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Java Restaurant Software

What I would like is a software for a restaurant.
It should be composed of 2 parts: one that should be installed on waiters PDAs to help them select the order and another one to be installed on an admin computer (the one on the PDAs should communicate through wireless with the one on the computer).
The one on the PDA is meant to help waiteres take the orders. The waiter should select from bunch of categories (a top down list with items for each category). I would want the waiter to be alerted if a particular item is not in stock. After the waiter completes the order, the data should be transmitted to the central computer. Also, if a client decides to add something to his order after the initial order has been processed the software should let him do it.
Also after the waiter brings some items from the order he sholud be able to check the items ( each item should have a check box that will be checked after the waiter brings the product ) as served on his PDA, thus helping him not to mix the orders.
The software on the central computer should remember the orders for each table and compute the total amount to be payed (and send it to the PDA). The database with the total stock should have the posibility to be changed whenerver the stock administrator wants (when the restaurant receives merchandise). Also, when a waiter adds an order, the products specified on the order should be substracted from the total stock.

A similar application you can see here:

Extremly important: I need the application for an university assignment, so I need the code and the database structure.

My budget is around 50$.

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C# Task Need To Be Done Within An Hour
above is the requirement
below is the solution which is done
i want u to modify the code as per the screenshot and which is the needed output

Also pls check below comments
i will pay $30 for this modification

why he uses Game ?

and also when the computer run the application should ask the user to enter number of computer between 1 to 5 if he chooses for example 6
the program should return asks him again to enter between 1 – 5

please replay me with the answer
the output is not much the original application I took
screen-shot for what suppose the output look like in the attachment file

please modify it and send it again

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C# Urgent Modification Needed

i will pay you for making correction
this was the task
and i will send u the output as well
and also comments
u need to make change the code as per comments
I can not wait

and also I can not submit it just like this
I have to get answer why for something like why he use


why he uses Game ?

and also when the computer run the application should ask the user to enter number of computer between 1 to 5 if he chooses for example 6
the program should return asks him again to enter between 1 – 5

please replay me with the answer
the output is not much the original application I took
screen-shot for what suppose the output look like in the attachment file

please modify it and send it again

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Computer And Programming Task
i want this task to be done in the best way………please bid for less

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$10 – $15 Per Article– Efficient Article Writer Wanted

Hi everyone,

We are seo content writing company and looking for 8 to 10 efficient writers to join us for completing ongoing projects. Our main requirement is hardworking and efficient writers who can produce 100% error free unique quality articles and blog posts. We want to pay very high rate per article about $10 to $15 depending on the quality. But you must have to provide with high quality articles..

Payment is flexible and we can make payment through-

Paypal, Moneybookers and GAF also

We mainly requires articles related to

1. Computers – Computer Hardware, Computer Repair, PC and Internet Security

2. Internet – Dedicated Hosting, Domain names, Domain yahoo

3. Consumer Electronics

4. Online earning

For being selected, you must have to write a sample article of about 500 words on the topics mentioned above. The computer related article may be on HOW TO. The article should be perfect, copyescape free, keyword rich and SEO optimized Keep in mind, the article must be unique and copyescape passed or I will reject you

It will be a plus point to add image in the article relating to the niche……..

No BID will be considered without the required sample article.. Place your Bid and send the sample article for review ..

I will pay for the selected sample articles also..

Payment is flexible and we can make payment through-

Paypal,Moneybookers and GAF also

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We are URGENTLY In need of some drawing in Auto CAD

basically its an outdoor adventure park with shipping containers as admin and storage areas

There are 4 shipping container for the office so buildings very basic
these are cladded with weathertex
sandstone block retaining wall 400x400x1100 wall around entire site with a track
chain mesh fence surrounds entire site
And the climbing tower is 15 meters in height made up of tower crane assembly

below is a request from council for the attached in Auto CAD

Dear Mr Carson

Further to our discussion earlier today, I have had a chance to review all of the information you have submitted. Please see my comments below:
The site plan you have lodged is not adequate at this stage. As part of our approval process Council must stamp approve the plans and reference them in the Decision Notice. The survey plan you sent me with the buildings included is not sufficient. We require a computer drawn plan (site plan) which depicts the subject site and proposed uses e.g. climbing wall, track, buildings etc and the plan must also show the adjoining lots as you can see on the survey plan. This plan must be drawn to scale, have a north point, title block, accurate measurements etc;
Added to this, we are generally happy with the design and treatment of the building however once again we require a computer drawn elevation which references the style/finish and colour of the surface (being the sample you have sent to me). Please note that we are generally happy with the proposed development, however we do need this formalized through the correct documentation (i.e. site plan, elevation plan);
The arborist will finish his assessment of the tree plan in the coming days; and
The landscape assessment section do not require any further information as they will condition you to provide a landscape plan as part of the approval.

