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Website Community Oriented (forum, Point System, Etc.)

I need a solid website, community oriented.

Personal account, forum, points system, affiliation program inside.

Please contact me for further info and website examples.


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PHP Music Software Website Community

I need a web based online mixer that can play multiple mp3/wav files at the same time. The software needs to be able to play a song and breakdown the individual elements of that song in separate layers. Each layer need to have basic functions; pan, mute, volume control. Examples: digimix, iklax. The software needs to load fast. the software will have to allow members to download and upload tracks. 

PHP music website community that will allow musicians to create their own profile, post their music, and find other musicians to collaborate with and build production teams and groups. Each profile will have the software on it to collaborate with other artist on songs.

*portfolios must show relivant software development*

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**Custom Community Site For Aviation**

We are trying to develop a Web site for the entire aviation industry. Pilots, flight schools.

It will be a community site, with forums, private messaging, and more. There will be separate databases for users, aircraft/aircraft fields, etc.

We will be pulling data from the FAA (Federal Aviation Admission):

Pilot Database loaded as master file
Airport Directory loaded as master file
Aircraft Type loaded as master file
Flight Schools: Loaded as master file
FAA repair stations by type: master file
CFI/CFII (certified flight instructors) loaded as master file


This community site, when someone logs in, will see their local airport conditions, weather, notifications for PMs, etc.

Custom modules/functionality needed:

1) Access NOAA API or FTP site to retrieve latest information. Parse and show in module airport Wx information
2) Access NOAA Weather charts (4 times/day) and update radar of regions they cover, and Weather depiction charts.
3) Need module for getting area Wx (4day forecast)
4) Need module for getting airport information.
5) Need module for message boards/forums: Ability have members only forums.
6) Need user to user messaging (PM)
7) Facebook logins/connect
8) Online chat room
9) Ability to post articles and material with profile properties that if matched can be use on page.
10) Need module for selling airplanes: Searching by aircraft properties (lots of properties, and must be standardized because this part can become confusing if you are not familiar with the aviation industry)
11) Need module for business account home page and information
12) Ability to search for services by describing properties, or distance (to rent planes)
13) Need module to post aviation job listing, search for job type based off key fields
14) Need module for member site, payola subscriptions


I will be working along with you throughout the entire project, explaining how things should work and how it should all come together. We wont be doing much in terms of design until everything is functional. Then we will provide you with custom design to implement.

As far as using CMSs and Frameworks. I will accept any of the following: CodeIgnitor, Yii, MVC, Zend, CakePHP, Joomla, Drupal or DotNetNuke. I am open to suggestions as far as you can explain WHY you want to use a particular framework or CMS.

I need well thought out responses in regards to what we will use to build this. Even if its Ruby on Rails.

I am open to bids now. We would like to Interview people through Skype – vinautomatic

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Posting On Community And Event Calendars

I have several events that need listed on event calendars and community calendars in the US.

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Need Joomla Developer (Bangladesh Only)

We need a Joomla developer who can work for our website. Our website is ready, only some modifications are needed.

We need following modification + Addition:

1. Modification in template.

2. combing forum and community profile in one including all profile setup like msg and others (community and forum, both is created by joomla)

3. Creating ads location

4. Some others

If you are interested please write in PM board, we will inform you details. Please note, this project is only for Bangladeshis.

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Ready Website For Sale

Want to sale my community forum for reason, Havent time to maintain.

With 12006+ Valid users
Domain name
cPanel unlimited hosting
Forum Administration

If any company needs to start business with ready community forum,
Contact myself ASAP. Want to sale this ASAP.

Community link:

Thank you for read.

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I Need A Phpfox Community Website

I need a website running the latest version of phpfox or something similar. That website should also have oscommerce running in case the users want to sell products. One of the most important thing I want the design The template to be really nice really colorful

The purpose of that site will be for people who want to exchange items. The website members will be part of a community and they can post messages and talk about what items they want to exchange.

