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Writer Needed To Rewrite A Text About Video Conferencing

Text rewriting is needed. We have a text: that we would like to rewrite. It must be at least 500 words about video conferencing software VideoPort VCS . You can use web site and but can

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Audio Visual/Video Conferencing Technicians

Impact provides Managed Services functions such as technical onsite support, maintenance and administration to various large corporate organisations both inside and outside of London.

The AV Technician

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Software For Adding VIDEO Conferencing In Company Website

I need Software,
which can help me to introduce Video conferencing to my Clint via my own Website.

Software should make it easy install and must contain password security.
Software should work in low Net speed also minimum-256 to 512kbph.
Software should make video conferencing clear and without any interferences.

type -Video conferencing — one to many ,1 to 8 & many to many.

if any one has ready made it will preferable.

maximum cost we can pay- $400

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Web Conferencing

I would like for someone with "Web Conferencing Design" experience to develop a web conferencing system for my company. We would require basic features such as: live video streaming in HD, chat feature, start a web meeting, invite attendies, audio, upload documents, share desktop(s) and whiteboard features.

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Webinar For Web Conferencing

I need to build a program to enable web conferencing (similar to Adobe Connect) for internal use.

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Web Conferencing Service Sales

We have launched the premier web conferencing system solution. With live audio and video, desktop and presentation sharing, session recording, and more, our product fills the needs of organizations and businesses of every size. Most importantly, we are just a fraction of the cost of the competition. We welcome your help in launching this. Web conferencing is big and is getting larger all the time. Everyone can use this.
We are asking you to close sales on 100 of these packages from our featured website. Please provide your bid to sell 100 standard packages. The standard package will cost customers $8.97 per month, along with a nominal startup fee for their first month.
This posting is not a direct solicitation for you to purchase the product. We are truly looking for someone who can sell. You will receive credit for all sales generated through our featured site. When the 100th sale is closed, we will pay your bid. We are open to discuss partial payments once the project is started and we can review progress. Thank you.

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Video Conferencing Software

The project has to do with making a video conferencing software available with the ability to share desktop. the functionality should be such as OoVoo thus business service — At least 6 people should be able to actively communicate.

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Video Conferencing Software

The project has to do with making a video conferencing software available with the ability to share desktop. the functionality should be such as OoVoo thus business service — At least 6 people should be able to actively communicate.

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CONFERENCING GATEWAY -android app that can act as a voip gateway , sip call can be conference in to a standard PSTN wireless call

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Big Blue Button Video Conferencing Installation

We are a job recruitment web start up. We are looking to provide our clients with video conferencing ability and will use Big Blue Button – an open source video conferencing application. See the demo here (ours once installed will look just like this but with our logo and only "create your own meeting" as an option. ).

Here is the source code and instructions for installation.

We need a developer to

1. Install this on our media temple server Ubuntu
2. Customize so we can use and have clients access and set up their own meetings (getting a unique url).
3. Possible other work to integrate on the site but for now (1 and 2 are what we will pay for).

I dont think it is a lot of work but we want someone who has experienced doing this sort of install previously. Willing to work with one person who knows their stuff.


David at

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Encrypted Video Conferencing

Software Program that Does the following:
1. Encrypted video/audio conferencing (minimum AES-128 encryption)
a. customizing already available open source may be an option
2. Integration with payment system(credit card/paypal)
3. Verification of user with 3rd party database

4. Optional recording of voice only, stored on encrypted remote server.
5. Browser based or small downloadable program.

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Write Single Page For Elastix Conferencing

Need someone to write a single web page that integrates with Elastix Web Conferencing module and sits on our Joomla Website as link.

Need users to login which could be via Joomla Website.
Need users to enter text and click on specific buttons which integrates with Elastix Web Page.

Should be pretty easy for a Web/php guy..

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Video Conferencing Expert Needed

Needing someone who is an expert in deploying an open source video conferencing solution.

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This Project aims at building a cost effective multimedia conferencing solution where all the clients of ad-hoc wireless network can easily communicate via video conferencing and also enable text chat, audio chat and file transfer. This project is a software package for making multimedia conference by using java media framework, swings for graphical user interface applications, jdbc and MS-Access database for information storage. The system is built using Wi-Fi wireless network as the medium of communication and will use live video capturing and streaming the way the live TV works but here the difference is there will be two ways communication.

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Integrate Conferencing/Meeting Software

We would like to integrate a conference room onto our social network.

There are options like Vmukti, DimDim, Yuuguu, etc that all do what we want. We are not sure of the best solution that will be integrated the easiest with our system. Wed like a programmer to do 3 things:

Find & install appropriate conferencing software on our server
Integrate into our existing Social Network (
Integrate into our events so when someone schedules a conference – it shows up as an option in the Events area for people to RSVP.

