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Linux Expert – Config Support


I am looking for Linux export who can configure on our server.

We already have 1 working with mumu, we purchased 3 more tuners for the same server and we are looking for Linux expert who can configure them.

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Configure Magento Domains

I am looking for an expert in the domain configuration and Magento.

I have a Magento website (multi store with two stores)

and a website design tool

We also have domain which is currently running.

Your job is to help me configure a subdomain of to point to the Magento website so that users see in the url instead of

The server we use is Goddady.
** you may not use iframes

I will provide more if you have questions.

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Configure OPENGTS

I need someone to configure and parameter to receive on OpenGTS 2 type of Trackers :

– JoinTech JT600

The time is very limited (as to be done in the day)

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Help Configure Alias Directory In Apache Win32

I need to configure a directory in Apache to point to d:w2 so that when
I enter http://localhost/v/ it points to d:w2. Im using windows 7 and apache 2.2.17.

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Zencart Site Move – Mod Install – More

Can someone do this for us low priced . it is taking a current store and doing a new install and migrating everything over and installing these below as a standard practice. We have many of these type tasks to do.
1. Copy over your database including the orders, clients, and products.
2. We will then take the template you select and incorporate your current logo, site colors and any specific images or elements to theme the template to look like Your current site or vision look.
3. Install and configure PayPal Express, and/or
4. Install and configure Google Express, and/or
5. Install and configure any gateway by default to Zen.
6. Install Lightbox Image Handler for presentation of nicer images.
7. Edit/Create(we have canned text to insert for you, if needed) all informational pages, including contact, privacy, conditions, and shipping info
8. Install and configure Image Manager for multiple image on product pages.
9. Perform security measures on store including renaming admin folder. (recommended)
10. Install and or configure the necessary shipping modules required as UPS, FED EX, or Flat Rate.
11. Install much better editor making it easy for you to upload images / multiple images on a product page. (Fckeditor)
12. SEO Simple URLs ( if needed)
13. Proper insertion of tag line, site tags, and meta tags
14. Install E Z Populate (for product adding)

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We are looking to start a web hosting company and need 2 servers properly configured. We have had other that say they can but fell short of the target.

We have:
cPanel License
WHMCS License
1 Dual Xeon Server (Looking to add second one)

Server 1 located in datacenter A
Server 2 located in datacenter B

What we need:

1. Synchronize Server 1 with Server 2 for redundancy and backup. (Specify technology such as rsync and why) also see below.
2. Properly, install CentOS with cPanel
3. Configure permissions and all security updates
4. Configure DNS properly.
5. Install a Dynamic DNS Server. Must have a easy to use web interface for managment
6. Setup scheduled backups
7. Setup WHMCS for billing
8. Provide documentation for each step completed and command line used. We need to be able to log everthing ever done to the server.
9. Provide .iso image of each server for recovery and replication.



Discussion is encouraged to design the best setup.

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Install And Configure Interspire Shopping Cart.

i need programmer who has experience in an interspire to install interspire shopping cart to my server.

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CCBill Integration Help

Ok heres what I need:

I have an adult site that will be using CCBill for payments. Ive managed to get things almost to where I need it *I THINK*

Ive got my forms from CCBill, and when you enter your desired username and password on the registration page on my site, it pre-fills the username and password fields in the CCBill form. Now I need the CCBill form to write the customers info to my database so people will be able to log in through my login page.

CCBill customer support has been very helpful in helping me get this far, and when I asked them about setting this up, they told me exactly this:

"You will need to configure the script that is being created for you as the Postback URL. Once you configure the script, whenever a purchase is made, your script will trigger and post the information to your database."

Ive managed to get through building my entire site with VERY little knowledge of anything, but this is completely over my head. So I need someone to "configure the script that is being created for me as the Postback URL" and (as far as I can tell) thats the last piece of the puzzle here and once this is done, I will be completely set up to take payments (but please let me know if Im wrong!)

I need this done ASAP as I have set the launch date for my site to be April 8th. If it could be done today or tomorrow, I would be a very happy camper. It seems like a simple enough project, IF you know what youre doing (which I obviously dont)

03/29/2011 at 15:04 EDT:

*EDIT* The only info that needs to be written to my database is the username and password

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Install Google Analytics Hook To IP.board And Configure

Install Google analytics hook to IP.board and configure in order to track traffic on all IP.Board and subpages.

