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Experienced IOS Developer For Image Cropper View Controller

Title: Experienced iPhone/iPad/iOS developer for Image Cropper View Controller


We are looking for an experienced iOS developer to create a self-contained "Image Cropper View Controller" that will be used in our applications to allow the user to select and crop an image.

The view controller will have properties that can be set at run-time to modify the behavior of the controller and/or cropping rectangle.

A complete Software Requirement Specification (SRS) document is attached for you to review.

Please read the attached SRS document completely before bidding on this project so that your bid and time estimate is accurate and you feel confident you can deliver the complete project.

Candidates should send us the following:

– A short description of their experience with iOS development.
– A link to their portfolio or some sample of their work.
– If you have written open-source Objective-C code, a link to your project(s).
– A bid for the whole project (your main bid) AND a break-down by milestones (as described in the SRS document).
– Time to delivery for each milestone if we accept your bid.
– Finally, your input (if any) on the project. This may include suggestions, a high-level design plan, concerns, etc

About Us:

Quadra Knowledge was started in 1999 and is specialized in infrastructure integration on UNIX platforms. For the past several months, we have been building a spinoff in the area of mobile software development. We have developped iPhone apps for local clients and are currently working on a large project that should materialize in the next 6 months.

We are looking to develop long-term relationships with a freelance iOS developer and graphics artist to help us speed up development and finishing of some of our projects.

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Reverse Engineering Exe File

i have exe file with some dlls – its a game. i dont have the source code.
i need very qualified reverser to make some change :
the game work with controller attached to serial port – i need to change the protocol that work with the controller
for example :
when i push some button on the controller it send the string : "80 50 01" to the serial port and the game respond somehow
i want the game to work with diffrent srtings that i will choose
(i will work with you on the strings that come from rs232)

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ATM Controller NDC+ Softawre Development

We need ATM ( automated teller machine ) switch software that can drive the ATM using NDC+ protocol. It should also have options to manage the ATM. A specific aplication has also to be developed. It consists of allowing the customer to withdraw money by entering his mobile number and secret code. The user is also authenticated by a sound mechanism (his mobile is called by the system).

Only programmers who have worked with NDC+ protocol and have something ready must contact.

Reply with your experience in this project.

Thank you,

Hatem Smine

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Embedded Linux Controller – VPN

Embeded Linux Controller Project

I require software to written for an embedded linux controller(ARM 9) to create a peer to peer VPN (n2n ,etc) with other embedded linux controllers and users.
The VPN must be capable of working behind NATs with the embedded controller being capable of port fowarding to other devices on its local network.
A basic GUI/configurator is required set the controller up. The embedded linux controller must be able to be have its software upgraded remotely.

In addition to this, i require alarms to be sent to an online web server. The alarms will be trigged from digital inputs from the controller.

Please send me a list of your previous projects

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Session Expiration Controller

Our website expires to fast, we need to control it.
We want also to be able to make it not expire.



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IPTV Front-user Interface

The project is in the early stage, so if you have some interesting solutions we will be happy to increase you budget.

We need a program that will auto-start with linux and will be controllable with a remote controller. Good example is XBMC. Program will be run at machine similar to Acer Revo (1.6 GHz Atom, nvidia ION, 1(2) GB RAM). It must be able to receive streams from server (TV channels) and request a video-on-demand. That should be done with libVLC (Video LAN framework) and VLC player as video player.

So, we need 10-foot user interface that is neat, fast and safe (user will have only remote controller and must not be able to change settings). It should have menu with options: TV, video-on-demand and Internet (more about that after some time). It will be used in hotel rooms.

If you are interested in working with us and have good ideas, fell free to apply, we are looking forward to have a good cooperation with you.

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Elevator Controller

We are looking for an experienced engineer to design and write sample functional firmware for an elevator controller.

The controller will have can bus, usb and ethernet connectivity. We need to have remote telemetry and control.

The other inputs/outputs will be defined.

We appreciate innovative design and suggestions.

We need:

-The schematics, PCB layout and BOMs.
-The source code and binary code of sample firmware. The source code will be well commented for further development. The sample firmware will be used to prove that all features of the controller work properly and will be the base for further development. Also, sample program is needed for pc to communicate with usb port.
-Working Prototype board with the sample firmware.

Also, we prefer Altium 09.