I want tthe site to have space to do advertisement ads for future offers..

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Create (3) Real Estate Type Sites To Compliment Each Other.

Need an expert who can help with the creation, layout and integration of (3) real estate/property management websites. I need somebody who is creative and can come up with their own ideas and concept for us to go with. This would take someone who can understand the end results of what we are trying to achieve and then make it happen on the sites. The sites will have to be dynamic and will include functionalities such as:
-Different search queries
-Multiple subscriber types with varying levels of access to site
-Subscriber unique Profile page
-google map integration to locate business location
-registration forms
-subscription module w/ different payment plans
-Blog w/subscriber author privileges

Sites will be nationwide directory type listings, with features to view the subscriber profiles, location etc. The sites will also include a blog, articles section and FAQs. Managing (3) sites can be time consuming so there is the idea of somehow integrating the sites to all run off (1) Blog, article section and possibly registration.

Current sites:
Site #1 created 2007 is live PR3, will be scrapped. But can be used as a go-by.
Site #2 created 2011 is live PR0, Joomla 1.5

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Moldavian Django Community

Build a platform for moldavian django community.

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Joomla Community Builder + Groupjive Integration

This is what I need.

I have a social networking site built with Community Builder. I also have an older version of GroupJive installed within the site. As of right now, if someone wants to join a group, the user has to join the group or I have to manually drag them into the group in the backend. This is what I need from you.

When someone registers and selects that they are a "male"..I need them to be placed automatically, when registering, into the "male" group. In other words, I need that user to be forced automatically when he or she is registering for the site. I have a variety of groups (coinciding with custom Community Builder field values), so this would not just be for one group, but rather for a number of them. For example…

Jeff signs up and says he is inbetween 18 and 24, is a male, and is from California. I would need him to be placed within the 18-24 group, the male group, and also the California group *instantly* when he presses the Register button.


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Web Designer To Help Build A Smartphone Community

We are looking for a web designer to help build an new online smartphone community. Weve setup a new forum / community and could do with help on the UI side of things, but not only UI, also participate in the forum and moderate along with the other site admins….

So if your interested in

– Helping build a new community
– Smartphones / technology
– Moderating the site with us and participating

Drop me a PMB, this isnt paid but the opportunity to join the team and build a new community from scratch.

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Web Designer To Help Build A Smartphone Community

We are looking for a web designer to help build an new online smartphone community. Weve setup a new forum / community and could do with help on the UI side of things, but not only UI, also participate in the forum and moderate along with the other site admins….

So if your interested in

– Helping build a new community
– Smartphones / technology
– Moderating the site with us and participating

Drop me a PMB, this isnt paid but the opportunity to join the team and build a new community from scratch.

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University Community Site

Basically I need someone to build me a university community website
The website features will include professor ratings, course ratings, note sharing, and networking features which will all be classified under different universities in North America
I would like the design to be clean and optimized for faster browsing
and also a fully functioning admin panel to configure site settings and administer users

Please pm me for more details

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Rental Database

We are trying to finish a small project for a client. You can see the existing pages of the site at:

There are 2 sections of the site that I am requesting your assistance with. A small community info database and a rental property database. I don

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Build Custom DRUPAL Modeling Community Site

We need a freelance programmer or a small company to build us a community site for Models, Photographers, Agents, and other Industry Pros.

The site will be more like, have some features from, but we want this site to become better than them.

Members have their own backend where they can edit their profile, upload/manage photos & videos, manage messages, calendar, friends, settings, etc. They also have profile page also known as portfolio where they can showcase their stats, photos, videos, etc.

Theres a separate registration for Fans, where they have to pay to be able to contact models, photographers, etc, be it via Webcam Chat or Voice Chat.

We need someone whos expert in any of these 3 and can do major customizing of themes and plugins to match the functionality we need for the site.

Interested? Submit your estimate bid and your samples built in Drupal.

