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IPhone Webcam App

H there,

I need help with a simple webcam app concept.

Basically, you click "Button" and you "Wait…" until you are connected with a random person on an iPhone
that has also clicked the "Button" and is at the "Wait…" screen. Once connected, a Face to Face Skype-like
chat has to be initiated. Only this basic functionality is necessary, then my team will take your code and do
the rest.


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Simple Flash Webcam Using Fsm

You all know the ppv chat systems where a model logs in on a flash page and broadcasts her webcam through clients on the client end that can view it in return for credits.

I only need a very simple thing which consists out of 2 flash apps swfs, i log in at admin flashpage (admin.swf) click on start broadcasting then i get the flash popup if i want to share my webcam and microphone. hit yes and done.

the other client.swf simply shows my cam + transmits my audio when connected, if not connected it says not online.

Im running flash media server 3 as flash server.

I think this can be made really quickly so please dont bid any higher then 60$

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Need My FB App Installed/connected To Profiles

I am looking for providers with a large number of FB accounts and friends on them. Need 50-100 friends per account. I need you to install my app on your profiles (connect with app).

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Database Not Connected…

Database connection error ……

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Capture High Resolution Camera / Webcam Images From Browser

I need a Java applet / flash file to capture high resolution images in a browser based application.

1. Check the resolution of a connected camera
2. Capture live still image (Potential enhancement -> capture video)

I now have a flash file (Actionscript 2 SWF, decompiled sources) to capture images (usb camera / webcam) and upload to server. It is working perfectly but is not the highest possible resolution.

I need to enhance this script OR get some other way to detect the resolution of a selected camera connected to the client browser machine and upload pictures in the best resolution.

If there is a ready solution, I maybe able to work with it. Will need to update the piece where my code calls a particular PHP controller responsible for storing and updating the relevant records in database.

Posted similar project earlier but most responders mentioned that the highest resolution based on connected camera may not be possible in flash, hence the addition of Java applet as an acceptable alternative solution.

Thank you!!


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Counter Strike Bet Station

Modify A counter strike server and create a no-cheat client-side application.

Counter Strike Server must inform a database all users connected and al statistics (shots, deads, users, etc) only can connect if no-cheat client is actived (that performs that ter is no cheat at all) and no cheat application must be connected to a tracker-server and inform all information.

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E-commerce Programming For Hosting Services

Hello all,

We are about to launch a new website for our company built upon wordpress. As part of our new website launch, we are also launching new services that we would like to be made available for purchase online. We really dont require that the eCommerce portion is built on the wordpress site, or if we utilize a different domain/subdomain specifically for this purpose. We would, of course, like to maintain unity with our existing site – but I imagine this will depend on what solution can provide us with the most functionality. End results are the most important to us.

The eCommerce site is for dedicated server hosting, private cloud, managed colocation, etc.
Here are a few of our competitors eCommerce sites:

There are a couple things that we would like to accomplish:
-Management backend allowing us to categorize our products appropriately (Dedicated Servers vs. VPS vs etc)
-Ability to fully (and easily) add customizations to each product (or batches of products). Not just variations like black vs blue, but allowing us to dynamically offer different hardware within a given item and have the price reflect those changes.
-Ability to set bundles
-Ability to set conditions on products (If prospect selects product A, offer Product B in cart… or if prospect selects bundle A, force products 1, 2, 3 in cart)
-Connection to payment gateways beyond just Paypal Pro
-Ability to issue gift cards
-Ability to create specials/discounts
-Ability to generate basic reporting on sales
-Integrate with our CMS via documented API, in order to create a ticket in our internal system when a sale has been completed.
-(If not connected to our wordpress site) CSS should be easy to navigate for future modifications.
-(If not connected to our wordpress site) ability to integrate our livechat application
-(If not connected to our wordpress site) ability to integrate our googleanalytics
-(if not connected to our wordpress site) consideration be made for long-term SEO

I hope that this gives a good overview of what we are looking to accomplish. If this portion goes well, we plan to offer a second phase after a period of about a month for creation of a customer management portal for those who purchase hosting from us.

