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Site Similar To

We are starting a business (a import/export directory site) where we need a suitable webdeveloper to partner with us and build a B2B website that is similar to Our website will not be as complex as Alibaba though.

Basically the website will have following needs:
-Good search function, where you can search for companies that is registered on the site (it is like a directory)
-Be able to register as a member/user or a company/supplier (companies/suppliers must be validated before appearing on the site)
-Very good and simple design (a little like
-Very easily navigated
-Payment functions for membership on the site (API integration: the developer will be required to develop a custom API function which will involve paypal, credit card checkout and payments for the subscription membership.)
-Suppliers/companies should be able to pay for more and better functions on the site (like an own store, better position in the search results etc)
-Translation/Multiple languages (only English in the beginning)
-Clean and visually appealing interface and scalable coding

You need to have:
1. Good communication skills – critical
2. We prefer a developer based in Europe.
3. Several years experience coding with a portfolio to back it up (hardcore backend skills)
4. Good english
5. Good attitude, easy going and motivated
6. Time to work and create this website in your free time
7. Great work ethics (hard worker)

Shortly about the opportunity:
There are companies in this industry that is valued at billions of dollars – but there is also small companies with a market value at millions of dollars. We will enter a market with untapped potential, and in the beginning we will not compete with those big companies and focus on other markets. This will help us create momentum and a strong customer base before going against bigger competitors.
Me and my business partner know how to execute this business and how to differentiate us from the competition. Those companies are poorly managed and still are doing very well.

You will be a partner and receive equity in the company and only a symbolic amount of money upfront. You will have a potential to earn a lot of money in the long-term.
We will also have built into the partnership agreement a percentage of the net profit paid to you until a predetermined amount is reached.

Only serious bidders please.

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Summary Info Best 100 Companies To Work For UK

I want to know who are the best 100 companies in the UK to work for in order of ranking. Not sure what the criteria are, could do with a summary. a list of all is required with a few bullets on top 10 and there industry sector.

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B2B Social Media Telemarketing – USA ONLY!


We are looking for someone who can work full time on referring companies. We will give you a list of companies you need to contact and you will go down the list and call + email each company regarding our services.

MUST BE LOCATED IN THE USA. Please do NOT bid if youre located in another country. Serious bidders only.


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Self Storage Information Collection

I am looking for someone to phone 29 Victorian (Australia) self storage facilities and find who handles the auctions for their expired, overdue and abandoned units.

I would like auctioneers names (or appropriate auction web sites), contact phone numbers, addresses and if possible auction schedules.

This is a very small project and can be completed in a few hours.

In the case of larger storage companies eg Kennards who have multiple locations, I would advise to call the Head Office instead of calling all 7 facilities.

I have a pre prepared spreadsheet (word) with phone numbers and addresses of all companies, all you need to do is add the auction information.


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Freelance Salesperson To Sell To Australian Businesses

I run a CD and DVD duplication service, aimed at both people who want their music CDs duplicated (i.e. bands etc.) as well as companies looking to distribute software or anything else that goes on a disc.

I want to expand my service offering to supplying outsourced duplication services to larger companies, for instance a printing company (like Kwik Copy of Kinkos) so that they make the sale and I fulfil the order for them, thus saving them the hassle of training staff on new equipment, having to have expensive equipment in every branch and allowing them to offer another product at no risk to themselves, other than any marketing they might want to undertake.

I am very good at the back end of running things but am terrible at sales and would like to develop my business further and thus am looking for a freelance salesperson to sell my services.

Marketing to large companies that could use my outsourcing service is the primary aim here but any and all business brought in will be paid for.

Sales will be remunerated on a commission basis and if a contract is landed for outsourcing an ongoing commission will be paid for a significant period of time. Commission is negotiable, depending on what amount of business you are able to bring into the company. I am happy to take on several freelance salespeople as well.

Email me with your proposal and what you are able to do for me that others cant. Not really looking for Telemarketers, I am looking for someone to handle the sales process from beginning to end, not just set appointments.

If you have any questions, dont hesitate to ask.