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Setup Hostgator Reseller Account & Operational Website

I need someone to setup my Host Gator webhosting reseller account so it is ready to process payments and take on customers with automation.

This involves the setting up of but is not limited to the cpanel, whm, whmcs, integrating it into an operational website – template design is ok (we can discuss) – and anything else that is needed to setup my site and make it ready for business

# Configure Admin Area and General Settings
# Setup Payment Gateways
# Setup Products & Services
# Configure Domain Pricing and integration with Enom
# Setup Support Ticket Departments
# email piping
# Ensure the WHMCS Cron Jobs are setup and configure the automated

The experienced person will know exactly what needs to be done. The functioning website will also need a photo and link of each template ill be selling with these packages. We will discuss this later…

Im also willing to pay an addtl commission for helping me setup each template for new clients as they will only upload their content and photos so Im looking to build a long working relationship.

A sample of what Im looking for is

Time is of the essence…


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Ubuntu Lucida 64bit Vbox Network Configuration

We got a virtual Ubuntu Server with one fix IP Adress. In this machine we have a vBox windows2003 server. Our application must run in the win2003 server and need complete internet functionality. We need you to configure the network of that system, so we can access on ubuntu via vnc, and on win2003 via RemoteDesktop. All Ports must be used by windows2003 server except the port for vnc so we have an access on ubuntu. Also we need an description of your work so we can configure it our self in case we need to setup everthing from beginning. I guess for someone with linux experience No Proplem!

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Install And Configure Ion Cube

Need website fixed ,

when you click on register or log in it has an ioncube error … "ion cube must be installed "

need someone that knows how to fix this asap .

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V-Tiger CRM Installation Shape Up…

We have implemented lately Vtiger 5.1.0. In the current installation we have some issues configuring it properly. We require support for:

– Set the email server configurations to work properly.
– Set up the regular backup server, either the internal or other.
– Set up the work-flow configuration (Workflow cron script configured) so they can be implemented and used.
– Customer Portal up and running properly.

Remark. If a re-installation or upgrade is needed, current database shall be secured, current extensions reinstalled and overall configuration restored.

Also we want some Extensions to be installed…

– Add and configure a plug-in for Accounting, so Vtiger has Accounting capabilities. There is one in the market place (aXaccounting) but maybe you know other.
– Set-up the PDF template plugins (One of them PDF Configurator for v5.1 by crm-now) so we can configure different templates.
– vts projects modules
– Free Email Maker
– vttwitter 1.1
– vgcal for vtiger CRM 5.1.0

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Configure Cloud Hosting (Debian Lenny9 – Rackspace)

Hi, client have configured Debian lenny9 with virtualmin but email smtp not work for receive !!

Postfix is enable.

Best regards!!

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Server Admin Tasks Configuring Multiple Domains

We have a linux dedicated server with Ubunto OS and weire looking for a server ADMINISTRATOR with demonstrable experience.

We need to configure multiple domains, create and configure multi stores, etc…

This is a long term project. Please bid your monthly revenue!

More details on PM.


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Joomla 1.5.x Shopping Cart

Project Details:

– Shopping cart must match the template. A demo template will be provided so you have an idea of how I would like the shopping cart to look.
– Shopping cart must have the following features, but are not limited to the following:
– PayPal and PayPal Pro payment solution,, etc.
– Shipping modules for UPS, USPS, Fed-Ex, etc.
– Sales tax for all states in USA, including Puerto Rico
– Multiple configuration options for products. For example, when you configure a computer from or, it lists different hardware and software you can configure.
– Configuration screen must be easy to: read, navigate, and understand. It must also look very nice and modern. A good example would be something like has or I am open to different design ideas. This will be further discussed once the project is assigned.
– Shopping card must be able to be upgraded to Joomla 1.6.x.
– All security patches and updates must be able to be applied in the future, and if the updates conflict with the appearance or performance of the shopping cart, you must be able to provide an update version to resolve the issues.

Project details are subject to change.

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Customize YooTheme Template & Configure Existing Content

A corporate team events company with an existing joomla website requires a fresh looking website.

More open cleaner slick look
Good integration of photo and video
Great typography
Better organization of events listings
Improve form/enquiry handling
Better call-to-action on front page and also on the events pages

1. Mockups/layouts (3x) of front page, event page and general/news pages
2. Colour schema
3. Configure a joomla template with up-to-date efficient CSS compression handling
4. SEO ready (SEF urls etc)
5. Migrate the Events (12x) from standard joomla articles to Yoo Zoo content
6. Clean-up images and articles to work with new look and CSS

This project has 3 phases.

