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Long Term Web Designer/company, Multiple Projects At A Time


I am looking to outsource all my web design to either multiple people or (preferably) a company, so that there can be mutliple projects being done at a time.

there will be a large scale of projects, from simple websites to large and difficult websites. the prices for each of these categories will also vary and happy to negotiate on each one.

I am happy to take serveral people, and then if you only want to do certain types of websites (e.g. small websites) then please state that. Also state how quick you can work ( and if your a company how many projects you can handle at a time). State what skills you have, and what your more comfortable with. And if you wanting to do it part time, then please say how much time you can dedicate to it in a week, or whatever.


p.s. im going to be away for a couple of weeks, so dont worry if you dont get a response right away. I will respond to everyone when i get back

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Flash Designer Wanted (Part Time / Freelance)

Need flash animations for web campaign, need many designers, alot of projects, student, part-timer all welcome!

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