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Facebook Events App

FB App Tech Specs:
Basic Outline: A Face book application that upon user installation will create an event under that user and invite all his or her friends to this event. The application should have an admin panel where it can be managed etc.
Landing Page > Event Details > Money page need ability to be managed via a central admin panel.

Application Flow:
1) User is sent to a landing page and then redirected from here to the permissions/installation page.
2) Once user has installed the app It will create an event under this user using the details specified in the admin area
3) Once above event is created the application should invite all of the installed users friends to this event

Key Features Needed:
1) Secure Admin Panel to manage the application; from here we enter the applications APP ID, API Secret, Canvas URL Etc

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Facebook Fans Needed

I am looking for someone who can get me between 10,000 and 20,000 fans or likes on a particular niche page within facebook!
The people have to be real and each fan must have at least 50 friends each, the money will be paid 2 weeks after the job is completed too make sure the page does not get deleted..
PM me for more details,#
Many thanks,

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Online Gifting Site To Be Marketed

Dear All,

I own an online gifting portal. I need assistance to be publicised and internet marketing to be done. This job should be completed in a particular time frame. Hence update me with your bidding amount and time frame.

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Landing Pages

I need expert person to assemble and install a few landing pages. Work must be complete with all links, SEO, etc.etc. My budget is limited but I demand a good and completed job.
Thank you for respond.

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He has completed job in advance

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Setting Up DKIM On Centos Server

I need someone who have experience in setting up dkim and domain keys on a dedicated linux server running centos and direct admin

Job is completed when a valid domain key is sent in mail headers via smtp from the server

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Data input for Magento :: about 1000 products

Our company is looking for a highly experienced Magento programmer / Data entry person.

The programmer will need to do the following:

1. Product input – 1000 items (CDs and DVDs) into a Magento store.

2. Magento supplied data for input will be limited to the following:
A link with all pics and info necessary, another two-three links to search and find links with prelistening mp3s. Youll use the info and the pictures, add the link for the mp3 link found for the product in an existing module…Basically you will use the urls to find the the prelistening links for input. You will be given info of the cost and price, the sku will be the product name.

3. Any pictures given for the project will have to be analyzed, cropped and configured to fit the magento view, which will be centered and 400×400 pixels, the most important thing is that it is square, that is the same height as its width. You must have some kind of software, and the knowledge, to be able to optimize and resize the pics when needed…

4. Our every question / email must be answered within one hour during working hours.

If youre in to magento and know what to do, youll know that it is not hard, but many times quite time demanding… This is a project for 1000 item data imput, but we will need more imput continously, so if youre interested… get the job and do a good one, than youll have more jobs in the close future for our magento store.

Also, since youll have good knowledge in magento, you will also get other jobs as well, if youre interested that is. Well need e.g. modul developments right after this project is done…

Payment will be made as follows:
50% after 500 products
75% after 750 products
final payment after 1000 products and project is complete.

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Graphic Art Banner Creation

I need some excellent quality, well designed, professional looking, high tech banners for a client project. Simple task for a talented graphics person. I need the banners in these sizes:
468×60, 728×90, 300×250, 240×400, 160×600. GIF Format. Would like them to have at least a little bit of animation/movement.

If you accept you agree that Source files provided to me upon completed job and also Copyright given to me. State it in writing.

This is for a single product item. Product disclosed in PM to bidders that peak my interest. Lowest bid that is the most talented/clever will get the job. Budget is around $30. Show me your stuff.

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final payment for job complete

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