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Viral Video For Promoting A Fashion Community Website

We are looking for an economical youtube video which needs to be shocking, sexy or funny, weird or cool so that it can spread through word of mouth. Right now due to budgetary limitations, we need something inexpensive, but based on success of this video, we will be posting videos on a monthly basis – so more work will keep coming your way!

Video should not be offensive.

The purpose of this video is to promote a Fashion Community where people share photoshooting, fashion styles, looks, make up tutorials, air cuts ideas, promote as beginner models or aspirant stylists or share any tips related to Fashion.

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Community Builder Database Import/Export

I have a current Joomla site utilizing Community Builder. Database is existing. This database needs to be modified to include fields that match client formatting for incoming data. I need to import additional client data to populate existing user fields as well as populate new fields for each user that still need to be created. Client can provide xls or csv etc. Need the ability to export this data back to the client as well. In other words…the Community builder database and their company database need to talk to each other. I have all necessary field information and client database.

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Cruise Community Site

First website is a community site for swingers and nudist to find other swinger and nudist for the cruise they are going on. The framework should use Boonex Dolphin and you will be provided with all of the data for the different cruises that are going on for the target audience. The project will include custom template and customization of boonex to allow people to search for other people going on the same cruise as them. Bid for this project but also include in a PM how much more it would be to do a sister site same concept but for familys to find other familys or a "PG" version of the site.

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TP Lancer – CB Sub

This project regards creating CB PLUGIN(S) to incorporate TPLANCERS COMPONENT with COMMUNITY BUILDER / CB Sub


1. TPLANCERS Users Rating
2. TPLANCERS Users Projects
3. TPLANCERS Users Bids
4. TPLANCERS Users Funds
5. TPLANCERS PM System (I currently have CB/UDDEIM — Can CB/UDDEIM remain PM SYSTEM or is it too expensive to integrate with TPLANCERS ??)

I am experienced Joomla designer, so I can install…
I just need finished product delivered to me as INSTALLABLE JOOMLA/CB /CB Sub PLUGIN APPS.

PM me with any questions.

Thanks and good luck!

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Community Website To Be Done In RoR Or Python

Hello Programmers. The project is to build a website allowing members to trade items within a community. The items will be physical items therefore there must be a location search.

Fluent in Ruby on Rails or Python
Active Portfolio

Advance Search
Trading System
Users Feedback
User Panel
Update Information
Add Listings
Manage Trades
Administrator Panel
Manage all aspects

Please include your portfolio in your bid.

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I Need A Concise Press Release For A New Community

Our site is going to be launching a new community. I need a press release written that highlights:

The importance of this new community
The benefits it will offer
Why it will be a great community

I need a concise, good quality press release, that will be sent directly to news outlets. Some may choose to publish it as is.

The existing site is I will explain the full details of what were launching, & dont forsee requesting any edits or rewrites (since its just a straight forward press release). I need the release quickly.

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Icon Set For Medical Community Site

Need help creating vectors (color: light blue, green, etc) for a new networking website… that will be medical tourism focused for the professional community. The icons are needed to go along with a number of medical conditions, treatments, etc. The icons need to look good at 150x150and 20×20. The following is a good example of the kind were looking for

Wish to have as many icons to go along with the following list as possible:

=====Medical Procedures
Cancer Treatment
Cardiology Procedures
ENT (Ears, Nose & Throat)
Eye Surgery (Opthamology)
Female Specific
Fertility Treatment
Gastrointestinal Procedures
Gender Realignment
General Surgery
Male Specific
Obesity Surgery
Orthopedic Surgery
Scans & Health Checks
Spinal Procedures
Stem Cell Therapies
Transplant Surgery
Urology Procedures

=====Cosmetic Surgery
Arm Lift
Breast Augmentation
Breast Lift (Mastopexy)
Breast Reduction
Buttocks Implants
Chemical Peels
Chin Surgery
Ear Pinning
Ear Reshaping
Eye-Bag Removal
Eyelid Lift
Facial Implants
Forehead/Brow Lift
Hair Implants and transplants
Liposuction / Lipoplasty
Lower Body Lift
Nose Reshaping
Penis Enlargement
Skin Refinishing
Spider Vein Removal
Tummy Tuck
Varicose Vein Removal

