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Research Project

I need somebody to do a fairly small research project. You will be experienced and able to complete the task within the next 7 days.

I need a list of UK Journalists to be produced that have written on a specific topic.

The spreadsheet will need –

publications their work has been published in
their status (staff writer or freelance)
position (editor, tech correspondent, etc)
twitter handle
phone (not essential, but handy)
link1 (link to at least one recently published, relevant article)

I can supply an initial spreadsheet with a bunch of contacts already included, and I can supply details of where to find more if needed – I need you to quote for finding 100 fresh contacts to include on the list I already have..

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C# – User Control For Displaying Contacts / Business Directo

Our C# .NET v3.5 application has various custom objects used to represent Persons. We wish to bind these custom objects to a control to present an out-of-the-box contact list / business directory / profile, similar to that of Outlook, or any other contact management application.

The bottom line here is elegance and usability. We need an interface that is aesthetically pleasing, as well as being very functional. We want the contacts to be presented as a "business card" or other grouping, with different views, etc.

I am open to all possible implementations. Screenshots and sample implementations are welcome via PM.

We seek an affordable solution. Use of existing commercial / third-party libraries to satisfy this requirement are acceptable [within reason]

Serious, experienced bidders only please.

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Lookup Emails And Websites For 1000 Contacts

Project is to obtain email addresses for a list of about 1,000 contacts.See attached.

The list already has all contact info in excel. By using the firm name you need to look up the www for the firm. Enter it in Column B by adding a new column. In column C enter the email address for the person.

Currently the first and last name of the contact are in the same column. Copy the first name and past it in a new column, leave the middle and last name last they are. You must produce a sample of 10 entries to make sure you understand the project prior to being awarded.

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Import Contacts From Cell Phone


we need a source code that can import contacts from cell phone (names + cell phone numbers / land line + email addresses of exists ) to PC,

the application should support blackberry, i phone 3 &4 , HTC Droid, samsung galaxy, nokia X6, nokia n97, nokia c3, c5, c6 .
any additional cell phones will be great.

thank you,

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Contact Impoter


I need a contact importer script for my website referal system. A user should be able to login into their gmail, yahoo etc and send the referal invite to all their contacts or selected contacts at a single shot.

Waiting to start it immediately.


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Web Application Updates And Fixes

We are in need of a talented web developer to assist with completing an existing project. We expect you to be proficient with PHP, JS, Linux, Ajax and Json. Be familiar with Joomla and graphics design.
The site is fully functional at this time but there are items that were not implemented: (Welcome / Help pages, contacts uploader); there are items that were not done to specs: (contacts, recent and sceduled); items that were not laid out correctly and miscellaneous items such as standardizing fonts size and button layout. Below is a list of items that have been identified.
The budget for this project is $1500

Current Bugs:
Contacts and Mobs is missing functions (More details available)
Bugs in text editor
Clear text does not work consistently
Text from old card shows up on new card
Second added text deletes first text
Each new text box sits on the one before so user cannot tell that it is there
Additional info above card should include "To move TEXT, click and drag to desired place on your card"
Wrong text is sometimes displayed
Add Text, does not clear the text input box
Pop Forwarding
Red Yellow Green
Updated TryIT
Failed sent cards are deducted from user account
Breadcrumbs (Requires refinement)
FAQ in lightbox (There are menu items that do not belong there)
Add Cards
Welcome / Help pages
Card count update real time
Personal Gallery does not match original design
Category selected should be highlighted
Highlight "My Uploads" or "My Recent"
Prevent sending more cards than available
Able to reset userid and password
Recent sent cards does not show realtime
Add more fonts
Navigation arrows on text edit screen similar to facebook
Change button title "Select Delivery" to "Continue"
Pop Forward
Email failover
RYG Setup with

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Generate Excel Sheet Of Business Leads And Contacts

We are looking for a detail oriented person who is able to use primarily the web to find and generate contacts of companies that could serve as leads for listing their items on our website. Our website focuses in a specialized industry and we will begin by giving you a list of websites to start with as well as what fields are expected to be filled out. For information that is not available on the web, phone calls to potential leads may be needed, but only for the purpose of generating contact information, not for sales or marketing. It is anticipated there are between 1,000 – 2,000 companies that would fit as potential leads. Payment will be by number of qualified leads generated with completed information in the excel sheet. Bids either for the whole project or per lead wil be considered.