Please PM me with any additional thoughts, suggestions, or details. Keyword is "42".

Thank you for your time in reading our request,

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LiFePO4 BMS And Display

The goal of this project is to monitor, display info, and protect large LiFePO4 battery packs using Linears LTC6802IG-2 chip. A total of two (2) PCBs will have to be made. A host PCB which will contain an attiny2313 and a radio transmitter, and a client pcb which will contain the LTC6802IG-2. This way multiple client PCBs can be connected to monitor and protect battery packs with large cell counts. The radio transmitter will interface with the EZ430-CHRONOS-433 watch from TI. The watch will display information (pack voltage, minimum cell voltage, amps, amp hours) sent by the LTC6802. One of the temperature inputs from the linear chip will be used to measure amps. One of the pins from the ATTiny2313 will need to be used to shut off a sold state relay connected to the charger. The system must be able to safely protect batteries while connected to a 25A charger.

LTC6802IG-2 <–> ATTiny2313 <–> Cronos 433

Extra details:
You are in charge of making and delivering a tested and working prototype. When complete I would like to have the finished prototype, parts list (from major North American distributers (Mouser, Farnell, Digi-Key) , gerber files, and the source code. Please include the costs of materials, fabrication and shipping in your bid. Only bid if you are interested and will work hard to complete the project on time. Happy bidding.

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Network Adaptor Switching Software

I need to have some software created which manages network adaptor states when an ethernet cable is connected/disconnected. The utility needs to disable the WLAN/3G/bluetooth adaptor when an ethernet cable is plugged into the LAN and then enable the card when the LAN is disconnected. I would also like it to have the ability to disable 3g cards etc. I would also like the software to have a licensing method added, so the software can be installed for trial periods (30 days) or unlimited when the license is purchased.

The software will need to run as a Windows Service and must run for all users, not just administrators

I will need to be provided with the source code and own the copyright

IMPORTANT – This needs to work on Windows XP/Vista/7, both 32 and 64 bit

It needs to be very similar to the way Wireless AutoSwitch (you can google this) works.

I would like this software to have the option to function in different ways which you choose during install.

1. The software automatically disables all wireless/3g/aircards/bluetooth when LAN is connected. If the user enables a card manually then it will stay enabled.
2. The software automatically disables all wireless/3g/aircards/bluetooth when LAN is connected. If the user enables a card manually then it will automatically be disabled again.
3. When the LAN is connected, the user will be prompted and asked if they would like the wireless/3g/aircards/bluetooth disabled.

I would also like the user to be able to setup an exclusions text file if they want certain devices excluded.

Licensing of the software is also important, I need to be able to issue license keys for both individual and enterprise use

Please, if you are bidding on this project, send me a PM to tell me a bit more about how you can help. Let me know if what I am asking will cost extra also.


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Java Image Processing – Object Recognition

My idea is to have an IP camera on the go-kart track and a software able to recognize which kart is drive through the metering point (under camera). Each kart has a (good visible/readable) number on the front side. The camera (cctv) is connected to video server and this is connected to the PC through ethernet. Video server provides H264 stream over RTSP with authentication (authentication cant be disabled). After RTSP authentication the server will start sending stream of data via RTP (over UDP). The software will receive stream, decode, and from video recognize the kart number. There can be 0-10 karts on the video in one time, most often there is none or one kart on the video. Kart numbers can be 1,2,3..20. If the kart (kart number) is recognized it will just write the kart number and current time to the console (later it will call existing method). By default, everything should happens on the background without video player on the screen, but for human eye check, it have to be able to show player in a very simple window (swing frame) and mark the detected kart number by rectangle (object tracking).

