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Gif Animation From Video (simple Job)

Hello, I am looking for a custom COMPRESSED Gif animated image made from a video. I bought the video from and I need the gif for a loading section of my website. This should be an easy job but I cant stress enough how much I need the GIF to be a small file size. The smaller the better. I need the GIF about 280px in height.

**Here is the video I want made into the gif:

**I need the word "Loading" added underneath and remain on the GIF in every frame.

As you can see, the video is in black and white, I would love two versions of the GIF, a negative version as well, please include in the comments whether or not you can add this extra version with your bid. The person that can offer the best value on this project and have the best reputation will get the job.

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Simple Wesbite


I am looking for someone to build my website for me. I created it before but I wanted to make it look more polished. I would like it to be similar to this site I have a limited budget and was completing the site using simple scripts, but I really just do not have the time to finish it, as I have a lot of other projects on which I am working.

The site needs …
a welcome page with a simple flash animation
a few simple pages like bio & contact me
a blog page
ad space on select pages
Twitter feed
ecommerce page

I hope to find someone who can quickly have my site back up and running.

Thanks for bidding on my project!

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FLASH Or GIF Animation Needed

We need some of our powerpoint slides to have flash animations

we have the jpgs

you need to animate them and insert them into existing slides

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IOS Game Development

I am looking for a developer with experience and/or capabilities for the development of an iphone/ipad application. The application specifically is that of a childrens story book series with interactive features that probably more closely resemble a game. We need both the programming, as well as illustration/graphic development for the app (illustration and graphic development can be sourced from a separate supplier, but a one-stop shop would be preferred). Capabilities for development of the following app features are required:
– housing app, with in-app purchases of individual stories
– story illustrations
– simple animation of certain elements within illustrations
– story narration (narration audio to be provided to developer)
– interactivity utilising touch, tilt and sound recognition capabilities of iOS

Full details of project will be provided on signing of an NDA.

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1-2 Min Simple Animation

Need a 1-2 minute animation. doesnt have to be fancy at all, just has to depict something I will describe over PM. Have some text on the screen in the very beginning, and a little voice/sound effects if possible.

On low budget. PM me if youre interested after ur bid, previous work would be appreciated as well but not necessary.

I NEED it done by thursday, so dont bid and not have it done by thursday. This is a hard deadline.

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One Minute 2D Simple Animation


I got a small business and im looking to promote it on 1 minute simple animation, the reel will show the logo of the business and some of the features i provide, majorly text based. The look is very modern and querky feel (not that much thought)

Here is a sample for what am looking for but am looking for something easier and much simpler.

If you think you are capable of doing it:
1- show me work "real work"
2- My initial budget is within $100 (am serious) so please do not bid if you think it will take more time than you think
3- I am a designer (print) so ill be providing rough storyboard with supers to explain the idea
4- Changing is a part of the execution process so minor changes expected
5- If you left this off, more work will be provided
6- VO or music will be provided

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