No milestone payments

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Temperature Controller Using Pid

Pm me for more information.

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Design Active Power Filter Using FFT Algorithm

This project requires a three-phase shunt active power filter based on DSP controller.The developed controller utilizes FFT algorithm to extract the reference signal from the load current, considering the phase-angle delay of each harmonic component.
The operation of the project must be verified through computer simulations with the user defined model in Matlab/Simulink.
A 9kVA hardware prototype was built and tested to confirm the simulation results. It is composed of a three-phase bridge inverter and a developed controller with DSP TMS320F2812. The active power filter is connected in shunt with the non-linear load, which is connected with the source of 380V. It can can operate well in the unbalanced load condition and voltage source distortion . The full-bridge inverter consists of three dual IGBTs with 1200V/100A rating, the switching frequency of inverter is 11 kHz.

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Charge Controller For Windturbine

Should be able to sense voltage and current from windturbine and display

should be able to caculte amp hours to and out of battery and disply

should be able to work with 12V,24V and 48V autosensing

should have adjustable fload voltage and equilazation voltage to happen automatically after 30 days

on full charge extrapower must be diverted to a dummy load.

must have a real time clock, always time must be on display with a backlight.

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Micro-controller Programming

Need help with micro-controller programming

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Developing Micro-controller Board Software

We are looking for expert who has to finish a project which is already started. It was developed a Board using 24 F PIC micro-controller. We have full electrical schematic and full details for a project! We want to be written Firmware for the Board and if it is needed PCB layout could be changed if there is any need from corrections. Thats why we want to find a expert who can complete the Job!!!

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Java Web-based Cron Scheduler GUI

I require a component to be developed for an existing web site (developed using Spring MVC and hosted on Tomcat) that allows a user to specify a cron schedule via a GUI. The website itself is a maven-based application so the new component will need to adhere to this.

I will provide the project framework containing skeleton classes/JSP/resources (including the pom.xml) as well as a wireframe outline of the interface I require.

The component will need to be developed using JSP and javascript, and the users submitted details need to be translated in the Spring controller class into a single string representing a valid cron schedule. Validation is also required for all entered fields with relevant error messages being displayed in a user-friendly format in the GUI. Upon successful submit a page should return showing the entered cron details in a human-readable format.

Working/filled out Eclipse project containing:
1) Implementation classes (comprising at least a controller and a validator), JSP and other necessary resources (eg Spring config file).
2) Working JUnit 4 test classes for the validator and controller as well as other implementation classes.
3) pom.xml file for the project (updated as required).

Proposed payment schedule:
2 milestone payments:
1) Delivery of JSP and controller consisting of a GUI allowing user to enter schedule particulars, and then upon submit capturing the data and converting into a single string representing the cron schedule. (75%) Unit test for the controller. Simple success page displayed upon successful submit containing user-friendly text format of the entered data (eg 0 * * * * ? should display as every minute in the success page).
2) Developing the validation around field values via a Validator implementation class and rendering errors in a user-friendly format on the GUI. Unit test for the Validator showing each element in the submitted data being validated including success and error paths for each.

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Arduino Greenhouse Controller


I need someone skilled with the arduino microcontroller, both with the soldering part aswell as programming the controller and programming the interface on the computer via usb. Open source code is adviced for the various settings and options the controller will have, however the open source needs to be tweaked into a joint interface on the pc. I also wish to take part in the creation; but all this will be discussed when i find someone with the knowhow of the arduino. Communication preferrably with skype(text) after successful bid.

The controller will consist of :

– Ph measurement/control*
– Relay control (inductive loads aswell)
– Temprature/humidity sensor/control*
– Pc interface virtual construction kit for making connections between the functions, like synthedit(vst, link: , synthedit also provides a development kit that might be useful )
– And logging from all of the above.

*(all control is done via relays)

The choice of programming language for the pc interface is optional, however i would prefer c(++).

The price of this i am unsure of but the winning bid will also be offered further work, so thats why i set it as simple project, pm me and lets talk! 🙂

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NES Controller Photoshopping With Multiple Image States

I would like you to take a photograph of an NES controller, and make multiple image states fro button presses.

In other words, take the image I have attached, and make versions where each button is pressed down, and not pressed down.

So, there needs to be an image for every possible button combination.

You need to have your own NES controller to take pictures of, unless you can photoshop it from a sample on the internet.