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Web Scrape For Company Addresses

I need someone who is very skilled at scraping data from websites.

I need records for: Event planners, Event management companies, Event Planning companies and DMCs (Destination Management Companies).

I need: Company name, address, city, state, zip, phone, website url (if available), and email (if available)

I need as many records as possible.

Data must be accurate, thorough and organized in Excel. This data will be used to mail postcards and catalogs.

Please provide a bid for the entire project or a price per 1k records.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

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Simple Perl Website Data Scraping

The script must be in perl. This is not negotiable. 90% of the work is done already, you can adapt an existing script, see attached.

The script scrapes a list of tickers for companies releasing Earnings Announcement data today, from the website, and outputs the data into a text file. The program will visit the page:

It will obtain a list of tickers (The fourth column, normally a 3 or 4 letter code), for all companies releasing earnings Before the Open today. It will ignore those companies realising earnings After the close. The script will then visit the page:

It will then obtain a list of tickers for all companies releasing earnings After the Close yesterday. It will ignore those companies realising earnings Before the Open. The script will then output the ticker list to a text file, with one ticker per line. The text file will be stamped with todays date e.g. tickers-YYYYMMDD.txt.
I have some code available for a related project available to make your life very easy. See attached.

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Looking For Logistic Specialist / Expert

I am looking for a LOGISTIC SPECIALIST/EXPERT who will research on Logistic Companies in Germany. Companies where we can place or store our products and ship it over to our costumer directly by our call. I want this person to be expert on this field and thoroughly research everything about that company(s) like their minimum quantity or maximum quantity of goods they can deliver or anything that we need to know about this company. This person may or may not be living in Germany but someone who knows German is a big plus. Examples of companies that I want you to research are as follows:

1. iLOPACk
2. After Pack
3. DHL
4. DHL eParcel
5. eSellers Friend
6. GeoPost Logistics
7. Hermes
8. Brothers schuon Logistics
9. Intropa Speditionsgesellschaft
10. Kopf & Lubben

I want you to give me the necessary information about the companies listed above. If interested, please tell me how are you going to do the job and give me a brief statement on why should I hire you. Interview will be done



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Hello everybody!

I am looking for someone who can make a website for me on Swedish and English there all sellers from Sweden and Internationally can put advertisement to sell everything within…. The website should be very easy to use but tuff design.I have already the colors, design and logo what I want to be mine, but need somebody who can make it to my website.
Color and design has to be same as:
On this website can people put the advertisement for one month and five pictures to download ( 640*320 megapixel). You have to make login name and code so they can go in self and change the ad and remove it if they want. Payment method is Paypal/Payson / Visa/ Mastercard and even if its possible to call with mobile and pay with SMS. This website has to have very nice design and easy to use and good publicity and promotional from some companies beside the first page on this website.

If you know that you are the right person/companies to make this for me quickly and will give me all support to start this webpage, so I can handle it self in future, just come with the price for me, so maybe we will make a project together as soon is possible.


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Data Research For Businesses

I need someone to research a list of companies.
You will need access to website such as,
I need the companies categorys updated on my list. I will give you a list of compatible categorys and you will need to match them with the ones you found on the website.
Also, if you find additional information for the company i need you to add it into the excel sheet.

If job is done good and on time, might have similar job ready weekly or monthly.

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Person Based In Ukraine Required

Good Afternoon,

I am looking for a person based in Ukraine who can assist me with some telephone calls. There are ten companies I would like you to contact offering a service. The service will be free to the companies. All you have to do is explain why the service would be free and if they are interested in letting us do the work.

There is one company amongst the ten that I have a personal contact in who will advise me on the quality and outcome of your call.

Please place a 30 USD bid for now. More details to be discussed in PM. Calling those ten companies would not take more than 2 hours of your time I would assume. I will of course also reimburse the phone charges to you.

Thank you

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Sign Up Companies For A Free Trial.

You will sign up 20 companies for a free trial of my sms (Mobile Marketing) company.

Company will receive 100 free outgoing sms messages to try out our platform and our shared shortcode.

Must be US based companies.

