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Various Website Fixes

Need help with making website fixes. Need a bit more color and some adjustments with alignment, etc.

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B2B Website

I need b2b website, similar to alibaba. All the functions must be the same, accepting few modifications. Send me the list of features included to your offer. Only serious bidders please. Send me examples of your similar work.

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Design And Complete A Website

To design and create a website for and
– Design should be clean design.
– Can refer to
– Logo will and company profile will be provided
– CSS and AJAX must be use
– C# programming
– 1 Flash for banner
– Static content
– Company is an IT company
(Target to complete second after jsasianetwork in 3 days)
– Logo and company profile will be provided
– Must be creative and no free template used
– CSS and AJAX must be implemented
– 1 Flash for banner
– Static content
– Company is a man power supply company
(Target to complete 1st in 3 days)

If successfull bidder can complete both at the same time should be good. And theres more projects for web design coming in our channel. This will open the opportunity for long term relation.

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Ground Plane Design In CCD/ADC System

We have a project consisting of a Hamamatsu S10420-1106 CCD sensor, and an Analog Devices AD9826 as AFE.
We are currently using a full ground plane, but believe that it will be benificial to use a split ground plane.

The current system uses a 6-layer pcb, with the following stack-up:

Top layer: Signal1
Inner layer 1: Full groundplane
Inner layer 2: Supply layer
Inner layer 3: Supply layer
Inner layer 4: Full groundplane
Bottom layer: Signal2

We seek someone with high expertise in analog design and preferrably, someone who has previously designed PCB´s with a CCD.

The task is NOT a complete pcb layout. We simply need someone to sketch out the optimal ground plane design for our needs, and to document why this design is better than the full ground plane we are currently using. We will supply a drawing of component placements.

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Simple Website Design

We need a simple 3 page website to link to our main site.

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Website Design

Web Developer needed.

We need a web developer who can create a dynamic website with an easily manageable back end.

Simple data capture into a mysql database and a website that display this data.
This new web site is needed to for a CAR AUCTION/ Broker.

Functionality will include:

1. a script to extract categories/subcategories/fields/images information from several providers website.

Once this scheduled task has been completed we require the data to be collated and standardized. This data should then be cleaned and posted into a MySQL database.
This script need to run on an hourly basis, updating the MySql database which feeds the web site.

2. Organize / unify data collected
3. Site design that display the captured information (include logo design).

4. Back end that consists of customer database tracking customers, bid history, deposit, sales,ETC.

5. Integration of an e-commerce gateway.

6. Ongoing other work & support available (rates to be negotiated)

¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ Full Payment to be made once the site is 100% finished, up and running – So, please do not bid if you dont agree with this ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

!!!!!!!!!!! Please do not bid on this unless youre completely capable of finishing the project on time !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I would like to get started ASAP.
This project is urgent and we are aiming to be up and running within 1-2 weeks.
Additional capabilities (like hand held device , ..ETC) are to be added later on


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Template Set Up

The design files are in ilustrator, we need someone to build the template for the website.

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Website Development

I need someone to upload content into my website and later work on the design and development.

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Brochure Design + Menu

Need a tri-fold brochure for a hotel. Must have all wording that I will provide.

Also need a quick mock up for a catering menu.

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Immediately Need A Twitter Background Design

I need a twitter background get designed within one day. The details and some images to be included in the background will be provided once the provider is selected. The background should be according to the theme given or matching with the twitter profile given. The color codes for setting the background should also be given along with the image. The design should be beautiful, attractive and professional one. This is an immediate need and the bid will end in one day and once provider is selected the work should be completed in one day. It will be better if you could provide two designs for the them also that we can select one out of it. you should also provide the design in both jpg and original PSD (or source) format.

This is a simple work which can be completed within hours. So the maximum budget for this project is $10. Please note that if we are satisfied with the design and designer you will have same kind of work in the future.

please bid with earlier twitter background designs you have created.

important: only bid if you can complete the work within 24 hrs and IM me with bid and details

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Website Design For Barber Shop

I need a website design for a top notch barber shop (hair cutting) store. Design, HTML, CSS with social media (Web 2.0) is required. Site will include pictures of hair cuts and more. Only a few pages. Please show previous samples. Thanks.