Please contact if you have any questions.

Thanks, and good luck on bidding!

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Codeigniter Model+controller

Create a codeigniter model + controller for personal wallet manager.
User should be able to:
– add information on incomes (one time, recurring)
– add expenses (one time, recurring)
– view statistics ( monthly expenses, incomes)

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GPS Based Micro Controller System

GPS, GSM, Electronics projects using micro controllers

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Circuit Design For Home Automation

DIY Home Automation project. Domestic wiring mixed with micro controllers. Trying to control lamps (with dimmers), fans, hvac and stepper motor using Arduino open source micro controller –
I have the micro controller board and the programming.
I need electrical schematics as to how to wire up from the board to the appliance, ie: lights/fan/etc
The system needs to be compatible with 240V at 50Hz.

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Aruba 800 Controller + AP Configuration Assistance Needed

We have an Aruba 800 wireless controller in our lab, connected to an access point.

We are looking for someone with experience in Aruba that will be able to help us configure this controller.

Please do not bid unless you have direct experience with Aruba!

This project is for 100$

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Ingenico, Verifone Sc5000 Project

Looking for a person with experience with ingenico and verifone terminals.

Project Details:
– Develop a micro controller for ingenico/verifone sc5000 pin pad (pos terminal).
– Magnetic stripe data is logged and the pin is stored inside the flash memory of the chip
– Bluetooth or RF module should be embedded with micro controller for data to be downloaded via bluetooth or RF
– Logged data is timestamped and a .NET/c++ (programming language doesnt matter) as long as a well written program can interact with the micro controller to ERASE previous DATA and to change the password for the DOWNLOAD option and other details will be discussed after youve been selected.
– All other details will be explained when youve been selected.

If youve done this previously, then please show us your work. Please dont bid if you dont understand the project.

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Need Some Quick Magento Help

I have a Magento store and for some unknown reason, it has suddenly started throwing a "headers already sent" error. I added some items to the store last week and set up a coupon and everything worked fine. Today I set up another coupon and when I went to check the coupon, I started getting this error.

The store works just fine, up to the point that you go to add something to your basket. Then you get the error submission screen below. If you go back a page, the order page will reload and if you look up in the cart line you will see that the item has been added to your cart. If you go to your cart, there it is and the coupon works just fine. Its just when you adding any item to your cart that this screen comes up.

Conventional wisdom (Google) says that this is a php error and that there is probably a blank space in the referenced file. I have looked, downloaded into Emeditor and saved UTF-8 but the problem remains.

I did not open or make any changes to the referenced file when I was adding items to the store last week. Its a live store and I need to solve this asap.

Appreciate hearing from anyone that has the time and skill to make this right in the next couple of hours.


The error looks like this:

Cannot send headers; headers already sent in /home/xxxxxxxx/www/www/app/code/core/Mage/Catalog/Model/Resource/Eav/Mysql4/Product/Collection.php, line 1
#0 /home/ebband/www/www/lib/Zend/Controller/Response/Abstract.php(147): Zend_Controller_Response_Abstract->canSendHeaders(true)
#1 /home/ebband/www/www/app/code/core/Mage/Core/Controller/Varien/Action.php(518): Zend_Controller_Response_Abstract->setRedirect(http://www.ebba…)
#2 /home/ebband/www/www/app/code/core/Mage/Checkout/controllers/CartController.php(78): Mage_Core_Controller_Varien_Action->_redirect(checkout/cart)
#3 /home/ebband/www/www/app/code/core/Mage/Checkout/controllers/CartController.php(198): Mage_Checkout_CartController->_goBack()
#4 /home/ebband/www/www/app/code/core/Mage/Core/Controller/Varien/Action.php(367): Mage_Checkout_CartController->addAction()
#5 /home/ebband/www/www/app/code/core/Mage/Core/Controller/Varien/Router/Standard.php(247): Mage_Core_Controller_Varien_Action->dispatch(add)
#6 /home/ebband/www/www/app/code/community/ArtsOnIT/OfflineMaintenance/Controller/Router/Standard.php(46): Mage_Core_Controller_Varien_Router_Standard->match(Object(Mage_Core_Controller_Request_Http))
#7 /home/ebband/www/www/app/code/core/Mage/Core/Controller/Varien/Front.php(158): ArtsOnIT_OfflineMaintenance_Controller_Router_Standard->match(Object(Mage_Core_Controller_Request_Http))
#8 /home/ebband/www/www/app/Mage.php(457): Mage_Core_Controller_Varien_Front->dispatch()
#9 /home/ebband/www/www/index.php.(52): Mage::run()
#10 {main}

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Start/Stop My Home/Office Water Sprinklers From My IPad

I have researched a lot about this, I am not a programmer thats the only problem, exactly what i need is i want to start/Stop or see status of my Sprinklers at my home or office . The sprinkler is just an example to keep it simple.