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Autoreply Script- Timed Automatic Email Reply Program

AutoREPLY from email broadcast.

This should be an easy job for someone with the right set of skills.

Heress what I would like to do and Im not sure if I have to set up a cron job at the host or have something set at the email client.

I think Im going to use squirrelmail as the email client.
I could use google apps if there is a way to get around the 500 emails per hour cap.

I will be using an autoreponder service like autoresponse plus, ListmailPro or
whichever will be able to integrate this kind of programming.

I would like to send an email broadcast to a list of say 3,000 that I upload to the autoresponder from a csv file.

Say I get 200 replies that go to my email client.

I would like those 200 replies I got to get an automated reply back 24 hours later.

If they reply to my reply they cannot get that same automated reply
they must be separated so I can respond to them "manually".

Im thinking maybe a filter that automatically replies to all new emails
and adds these new email addresses to the contacts folder.

Then all emails that come in get filtered for duplicates against the contacts.

If they are already a contact they go to another folder
and DO NOT get an automated reply.

If they are not a contact they get an automated reply (24 hours later)
and they get added to the contacts so they dont get another automatic response
if they reply back to my "manual" reply.

Hope this makes sense.

Any and all ideas are welcome.


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Research Project

This project is several parts:

a) Enter approximately 1,000 contact records (including about 10 different fields of info.)

b) Research as many contacts (about 10 different fields of info) using web searches for different terms, compare the data to an existing dataset, and if we do not have the company in our database, add it to a new spreadsheet and enter the data. I will pay this on a per contact basis. And, have a CAP on the amount of contacts. This will be divided into about 5 categories for different types of data. I am anticipating at least 20,000 contacts can be located over a 3-4 week period.

c) I will need you to have experience with financial data, real estate, and related terms. I need someone who can locate over 25,000 – 30,000 Ultra High Net Worth Individuals, and approximately 10,000 "Single Family Offices".

If you dont know what they are, you probably should not bid. I need someone who can LISTEN, TAKE DIRECTION, and EXECUTE. Someone who doesnt have to be babysat and who is self motivated. I will only compensate upon completion. If you prove yourself, there could be the potential of an ongoing relationship for data entry work.

You must not be the only person in your operation or you will be working on this project until 2030. I do not have that type of time. If we reach an agreement, there will be "penalty clauses" in the event that you do not meet benchmarks and deadlines. My time is valuable.

Please let me know if you have any questions. I appreciate you taking the time to review this post.


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Contacts On Publication Group

Im looking for a freelancer who could provide me contacts for FMCG publications online and offline globally.

Im on a tight budget so give me a bid with your computation of how many could you provide and the time frame that you will accomplish a certain target.

Further details will be sent to interested bidders via PM.

Freshers and Filipino freelancer are welcome.

Happy Bidding.

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Gmail/yahoo Contacts Reader


i want to craete 2-3 pages where users can select the email providers like Gmail/yahoo/hotmail/facebbok.
after selecting provider, we can ask them to login with their api and then we need to retrieve users contacts.

2. after retrieving conatacts, we need to display all contacts

example- when we find friends in facebook.

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Email Contacts Database

Hay there,

Im Looking for service providers who can deliver

1)Database of Travel Agents worldwide 1 million or as much as possible ( we will exclude a few countries e.g UK)
2)We are looking for Travel Agents Name, Country, City, URL and Email.

No advance payment for the project , only on the successful delivery and completion . And after testing the data.

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Add Accounts/contacts Info To CRM

From 2 PDFs add accounts/contacts info to CRM as discussed

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Email List – Contact Building

You will be required to create a contact email list for 4567 contacts at todays count

1. You will create an account on a free web portal
2. You will be provided with 2 saved searches to execute that will list: 3,254 contacts and 1,313 Energy and Utilities contacts with 200 on each page
4. You must click each contact and capture the full name, job title, company, city (e.g. London)
5. For each contact you will also click on the link to the company and get the website address and from this derrive the contact email address. Note: you may need to do a web search to find out the regular email format for that company like <firstname.lastname at>
6. You must then collate all of the email addresses into a single Excel file with 1 tab for Finance contacts and the other with Energy and Utilities contacts.
7. If you can successfully complete this project, there will be more work for you.
8. When the project is completed the email addresses will be tested and we expect a 90% accuracy so please pay attention to getting the email address right
9. Privacy & security are vital: the HTML list provided to you must not be copied, misappropriated or sold/resold in any way, shape or form – and the same goes for the completed Excel file.

