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I am looking for a skilled person to work for me on a full time basis.

You will need to have the above skills in order to participate in this project. You will need to have a good grasp of the english language and exellent writing skills.

You must be able to tackle a variety of different subjects as my markets will vary, thus I need you to be very good at research as well.

This is for a full-time position. If you are looking for part-time work please do not bid on this project. If you

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Article / Content Writer Needed

I own several local websites that offer various local products and services.
I am looking for a person that will create content for those sites i.e write about various products or services we offer.
for example: a plumber site will have a page about 24 hours emergency plumbing services, the article or content should talk about that service and sell the visitor on how our company is better than all others in the local area etc. etc.

Very important:
* Each "article" or content page should have at least 300 words.
* each article /content page should be ORIGINAL and pass copyscape.
* Must have good, solid, knowledgeable articles that will sell the service or products and make the visitor take action.

Please note:
I will consider bids ONLY if you will show me recent work youve done. You must have very strong command of english as well.

Lastly, there are 10 sites in total with over 100 pages of content to create over a 4 week period.

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Need Article/content Writers – .75 Usd Per 100 Words

I need native english speakers only to do writings for many projects.. should be able to deliver minimum 2000 words within a day. most articles are 400-500 words.. continuous and long terms association.



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Article/Content Writer Needed

I am looking for someone who loves creative writing and has excellent english skills.

I have a number of websites and I require someone to do market research and write content relevant to the topic of my blogs.

You should be competent with wordpress and be comfortable changing settings, uploading pictures, and formatting content through the wordpress visual editor.

I am looking for an excellent writer who can handle website topics and keyword research intelligently.

If this project is handled well, I will have more work for you.

I am looking for someone to write me 10 articles – 500 words each.

– research the topic
– upload article to my blog
– add relevant pictures
– bold important sentences
– format the article into paragraphs

Please indicate your writing experience

Please provide examples of your previous work.

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Content Writers/Article Writing

Hello Friends

I have designed a website based on cricket and so looking for content writers how can write down some good articles about cricket. i will provide you the topic for which you have to write.
I am looking to 5 articles daily with world length of 500.

price would be $2 per 500 words.

This should not be copied content/ the content should be passed from copy scape.

If Writing is your passion and Cricket is your favourite game then bid………

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Medical Article Content

The project is aricle writing about medical equipment. we are looking for a native English writer with excelent writing skills for a large volume of article to be written over time.
our site is about medical equipment devices such as ct scanners, mri, ultrasound etc.
this is just a sample project so we could choose the best and serious content writer top work with us for a half a year period.

for this project we need 5 articles of 250-300 words each about:
1. hospital beds
2. ct scanners
3. mri
4. used ambulances
5. diagnostic ultrasound.

each of these article should use the main keyword at 5% of the total words. the language and style must be at the highest level.

we are ready to pay 6$ per article so this project pays 30$ fixed price.

since we have a lot of experience working with freelance writers at different sites we ask to bid ONLY if you can deliver high quality article with natural English.
all article swill be checked with copyscape before payment.
any duplicate content or copy-paste-edit content will not be paid.

since we deal with medical equipment we need educated inteligent writer who can research by himself.
if the content quality will be good we will consider paying more per article.

if you dont have any experience or good feedback from others please dont waist our time.

10/19/2010 at 9:57 EDT:

specific instruction regarding the content (use of keyword, site name etc) will be given later to the winning bid

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Article/content Writers From India Required For Projects

I am looking for one or more writer/writers for writing fresh content assignments (location does not matter) for various projects. You can be from any place on the face of this world so long as your English is fine. I can give $1.1/500 words. I want only those article writers, who can give me quality, plagiarism free and error free articles. Please understand, that I am very concerned about the quality, so if you do not have perfect English, please do not take the pains of bidding. Location is no problem, however you must promise to not disappear after granting the project. Topics will be non-technical and non adult only

Please bid only if

1) You are absolutely fluent in English
2) Know what content writing is (plagiarism, importance of timely delivery, keywords usage etc.)
3) Can handle at least 2000 words per day (submission may be daily, every 2 days or every 4 days), it all depends upon the requirement!!
4) Ready to supply a 100 words sample on a topic of my choice. This is to gauge your writing!!