What i have in mind is that we need to make a micro-controller that will have 10 inputs and 16 outputs (digital i/o)
and may be one or two analog I/O. And we need to connect this controller with ipad wired or wireless, to see the inputs on ipad as status and when i tap that btn or picture on ipad screen that will send output (signal) to the micro-controller , micro-controller will consist of relays that will give output to micro-controller output port so my sprinkler gets the on signal. and when there is smoke or fire alert a signal will be given to my micro-controller input port to my ipad and the alarm will sound and visual on ipad screen… to give u exact idea what am looking for u can go to and see what they are doing if u understand that u can make this, or go and see what yelp engineers did with their ipad and Beer Keg.

if u need any help on understanding this project you can send me msg anytime. I will pay your your hard work + material cost

only serious people who know about electronic micro-controller and ipad programing should contact me, please dont waste my time if u dnt know anything.


Usman Sanaullah

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Google Search And Nav Controllers Needed For Yii Framework

Im in the middle of a site redesign.

We were hoping to have the site finished by September 5th for a book campaign that hits Sept 8th. Unfortunately we just lost one of our main developers.

What Im hoping to find is an expert in the PHP Yii Framework (see link below) who could help develop a few controllers for us. You would *not* be responsible for an entire site development, just a few controllers/widgets within the site. A pretty simple, paying gig.

Basically you and I would have about 7-12 days for the work.

Here are the pieces wed like help with (contact me if you could help with ANY of these):

1. Google Search Controller:
We have a paid Google private search account and need to wire up a controller to make the required Web services calls, process the xml, etc. The CSS design layout is finished. We just need the nuts and bolts and wiring assembled into a Yii controller to make it run. (see screen shot) Could be as simple as what you see here ( ) though Im not sure why this fellow is using Googles AJAX api for these calls.

2. Nav Controller (or widget?):
Our main left-column nav changes depending on which section of the site youre in. Wed also like to highlight the page the person is currently on within the current menu. Theres also a series of horizontal dropdown menus that have pretty much the same links as those that appear in the left nav. Last but not least theres the links in the footer. Not all of this needs to go into one controller (for example, the footer links could just go into the main layout), but it would be nice to get as much as possible bundled into it. The way Im thinking of going about it is to have the section controller for the site (store, about us, free content, etc.) set which section nav to render, then each controller action would specify which link within the menu to highlight as a "You are here" designator. Maybe something like this could be used: ( ) (see attached screenshot for look & feel of our design)

3. Breadcrumbs: [If time allows]
Help define the breadcrumb scheme — possibly tie into the Nav controller/widget if possible.

4. Pagination: [If time allows]
Help setup pagination for our content sections.

The CSS for the layouts is finished. We just need help getting the controllers built and integrated into the site application. I have a screenshot I can send you showing all the menus and the layout for our search results page.

If youre interested please reply back. Im in southern Oregon, by the way — thats on the west coast of the U.S. Would be nice to see examples of your work if possible. Im aiming to meet with our Director Wednesday night to go over the approximate budget for this work, so I need bids from you ASAP.

Sorry for the tight scheduling. . . ahh the joys of Web development!


Life of Learning Foundation

Yii Framework:

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Micro-controller Based Lighting Control

Hello, this is a micro-controller based lighting control project. I want simulation and PCB layout in Proteus. The following conditions have to be followed –
1.Micro-controller will be ATmega8
2.have to deliver PCB layout in Proteus
3.code should be written in embedded C/C
4.code will be compiled on Codevision or AVR studio
5.code will be my property

Those who are interested please contact through PM for more details. Please contact ASAP.


