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We have a Cisco 2821 Router and would like to:

1. Setup Call Manager
2. Connect to SIP provider
3. Program extensions
4. Music on Hold
5. Auto Attendants
6. Find Me Follow Me
7. Documentation for Administration
8. XML Services for phones (Weather, stocks,etc)
9. VPN for remote phones.
10. Custom rings

The router has a T1 card in there but we prefer to connect to SIP provider over Ethernet (Outside static IP available)

We are looking for someone that can make the system dance and utilize unique features. If there is something great we didnt think of, let us know.

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XML/JSON & Getting Location Based On IP Address

I am working on a website that has to deal with daily deal websites such as Groupon and WagJag.

For this job I need someone who is familiar with JSON/XML to connect with 2 website APIs. The websites I will need you to connect to will be revealed when the project is awarded.

What I will need from you:

1. automatically get users location based on their ip address
2. send the users location to each websites api
3. display the deals specific to the geographic location that are returned from the api.

Please feel free to ask any questions.

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1000 People To Connect App w At Least 100 Friends Each

I have 10 apps, and I need you to get 100 people to connect each app with at least 100 friends each. (total 1000 people)

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Anriod Development Related Work

An mobile application needs to be build for android mobile phone that must run
on different screen sizes – 2.8 and 3.5 and 3.8 and 4.0.

1. User registration – User will register himself with the company and
internally the app will connect facebook if user chooses to connect to facebook.
2. user sign in
3. The landing page – the landing page will have 5 options
4. mobile GPS location will be used to show list of users ticket
6. Search – search page will allows users to search a location
7. Profile – the profile page will save user location
8. About – about the company.
We will provide database apis in order to read and display data on
mobile application.

Maximum timeline – 20 days


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New Amazon Webstore 2.0 Template And Integration

Amazon web store 2.0
Will have products stocked and fulfilled by Amazon as well as utilize AWS api for referrals.

1. Mimic the navigation and general site functionality / color scheme of
2. Implement connect with facebook api for logging in.
3. Implement connect with twitter and youtube as well.
4. The design and layout of each specific part of the website and cart will be provided to you in image form.
– The functionality will be shown in the form of example websites for each part of the project. As an example, we will want the menu to look and function like examplewebsite.coms menu. Youll just need to build our site up to mimic each section we like.
5. The site will have 3-4 informational pages.
6. The site must be optimized for seo.

Please take into consideration this blog:
If it is a good idea, implement it.

Please count on this project requiring special time to adjust for our pleasing. We need it to be perfect.

Please only bid if you are 100 percent capable of this project and are familiar with Amazon webstore 2.0.

Note that this is amazon webstore 2.0, not the normal original version of amazon webstore. 2.0 has only been out for a few months.

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Zook Like Dating Site With FB Connect

I am looking for someone to build me an online dating site similar to But a lighter version.

1. Users will have the option to register for account either using facebook connect / filling the form
2. Upload upto 10 photos
3. Ability to search, by gender, age, distance, race,interests etc.
4. Two way match based on common interests and social circle etc. ( I will provide more details via private message)
5. Photos can be set to be public and private
6. Ability to block users who are annoying
7. Ability to set filters so only members meeting certain set criteria can contact you
8. Any users from anywhere in the world should be able to join
9. Service is FREE for women. Men pay $9.99/month. If paid full year its $60/yr
10. Send virtual gifts (will use credits)
11. Invite friends via email or facebook
12. Daily status/ mood update

Webbased Admin

1. Ability to approve profiles/ photos
2. Edit user profiles
3. Block user by email, ip, facebook ids
4. Database backup in CSV/TXT format
5. Ability to backup database

I am working with a small budget till I get funding. Prefer to work with developers who likes to work on on going basis.
max budget $500


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Facebook Connect For My WordPress Site Classipress Theme

I have a wordpress site using the classipress theme. What i need is facebook integration (and possibly twitter). what i need is facebook connect (possibly the twitter equivalent) to allow people to sign up for my site instead of manually signing up. also if they use facebook/twitter to sign up and create an ad posting I need the ad they created on my classipress site to show on their facebook profile and friends newsfeed. Im also wondering what type of demographics I can collect from people when they sign up through facebook as well? age/sex/location/etc.

Please bid based on just implementing facebook connect. But then I would appreciate a msg including price for twitter integration. also please fill me in on the demographics I can request.

Only bid on this if you have experience with facebook connect/wordpress/classipress.

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Flash FMS Broadcaster & Viewer

Im looking for a fms3 broadcaster & viewer

There are few available online for example like or even on the FMS4 examples page, it offers an interactive demo where you have the broadcaster & viewer app

I cant use these because I would need a few customizations.