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Web Scraping, Data Entry, Excel, Address & Contact Info

I have an Excel spreadsheet that requires filling to make a list with contact names, email address, company name, tel, fax, full address location, type of business input into specific cells (Excel template provided) – for the following types of businesses located only in USA, Canada, and UK:

Computer stores / PC Stores / PC Shops / Computer shops / PC equipment & accessories
Colleges and Universities

The data can be found online from directories such as yellow pages, superpages, business pages, shopping finder, computer store directories, direct websites, etc….. Requires web searching, web scraping, data entry (no duplicate records).

Will pay for every 2,000 records as milestone. Bid on this figure.
Potential to lead to ongoing work.

Please advise of the process you intend to use and timescales to deliver.
Thank you.

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Facebook App, Iphone And Android

I need 3 programs. They all do the same but i need them for facebook, iphone and android.

What the program needs to be able to do, I will not give the full description until I have hired someone.
The program needs to be able to upload video/photo from phone/computer and post it to your friends on facebook, they then need to be able to upload a video/photo back to you and all of these actions should appear on your facebook wall.
There should be a special app on the mobile devises to do this but a special application inbuilt to facebook to do this in your computer.

This is the first part of the project, there are few things I am not telling about but they are minor.

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Caller ID Application

This is about a Caller ID application.

This is a really easy and quick project since most of the part will be done from the client since its need a lot of customisation that can

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Computer Security/IT Consultant For Trust Seal Business

Were a new Internet company looking for a computer security consultant that can help us answer questions regarding design and implementation for our business.

What we are trying to do has not been done before. Therefore, there are a lot of questions that need to be answered. They have to do with virus scanning and PCI compliance ( What we are trying to do is similar to companies that provide trust seals for websites; typically ecommerce sites. Examples include: Truste, BBBOnline, Hackersafe, etc.

Your task will be to help us to design the technical considerations for our company, help us better understand what we need to make our idea thrive, and answer any and all question we have that pertain to the topic at hand.

There are 2 initial Stages:
1st Stage

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Need A Professional Website For A Computer Company Asap

I need a very simple CMS system, and a professional website for a computer repair company.
It will basicly only be a website with information about the company, prices etc. No real functions.

Hoping someone have a simple CMS system, trying to avoid big systems that isnt needed.
It will basicly consist of only 4-5 pages. I will only need to be able to edit pages.

The logo is already made, so you will need to build something that fits with that. I will show 2-3 websites that I "like" the design of, and im hoping you will put something together that you know holds the same quality as the websites I showed.

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Basic Visual Guide To Using A Computer

We are looking for somebody to create a very simple visual guide to using a computer to access the internet for elderly people that have no experience of using a computer. It needs to be done using annotated screen shots. The areas that need to be covered are:

Note: Using Windows 7

Turning the computer on (I will provide an image of the laptop they will be using)
Opening Internet Explorer
Entering a website url directly
Using Google
Bookmarking a page
Closing down Internet Explorer
Shut down Windows

As you will notice from the above, we just need to cover the very very basics so somebody with no computer experience could confidently manage to access the internet, perform basic functions and close down the computer safely.

The information needs to be produced in the style of the For Dummies range of books with the following:

Front Page – Full colour basic mockup of the For Dummies style front page, but I will provide a photo to be used.
Contents Page – Listing the different sections, along with the relevant page numbers
Page Titles – Each page should have the title of the book
Page Numbers – each page should be numbered for easy reference.

As 90% of the booklet will just be screenshots, this should be a very simple task so would like to keep the budget as low as possible. However, it is important that you have good English writing skills in order to correctly describe the different sections.

Note: We would like this completing ASAP, so preference will be given to anyone that can start today.