So, main features are:
– connect to video server and start RTSP session with authentication
– receive RTP stream of H264 video and decode
– recognize the kart number if there is one on the video
– write to std output recognized kart number and time (as long as a kart is on video)
– show video player with marked kart number

It should be implemented in Java 1.5+ or C with Java wrapper (I need to call it from Java). It can use existing free libraries like OpenCv, JavaCv etc.

I will give you two inputs
1. Saved video with kart race (mpg4 file ~10 mins)

2. ip address of the video server and authetication details for RTSP – video server with camera cant be connected 24/7, so it will be connected for few hours by appointment. You should use this IP address just for connection test and stream receive test, there will be nothing to recognize. For recognize test you should use the video file.

From you I expect (Eclipse) java project, with java sources, dependecies, and all resources.

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Python Web Scraper Admin Panel Connected To Database

I need a program just like this one:

Except written in python, and an admin login to access the panel. Also have the program / panel connected to the mysql database real time.

Exact same functionality as the program above "Web Content Extractor"… just on my server connected directly to my mysql.

I am going to change around the site once I get it, I just dont have the time to do the busy work and make a copy of the program via python.

If you do a good job I may give you 5-20% of the company so we can tag team the script from that point on.

Any questions feel free to ask.

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Website In Cms And Multilingual (up To 24 Languages)

I need a multilingual (possible up to 24 languages) website which I can maintain easily by myself and up and down load documents (word, pdf, excel, jpg, ai, etc. )
The website has 10 + imprint 11 main pages
29 Second level pages
91 third level pages (download content)

The page has to have a user login and a user right management for different user rights and has to be connected to our community. We have an existing community, with login name and password, and this has to work for this website as well. (Each user has to be connected with our existing community and get the same password.)
All texts and pictures will be delivered, I can provide the design, or you can try to do a design.
On all pages has to be visible:

The logo for the main portal, link to main portal

Sign in / Sign out
Register now!

Eventcalendar: Current exhibition or conferences or other dates

Language selection by clicking on flags,

Search window with search function

How will the user right management happen?
Some users need to have access to various contents,
whilst not all of the other subject, e.g. an affiliate needs to see the widget, as well as the sales,
as well as the franchisee, but the terms and the conditions have only to be visible by the
certain interest group…???
I do have a 24 languages translation labeling system within the portal page, maybe this can be connected to the e learning page?

All word docs, pdfs, ppts, jpgs. ai and excels for the first time setup will be delivered!

A gallery should be embedded.
The site structure is available in excel!

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Configration Of IVR

I want to create an IVR system which is connected with PRI , connected in my server through E1 card. The customer whoever will be calling IVR system will be given a choice in IVR and the there will be an outgoing call based on the choice of the customer. the outgoing calls will be a pstn or mobile number.for more information mail me.

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Website Development Technical Connection

Description: Website technical connection completion

Project name: Empowered Being

I have a website with roughly 12 pages

All content is uploaded

All graphics are complete

I need some one experienced in websites that sell online products through clickbank


I need the site to open fast fast fast, no delays on opening the site

I need the site connected onto my domain name and hosting package that I will buy

I need the website pages all connected in the correct sequence so that the site functions for the purpose of selling online products through clickbank, with upsales pages and downsales pages, with redirections, pop up exit grabber software etc.

I will need audio files and eBook products embedded onto the sites download pages

I will need the products to download for the client fast

I will need Amember software installed so that the client has a member code to enter the site and download the products they have paid for, I will need this to be protected and to run seamlessly.

I will need the exit grabber software installed to 4-5 of the pages with redirection to relevant pages according to client decision to buy or not to buy

I will need all products (4) linked to Clickbank

I will need a data captcha box connected to Awebber

I will need a data captcha box connected to Clickbank

i will need SEO, meta tag for the home page only, all other pages non searchable

I will need google analytics added

All content to be editable

Video content to be added

I need a very fast turn around for completion of site 4-5 days

I need your team to already have experience in this type of website and all the items I have listed that I need to be done.