Our system is SMARTY based (php/tpl) and we use Social Engine 3.18 as our foundation for the social network on a VPS hosted through hostgator.

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Video Conferencing System

I need a video conferencing to serve and support my clients and train them via the Internet. In order to interact with them, I will use this system. Web conferencing will offer me advantages, because applications such as collaborative web browsing, file transfer and application sharing are easily supported over the Internet and many other benefits too.

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Web Based App For Video Conferencing

Its simple all i need is an app that i can embed into a website that is like a chat room for example a user will play a live video and speak in a microphone over it and other users can watch the video and listen. Please bid and if you are selected for the project you will make a long term relationship. Java is the preferred language.

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Video Conferencing Expert

Looking for someone who is expert in video conferencing .

If you have used open source solution like dimdim , be our guest .

If not , what solutions would you recommend using for video conferencing .

please provide relevant video conferencing projects that you have executed .

Thank You

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Video Conferencing Application

Development of web application for realtime video/audio conferencing.
Needs to be web based

Features Needed:
Audio, Video, Chat, collaboration or desktop sharing
Ability to record all sessions
Box to input notes/comments
Integrate conference call #
Incorporate calendar and contact list to collaborate and invite
Ability to have 6 users per session

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Skype Reloaded Product – Specific Sub-module Development

Skype for Power Gamers has developed both a client and server Skype add-on product line that provides users with automated conferencing and group chat functionality that is similar to products such as Teamspeak and Ventrilo.

We are currently seeking one or more experienced developers to take on sub-projects related to both our client and server products. These sub-projects are typically function or feature specific to our existing core products. In other words, after the sub-project reaches a mature state our lead developers will work with the contracted developer(s) (you) to integrate it into our existing product.

Projects will range in pay based on complexity, experience of the developer(s), quality of code, creativity, etc.

Developer requirements:

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Flash Conferencing Various Modules

Hi, I need a couple of modules to enrich one of our conferencing systems. If someone can provide them all in a good synergiy, will be definitely and advantage and a long-term collaboration, if you only can do certain modules and you can prove good results, I can split the project into pieces and let you bid for each module.

Media server to be used: WOWZA. Client to be used: FLASH Player.

Modules needed:
– Audio conference using SPEEX codec or something better (Flash player >= 10)
– Video module with a very good freeware (!) codec (probably java needed) – something like H.264 – needs good speed and quality on a resonable bandwidth
– LiveDesktop / Remote Desktop solution with client in Flash and the broadcaster being able to broadcast from Windows, MacOS, Linux
– A nice whiteboard with bells and whistles – if something better than the open source already on the market
– A performant web browser component in Flash – completely Flash native needed
– Various Flash/Java modules you might have, with complete source code can be interesting if they have something unique.

Thank you.

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Flash Based Web Conferencing Client

I am looking to develop a flash based web conferencing client like Adobe Connect Pro but with lot less features

1) I do not need video (webcam) streaming though i want any participant to be able to show his screen to other attendees

2) The tool must have audio conferencing(using skype/msn) etc.

3) There should a flash based whiteboarding tool

4) Participants should be able to do a private chat with one another

5) A participant should be able to raise hand to indicate that he wants to ask a question

Other than these features, the tool needs to read from a mysql table and show some data about the presenter and the conference.

Important note – I want this tool to be built on an opensource media server such as Red5. If you can customize an opensource client such as Laszlo it would be terrific

Please note that STRONG preference will be given to candidates from Mumbai/Pune in India or those who can travel to Pune for understanding the project (I will bear the travel cost if we decide to work together)

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Looking For DimDim Or Web Conferencing Coder Expert

We are currently looking for a coder expert in either DimDim or other open source web conferencing.
If you have worked on any web conferencing or installed an open source web conferencing applications.

Please bid this project and email us your experience.



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Video Conferencing

I am looking for High PR relevant nofollow link back to this site – 100 each month. Please quote me best price.

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PayPal API to iLinc web conferencing

I need someone to build an interface between our iLinc web conferencing software database (a list of all our trainings) and PayPal. The flow would be for someone to sign-up for a training, be taken to PayPay to collect the payment and returned to confirm the registration after payment is confirmed. I have all the iLinc API documentation.

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Virtual Class room Portal


I am looking at providing online virtual classroom training over the Internet…meaning it will be live Instructor lead training delivered through internet.

I am looking at a portal that may potentially required integration of some content management System, a web conferencing solution with an option of audio conferencing and a learning management System.

Companies who have experience of building solution around open source systems like this can get in touch with me for detailed project specification.

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