Types of industries mobile marketing can work for.
Real Estate
Ad agencies
Sports teams
Basically any company that needs to get a message out quickly.

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Recruit Advertisers Sales B2B Expert – USA ONLY!

Need an expert Sales team that have experience in b2b. The companies we are looking for need to have products that are in demand (preferably electronic companies) that have great presence in social media (Twitter, Facebook, etc). We have a service that increases fans via facebook by engaging companies current fans in social promotions and more. There are no services out there that we currently provide and have statistics showing how its guaranteed.

Our current vendors range from small e-commerce companies to fortune500 companies. If your team is big enough and confident to be our main sales force team, please bid. We are looking for a serious team as this opportunity is very limited and the compensation is very profitable. We are looking for a team in the USA only.

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Work Availability Website

I need a website for freelance drivers. The website is designed to create a connection between freelance drivers and companies. The website should be designed to allow companies to search for freelance drivers with skills that they need and who are available to work on specific dates. The big necessity is that companies need to input dates they require drivers with skills they require and a search will retrieve available drivers with skills for required dates.

The freelance drivers need to be able to create profiles of themselves, which will include relevant information for their job roles and location. They can then fill in a yearly availability for which companies can search for. Should the driver

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Datamining From Website 2 – Directory Of Companies

I need someone with experience and knowledge in data mining from a website of directory of companies. I could do it myself with some patience, but I dont have the time right now.

The job is pretty simple:
Get a spreadsheet with a list of companies from this website ( excluding the province of Buenos Aires, which I already have, there should be around 14000 companies here. For each entry (company) I need these fields:

– Raz. Social (Legal Name of company)
– Dirección (Address)
– Tel
– Fax
– e-mail
– Web
– Raz. Fantasia (Comercial Name)

This is an example of a page that needs to be data mined:

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Calling Companies To Identify The Right Decision Maker

We produce lists of companies, which will be exhibiting in tradeshows taking place in the middle-east and/or in Europe.

We know the general address and phone numbers for each of those companies, but need you to identify the name of the decision maker (optionally: his title and direct phone/email address) in charge of building their stands/booths (could be a PR or a marketing person, etc.).

There might be several calls necessary for one company.

3 questions:
1. What would be your business model?
2. How much would you charge?
3. How long would it take to call 300 companies (assuming there are 2 calls per company)?

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Vitamin Supplement Sourcing

For this project we are looking for someone to find manufacturers that will make our multi-vitamin supplement. You will need to find several custom manufacturing supplement companies and find the best price.

The amount of work required shouldnt be more than some phone calls and some emailing, then waiting for responses, and writing it up.
You will be given the exact formula that we want made, so that the manufacturers can give you a price, along with other essential details needed.
The manufacturer must be in the U.S, and we will give you a few companies that we have found to get started (as a guideline)

The end result will be a list of companies with prices, and contact details for who to deal with (so that we can take it from there).

Thanks for your time.

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Product Companies/Online Retailers Needed! MUST SEE

We are launching a new service to help product companies online generate more sales FREE using social media networks such as facebook and twitter. To use our service, product companies need to sponsor their product to users in order to generate more sales and leads. To find out more info, please bid and I will explain the compensation. Preferred bidder should live in the US and have experience in B2B and have a list of product companies that have facebook/twitter fan pages.


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Mining Contact Information For AU Music Sites And Press.

I have started a new business and will be sending out a press release. I have a large list of the names of companies, and I am looking for someone to find their media department contact details, specifically email and website details. Alot of the companies are small and might only have facebook / twitter, so it will require being able to search social mediums as well as google etc. I would like to receive the data in an excel spread sheet, and for companies that you could not find contact details for I would like that noted. These are australian companies and it will require the ability to see the difference between unrelated websites with the same name, for example I dont want to send my music press release to "beat makers" who are panel beaters, i want to send it to "beat makers" the local hip hop record label. Deadline will be 5 days.

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UK Companies House Xml Data Capture

I need to be able to query the UK Companies House xml database for either a range of company numbers, a list of company numbers or for a partial postcode, and then process the returned data into an excel spreadsheet. There should be error capture so that the download does not stop if a non existant company number is requested.