=====Dental Procedures
Dental Bondings
Dental Bridges
Dental Caps
Dental Fillings
Dental Implants
Porcelain Tooth Crowns
Root Canal
Teeth Whitening
Tooth Contouring
Tooth Veneers

=====Alternative Medicine
Herbal Medicine
Holistic Medicine
Orthomolecular Medicine
Siddha Medicine
Unani Medicine


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Dynamic Dropdown For Joomla Community Builder Registration P

Modify Joomla community builder registration and edit registration page to have dynamic dropdowns. Should be clean and

This would allow users to input select from a table in and based on that would show items.
I have the list of items that need to be in and the items in
This project is similar to: was for country and was for cities based on country.

This could be done by CB Plugin or hardcoded as long as it gets into the database and can be edited later by user.

Joomla! 1.5.20
CB version is : 1.2.3

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Mobile Congregation All-In-One Android App

This project will consist of developing a android mobile app. This is an all-in-one personalized collaborative mobile application to connect individuals with their local communities of faith. Faith based communities will be able communicate, collaborate and engage members on a day-to-day basis with your ministry in your community and with others. This allows faith based communities to have extended connections and reach out to many people.

All-In-One App Features:

Every faith based community or church will be able personalize there personal communication and collaborative tool. A small website will be developed as well.

* General Information about the faith based community.
* Geo-location aware map with directions
* LBS – Location based services integrate with foursquare api
* Accept donations, tithes, and offerings via google checkout. Note: Already have an account setup
* Facebook aware via the social network
* Twitter aware via the social network Note: Already have an API
* Access live stream AV or recorded AV upload and save to Amazon Cloud. There will be a size limit of saving recorded AV. (AWS) Note: Account already setup
* Organize events and sign up for classes
* Youtube integration
* Pastors message or sermon as a download Note: Free and paid
* Members or anyone can listen to the Pastors podcast
* Prayer request from members or anyone, and announcement alerts
* Share information from church blog, website or rss-feed

There is more, but I believe this is enough information.

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German Forum Posters Wanted


we search entertaining forum posters with german knowledge to encourage the community to take part.

– Entertainment and movie related Site

you have to tell me the amount of posts and the price.


Task detail: Du musst Threads in unserem Diskussions -Forum erstellen und diese beantworten um die Community zu animieren mitzumachen.
Nenne mir wie viel Geld du nimmst für 100-500 Posts.

03/01/2011 at 23:53 EST:

only perfect german speaking people are excepted for this project!

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Joomla 1.5 And X-cart 4.4 User And Login Integration

What were after is an integration system for joomla version 1.5.22 and x-cart version 4.4. The integration should import new users that have registered in Joomla into x-cart as well as syncing any modifications made to a users profile in joomla (i.e. password change/ email change). Users logged into joomla should be automatically logged into the shopping cart (i.e. integration sessions). Basically we need the following points:

* When a user registers in joomla via community builder they are automatically registered in x-cart
* when a user updates their profile it is syncd with x-cart
* x-cart is closed until a user logins via joomla first
* Once a user logs into joomla they are automatically logged into x-cart without having to login again
* because of the address book functionality in x-cart, the important fields to sync is password, username, email address

So basically, a user must register and signin via joomla first before they can access the shopping cart. When they login to joomla they automatically log in to the shopping cart. When they modify their joomla profile it should be updated in the shopping cart (they cannot edit their details in the shopping cart but they can add addresses to their address book). All user management should be done in joomla via community builder, not x-cart.

Ive found the following integrations which looked good however Im not sure what version of x-cart or joomla theyre for, or theyre for the wrong version of x-cart.