Phase one:
Provide layout mock-ups either fresh design or using the YooTheme "Air" or "Vanilla" or "Carona"
1. Home page mockup
2. Corporate event page layout
3. News and general content page
4. Proposed colour schema
5. About 4-5 custom icons to fit with the design
6. Sign off by client & agreement to proceed to next phase

Phase two:
1. Code/customize and/or configure the joomla template from scratch or using the Yootheme (we have a current license for the source files and download install file)
2. Install the customized template/configure on our dev site.
3. Copy sample content over for testing and approval of "working" concept
4. Configure sample event in Yoo Zoo catalogue
5. Sign off by client & agreement to proceed to next phase

Phase three:
1. Work through the content of the site converting to the new layout, cleanup/resize images and content
2. Prepare site for SEO
3. Cleanup / improve form tool
4. Prepare for re-launch
5. Sign off by client & go live

Payments will be in a maximum of four stages
1. 25% maximum upfront (if required)
2. 25% on completion of phase 1
3. 25% on completion of phase 2
4. 25% on completion of phase 3

The successful Freelancer will:
1. Receive admin access to OUR live and development sites to work on them. We WONT accept working off your own hosting.
2. Will provide at the end the source files (PSP, fireworks etc) used to develop the site
3. Will not retain any design or copyright over the design or icons/graphics provided

Start ASAP
Phase 1: 2-3 days about Wed 9th March
Phase 2: 2-3 days Sat 12th March
Pahse 3: 3-4 days Wed 16th March

Selection of Freelancer:
Only those highly experienced with joomla templates and design
Only those that can provide verifiable examples of work
Sorry, due to short timeframe we will only look at Freelancers with high ratings with lots of projects completed within freelancer

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Configuring Nagios

I have Nagios installed on my server using fan nagios I already have the basics configured and just need someone to install some exchange plugins I downloaded also configure a contact group and configure some definitions to monitor a mysql server. Configure the email notifications

*Must be willing to complete the work the same day
*Must have prior experience with nagios

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OpenGTS Configuration On Windows XP / Vista / 7.

Were searching Open GTS expert to install and configure it on WIndows XP / Vista / 7.


I. Install Open GTS
II. Configure it to run with ASP.Net,JSP,PHP websites
III. Create a Test for each of above on server!
IV. Verify configuration
V. Communication test between server and GPS device (GPS103-B / TK103-B / CVPL-G204)
VI. Documentation for all of above.

Payment to be agreed.

P.D. See attachment.

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WordPress Theme, Config

We need to configure an installed WordPress Theme. Well provide graphics to be included in the Portfolio section and the content is being written. You can use Lorem Ipsum for now.

Pretty easy and straight forward and shouldnt take no more than a day to accomplish.

This is the theme we bought There is video on how to configure everything.

These are the pages we like to have: Home,Services,Portfolio,Pricing,Contact Us, About Us

There will be a Blog section which wont be visible and enabled for now, well add content and enable it later.

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Configure A Purchased WordPress Theme.

I am looking for someone to configure a WP theme on my blog. The theme is located here:

The blog is a very simple tech-blog for average users.

WordPress is installed, the theme is installed, I just require some thoughtful configuration of the layout and images.

Prefer someone who can provide the service with minimal direction and provide a very quick turn around.

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Nginx Php-fpm And APC Installation Specialist

I have website already installed nginx 9.0.x with spawn-fcgi i am not happy with the spawn cgi what i want you is
os: centos linux

1) install and configure php-fpm
2) install apc and configure with websites
3) test all websites works well.

requirement: works experience nginx and phpfpm apc before

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Asterisk 1.6 + A2Billing 1.8 Installation And Configure

We want to install Asterisk + A2Billing on a VPS server running CentOS 5.

We are currently making use of a single ITSP giving us SIP to their side with multiple DIDs for incoming calls, which we will in turn assign to specific customers.

We need to be able to configure our own billing/rates (different for business and after-hours) to bill customers. Monthly "line rental" should also be taken into account.

Customers should be able to register to our server using SIP or IAX.

We will do our own customised branding if you can show us where the images and HTML files for A2Billing are located.

Basic training/instructions on where to look when something goes wrong would be essential.