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Undetected Remote Control Connection Program


The program is a remote admin access, Which when .exe/server is ran on employees computer it must be undetected by all anti-virus and bypass all firewall, Also must support unique server making/so if 1 is detected by anti-virus then i can create new one. Also must connect from the employees computer to my control panel instead of my control panel connecting to employee. Also be able to use the remote connected computer internet connection to make remote proxy, Must be able to create servers/bind server with other files. The Control panel must be able to download, view files,log passwords,take screenshots,activate camera,delete files…and many more. Only serious bidders with experience in this field.

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Sr. Magento Developer

We are looking for a Sr. Magento Developer for a two month project. Must have experience with the following:

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Website For Mobile Computer Service Business

Im looking for someone who can create a website for me.
Im a mobile computer service business and looking for a new website.

Please visit this site below to see an example of what the site should look like.
Click the link to see what I would like the site to look like.

I want my service to be listed and design just like how the aps on the above site are listed.
I can tell you more about what I want when you apply bid on it.

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IT Technology Computer Content Writing

Require pages to be written for a computer services company offering products and services such as :-

Dell Computers
DELL Servers
Network equipment such as switches from leading vendors
Network Audits
Network Planning
Structured Cabling
Backup & Disaster Recovery Services
AntiVirus Software
Identity Protection
On-site manitenance Support Services
Microsoft software
Cloud computing services
Cusotmised SQL database design work
Website development
SEO Work

A simple commonsense approach is looked for and making use of material from our suppliers websites.

Heres a quick example…………..

AntiVirus Software and Protection – A Key Busness Requirement

All businesses today need to take their antivirus policy seriously. Virus can decimate productivity, leave sensitive information exposed and take away your abiity to service customer requirements. Ultimately they can be very costly and damage client confidence in your business.

Even today many businesses still do not have adeqaute protect against viruses and other malware. NCH as part of our service will assess your current level of protection and your actual requirements. We will then recommend an antivirus protection policy for your business. On discussion and acceptance we will professionally install your new systems and on an on-going basis ensure that all products are kept up to date and that you are kept protected. We offer the following products and services:-

+ Norton AntiVirus Software
+ McFee AntiVirus Software
+ AntiVirus Software Installation and Maintenance Service

Call today to find out more.


So its
——–knowing the business need
——–talking about the product or solution
——–discussing the benefit / financial argument
——–and just making brief comment always on the suppliers expertise & professional appoach

As part of the process other products /services can be cross referenced. It might for instance say Many clients looking to review thei antivirus protection measures also look at disaster recovery planning and cloud computing services.
On application I will provide URL of site.
This is just a small project for someone who has the interest. Must be newly written content – pass copyscape.
The budget is less than $100

Please provide emamples. Perfect business IT english delivery required.

Many thanks

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English > Japanese Translation Job

We are looking for English into Japanese Translator for a Computer Technology and Software project. This project consist of 500-2000 words per day and will start immediately.

Please verify that you meet the requirements stated below:

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Website Revamp

Hi All,

We required to revamp a website.

This is a computer retailer website, they will post/edit:

– computer product (add & manage product category up to 3 levels),
– promotion,
– news,
– events(with photo gallery),

Kindly quote.

Thank you.

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Computer Science Assigments

Person must understand basic Discrete Structures and assembly language

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Oscommerce RTL + Hebrew Translation+

For an Online store – Computer hardware and software shop – i ask for the following:
1. I need a programmer that can edit the latest oscommerce for RTL use and Hebrew language, I dont mind translating it my self, just tell me what files to edit and where and i will translate to Heb.
2. I want to add a "build your computer" module so ppl can select parts from hardware lists and assemble their own computer.
3. in the "build your computer" section i want to have a code box so that people can copy code to forums to show specific parts, prices and link to the actual part in the site.
4. rolling "news" section on the side of the site and rolling "new items".
5. when visiting a product page such as laptop or other i want the possibility to purchase add-ons that i can select from other items such as bags for laptops and screens for complete system and so on.
6. facebook/tweeter and etc. sharing in every item page.
7. quick paypal checkout with no need to register and phone order ability without registering.
8. article and free software download section.
9. sending me whole code and files.

If you think you understood all of my requests and think you are able to make this on oscommerce or other open-source platform wont object, please send links to similar projects youve done.
Extra modules/addons you think you can make for this site in the same bid price will be great.

