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Website Overhaul

Established website, partially overhauled (inc files added for header, footer and side columns) but has some problems where text is unstable, can end up dropping to the below the columns. I think it needs to be modified to a set template, but Im open to suggestions. I built the site from scratch, but with very limited skills.
Also, website needs several different features,
Assistance in understanding how to use my own site, including inc files
A slideshow type box on homepage to feature articles (about 5) with a numbered buttons for user to be able to switch between them.
An ad-tracking system with report facility
SEO We Google well, but our page rank has dropped recently and we would like to improve googleability
A comment facility added to article pages
A smart looking drop-down menu bar
Pagination for articles.
New logo
Facebook page/s customisation
Design assistance with ad layout

All of the above are important, but can be split off from this job if nec.
I need a firm date for work to be completed, I dont want it to drag on for a long period. Looking to spend money before close of tax year!
I also need a phpbb forum website to be converted to a shiny new forum which i will post as another project

Important – the ability to edit my own site content, advertisements and ad new sections as necessary. control of my own ad tracking system, etc.
When the inc files were done I was not given the means to edit them myself, and this is just not workable for me – I do know basic html

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Website – Program Function & Design


I have a 2 page website on-line that is not working as I want. Needed is the following:

– Web design of the pages
– On the first page a user can sign in and is directed to the second page

The second page contains a form with some 40 data fields.

These data fields are pre-populated from the data stored in a MySQL database and this data is specific for the user which logged-in. It is a kind of profile.

The user can edit the entries and save these to the data base.

What I need and what this project is about:

I want this to be reduced to one web page only. The layout of the design is one column only.

The URL directs to that single web page and the user is presented with two data fields which will be used for authentication. If a correct data pair is entered all other data fields are shown with pre-populated data specific for this data pair.

The user can edit the data and either save the data to the data base or cancel. A "Thank you window pops-up with the info "Thank you – your changes are saved" or "Your profile is saved without any changes"

After that, only the two authentication data fields are shown with no value.

Furthermore, I need to be able to write content before an after the form in a fast and easy way.

The upload function of the data base which is part of the admin back-end of the actual two page web site needs to be in place too.

I will give you detailed URL and login information after your bid using PMB

Thanks for your bid!

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Website Design Layout For BLF

Website Design Layout For BLF

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