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Update And Configuration Of Appointment Booking Pro

We already have Appointment Booking Pro installed on one of our sites. Now wed like to get it up to date and it live. The current installed version of Appointment Booking Pro is 1.4.2

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Usvn Fix/configuration Help

We require some help configuring SVN with USVN frontend on a shared hosting.

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Database & Server Configuration Memory – Site Is Down

our server is running out of memory upon immediate restart.
using the TOP command, we see that mysqld and apache (httpd) peg the CPU usage of the server.
This started happening yesterday at 11:30 PST.
Our server upon restart takes 4 minutes and works fine, then immediately goes into non-response state.
Log files on mysql dont show anything.
need someone to diagnose and fix

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Opengts Installation/configuration

I need someone with experience in opengts because I am gonna need info about the server and and bandwith needed for
the project capable on hosted about 3000 devices. I need traccar to be integrated into opengts,and a enfora DCS. I am taking suggestion on devices that would provide the maximum functionalities and be at a reasonable price. I also need someone capable of of offering support and admin training.

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I am struggling to migrate 2 joomla websites hosted in 2 different web hosting to another.
The first one is located in web host, needs to be migrated to another web host, all details will be provided. All the files were uploaded as well as database however they might need to be re- uploaded again to make sure the process is correct. These 2 website are running in their current webhosts
Second website, same situation.
This job needs to be completed in less than 2 days

Budget is small
This should take too long to someone knowledgeable in the area.

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Website Configuration

We copied web files from an existing website to a new server and the pages are not displaying, we need someone who can fix it and make the pages display.

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Virtualmin / Webmin Configuration

We installed Virtualmin / Webmin already.

Looking for a guru able to configure Virtualmin / Webmin. Creating websites, databases, database users, administrative users and documenting it just a small manifest.

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Website Design & Asterisk Configuration.

Seeking Asterisk Guru to Create frontend website to Asterisk
allowing secure access to indiviudal account, provide access to sendfax
and configure asterisk to send and receive sms text messages.

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Expert Webmin DNS Setup Required-Urgent

My DNS Server configuration is hosed for my server. I run a server at and require an expert to help me figure out the configuration.

I am running Ubuntu 10.04 with Webmin as the web interface. You must be very familiar with both of these.

This will take a matter of minutes for the right person to figure out. 1 hour max. Please bid accordingly.

* Fix DNS Configuration
* Advise me as to what was done to fix the issue, and what was wrong
* Advise me as to improvements in the DNS Configuration

Requirements of Provider
* English speaking with voice chat available

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Zen Cart Shipping Configuration

Version 1.3.9h.

Need to have 3 different Shipping/Delivery Options:

1. Free local delivery with a 30 mile radius
2. $15 delivery charge (max. 50 miles)
3. UPS shipping (next day or 2 day)

At this time I am not looking to have the site determine the mileage. We will do that offline. Simply need the customers to be able to select one of the three options.

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Complicated PHP + Server Configuration

Need help to install a complicated script on a server. Resolve problem, optimize, etc …

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NopCommerce Payment Configuration

I have a website with Nopcommerce Cart and I have a payment gateway that allows use of emulation. I need someone to do the configuration of this within my shopping cart program. This is a very simple task for someone who knows the code so please do not try to BS me. I have spoken with both people who Know nopcommerce and my gateway provider and they have told me what needs to be done it is just a matter of actually doing the minor changes in the coding. I am open to bids as well for actually using my API documentation to create a payment processor gateway within NopCommerce and pay accordingly if it is succesfully up and functional but in the mean time I can make do with the emulation. I do have a few other projects that will need to be done as well so if you are good at coding and working with sites then please bid for this simple project and we can go from there. When you Bid please PM me with details and tell me time frame… this project really should not take more than a few hours once I give you access to the code and server.

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Thunderbird Add-On Project – 3. Try

I need a new Add-On for Mozilla thunderbird to make the handling of incoming PDF-Invoices more easier.

Add-On must be multilingual.
Add-On must be run on all supported Operating-Systems.

We have 2 Milestones.

Milestone 1 >

I need a configuration to to configure :

– wich eMail-Account(s) should be used for this plugin. I need a list of all active eMail-Accounts with the possibility to select/deselect the accounts (list with checkboxes)
– wich printer should be used (default OS printer dialog)
– mail-addresses to all members to be informed

Than i need a configuration tool for the add-on to manage the configuration for each sender-address :

– Senders email-address (text)
– Print ( Yes/No )
– Internal eMail-Folder to move the email after processing (text, select box of all folders)
– Mail-addresses of all members to be informed.