This needs to be completed by someone who is not learning how to do it on the job, I need experienced technicians who know the clickbank, affiliate, JV drill and can turn around a fast job for me.

The site is not to be embedded in any way what so ever with links to your or other companies without my permission

Please submit examples of your previous work



Hit me with a quote

Many thanks


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Android – BlackBerry – Iphone Application

Application for mobile phone who get the location information (cell id, LAC, mmc, mnc) from the network where is connected the mobile and send by 2 modes :
1/ If the mobile is connected to internet, then do a https post
2/ if not, send a ussd message to a define mobile number.

It has to be like &quot;service&quot;, no GUI is necesseray.

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Look here:

I need that form connected to the payment gateway. I have all of the information required to do this, I just need the form working.

This is a small project. Bid appropriately.


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Phone Application

We need an app for iphone with these specs:

– A login screen, with two text fields (id and password) and a button. If you insert the correct strings and press the button, the login screen close itself and a tab view controller with 3 items appears.

– First Tab view: a webview connected to an url
– Second Tab view: a webview connected to an url (must refresh everytime is opened)
– Third Tab view: a phone keyboard with contacts and call button (the call button send the number made on the keyboard to iPhone call app, adding a prefix)

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ATmega 128 Programming

Looking for a experienced ATmega Programmer. Must be able to code in C or Assembler in AVR Studio 4
I want to create a 16 Step Sequencer

Analog 1 is connected to a 100K Potentiometer to variable the speed running thru all 16 steps
Analog 2 to 17 is connected to a 100K Potentiometer which creates the Value of Digital out PIN 16 to 32
Digital PIN 0 to 16 is connected to a LED to show which Channel is active
Digital 16 to 32 will be then connected to a MAXIM DS1804-100 Digital Potentiometer (which connected then to a 40106 Schmitt Trigger generating a Sinus Wave)
Crystal will be a 16MHz
This is a private Project with low budget. Will write a good reference for your CV if requested.
When succefull, i have more Projects (one more is already planed including 7 segment and 16 segment stuff)

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Custom Web Spider/Crawler

I am looking for someone to build a custom web spider. The web spider can be a modified version of the jspider or OpenWebSpider. It needs to be able to input data into a database, as well as connect to my existing APIs for return values. Previous programming experience is a MUST.

I am wanting to get a graphical display of how websites are connected, who is connected to who..and how they are connected.

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TCP, UDP Hole Punching

If you dont know about TCP, UDP hole punching, dont bid. If You have not done any P2P application then it is less likely you can do it successfully.

I need a proof of concept or working code for TCP and UDP hole punching.
Here is the scenerio.

(1) I have a central server X with public IP address.
(2) 2 clients (A, B) connect with central server from two different countries with private IP address which are behind firewall or router.
(3) Central server will pass the public IP of A to B, public IP of B to A.
(3) Server A will connect directly to Server B with the information it received from central server.
(4) A and B are connected and without any more help from they can communicate using TCP or UDP protocol.
(5) Able to send simple "hello message" and get a reply from other end.

Implements both protocol or at least TCP protocol.

Before any payment project should be successfully tested using clients which is behind firewall and located in different network.

Implementation should have two component.
(A) Central server component, where Client first connected. It should be able to get and pass the public address of connected client to any other connected client
(B) Client component: Code to connect to central server. Receive connection detail for other client from central server. Able to initiate or negotiate connection with other client to get connected and start communicating.

Once you can do it successfully, you can bid my second project to start voice communication (P2P, client to client) using UDP protocol. Projects not yet live

Any of the following language is acceptable in order.

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Preparation Of All Functions Connected

– Preparation of all functions connected to text box 10. This also means a system for transferring / downloading texts and etc. from the blog. This is to be constructed in an easy manner and in a way that doesn

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Read Top Display Of Whose Connected

I need someone to write code in VB.NET that can read who is connected remotely via to a computer. This would be the IP address.