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Quality/Experienced Article & Content Writers Needed $2.5-$5

We are looking for experienced writers with a good command on the English language (Native speakers preferred) to write original articles, press releases & website content (at least 85% unique), based on keywords or titles supplied. The writing must be in very readable standard USA English.

Articles average 400-450 words. PAY IS $2.5 – $5 PER SUCCESSFULLY WRITTEN ARTICLE. (Depends on quality of test/sample article)

If you are interested in this job, I will send you a sample article to try. The reason for doing this is because there are some eager and willing people who dont have the ability. This will save us both some time and frustration.

If the article is satisfactorily written, I will pay you for the article and send you your first set of 5 articles to be written.

5 articles should be written within 2-3 days maximum. I can give you more if you want the work.

You MUST check your articles for plagiarism before sending them at the free online duplicate checker of your choice. I will also check them.

Work checklist:
1. Is it readable USA English?
2. Is punctuation ok?
2. Is it original and plagiarism free? Must be at least 85% unique.
3. Does it use the main keywords in a natural fashion?

You must be able to communicate via Skype Voice & Text Chat.

Please attach samples of recent work with reply.

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Unique Content Article Writter Needed . $1 Per Article.

Need good quality articles written very quickly.

Am paying $1 per article.

Please bid $36 – This is for 24 articles

Article title and keyword will be given. Require 300 – 400 words.

Ill need 8 articles in the next 12 hours, and the remaining 7 articles in the next 12 hours following.

ONLY BID IF YOU CAN DELIVER 15 ARTICLES IN THE NEXT 24 hours fromt he posting of this project.

If you can deliver more in 24 hours, please PM me.

If quality is good, i will have much more work (not time sensitive) coming. Please include Max weekly output in your bid.

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Article And Content Writer Needed

Hi Everyone,

I am looking for an experienced article and/or content writer who is able to produce ongoing web content or articles for me with a holistic health focus.

These articles or content would be on popular health areas, and there is adequate research material on the web.

The articles would have to be 100% original with the copywright held by myself. I do not want spun submissions.

This next bit is most important – please make sure you understand this very important point – I need someone who can write articles on nominated subjects that can be submitted by me to Ezine articles, and be accepted first time up.

Please only apply if your first language is english or you have strong english writing skills.

I would like to start off by doing an initial run of 5 articles of approximately 400 words each on a nominated subject. The subject will be disclosed once the successful article/content writer is chosen.

After the initial production of 5 articles I would like to set an ongoing rate based on the following:

a. Groups of 5 articles/blog content/web content of about 400 words, but not more than 500 words each.

b. Product review web content of around 1000 words following a set process that I will give you to follow. You would then need to research the answers and produce the review.

If you are interested could you please PMB me an example of your work.

Thanks and look forward to receiving bids

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Content Writers Needed $3 PER ARTICLE – Raise After 4 WEEKS

I need writers who can provide me high quality articles.

I have a specific set of requirements for writing the articles. The articles must be informative, non-plagiarized and they must be grammar-perfect. If you can not do these things then better not bid because these things are very important for me.

You will also have to write a sample article for me.

You must be able to communicate with me well using some method of communication.

I need at least 10 articles a WEEK.

Payments will be weekly through Paypal. I will pay after 5 articles to show that i am into fair business.

The pay is : 3/ 500 Words, 1.5/250 Words, $1.20/200 words. I will increase the pay after 4 weeks.

PLEASE ATTACH SAMPLE of your work else your bid will not be considered. If you have read and agree to the terms and conditions write "Understood" in the PM else your bid will be ignored.