If a got a mail, it will be checked with the help of the configuration whether this senders address is planned for the automatic printing.

If so all PDF files available in the mail (attached to it ) will be printed by the selected default printer. Afterwards the mail is shifted in the saving folder.
All members for this senders-address will be informed that the mail was printed.

If not, the mail remains in the incoming mail.

The mail also remains in the incoming mail provided that no entry to this senders address is planned.

If the mail was not automatically printed so a notification occurs to generel members to be informed.

Milestone 2 >

Extend the senders-configuration with :

– Automatic save attachement (Yes / no)
– Save path (text, file-system folder dialog)

After the check whether an automatic printing should occur, an other check whether an automatic saving occurs should occur.

If, yes, so all attachements will be stored and verified at the given path.
Only after positive check the filing of the mail occurs.

If a mail was neither printed nor stored so occurred a notification to all group members.

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Webdesign & Asterisk Configuration.

Seeking Asterisk Guru to Create frontend website to Asterisk
allowing secure access to indiviudal account, provide access to sendfax
and configure asterisk to send and receive sms text messages.

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WordPress Widget

I require a WordPress widget (and associated configuration settings page) that displays the latest text from an external rss feed and a Yes button that when a visitor to the website clicks – then it will send that latest text value to the email address inserted in the the widget configuration settings.

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CRELOADED Configuration. Sales Order Details

CRELOADED Configuration – Set up CRELOADED so that sales orders correctly show VAT and Discounts before Sub total is calculated and VAT works out correctly on the sub total amount including carriage and any discounts that may have been applied to the order.

To be delivered in 3 days.


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Checking Mailman Configuration

Hi, i have mailman installed on my server. We just moved from Listserv listing to mailman and are having problems with emails not being delivered to work acocunt and hotmail accounts. We just want someone to check our configuration on server, dns, mx and anything else which will help us resolve this issue. Your help in this matter will be really appreciated.

WIth Regards,

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Magento Nginx Server Configuration For Speed

We want our server to run more faster

Installed on our server is Nginx, fastcgi, gzip is enabled but yslow says to enable gzip.

1.We keep getting 504 nginx timeout- You will sort this out.

2.Site has suddenly gone pretty slow.So we need Memcached installed.

3.Install Fooman Speedster

4.I think php fpm is already installed if not you will install this

5.Tune the mysql:you need to make some metrics about the Mysql use into your site, Slow query logs, and load average…. at the moment you have the peak of users… you can have some profiles using many tools…

6. The KPI of this project is speed and we will measure speed at the beginning and at the end of this project.

7.Please note job is only finished if we can get atleast 25% speed increase

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Software Engineer

For my project Im need person who will be responsible for configuration of software (web applications). There is no programming, supporting and installation needed, only applications configuration.

What does it mean? There are a lot of open-source software application. But usually they doesnt used before first will be configured. Depending of application itll be needed different type of configuration.

I want you:
1. have good skills in IT area.
2. have simple knowledge about business and understand it a little. It needed to understand what type of configuration have to be made.
3. ready to grow up constantly to be an expert soon.
4. ready to work hard.
5. good man and honest.
6. open for command work.
7. ready to manage in the future.

Im waiting your monthly bid (for 120-140 hours).

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JomSocial Configuration

1. I need JomSocial installed and working at its 100% capacity with plugins, modules, etc.
2. The homepage/landing should be very simple. It should display a video and show an rss feed below the video.
3. Beauty of design is very important. The site should look slick and professional.

I can purchase themes if needed.
JomSocial already purchased.

Thank you.

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Need Linux Php Configuration For Image Upload

Admin side of website writen in php will not allow uploads ( shows nogd ) when trying to upload image file

it is a linux server
php website

needs library configured

please help asap !

$30 job

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Charms Creator For Magento


we need a charms creator for our webshop. It should work with the latest version of Magento Community and Enterprise. The user should select from different bracelets and then choose his charms with drag and drop. At this first step we also want to present the user some pre-configured charm-sets (theme-based) which could also be edited by the user. When the user finished his configuration he should have a button to add the configuration to the shopping cart as single products – not as a bundled product. Wed like to have some filter options for the charms (configured by us) – filter options for the bracelets are only optional. There should be a popup when the cursor is over a charm with the name of the charm and the prize. Deleting the charms should work either by drag and drop or by clicking an x. Changing the bracelet after configuring the charms should also be possible without loosing the charms. As addtional feature the user should have the possibility to send his configuration to a friend as a link by email or to publish the configuration on Facebook such as video publishing on Youtube with a thumbnail of the configuration. By clicking on the link the user should be forwarded to our shop and to the configuration. The design of the charms creator should be able to be changed by ourselves. The user should also see on which positions the charm can be placed on the bracelet and how much charms he can choose.
We need a configuration in the backend where we could easily modify the products which are in the configurator. The configurator itself should be based on flash.


