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I Need A FAST And SEO And Flexibel Site With Dedicate CMS

i need a FAST and SEO and flexibel site with dedicate CMS that design super attractive
specially Homepage of the site .The design must be super attractive and beautiful because when a
visitor even professional programmer or designer come to our site find that its professional design
site , because once visitors attract by site they
trust better to invest with our company and this increase our profit .
So we are looking for super professional company that do this project for us
Fast Support after design is other important things for us .
below you find the description of this project:

Please note i guid designer in all part to how do it and i made samples in all parts
to understand better what i want and i show it to whom win project , but all parts must be unique .

i want these parts :

-About us :About our company , Company Structure , Company News , In the Press , Contact us

-Open Live account part: all information about # Open Live Account
# Open Free Demo Account# Deposits/Withdrawals# Spreads and Margins
# Instrument * Currency Pairs
# Rollover/ Interest Policy# Change Leverage# Required Documentation
and other information we dont remember now list here

-client cabinet[ login] : show information of each clients accounts

-News part : in this part submit financial new form international sites by RSS

-Technical analysis part : submit technical analysis parts of other sites by RSS

-Fundamental part : submit fundamental analysis parts of other sites by RSS

-forex education part : all pdf ,videos and other training

-forum : place visitors post in it like other forums .

– blog service that each user can make his/her blog

+-make forex tools:( this part is important ):
include economic calender – currency converter – currency charts – currency rates – currency high and low – forex sentiment
– Central banks interest rates- pivot levels-custom pivot levels-stock index rates like NASDAQ , S&P500 and others –
Money Management Calculator – Fibonacci Calculator – Pip Value Calculator –

-Partnership : we want to grow our business service and need affiliate and
introducing broker program

-free service for forex traders enabling to analyze their forex trading account .

– make dedicate Automated link exchange part

-easy navigation to find content , plus powerful sitemap .

– mobile template for site that all users can come to site with cell phones

-the website must be in mutilanguage English ,Arabic , russian,chiness and french

+-contest part :(too important part )

in this part our goal is to find best traders of the year ,so you must provide and make a system that show traders rating

my site url :
[Removed by Admin]

one of our competitors:

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Company Website Redesign

Need to redesign an existing company website. Need a clean and professional design. May need custom graphics. Website design similar to other corporate websites in North America for example GE, Shell, IBM, etc.

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Inbound Call Center Leads

I am looking for someone who can provide legitimate leads for small hospitality establishments needing an call center to handle their in-house reservations.

Small Company is starting in New Hampshire and if legitimate leads are produced that creates signed contracts, full time at home job could be offered with said company.

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Design Artwork For Business Vans – Garden Company

We have recently launched a new brand and logo for our business

We now require our company vans to have a design created to suit our branding.
Here is the vehicle we need branded (white):×384.jpg

Please provide designs in EPS and high quality PDF versions (we will get the stickers printed and installed to the vans).
We would like 2-3 samples to choose from with revisions permitted.

We also have a new business card which you can use a similar design for (attached).

Please only respond if you have had previous experience with designs for cars and/or a portfolio/samples for us to review.


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Freelancers/Team For A Web Desing Company + Company Web

Hi, I am in process of setting up a small web desing company in the north of Spain so I am looking for a freelance/team who can work for me.

I am looking for:

– Web Designing
– Web development
– CMS development (Joomla, wordpress, magento, Drupal, forums, vbulletin)
– Link Building, Article submission, search engine submission, Directory Submission
– PPC management
– Flash Services(Flash banners, Flash websites, flash animations, website intros etc)
– Graphic designing(Logo and banners design, brochures/flyers design, corporate identity etc)
– Video
– 3d animation
– Content writing, proofreading
– .net applications, desktop applications, accounting applications, software development
– Mobile applications(android, blackberry, symbian, windows mobile etc)

I would like to know your prices, average times, your portafolio…

I need also the web of the company where I can offer all the things i have mentioned before, this web must have two languages, english and spanish (i can traslate it), In the site the customers will be able to buy domain and hosting, you can recommend me a hosting or if you already have one I can be your reseller.

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Animal Cartoon Drawing/logo

Hello all freelancers!

One of our costumers are in need of cartoonlike drawings. Please read all text before bidding.


A squirrel that is interested in anything. Personalized through the eyes (angry interested overwhelmed etc.)
These drawings will be used in our costumers homepage, and will be a figure in a planned short animated video.
You need to make a sketch in order to be considered.
Your bid must include:
7-10 pcs. of drawings/sketches in JPG or PNG
2-3 revisions
Examples of the squirrel you have developed
Copyrights belongs to our company after payment


We can accept offers only with sample image (at least 1) which you made
Please do not use copyrighted contents!

As we are planning a long term cooperation with the best designer, we will offer you credits on our homepage within the field of your works, as freelance member of our company!
If this is interesting, please mention in your bid.


50% by delivery
50% when 100% work is completed and when we get all the source files with final edits and full copyright ownership

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Financial Control /ekonomistyrning

Financial control ground level

I need some help (if you are swedsih it is a plus, since the cases is in Swedish).

It is three cases

One assignment is about calculation in excel the other one is about budget in excel. The last one is a smaller case for financial control of smaller company, were you should Plan an activity and make a budget for activities for the company (max 5 pages)

It is a easy and fast task for someone that is into financial control.

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Redesign Designer Portfolio

vizual is a small company specialized in graphic and webdesign projects.
The company is looking for some new ideas for a portfolio website.

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Directory Project

I need someone to enter my company into online directories. I will provide the company information, but I need you to have a list of directories and create an excel spreadsheet with the link, email, username if necessary and password.