It would be advantageous if you could bid a per contact figure as it will then be easier to work together going forward on other projects.

Best wishes,

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Import Users Contacts Ruby On Rails

Create a form so that a user can import their contacts from gmail, yahoo and aol. This will store the email addresses and allow the user to send a mass email to multiple contacts by selecting all or particular users.

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This is a very small and quick project.
I will be sending Mass SMS to 1000 to 5000…. contacts in a single operation. And i actualy want not to be blocked by I.S.P / telecom operators for sending bulk SMS.

I will give you SMS API link to put in this PHP system.

I should be able to upload a list of contact numbers to the database.
I should be able to delete a list of contact numbers from database.
If i upload a list of contact numbers with some new contacts numbers and some old contact numbers, the database should check for duplicate contact numbers. And only add non duplicate contact numbers in the database.

I need a GUI to write SMS.

I should have ability to send SMS in lots. For example i write SMS message and send it to 4000 contacts.
So the system will divide all contact numbers in small lots and ask me that, how many contacts numbers i want to send SMS to in each lot ? 15 contact numbers, 25, 40, 60, 80, 100… contact numbers
( this is to prevent Bulk SMS blockage by I.S.P )

i should be able to give delay in seconds between each lot. like 10 seconds, 20, 30, 60, 120, 240 seconds etc.
( this is to prevent Bulk SMS blockage by I.S.P )

There should be a progress bar to see the result of how many SMS are sent out currently.

Only experienced PHP programmers can bid on this project. I may leave work with a non experienced programmer in the middle of work if i am not satisfied from the work.

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Enter Emails From List To Excel Worksheet

I will give you 4 pdfs with a list of contacts.

I need them to be copied to an excel file in this format.
first name, last name, email, office #, cell #

Then I need the 4 excel files back and verified. Once I verify them I will release payment.

There are just under 20k contacts.

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Modify Google Calendar And Contacts

Id like to share a Google Contacts folder with my PA – its as straightforward as that! My current workaround is to manually exports my contacts into a CSV file, and then import these into their Contacts folder. Can you automate this for me?

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Google Shared Contacts API

Need a programmer that is experienced with the google shared contacts api.

I need a script or gadget built for sharing of domain users personal contacts in the google business apps. Want domain users to have view & edit rights to other domain users personal contacts within the domain. Recommendations are welcome on the best method for the contacts api sharing. Either using a gadget or using google sites or by creating an api to my website. Please provide the reasoning for the method that you recommend

My website is not hosted with google. However the mx records are with google.

Will on a future project would want to integrate our other website contact profiles into the shared domain user contacts

Thanks in advance for your consideration

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Data Entry Into Joomla Contacts – RUSH JOB

This is not a hard task but it does require some knowledge of Joomla.

Basically what I have is between 105 and 120 entries in a word document that need to be entered into the contacts section of a joomla install.

There are 2 companies that have been entered to show what acceptable work looks like.

All entries must be assigned to the "registered" user

Information goes into the "other information" and Contact Information" sections of each new contact.

– Some formatting will have to be done to make the text look right.
– All provinces and states are to be changed into 2 letter codes (capitalized)
– all uppercase only text is to be converted
– etc…

All entries should be copies into a text file beforehand to ensure that no extra characters or metadata ends up in the entries.

Accuracy is critical as the timeline is very tight.

Once the data is entered and verified to be entered correct there is a possibility of a bonus jobs after this one.

Ideally I would prefer someone who sends updates on progress frequently so I can correct as needed. Even better if you have skype and can send IM updates.

I need this job completed by the 9th.

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Consolidate VCards, Excel Contacts And De-dupe – Mac Files

I have many MAC files that need to be consolidated and de-duped: 1 Mac Address Book Archive files, 10+ CSV file, 10+ Excel files, and some Mac vCard files. All need to:

1. Consolidate all lists into one Excel file
2. De-dupe contacts using emails as the screen
3. Capture contact details
– First name
– Last name
– Company
– Email
– Phone

Need this project completed within the next 48 hours, preferably sooner, and it must be done on a Mac. With your bid, please advise by what time you can complete the project.