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Need To Harvest Corporate Website Links

I need to build a database of companies websites, i wish to have a script or software to harvest companys website links by the companies name,

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20 Web Hosting Review Articles

Looking for a writer who has excellent english grammar skills and written skills for our blog site.
Were looking forward to have 20 Reviews written for different hosting companies. Youll write the articles, and post them to our blog site.

Some more details:
One review for One hosting Company. (Well give you the hosting companies listing)
Articles must be 450-500 words
Articles must be seo optimized
Articles must be in good english
Articles must be spelling/copyscape free
Each article must pass CopyScape premium check 100%.
You will not use the articles for any reason after receiving payment, When bidding attach some original samples of your writing.

Budget: Max $30

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Find Addresses From Given URL

I need you to find addresses, phone and fax numbers, and ideally email addresses for 787 companies which I have the URLs of.

Those info should be organized into an Excel worksheet (see attached / missing info are in yellow cells). Most of those companies are French exhibitors for a French tradeshow which has taken place in Paris last year.

Test: please search the info for the companies "abelium collectivites" and "acs-production" (I will not reply to your offer without a successful test).

Future: I will have an increasing amount of those data to be completed. If I am happy with your output, I will send you those projects on a regular basis. Thanks.

Good luck to you all!

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Help Me Find Closeout Leads. Looking For A Cold Caller.

I am starting a liquidation brokerage. I need someone to find leads for me. I will give you a script, a directory and some excel spreadsheets. You will need to call the companies listed in the directory and read from the script I give you. You will then list the companies you called in the Excel file as well so your leads will be counted. Full details will be given after I choose the hire. Pay will start at .50 cents per call, and $5 per lead plus 50 cents equaling $5.50. Raises and bonuses will come quickly once deals are closed.

Person must have a pleasing, confident voice and be a fluent English speaker. A voice recording of yourself would be very helpful.

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MEP Engineering

I need a list of all of the MEP Engineering companies in the U.S. especially in California, that have more than 10 employees.

MEP is (Mechanical Electrical and Plumbing). These companies do building engineering/sustainable design. Examples of the type of companies I am seeking are:
Buro Happold
Enovity –

For the list, I need the following:
– Company name
– Locations addresses
– Phone number
– Website
– Brief company description
– Number of employees (if known)
– Engineering contact at the company (i.e. Engineering Manager, Engineering Director, VP of Engineering, and/or Engineering Principle.)

I need this information to be current within the last 6-8 months because companies change locations, merge, etc.

If I like the results we will have additional similar work in the future.

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Seeking A Firm To Send Emails 1 By 1 – Not Blast

I have a a link building project…. I need for you to email my lists of companies… I have a copy and paste email for you to send to them all. You will have to goto each companies website, and gather their email – or contact us form. You will have paste my email to each and alll of them.

I use gmail, can you get 100% of gmails to goto inbox? I have heard out of the US Ips dont make it to the inbox? Let me kno if you can guarantee they will? I need to see samples…


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Market Research Spreadsheet

I require a databases of contact details for a number of different marketing agencies, brand managers, PR companies, music label managers (in london) and a list of the organisers of uk wide music festivals.

Headings on each Excel spreadsheet to include:

Company Name
Brief Description of Business (if provided)
Address Line 1 (Street Address)
Address Line 2 (Suburb, State, Postcode)
Contact Name/s
Primary clients (from website) and estmated turnover (taken from companies house perhaps)
An empty box for the date when they were last contacted
An empty notes section
An empty expected budget section

– Only list Organisations and Businesses with a london Address
– Only using publicly available/free information
– Information should be current and correct – not from mass marketing lists
– Information will be cross checked with current information I possess
– Do not have repeats of any listings.

Please respond to this project with an estimate of how many contacts you think you will be able to find under each of the areas for your quote amount, along with examples of your previous experience. Please let me know your methodology as to how you will ascertain this information. I will only assess quotes that have provided this information.

The purpose of this list is as a cold calling list for my sales department. Im interested in creating a high quality list based on our companies profile.

