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Dedicated Website Designer And Developer

We are starting a company that provides web design and development to farms and ranches. The base site will offer a gallery on the home page, menu with seven categories, each pointing to pages with several pictures with content that may include flash. We will sell 4 or more website development project deals a month. We require a long term partner we can rely on. After site completion and delivery we would like you to be able to support monthly maintenance. You must be willing to sign a contract that states we own all work produced and you will not steal our customers.

We develop using Adobe CS5, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, some Flash and jquery. Sites must use cross-browser support, be tableless, neat and clean css2 / css3 builds.

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Programming Experiment – $100 REWARD

Hi everyone,

I am offering a $100 reward for the best script that can accomplish the tasks below.

Finished product may contain HTML5, C, PHP, Javascript, jQuery, or AJAX as necessary to accomplish the tasks below. Flash products will NOT be considered.

You do not have to provide source code unless your submission is chosen (and this will be in exchange for the $100 bounty).

Happy coding!



– Simple webpage must allow selection from multiple PDFs located in a folder on the web server, including multi-page PDFs (for your proof, you may use any PDF you like).

– Upon selection, the script will display the full PDF (with scrolling as needed), as close to actual size as possible.

– User will be able to use mouse input (in our case iPad touchscreen, but it works just like the mouse controls) to draw over the PDF (imagine initialing a contract or signing your name).

– SAVE AS Button – prompts for filename – saves MERGED PDF to the new filename on the server.

(***Note: Merged PDF meaning that if I sign my name and Save, the new PDF will show the form with my signature on it. Layers or further editing capabilities are NOT required.)

– Compatibility – Page and script must be compatible with iPad Safari browser. Page and script DO NOT have to be compatible with other browsers and environments. Our sole use will be via iPad.

Thats it. Dont worry about aesthetics, just functionality. Best proof of concept wins.

If you have questions, please let me know.


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EPUB Project Work-long Term Contract

I need experienced and expert EPUB expert for long term unlimited EPUB Project work. Provider need to work on sample file provided along with sample file for reference to verify their experience levels and skill sets. He/she must follow all instructions and adhere to deadline. Payment after delivery of project. Please provide your bid for 100 pages and your EPUB workflow diagram.

Please bid low as work volume is unlimited and I already have some low bid.




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Need A Cubecart / PHP Expert – Ongoing Programming Work

Need a Cubecart / PHP expert to get random things done on an ecommerce site that uses it. Right now we have an issue where the last programmer is hard to reach and I believe they did some custom coding that Im not familiar with but the right person can probably figure out quite quickly.

If you can fix the problem, then will probably have you start doing monthly maintenance work – i.e. integrate a blog, import products, clean up coding…

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Print Copies

I need a program written in C# that pauses every print job and tells me the copy count, it also needs to tell me if the document is in duplex.

The code needs to be commented as I will adapt it for other projects. Please quote a time. It is ESSENTIAL that this program works with Microsoft Word.

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data processing

I am looking for someone to do 2 things
– extract data from a site ( i allready have a program to extract the data
so you only have to run my program )
– the extracted data must be checked by a second program of mine ( also just run my program )

i want a bussines or someone that has more than one internetconection for speeding things up
( the second program works with a site and that will block the ip afther a while )

it are +- 100 subjects that must be extracted first and then checked by the second program

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