The only thing I want is that the Viewer app should not display a rtmp:// address where to connect, it should simply connect on opening the page and if there is no stream available show a message No Stream.

Also I would like to be able to define the quality settings somewhere.

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Need To Develop An PHP Frontend

We need someone to develop a php frontend (Web Template) to connect to our MySQL database and retrieve results and then connect to a third party provider to retrieve hotel rates and generate a reservation form.

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Need One Hour Of Instructional Time With Linux Server Setup

I have a remote virtual machine that has been set up. I dont quite understand what Im looking at and need someone to remotely connect to my machine and show me how to use this to access my database and setup my site.

I have been able to connect using Putty and core ftp. But I have not been able to access the database, and this is what I need.

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Magento Cron Job Help > Quick And Easy Fro Pro

Magento Store Cron Job Help

Hello , we are needing cron job working on our site, it doesn

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Convert Plugin To Stand Alone Software

The plugin allows a Facebook Connect button to be shown on a webpage
instead of an Opt in form.

When the user clicks the connect button and then hits Allow their name
and email is passed to aweber.

What I want is the same functionality of the plugin but in a standalone
software program where the user can create the button and then
some code can be generated that can be placed either in a web page OR in a wordpress post or page.

Plugin and code will be provided.

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Facebook Connect And Share Individual Photos To Facebook

I Would like to add Post picture to Facebook option underneath the large image in my gallery lightbox. This will then allow people who are in the pictures to post a single picture to facebook, tag and share etc.

I would also like Facebook Connect Plugin to be activated as I Cannot seem to get this to work.

I am testing a new gallery format.


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Android Phonegap Twitter Connect

Have an android app created in phonegap. I now want to allow users to post twitter messages from it.

Need the following

1) Android code to connect to twitter using oAuth
2) Android code to post to users twitter status
3) Phonegap JS interface for these two new functions added, so I can execute them from my phonegap app.

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VB Server Program To Connect Multiple TCP Client To ONE PORT


i want a server side VB Program with source for simultaneous data transfer of binary files from and to Clients which can only communicate using TCP Protocol only.


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1- Facebook Connect

I need assistance to program Facebook Connect For my website …..

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Facebook Connect Application Modification

I have bought and using for a while a script running on PHP and it has a ready Facebook connect application running quite good.

At the moment it simply creates a user and connects the user (signs in) with facebook ids.

What I want briefly is a modification on the plug-in, so that
1. it publishes a story on the persons wall when he starts to use the app.
2. I want a button on my site where it opens a window for the user to invite his/her friends to the application
3. Right now I am getting only email, name and picture of the user in my db. I want a seperate table to get the extra info like gender, birthday and connecting time etc.

I want an experienced programmer for fast and good quality work. No downpayment. Give your best bid, dont have a big budget for this work. But I will work with the awarded bidder for further developments.

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Insurance Selling Website

I need a website to act as an online interface for selling insurance on the romanian market.
The site needs to connect realtime with insurance emitters servers to get instant quotes for my clients.

its just for the romanian market so I will need a programmer who already dealt with this task and has
the knowledge to connect the sites engine with the insurance companies.

Online payment should be available.

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Facebook Connect / Fans Only Custom

Looking for a developer to help out with a facebook php script on our website

Should detect if user is a fan of a certain page. If user is a fan it should display a fan image, if user is not a fan it should display another image.

Remember that this is on a website.

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Facebook Connect To Register Users On DB

Please like on FB Developers

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Install Joomla Component

I am having trouble installing the component
on my site. I am getting the error:

JFolder::create: Infinite loop detected
JFTP::connect: Could not connect to host "" on port 21

or other errors depending on how I do it.

The job is just to get this component installed. Please let me know if there are any questions.

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3 000 Facebook Users To Use FB Connect App Or 3 000 RU

We are looking for someone who can get a traffic to our site and attract new user either via the FB connect app or filling out the registration form
Our site is focused on golfers and the golf business community. You can check the quality of the site on

If you are not able to find 3 000 users make a bid and write us an inmail how many users can you get.

If you have any questions fell free to write us an inmail.

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Custom Configuration Facebook Connect On WordPress

I currently have the SFC simple facebook connect installed and set up on my site. The platform is wordpress. I would like to customize it so that when a user registers using facebook, a message is posted to their friends walls on Facebook which says" ex. I just signed up at the post must also have a thumbnail image and a hyperlink to my homepage.