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PC Inventory Software

I need a simple application developed that will reside on the taskbar and submitePC Inventory such as current ip address, up time, User information (Name, Address, Phone Number, etc), Computer Name, Domain, as well as Hardware Information such as: BIOS CPU Cache Memory and Phyiscal Memory Harddisk and Logical Disk DVD / CD-Rom, Floppy Drive and Tape Drive Motherboard Monitor Display Card, Sound Card, NetworkAdapter and Modem Keyboard and Pointing Device BUS and System Slot 1394 Controller, IDE Controller, USB Controller, SCSI Controller and PCMCIA Controller And software information such as: Window OS Installed Softwares Microsoft Packs / Update / Security Update / Hotfix Drivers, Running services The application will run preferebly as a service therefore it is harder to remove. The user information will be entered through a simple interface that opens when you right click on the taskbar icon and select "user info" There will also be a about menu when right clicked. The server / url to send the information as well as all the information specified in the About menu will be specified in a INI file. That way making it easy for us to deploy for multiple clients. The Client will update the server at each bootup as well as hourly intervals or whatever we specifiy in the ini. I will provide the taskbar icon. The server will be MySQL we will need a script or something to make the database the way it needs to be made. Also the data must have a simple web interface with user / pass auth. The interface must have a logo and maybe some information then there will be the data for the computers I want to be able to select how many records to see at each time including the most recently active computers. We must be able to sort by First Name, Last Name, IP, etc. Just as a simple form filter to put in order. Also there must be a printable view of a "report" like we may want to print a report with all the computers with Windows XP so all we need to do is sort / filter all the xp computers and print and it should print in a printable view such as gmail does when printing. There will be future developments / add on oppertunities for the winning coder. Please contact me so that we can discuss full details

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Xpotronix UI QA

Xpotornix is an XML based web developing framework where database modeling and controller is written in PHP and the web User Interfase is developed in ExtJS 3.x (javascript). This project needs to address any interface bug communication problem with backend controller, assure integrity over transactions (where UI just gives XML data and params to the server) and polish every aspect in terms of usability (ex. component focusing). ExtJS expertise should be needed in accoplish these tasks.

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Micro-controller FFT Display

Need C code to perform the following operations:

1) Digitize an analog voltage input using a micro-controller and perform FFT operation
2) Transmit data wirelessly to a PC
3) Display continuously digitized waveforms on a PC in real time

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RS485 Stepper Motor Controller/driver

My company needs a new PCB designed to drive a stepper motor. We use an RS485 network, and the controller/driver has to be (very) small.

Drive 1 (one) 4 wire stepper motor at +/- 2A per phase
Have input for 1 (one) limit switch
Have outputs for 2 (two) solenoid valves
Communicate with host controller via RS485
Receive position commands from network and go to/maintain position with no further instruction
Must have single ended pressure sensor on board
Must fit on PCB no larger than 2.5in diameter (dual sided acceptable)
Must have at least three stand off positions

Functional prototype for testing (need not be on 2.5 inch diameter PCB)
All Gerber files
Bill of materials

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Flash Audio Controller For Pdf Document

I need to insert audio files triggered by an audio controller/player into 5 pdf documents.

I need the following controls:
play, pause, return to start, and a progress bar so the user can move around with the audio clip.

I tried using ready-made mp3-swf convertors which worked fine except that when I placed the swf into the pdf using Acrobat Pro they did not display correctly until the audio was triggered. They also looked a little unrefined. You will receive this as a guide for size etc.

There are 5 separate projects over the next month. Each project has around 5 pages with the same controller (visually) accessing different audio clips approx 3 minutes long on each page.

I will supply separate mp3 clips and pdf documents. You will supply me with separate swf files plus the pdfs with the clips inserted.

Please quote separately for the Flash work and the pdf insertion work.

In summary:
Design/modify one Flash audio controller.
Link it to around 25 audio clips in pdf documents.
Return swfs and pdfs.
Work to be delivered as 5 separate projects over next month.

Thank you.

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ASP Script To Insert Data To MSSQL Database

We have a controller that is posting data using the GET POST method. This controller can be pointed to a script on another webserver to INSERT data to a MSSQL database. We are looking for someone to write the ASP script that will listen to the controller and then insert the data to the database.

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Dj Looking For A Custom Midi Controller

Im a Dj and Im looking for someone to build a custom Midi Controller for me.

Ideally Im looking for something that can resemble this

However Id like to work hand and hand with the builder in order to obtain the best feel and customization.

Hope to hear from you soon and good luck!

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