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New Design

I need a good designer who can redesign my website.It needs modernising to stay ahead of competition. The general layout and architecture of the site is already in place. All that is needed is the alteration of site text, images, backgrounds, buttons & possibly layout etc to fit requirements.I have some idea what it will look like but i will need your input to make it work. Also, i will need a video maker where it can produce a short video maybe 1mins max explaining what my website is.

I will wait for your bid.


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Website Re-Design Project

My client needs his website design updated.
He is presently using a template, probably a free one.
The client likes video and his present site has more video than text.
I want something that incorporates both, built on WordPress.
Also he will require more than the usual 5 pages, this is mostly because he has staff, and would like each of them to have their own pages.
Of course they will need a contact form and other features that can be found in WordPress.
So, please be very knowledgeable when it come to WordPress.

Thanks you for reading this. Only show me your best WordPress work, I dont have the time to go through everyones entire portfolio. Thanks

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Website For Health Store

Need a website for a health store. Will have about 500 products that wed want you to put on the site for which we have pulled together pictures, text, description and price for each product. Must be able to easily add, delete and modify any the product categories and products in CMS. Payment processing via PayPal Website Payments Pro. Need a basket, customer login, facebook like button, website design, and anything else a typical online retail store would need. We are located in Ireland.

Please give examples of your work, including backend, and state what youd use to develop your site. Prefer PHP / MySQL but not mandatory.

Thank you

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HTML/CSS Templates

Hi designers…

I have a couple of design projects that need working on. I require one or two fellow designers to assist myself on these projects. The work consists of creating unique html/css templates.

PM me if you are interested….


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Banner Design

Hi i need a banner asap a really nice website banner please

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Static Website Project (design + Develop)

We are looking for talented people to assist us with the design and development of website projects.

This project in particular will involve
– Website Project with 3-4 Pages
– Relatively static pages
– Require graphics design end-to-end
– Image Gallery
– Image slider on front page
– Contact Us Form

– Developer will assist with uploading the site and database creations/modifications
– Developer needs to provide a sample of similar delivered projects.
– Chosen developer is likely to be given more work in future (via including e-commerce sites.
– Only Developers with feedback will be chosen
– Please reply/bid with the line "Hello MOTO" or else you will be ignored

Interview screenings will be conducted over the next few weeks.

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Yoga Mat Design + Packaging Design

Need a graphic designer to create and modify designs for a Yoga mat.
Project will include:
1) Creating a design for the Yoga mat and altering a design that we have partially worked on.
2) Designing a Yoga mat packaging cover.

Qualified designers – please provide examples of your work, preferably something similar.
Please send you portfolio and costs.
Need someone who is flexible to make changes, as needed.

Thank you

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Header Design

Hi i need a new header design for my new web design website this is needed asap i have some examples of images needed and colors

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PHP Work Needed

Need a website on PHP asap.

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Work Opportunity Only For Bangladesh.

Hello Freelancer,

I am going to start a big project. So, I need some expert people to work with me.


1. HSC completed.
2. You have to spend 24 hours & 30 days per month to do work with me.
3. Highly experience about Freelancer, E-commerce, Online bank(I mean, total e-business system)
4. You have to more less than 1 review on freelancer to get eligibility to bid on this project.
5. Highly energetic & creative people will get opportunity to work with me.
6. You have to be expert on any area. like: Article Writing, Graphic Design, Website Development, Software Development, Internet Marketing(SEO) etc.

I am going to start my project very soon. No team required, I need only individual people.

Please post PMB to know more details about my project.

Ovizun (PVT) Limited.

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JH Appt Card Design

Need appointment card design as pdf. For Chander only.

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Need To Create Iphone App. Dev + Design

Hi, i need a team, developer + designer to create a very simple app. It will be named Handmade gifts. Its very simple, no search, no nothing, i just need to show people this gifts, so

1. Loader Screen
2. Gifts categories screen
3. Gift list screen (from one category)
4. Gift screen
5. Favorites

Thats all – very simple, right?

I need this job done quick, thats why i need a team, one will work on design and one on developing
About gifts, i got database with nearly 300 gifts, all with photo and description.

I need the portfolio of designers past works, and i mean past Iphone designs!

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Need Users 1000+ On My Adult Website From US , CA ,and Other

i have one customer that have one adult website , and he need users on it, it will be better if more than 50% come from US, also he need registered members (many will be great) and signups on his site, and want make up traffic 1000-2000 users per day.

For best provider will be more work, if this job going good and we can make good long term relationship.



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