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Flas Intro Page For Welding Company

We need a simple and elegant intro page for the welding web site, images and all necessary materials you can suggest your own!

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Animated Video Shorts For Company/Products

I work for a cloud telephony company that is looking to re-create our 5 product videos, as well as add an overarching company video. These are all short, animated videos that simplify our services and inject a little humor into them. This is what were looking to re-create in more professional-looking form:

Voice Broadcast:
Cloud Call Center:
Call Tracking:

Our timeline for this project is to have everything done in at least 5 months.

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Video Animation For Company Technology

We require a animated video to be developed similar to the following video at this link:

Our technology works very similar and we require something similar but animated.

We will provide any wording and logos.

Video must be creative and attarct the attention of our potential clients.


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Logotype For Video Advertising Company

A logotype for the project Vid AD solutions. A video advertising project/company.

It should be fresh, yet businesslike. I have toyed with the idea of having an old filmcamera in some way incorperated with the design.

It should be easily understandable and clear in small size, since its gonna me used in the videos as cornerwatermark.

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Find Company Employment Vids

I need the embed codes for company Employment or recruitment videos in English. If you cannot find employment videos then short professional promo videos would work. There are over 300 companies. I have the list of the companies and logo links I will give you. I will pay $1 for 10 embed codes. If you cannot find embed codes I will take URL to the video These MUST be professional videos that present the company in a good manner.

Because I had a freelancer that could not understand that I need to be able to access these embed codes and videos in a logical manner, I will spell out this simple step understood by most intelligent people. You will need to put the company names and logo links along with the matching embed codes in a spreadsheet as part of the $1 for 10 embed codes so I can see which video matches to that company. If you have any further questions you can pmb me.

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