here to post your own project.





Selected Providers:

Budget: $30-250
Created: 04/18/2010 at 4:42 EDT

Bid Count: 0
Average Bid:

04/23/2010 at 4:42 EDT
(4d 23h left)
Project Creator:

Employer Rating: (5 reviews)



I am looking for anyone who
has any ebooks or software or any online digital product that can be sold over the internet.
Any ebook or software, also need the sales page html.

PM me what you have.

Thank you.

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Need Sales In My Websites

Hii everyone i need 20 sales in my website you get a flat 10$ for each sales (2.5$ + 7.5$)

you can sign up as an affiliate and earn a good amount of money

i need 20 sales and i need 10 members to sell that is 200 sales of my product

ebay users also welcome after sending me payment i can send the product to the paypal email receipt

so start bidding dont miss this great opportunity

I want sales of my product in my website ( )

PM me for more details

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Selling Technology To CIO’s, CEO’s Need A Experienced Team

I need a sales team or consultant who has experience selling or marketing to
CIOs or CEOs of companies.

PM for more details.

Thank you.

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