The components were using in joomla are:
– AEC (manages joomla subscriptions )
– Moset Tree (business listing directory)
– Ikn answers (questions and answers module)
– CK Forms (creating forms for joomla module)
– CBJuice2 (exports users)
– JCE (modifies editor used in joomla)
– joommyadmin (php my admin viewer)
– community acl (manages access control levels)
– newsletter module (custom module, allows users to upload newsletters)
– ninjaxplorer (file manager)
– search
– silver bullet module (custom module, allows users to upload newsletters)
– community builder (manages users, registration and editing user profiles)

From the above components the only one I feel effects the shopping cart and joomla integration is community builder. Users register to joomla using community builder and AEC (upon initial registration they get a basic account for free which gives them access to the shopping cart – all users that are on the site have access to the shopping cart but everyone must register to have access to the site.

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Easy To Use Community Portal

I wish to get a easy to use community portal similar to developed. Please post your quote and time frame.

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Jom-Social Upgrade

We have a customised JomSocial Community built into our Joomla Website and we need to upgrade this to the latest version of Jom Social.

Some links in the community are not working (defaulting to our home page) and if the upgrade doesnt fix these issues, than I need this fixed as well after the upgrade.

I want all buttons in the community and links working again, and also some changes to the template so it looks a bit cleaner/updates. We also want to add like buttons.

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Install Sugar CRM Community Edition

Basic Installation of SugardCRM needed
I need a basic installation of SugarCRM Community Edition on my server by someone who is experienced with SugarCRM

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Flash Website Upgrade

I use my online flash resume,, to attract employers. Familiarize yourself with the website before bidding on this job.

I am looking to make a couple of upgrades, including:

– A tabbed system under the "References" section. I want each reference to be on its own page. I will have a total of 3 references but would like the potential to add a fourth.
– Internal links from a relevant paragraph to the reference it correlates to (internship paragraph links to reference from that internship)
– A creative way to integrate a couple of pictures onto the site. A community service picture for the community service page, my professional picture for the talent page, etc. I will supply the pictures.
– Figure out why the sounds stopped working on one of the renders. I will send the original file and the latest version.

You must supply:
The flash file itself, not just a render.

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Community Website Design

Looking for someone with experience in building a website from the ground up. The goal of this project is to get the website up and running in its most basic form.

The website would be a community oriented site that allows users to search for and comment on particular results.

– Member sign up and log in
– Storage of member information: names, passwords, contact information, comments
– Storage of searches and comments
– Search function that queries GoogleMaps and provides locations
– Community forums
– Construction of forms and surveys
– Image/video upload capabilities
– FAQ/Contact page
– General website statistic tracking

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Charity & Social Community Help Website


I am looking for working with dedicated programmer to develop a site that would be used to help people in local community for charity and social work. People would register and help each other in particular community and as we register skills here they would use the real life skills which are needed in social life like blood donation, charity event, yoga etc and would have feedback and rating system.

This is my personal dream and want to help people on social cause in a society. Most of the ideas revolve around computer related freelance but small social workers are neglected. this to bring the gap which internet and facebook has created to ensure people look at internet in a way that helps people build relations.

The website would rely on ads through google adsense or advertisement products. Person should have good knowledge of using these tools and seo to ensure website can self sustain its cost.

Thanks and regards

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Facebook Updates

Update auto dealer facebook with general localized information.

No hype or hard sell. Some videos will need to be posted as well as pictures, links.

Must be able to write like a local and posts musts blend in to the style of this particular social community.

Must be able to log in without facebook calling you out for being half way around the world or too many sign ins from various ip addresses ( facebook has some guidelines to meet). Its up to you to figure that out.

I will not pay some lottery winning sum for this very simple task. It needs to be consistent and every few days.

If you already have such a service for others, this will fit in with your list.

This is not a job you can do without being sensitive to the posts and community.

Do not apply if you are not willing to do this professionally week after week.

If you have ideas on how to make this work well, offer them for a bonus.

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