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Finding Email Addresses For List Of Marketing Contacts.

I am updating my b2b marketing list, and I need someone that is capable of finding working email addresses to correspond with my database of contacts. The information that will be supplied is: name of person, job title, name of company. The list includes approximately 2000 companies, of which some are duplicates and some include multiple contact persons. For each company I need one valid/working email for the highest level contact. I have additional information should you require it in order to complete this project. I am also flexible with the format of this data, meaning that I can supply it to you in either excel or access format.

If you are interested please inquire for more information.

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Scrap 2400 Contacts Then Enter Contacts Into Database

Go to: www(dot)yellowpages(dot)com(dot)au

STEP 1. Information to scrap is:

Name of company
Name of contact
Address (separate columns – street, town, state, postcode),


Click on the website url
Scrap description of business
Save up to 4 images


Register 2400 contacts on one website which i will supply the website address.
Enter all 2400 contact information (above) into the backend admin section of website.

Data to be supplied on excel sheet.
100% accuracy is required before payment is released.

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U.S. Radio Station Contacts

I am looking for somebody that can do the research to get the contact info and e-mail all US Radio stations , body provided by me.
You will be using the e-mail address specificly created for this project.
I dont want to spend more than $30 on this.

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Script To Extract Contacts From Gmail/Yahoo Etc


Looking for a script to extract details from Gmail, Hotmail, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and

$30 is my max budget.

** Very Urgent

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Telemarketing – Updating Lists -U.S. Companies And Contacts

Telemarketing updating database of companies in U.S.

Getting data and updating lists

Knowleges of excel and google docs a +

Great speaking voice, strong communications skills

Experience with similar type of projects

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IPhone Map App

App enables user to identify a specific item/product with 10 attributes (half of the attributes draw upon small database which resides with app and user provides others) and sends Request Forms to server or e-mails as option, and store request internal as a retrievable text entry. App query/pulls list of location/contacts from server, and may store contacts in app. App also draws upon basic iOS Map and Messaging features. There are approximately 15 screens total. Layout is ready, and image/artwork provided.

More details available…

Tell me your understanding of the app. So i know you are the right person!


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Online Students Finding For Quran Learning

Hi All
This Project is basically about Students Finding ,
We offer Online Quran learning Classes, So we need Students from USA, UK, Canada, Australia and Europe.
To call Muslim Families, To ask them if they want to avail online Quran Classes,
To make me know about the contacts you were able to make
Skills needed
You must have skype ID and you must also know how to search New contacts
You should have good English talking power

On each successful Trail you will be paid 10 Dollars, Now it is up you that how many Students you can fetch to us.
Payments will be made by Money Gram

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IPhone Address Book

Hi, I need an iphone app that is a exactly the same as the Apple contacts app – store contacts, call and email directly from the app.

The only difference – when a new contact is created, the app automatically records the date, time, location, and calendar events before and after the contact was created (all calendar events 24 hrs before and after).

Thats it.

I provide all logos, graphic design, etc.
This is a crazy simple application that should take a skilled programmer only a few hours, really.

I also need you to properly upload the app to the appstore for me.

Please, I will only accept bids from people who have done similar apps, and have the links on iTunes to prove it.

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Goooooogle Contacts Organized, Edited, Merged

I have a .csv file i can export from google contacts, I need the contacts combined and merged properly so there are no duplicates. I already ran the merge function on gmail. but still have 5000 contacts where there should only be about 1250. Some are completely blank besides a name and phone number in the notes only and some are blank in name with the phone number in the correct field. I need these matched up to form one contact with first name last name email and phone number and type ( ie work, mobile etc…)

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Project For Nehasb: Scrape 10,000 Contacts

Hi Nehasb,

Go to www(dot)yellowpages(dot)com(dot)au

I need approximately 10,000 contacts scraped from www(dot)yellowpages(dot)com(dot)au
In the What text box type this: Childcare Centres
Leave the Where box as All States
Click find
You will see 10071 results
Click on the name of the business i.e. One World Childrens Centre
Then scrap the following information


Do this with all 10071 results

IMPORTANT! On the excel sheet make the address in these different columns: street, suburb, state, postcode

Please send a sample of 10 contacts to me to make sure the format is right.

Budget is $100

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