If you think you are a good match send me a reply and I will share the format of the articles.

So to summarize:

1. Specify your background.
2. Whether you agree to my terms and conditions
3. specify your mode of communication
4. Availability hours in GMT
5. How many articles you can write daily
6. Bid for 12/500 word articles
7. Attach a sample Article to show your skills.

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Content Writers Required For Article Rewriting – Urgent!


We are looking for high quality content writers for our current project. Let us specify what we require from the people who are eager to join our team:

* Someone who can write interesting articles with impeccable grammar
* Stick to strict deadline

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Need Article And Content Writers ASAP!

Hello there

I am searching for a few individuals to build a small group of writers. Work is available now, so you must be able to start ASAP. You will be expected to write on various subjects, including Cards, Online games, Poker, Air Travel, Perfume and Cosmetics and much more. Therefore it is essential you have a strong research ethic, if you do not know about the product.

I am paying $1 per 200 words for these topics; to start this is not negotiable.

* All work must be 100% new. (Will be checked through copyscape)
* Work must be completed within a deadline, which can be set by you, as long as it is agreed.
* Writers must use correct English, with near perfect grammar and perfect spelling.
* Writers must be an individual and not part of a team.
* Must be able to write 2500 words a day.

If you do not meet any one of these then you will not be accepted, so please make sure you meet these terms.
This will work on a first come first serve basis, if your writing is strong enough, and you have submitted early on then you will have a decent chance of getting the job. Please submit two sample articles of around 300 – 500 words along with an application as to why you think you would be the right person for this work.

Only minimum bids will be accepted as this is the fee is not a direct representation of what you will receive, remember I am looking for a writer not one specific project, this could be a long term project for the right writer.

Many thanks.

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Article Content Writer Needed – 10 Articles


I am looking to hire a reliable, fast and experienced descriptive article content writer for my long term and frequent long-tail domain name development projects. Since I work full time and attend college at night throughout the week, my writing time is extremely limited and is no longer conducive to my schedule. I am NOT looking for a website designer.

Currently on my development schedule are four keyword rich domain names that I immediately want to develop into mini-sites and will require keyword rich content.

The service provider selected for this project will choose ONE subject area from the broad subject areas listed below. I have no preference to what order these websites will be completed, so I will test your ability to meet my requirements with one set of articles for any one of the below listed subject areas chosen. I will provide the related specific keyword rich long-tail domain name under separate cover to the selected service provider.

I will assure you that the keyword specific domain names descriptively relate to these subject areas, so there should be no confusion on the individual article content.


Computer Network Security (Risks)
Breast Cancer (Chemotherapy, Chemotherapy Drugs used, and Side-Effects)
Pleural Mesothelioma (Asbestos related lung cancer)
Foreclosures (Specifically in the Houston, Texas area)


I need 10 unique articles with keyword content appropriate titles that must compliment the specific keyword rich domain name based on the subject areas shown above. Each article will become a titled page on the developed mini-site.

Each article will contain a minimum of 400 words and written into at least three (3) easy to read and follow paragraphs.

Each article will contain keywords or keyword phrases commensurate with the specific domain. I do not want keyword saturated articles or articles that do not compliment the specific domain name. Basic SEO protocol (2.5

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Article Content Scraper Needed

Im looking for a content SCRAPER. If youre not familiar with what an article content scraper is, basically you would use the internet to find information on certain subjects and/or products, copy and paste it into a text file. Its that simple, and its not the same as an article writer/rewriter.

The types of content Ill be looking for:
-Video game reviews
-App reviews
-Travel Guides
-Social Media

Each file needs 500 words of content. If this first round works out well I will definitely be interested in buying more.

Please respond with your experience. If you dont have experience as a scraper please let me know if youve done any other similar work (SEO, article writing, article rewriting, etc) and post a sample of your work as well.

Please base your bids on how many content files you are willing to scrape for $30.

Also, Im not a sir so please dont address me as such. Thank you!

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