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Configuration And Maintenance Of Fortigate FG60C

What I need or require:
– Initial configuration on Fortigate by replicating CISCO ASA device which will be replaced
– Assistence in puting device in production, testing and troubleshooting
– Long term maintenance of device

What I already have versus what the provider will deliver:
– CISCO ASA configuration file
– VPN IP SEC passwords

Specific expertise/background that I am seeking:
– Experience in Fortigate device configuration

Timeframe for delivery:
– One week

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Amazon Ec2 And LAMP Configuration Help

We need someone to help finalise the configuration of a LAMP server based on Ubnutu running on Amazon EC2. We have used a pre built AMI to make the instance and need some help with some final tweaks. You will work with our webmaster to finalise the server config and make a snapshot of it.

Tasks include –

Finish configuration of Postfix and spam assassin – its all installed just needs some configs entered.
Move domain to point at EC2 – we have a zone edit account that can help the configuration of this.
Install an Open Source web hosting manager like cpanel.
Configure SSH tunnel so that Navicat and Mysql admin tools work remotly.
Change all the passwords on all the servers.
Make a snapshot of the server.
We are moving to Amazon ec2 as our hosting so in the future there will be more work for you if you are good on this project.

You must have at least 5 years *nix experience and having good php skills is also a must because in the future we would need some php hacks made to scripts. You must speak fluent English and use skype to communicate.
Think of this project as a test so that we can see if you can work with us in the future.

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Joomla Postfix Configuration Issue

I need support to configure my joomla site with postfix. I have the message
postfix/sendmail[6689]: fatal: usage: sendmail [options], may be postfix sendmail command does not like the options sent by joomla

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Amazon EC2 DNS Configuration Or Bind DNS Expert

We have problem with our Amazon EC2 Linux Server DNS Configuration for name servers.
We installed the Bind DNS Server and running many websites on apache. We dont know how to configure the apache for different domain names now running like and
We added one of name server on registrarer as and the ip of amazon ec2 instance but coudl not run on amazon.
Also if anyone expert on amazon that can be better maybe.

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Sketchup Configuration

Solo provider only

Need to integrate sketchup for joomla

Max budget $20

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Debian 6 Server Setup Configuration


We need some one to install and configure Mail sever , Web Sever, MySql, PHP , FTP and pop3 in our server running with Debian 6 OS.

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Magento Cart WordPress Configuration

Small e-commerce configuration for a Magento cart. Magento already installed, the system just needs to be customized for client (international product sales). Possible additional contract for inventory load.

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OpenGTS Installation/config/protocols

I need the installation and configuration of the OpenGTS in a VPS
(a recommendation of where to rent the VPS also will be appreciated)

The configuration of the protocols for 2 trackers.

Also a training in admin usage.

I need someone that could give maintenance, adapt new protocols, add new features, etc. in the future to the system.

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Magento Ecommerce Website Build / Templating From PSD

We are rebuilding an ecommerce website using the Magento platform.

We have a home page PSD for you to work with and need you to setup Magento and install the template / psd etc using the latest css standards etc.

Freelancer requirements:
Must 1. Magento Trackrecord (can show portfolio + good comments/testimonials) – I will ask basic magento questions to confirm this
Must 2. Good Quality css skills, work at best practice etc
Communication: English writing 6+,
Responds fast to e-mail (max 24 hours)

We will provide wireframes for each page.

I currently have 3 Magento builds ready to go and this first one will be a test project for the rest. The winning bidder if a good job is odne will get the other two builds, plus ongoing amends etc. And any new clients we get.

Kind regards,


I will setup all of the categories and cms pages. I can also create forms, custom contact us pages etc myself.

I will also do various bits in the configuration myself such as the following which should save some time but you will need to do anything I cannot and check it over etc.

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Magento Newsletter Template And Configuration

We are running magento as our shopping cart, we need the following from the winning bidder:

1) Make sure that the newsletter queue is working properly (will require to see the below template sent out with an official store announcement)
2) Design a simple default newsletter template to be used for news and announcement.

bidders please use the term Kuwait in your bids to avoid auto bids.

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