Please see this link to our website for examples of the type of films we make (wwwDOTaweltdDOTcom)
We are looking for similar companies and individuals to:
PR companies e.g. House PR
marketing agencies e.g. The orange dot or BD network or Blazinstar
brand managers of Fashion companies such as Perry Ellis International or brands associated with music such as Red Stripe
music label managers/directors (uk wide) e.g. Andy Zammit at Bronze rat Nathan Thursting AT SOUTHERN FRIED RECORDS or Rob Collins AT COOKING VINYL
organisers of uk wide music festivals – i.e. The great escape, electric gardens, 1234 festival, kendall calling, creamfields.

Im hoping to receive an exhaustive list of companies within our field. Please note, were not currently making adverts for television, we specialise in Music videos, branded content, event coverage and corporate communication. We hope to move into fashion films and further marketing.

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Companies House XML

I have a company formation website running with some bugs. The developers who worked on the project are not responding. Just need few modifications to allow it to work properly.

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Gather 500 Genuine Reviews To Seed A New Review Engine

To set up a review site, I would need the initial data load of actual reviews of services delivered by companies in Australia.

As I dont want to expose the nature of the review site to a wide audience, I can only say that the industry is legal and proper. After winning we can discuss the industry.

I want you to contact organisations in the industry all over Australia and persuade them to send as many reviews as they can, as that will be in their own benefit. Contacting them can be a bulk email, phoning them, that doesnt matter as long as the reviews are genuine. There are thousands of target companies that could possibly be contacted; this is where a bit of creativity comes in.

I will supply you with a form that will be used to gather the reviews as there are specific questions to be asked, like categories, which city the company is located. etc. To get the highest number of feedback forms, the number of questions will be kept to a minimum.

There will be another project after this for the data entry into the review site, so if you

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Online Research Database Pharmaceutical Companies Emails

My company needs several highly productive people to identify certain people in pharmaceutical and chemical companies to create an excel database of about 20,000. We will supply the names of the companies and the job titles. You will find their names, titles, and emails. Emails will be included if found or based on standard formats.

Candidates will use a variety of online tools including Google, Linkedin, and website checking to optimize the search.

I am the President of an annual world pharmaceutical chemistry tradeshow that takes place in the USA.

The project is immediate but the work is ongoing. I will retain the best people to work year around.

Pay will be negotiated beforehand and based on productivity milestones.

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New Website Project

Ive a new website project I want to source out to an established company or very talented individual. I am looking for another company to partner with, so perhaps an opportunity to show me what your company is capable of for more projects?

This project is not a difficult one, however I expect HIGH standards of UI / coding and a UI that converts, your work will be checked for quality and I will expect this project to be done on time and on budget. The site will be for a new mobile app development company, therefore UI needs to be of high calibre, if you dont have a strong portfolio do not apply, I may also seek references. The following applies

– Communication / planning / execution and completion are important
– English needs to be of good standard
– Only companies or talented individuals with a proven track record and at least 5 freelancer feedbacks
– Technical documentation will need to be completed and scope mapped out before commencing work on this project
– MAXIMUM Budget is less than $500 USD
– NO UPFRONT PAYMENTS – payment on signoff
– Mockups to be done until the UI is right
– Companies experienced in designing strong converting sites will be given preference
– Companies based in China will be given preference

The site will consist of the following;

– Home page
– Services area
– iphone dev
– ipad dev
– android dev
– BB dev
– Portfolio page (AJAX display for the mobile app portfolio)
– Company info
– News
– Contact page

The site should be developed in PHP/MySQL, Im not keen on using a Open Source CMS, however will consider using a Custom CMS your company may have pre-developed…… A new company logo will need to be designed to

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Real Estate Developer Leads In China

Looking for someone that can develop qualified leads for active real estate development companies in China. We need to target market large scale real estate companies in China.

Please bid on the compensation for qualified leads. Lead to include:

1. Company name
2. Contact name
3. Email address to the contact name.
4. Website address
5. Description of company.

Please PM me for more details about the specifics we are looking for if interested in the project.

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