A basic backup of MySQL, configs and HTML files should be set up on a cron job.

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Vbulletin And VBSEO Configure

I install vbulletin and vbseo. But need to configure vbulletin & vbseo.

PM Me for more details

payment through gaf

Expected bid $30


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QR Code Reader Mobile App


We have a system that lets users create QR codes and configure how they will scan. Each QR code is unique and represents a URL in our system (for example this URL could represent a QR Code in our system – Our system lets users configure what the scan of the QR Code will redirect to. Most users will have the redirect go to a mobile website (which is configurable in our system) but some will have it go to a website (e.g. or dial a phone number (e.g. tel:2125551212) or send a text message (sms://2125551212).

We are seeking a developer that can create both an iPhone and Android app that can scan QR codes as well as integrate in with our system.

iPhone/Android QR Code Scanner Requirements:

1. Scan QR codes using phone camera and redirect based on content of the QR Code. QR Codes can do the following:
a. Dial a phone number
b. Send an SMS
c. Send an email
d. Navigate to a URL
e. Download a vCard
2. Log into our website using username/password or facebook connect. We will provide an API for logging in using username/password.
3. Create a new account using username/password or facebook connect. We will provide an API for creating an account.
4. Call our API for the list of a user

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Install And Configure Ignite Gallery On Joomla Site

Install and configure ignite gallery to my specifications and per the example i will provide
gallery to consist of four albums

examples and specifics will be provided on request

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Configure SSL To Joomla/Virtuemart Site & Acesef

I am looking for someone who preferably has the experience and has done this before. I need them to configure acesef (an seo friendly component to my website) as well as setup the SSL from GLOBALSIGN onto my site. I understand that the entire site might need to be https:// encrypted because there are minor bugs in the system, even though I would prefer not to do this I am okay with it.

This should be very simply and basic and shouldnt take longer than a couple days to execute. The transition should take place during the night (USA PST TIME, 11PM+). You will need to make sure everything is working 100% and it is free from bugs. I can offer a 25% milestone at startup, 75% final payment when the job is complete. Final payment will be made after I test everything out and make sure that there are no bugs (could take 24-48 hours after completion of project)

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Asterisk – Advise On How To Configure Elastix 2.03 C-C-2

Hi All
We have a fresh install of Elastix 2.0.3 with Call Centre 2.0.0.

We need you to tell us the exact configuration settings and customisations required to
create an Automatic Broadcast Dialler.

-It must use the Call Centre Outgoing Campaign Settings (providing time, port and queue control etc)
-On Answer it must connect the receiving party immediately to an IVR.
-The IVR must operate as normal.

OPTIONAL Aditional
Ideally you can tell us how to configure background detection settings so it will release calls like this:
-Recipient Hung Up
-Answer Machine
-wrong number
-other non live answer events

Your advise on extra capabilities will be appreciated, so briefly tell us what you can do in your application

–we expect you to provide the configuration instructions and we will implement and test so we learn how to do it ourselves.

In your application for my job, please specify if you can deliver the Mandatory and Optional Tasks

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Install Interspire On VPS

We need a person that is an experienced Linux Server admin and can help with setting up and tuning an installation of Interspire Email Marketer on a VPS.

Server OS: CentOS 5 x64

the project contains the following:

– Install virtualmin

– Install Interspire email marketer (provided)

– Install and configure MTA

– Configure/optimise interspire for fast email sending, at least 50,000 per hour.

The Budget for this project is $50 MAX and needs to be completed within a couple of hours of accepting the project.

I am available on skype for instant chat:

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Install And Configure Windows Server 2008 And LytecMD 2010

Need someone to install and configure Windows Server 2008 Standard and LYTEC MD 2010 5-user license. Advise on hardware purchase is also needed. Please have experience with LYTEC MD 2010. Hardware requirements are listed here:

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Configure Network Automation To Execute Web Service

Job: Configure Network automation to Execute Web service to retrieve inventory list and populate into mysql table

This job should be easy for someone who is familiar with XML soap calls

I am working with a company called DID exchange
I need to be able to pull a list of inventory from this company
They have an API using XML calls created for this task.
Here is a link to the XML call I would like to create:

But, I have a software that I would like to use specifically for executing these XML calls. It is called Network automation.
her is link:

I am using automaton Professional Ver 7

I have server with network automation installed already for you to get working, or you can just download trail to test server and test yourself.

I will provide credential for xml call on request.

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