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Facebook Connectd Application For Landing Page

I need facebook Application connected to my website.
The website offering free download but the visitor has to connect their Facebook profile
to the website first.

Once they connected, they can download and a notification posted on their wall telling that they downloaded an e-book from my website.

The wall post content a picture and some description.

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Expert Network Admin Needed

Expert Network Admin Needed

I am looking for a windows network admin to setup the following:

Current Setup:
I have a laptop connected to a dynamic DSL connection in bridged mode with teamviewer installed. I am able to renew IPs simply by running a script. This is all working perfectly.

What I Need:
I would like to be able to log in to this laptop via my wifi connection (not DSL) and once connected, use the dynamic DSL connection for internet explorer. So basicly I would use the wifi connection to connected to the laptop and the DSL to surf the internet on the laptop.

Please submit your bid for this solution. I would prefer someone to talk me through it via skype or similar. I will give you access to the laptop via teamviewer.

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FreePBX Queue Channel Limit (For Meral)

We need to limit the number of Connected calls form a Queue on our FreePBX.

Eg. Limit is 20 connected calls to remote destination. Additional calls must stay in queue even if destination PBX can accept more calls. When connected calls drops and live calls are less than limit, then queue fills gap.

Urgent project.

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I need to have installed rss feed on
1. two rss feed needs to show in the footer area of
2. The rss should replace the existing latest news column.
3. The first rss feed should be connected to
4. The second rss feed should be connected to
5. The layout of the rss feed should match the existing design of the footer.

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IP Traffic Generator With Direct BGP Peering In Argentina

We are looking for someone with extensive experience in IP/BGP, C+ software development in general, to build a temporary traffic generator which must be able to reach one of our border routers connected to Telecom Argentina SA. Traffic must be generated from a host directly connected to AS7303 network and/or a host that can reach the mentioned network in less than 50ms latency. Traffic should be generated so that our border router cant distinguish any specific pattern (i.e. only HTTP, only SMTP). We would provide access to the mentioned border router and to 3 temporary VPS running inside our network. Throughput should be able to reach sustained +10Mbps. Please post only if you have direct control over an external host directly or indirectly connected to AS7303 (Telecom Argentina).

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Facebook Application

Facebook Application:

Id like to create a visual application that scans through your facebook friends and creates a graph similar to a Family Tree which shows you visually how youre connected to someone. Or if theres someone youd like to meet who is not on your Facebook friends you enter their name and it shows you how, through your friends you are connected to that person.

Very simple application for an experienced programmer.

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Web Online/Offline And Users Connected Script

Looking for a script for a Game Server Company that will show the following:

1) If the server(s) is online.

2) Users connection to the server
(Shows a color fade bar (Red/Orange/Yellow/Green)
Color Bar Demo:

3) And how many players are connected to that location
Intentions for this is to show how active our network is.

Feel free to bid, but please understand I might need to edit
the code in the future because of new locations that might
become availible.

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Chat Roulette Like Application With Wowza/Red5/FLex Repost

We need a copy of with high speed and same design and features

just need CAM software

full source code needed

need to be done in 3 days,
if you are not able to do in 3 days, then dont bid

4th day we cancel project

will award project to someone today itself

we have swf file also, if anyone can convert it to fla and work, we can provide that
for that here are the specs:-

1. auto find not working fine
we tested and when we click next and it starts auto find, user gets connected, then autofind dont detects that we connected and then start searching again

so main problem is , it keeps moving in loop no matter we connected or not

2. when we send message, we need to click on textarea again to type in new message, this is everytime happenning

3. i just saw application on mac and my webcam was not coming. it was selecting usb video though
then i selected dv video, then back to usb video option and cam started. nobody will do this whole process

4. also image freeze when we switch to other users, previous user image in webcam area keeps coming in pause mode

5. audio is not clear, its too much noisy and breaking, we cant even hear

6. sometimes fatal error comes in chat

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