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Contact Importer For Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, Hotmail In PHP/.net

Hi there,

I need contact importer code for yahoo, gmail, aol, hotmail….

Either PHP or ASP.Net is fine…
if its PHP, i need it as XML API (i will pass username and password in query string and it should return the xml with contact list…)

I will provide the xml format….

I can give 15 USD….

Rajendra Prabu Elias

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Get On Google, And Yahoo Within 24 Hours

I am an Internet Marketer for small and large companies and affiliate looking
for an experience SEO experts who knows how to get my clients website, and word press listed on the major
search engins like Google, Yahoo, etc.within 24hrs when an order is submitted the same day.

If its possible what are the requirements I have to give your from my clients?

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