Thank you.

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USB Software

We are looking for a software where computer doesn

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Project Sample


A small computer services business (10 staff) that provides websites, networks, software etc to small and medium sized businesses plan to expand and has realised that they may not be up-to-date with matters concerning computer and information security. As the first stage in addressing these concerns they have engaged you as a consultant to advise then on current computer and information security matters and the steps that they should take as part of the expansion plans.

Assessment Instructions

write a formal report to the business to advise them on the matters of computer and information security that they should address. It must cover the following

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Computer Animation – Blender

The project involves using blender to model an object that you predict in year 2050. Object should be animated in its simpleast form:move and have moving components. You can model and animate any futuristic object you like: an innovative device, a fancy car, space ship etc. Please bid if you have the advance skills to use blender.

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Native English Speaker – Computer Science Text


I am looking for english native speaker with research background or fluency in english in one of fields like: computer science, statistics, data mining, data analysis, web mining to make proof reading 10 pages paper for technical computer science conference. Paper area: web users segmentation, time series analysis.

Please post your price per 10 pages document.



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Native English Speaker – Computer Science Text


I am looking for english native speaker with research background or fluency in english in one of fields like: computer science, statistics, data mining, data analysis, web mining to make proof reading 10 pages paper for technical computer science conference. Paper area: web users segmentation, time series analysis.

Please post your price per 10 pages document.



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Need Advertisement Designed In Adobe In-Design

I need an advertisement designed for my business in Adobe In-Design. The advertisement needs to be 6 inches width and 4 inches high and I need to be able to edit the file in In-Design later so I can change my promotions.

THis advertisement is for my computer repair business. It is similar to Geek Squad computer repair.

I want like the design to look fancy but at the same time look simple and easy to read…

I need pictures and ideas so please let me know what you can do and I will award the best person ASAP!

I need examples of the work you have done for Advertisements so I can decide who to pick!

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Auction House Programme (Not Online)

We need an Auction House programme that can handle every aspect of the business from booking in lots to selling lots on the night and rasing invoices for buyers, sellers etc, we also need to to be able to compile a catalogue in A4 landscape which are then folded by us. We need the programme to be able to re-enter lots that are not sold for another auction, therefore, carrying over lots, it also needs to be able to do a summeray of the auction giving us information on what has sold and not sold what items need to be removed from the auction. We would also like the facility added in so that we could have a computer on our rostrum that the auctioneer enters the buyers number as items are sold that then goes straight through to a computer in the office making it easier when a customer then comes to pay there invoice. Any questions please ask.

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Interactive KPI Application

Hello all,

Looking for someone to build simple application that will run on the local computer and present KPI results on the big screen computer is using as monitor.

I have attached link to the similar Dashboard – we like the look of this one and we would like to achieve same modern look in full screen:

KPIs we want to measure and enable employees in workshop to see:

– Computers built current day; Target / Actual

– Computers built current week; Target / Actual

– Financial Performance current week; Target / Actual

– Financial Performance current month; Target / Actual

Once finished, spreadsheet will be placed on the computer that will be connected to the large screen placed in the workshop for all employees to see.

It would need to be password protected so only Team Leaders can access spreadsheet and enter figures.

Please dont hesitate to ask any additional questions to clarify. Small budget project but choosen provider will get opportunity to continue work on the project as we will add more things to it.

Looking forward hearing from you!

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Flash Clothing Generator


I am looking for someone to create me a simple, yet effective flash app that will do the following:

1) Have a preset number of clothing images and a preset number of modifiers such as stars, stripes and so on. A user can select a clothing template – I.E a dress and then change its color, add things such as stars etc to create a final image.

2) Once they are happy with their final image the item needs to be saved to their computer as a PNG image.

You DO NOT need to provide any of the clothing templates as these will be provided for you.

You will need to..:

a) Create the design of the application
b) Create a number of items such as stripes, stars etc
c) Make it so that the items can be rotated, resized, colored etc
d) Utilize a "drag and drop" style interface
e) Allow the saving of the completed image to the users computer (or our mysql database) as a png image


Please only bid if you..

– Start straight away
– Can communicate via msn messenger
– Wont dissapear for a few days
– Dont have several other projects ongoing at the moment which will take up your time

Thanks and good luck!

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