– All directories must be US only.
– All directories must show up in a Google SERP.
– I already have my company listed on a few directories and duplication will not be allowed.

Please include your fee per entry in a PM.

Happy Bidding

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Partnership With IPhone And Android Developer


We are an Animation Production House called Monson Kings Animation in India and are producing and executing animated feature films for international market. We also provide our Animation services in both 2D & 3D to our clients.

Now, we would like to expand and jump into the iPhone game and app development business. We are looking to form a partnership with an iPhone developer group/ company/ individual to make iPhone games and apps. It is a great opportunity for those who knows technical/coding/programming part but lacks the creative/CG/ Animation part to join hands with us and reach a new level in the industry.

The deal is simple:

> Our company will do the whole CG/Animation on our cost.
> Your company/ you will do all the coding on your cost.
> Profit will be shared at a negotiated percent.
> Both party can take part in Creative discussion.

Please Note:

> You must provide me links to your previous works if you want to be accepted.
> We are not looking for a freelancer but for a partner.
> Please mention how much profit % share do you want in your PM.

Looking forward to make great games and apps.

Monson Kings Animation

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SEO Work For PC Repair And Web Design Website

Hi Freelancers,

Great opportunity to show off your SEO work for a UK based company looking to maximise there SEO work on-site and off-site. We are looking for the following keywords to be optimised:

Web Design London, London Web Design, London Web Designers, web designers london, web design agency, web design agency london, web designer london, website design agency, web design company uk, web design company london, web design north london, web design

pc repair keywords would be on competition with the following site:

Looking for a expert to complete this work in the initial stage of 90 days with continued work on various other projects if all well.

Looking for reviews in your SEO work with a portfolio, must be able to contact via msn messenger and phone, must be in contact with myself everyday to get a guideline of what work you are doing so we can track your progress, as I said these need to be top 10 positions, and we know by completing one of these keywords can optimise the rest so let the bidding commence and we will only accept fair bids.

P.S All methods must be White hat and not Black Hat any black hat techniques used will be sued for under our company legisilations.

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Utube Or Video Clip To Introduce My Company

Utube or video clip to introduce our company and the
best ideas to promote the clip in the net

other ideas f using video broadcasting are appreciated

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Car Insurance

I need Joomla component for car insurance, like
In the back-end, i need to build the company with the info:

– Name of company
– type of insured (individual, legal person, retired… etc)
– age of insured;
– Bonus-Malus;
– valability of insurance (1 mounth, 6 mounth, 12 mounth)
– the engine power for cars
– cost of each insurance;
– insured county;
– insured city;
– type of the insurance: Cars (including land and joint vehicles whose authorized mass not exceeding 3.5t), Vehicles for passenger transportation (including transportation truck people), Vans, pick-up, truck,, Trailers and semitrailers, Road tractors, Motorcycles…

In the front-end, after a insured complete fields one by one, in the right, in each moment must be shown the insurance company who meet the requirements like like
I need a demo Joomla website for testing before choosing the winner. Who is closest to the example given is winner.

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Need Programmer For Shwapno Duar

Dear freelancer , i need good programmer for my company , who work friendly my company ..

only for serious bidder , i need urgent , i will pay advance ……

exp: min 2 years experience

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Develop Company Web, Some Blogging

Hello, there

Will need to improve the look and functionality of a new company website, preferably using WordPress. Current theme is by WordPress.
– our web domain is already registered and hosted
– A website them has been developed by myself, using WordPress and is now live
– we have a current color scheme, developed in WordPress, would like to keep the color scheme. The pages, drop down menus, titles etc are live, minimum changes required
– We have company logo already prepared
-Will need to design website header using company logo
– give a professional look and life to the website- check status for SEO- friendly,
– content will be with me
— Will add new pages, to update news, reports, and communications.

Could also work on hourly basis- please provide your hourly charges.

Kind regards
Company web!

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Poster Design For Animal Food Advertising

We are looking for a company or a single graphic design pro with skills and a lot of fantasy in designing a great eye catching POSTER for an animal food company. A special dryfood for FERRETS will be advertised on the poster. This is the best dryfood for Ferrets available on the planet at the moment. That is not just what we as the manufacturer say, it is what customers and pet veterinarians also say about our food.

Poster will be printed in A1 size
We expect high quality photorealistic design
We need a design where people will talk about!

We will provide you with:
Our company logo in Vector Format and Pixel Format
The animal food name design and slogan on Photoshop PSD format
The special font for the food name (TTF)
We can also provide you with FERRET pictures in HiRes but you might also draw yourself (we do not want any Ferret cliparts from the web in the poster design) or use stock photographs
A PDF file which describes our company and philosophy because we are not just like any other animal food production plant we started making our own food because we wanted to very best for our own animals.
A link to our Webshop, so that you will see the kind of style we like and to get an idea what you are working on.

We are open to any kind of eye catching design from playful and very colorful to extreme experimental designs.
It would help a lot if you describe your first idea from our job description and show us projects you designed in the past. Please understand that we only want bidders who know they can create something SPECIAL.

If you just bid to be in the game and place a standard info like I think I can do this work, give it a try we hardly will take the time to look at your portfolio because we need to choose the perfect team or person from the bidders and how can you expect us to do that with this little info. So please if you really want to deliver a great job we expect that you also take the time and send us a pm either with a sample of what you plan to design or at least with previous samples of Posters you made.

All uploaded graphics should just give you an idea of the product and should not be copies 1:1 into the design!

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Flas Intro Page For Welding Company

We need a simple and elegant intro page for the welding web site, images and all necessary materials you can suggest your own!

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Company Website

I want someone to redesign my website. Make it stand out.

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