This is not an experiment. This is not a test. I need this done properly. Please do not bid if you have not done this exact job before. In order to be considered for the job, you must send me a link to a similar completed job. thankyou

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Ad Picture To Projectlog And Connect Pictures To A Gallery

Remove from catview all not nessasary items by keeping and displaying the nessasary functions correct format it so it looks good in every browser

add to new project a upload function for a picture in admin (new project) and display this picture in frontend 50×50 px (not streched)
by click on the thumb open the big picture in rokbox

project log connect the uploadet pictures for each log to a gallery by adding a random gallery name or number behind the rel tag

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Connect Select Boxes Using Javascript

We have one select box containing countries.

The form also has a select box containing phone country codes

1. Populate the phone country code based on the countries of the first list
2. Using jquery connect the select fields so that when a country is chosen in the first select box, utomatically select the correct country code in the second select box

PS if the user changes the country code in the second box, no change should occure in the first box (ie. only one way connection)

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Connect Goldmine 9 To HUD/VOIP Fonality System

We need someone to help us to get our Goldmine 9 system to work with our Fonality PBXtra VOIP phone system. Right now we have the full HUD installed, but when researching the Tapi-Link to connect the two, it was found that the tapi that the HUD uses is not compatible with Goldmine. It has been suggested we use X-Tapi, but are not sure how that would effect the HUD.

Part 1:
Basically, we need the voip phone system to "pull-up" the contacts record from Goldmine when a person calls in.

Part 2:
Need to be able to set a calling campaign in Goldmine, that will push out to our voip system. Like an autodialer, but based on a calling campaign from within Goldmine.

While I am unsure of the budget for a project like this, negotiations are possible.

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Simple Codeigniter Project

We need only a single page with provides the following:

An email input field, a facebook connect possibitilty, a twitter connect possibility, a foursquare connect possibiltity

a user could connect his account to one or all three services.

You have free hand with the design of the mysql database, please use the fresh codeigniter 2 branch

Code should be:

*) Well documented
*) Use correct MVC techniques
*) Good Error handling

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Facebook App + Connect On Website

We are searching for a PHP programmer.
We are using our own PHP Code / System.
We are searching for long term cooperation.

You know what is FBML?
You know how to build a facebook app?
You know how to integrate Facebook connect on a website?

At first we want to integrate Facebook Connect on Website.
At next, we want to build a Facebook App.
At last we want to optimize them.

The Budget amount is weekly payment.

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SMS Portal

Hello. I am looking someone (or a team) who is capable of creating SMS portal with features:

1. Connect to gateway [HTTP prefered, possible SMPP]
2. Credit system
3. Sending individual/bulk sms/mms
4. Multilangue [call EN-en.php for english, DE-de.php for german etc]
5. Admin backend
6. API support [to connect portal sending with other existing apps/websites]
7. User profile

Something similar to

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Implementing Facebook Connect For A Leisure Website

We are selling leisure activities in a website and we would like to use the power of facebook to:

– attract more people to our website
– help website visitors communicate with their FB friends to discuss our products or plan group activities

We dont want just a basic facebook connect solution but an *innovative* idea. We are looking for a developper that understands the power of Facebook in creating a buzz around a certain product but also one that knows how to implement cool and fun Facebook integration with existing websites, (for example a mix of Facebook Connect and a Facebook App?)

Please send me a PM and Ill provide you with our website link so that you can see what we sell and how it works. We wil pick the developper with the best idea or that has live examples to show us.

02/04/2011 at 12:50 EST:

We are selling leisure activities in a website and we would like to use the power of facebook (including offering games and prizes, etc…) to:

– find a fun and effective way attract more people to our website (add Fans in Facebook and/or registered users in our website)
– help our shopping site visitors communicate with their FB friends to discuss our products or plan group activities

We dont want just a basic facebook connect solution but an *innovative* idea. We are looking for a developer that understands the power of Facebook in creating a buzz around a certain product and concept but also one that knows how to implement cool and fun Facebook integration with existing websites, (for example a mix of Facebook Connect and a Facebook App?)

Our goal is to attract interest in our Leaisure product and Activities packages and grow our facebook Fan base.

Please send me a PM and Ill provide you with our website link so that you can see what we sell and how it works. We will pick the developer with the best idea or that has live examples that he can reproduce.

An example of the kind of idea/solution were looking for:

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Yovia Facebook App

I have a Facebook app that I need built that integrates a wordpress registration with Facebook Connect.

-Includes set-up of a master database on Rackspaces cloud
-Includes integration with Facebook Connect
-Includes a flash graph that can be embedded into WordPress blog

Spec included to successful applicants.

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