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Convert PHP Site To Iphone And Android Apps

We have a website for our members witch we want to convert to a apps. for IPhone and Android phones.
Main functions:
– Register (with confirmation email) form divided on 4 web pages with serious data validation
– Log in
– Forgotten password
– Menu system
– Start page after log in where we present some user information like adress etc., we show points earned by the user and a ranking list with the user with highest points
– Update of user data (same program as for registration pages)
– Page with campaigns the user offered or participating in or have finished. Each campaign is presented with a picture and some internal and external links
– Page for sending flash reports and upload pictures from the cellphones camera. Flash reports and pictures shall be uploaded to database with information about location (from GPS), campaign id, date and time and user id. This is not yet implemented in web version.
– Some campaigns have a link to a sequence of pages where the user can read about the campaign, answer questions and apply to participate in the campaign content is fetched from database
– Education pages where the user can read a sequence of pages and the answer questions and be approved
– Page for recruiting friends by sending emails or via Facebook (Facebook application is not implemented on web version)
– Page for sending support messages via email to the companies support department

At least 90% of this is existing in the web version. You will get all PHP-code (object oriented, newly written) for the web version. The apps. shall be language independent in the same way as the web pages. All texts are (already) stored in MySql database for all languages.
Design must be developed by the developer as a part of the project. We want the design to be Facebook look alike as much as possible. Of course design, menus, structure etc. must be changed to fit into iPhones or Android phones.
Application must be accepted by Appstore and similar for Android.

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Iphone The Apps For Traveling

In this days,iphone 4 is very famous in the town.what apps i introduce to use is the apps for can check the currentcy rate and help you to convert the also can detect the subway station location and also can detect where the train is heading.this apps can detect subway station all around the world!

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Children Cartoons Illustrator For IPhone-Android Apps

We are an independent publisher of iPhone / iPad / Android games for children.

Were looking for an illustrator who would work for us as a contractor on a recurring basis in the middle / long term.

This would involve designing for us, depending on projects needs, 2D characters and background screens for some of our games.

Requirements :
– at ease with 2D cartoon style
– vector drawing (preferably using Adobe Illustrator)

For one of our most important project, you would need to draw in an existing graphic style (cartoon, primary colors, children drawing).

The relationship would start by ordering you 8 DRAWINGS. 4 of them will include a background and a character. 4 other include only a background. Each drawing is 1024*768 pixels (iPads screen size).

For now, please send us a quote for this initial assignment only (8 drawings).

When applying : please send us links to 3 cartoon drawings in your portfolio (ideally vector drawings).

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Python / AS3 / IPhone / Android Developers For Quick Jobs


I need some quick classes or objects or libraries built based on an existing API to make it easy for people to integrate that API.

Languages needed:

– Python
– Android
– iPhone
– Action Script 3

I already have a php class for reference and its like 40 simple lines, each class will contain 3 functions based on 3 end points to my API.

Max payment per library is $40.
Multiple Developers Can Be Selected.

Must be expert and understand object orionted stuffs.


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Shoutcast Player For Iphone & Android

We are looking for custom shoutcast player for iphone, Ipad, and Android

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IPad, IPhone & Android Publishing Platform

Build a Publishing Platform to publish books for iPad, iPhone & Android.

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Convert PHP Based Calculator To Iphone, Android Application

I have a simple calculator that was written in PHP and needs to be converted to a mobile application. I need this to be developed and submitted to the app store(s)

I prefer it to be written for the Apple App Store first then android after that.

Please contact me for more details.

I am looking for a 2 week start to submission time-line.

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Convert IPhone Apps To Android

I have a bunch of apps in Apples appstore, that I would like to convert to Android as easy as possible on my side. Here is a link to my apps in the AppStore:

The apps I would like to begin with are the soundboard apps titled:
"Charlie Bit Me!"
"Bed Intruder"
"Double Rainbow"
"GTA Sounds"
"Papa Jumba"

Then I would like to do all my other apps.

All features in my apps must be identically transferred, and I will provide ALL the resources.

***The winning bidder will also be my main contact for my future iPhone apps that I will need migrated to Android.

– Providers in the US will be preferable.
– I would like to pay on a "per app" basis
– Apps must be completely finished and ready for Android Market distribution

11/06/2010 at 16:14 EDT:

– I am looking for providers with outstanding communication to keep me in the loop with everything regarding the project.
– If you can also fully complete the app and upload it to my Android Market account after my approval, that would be preferable.

11/06/2010 at 16:15 EDT:

***If you can also help me with existing iPhone development work that would be a bonus!!!

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IPhone/Android/BB Dev For- Multiple Projects-Serious Bidders


Please specify what is your expertise? iPhone? Android? BB?
Do you know multiple platforms? Please specify as well

We have many projects, looking for quote and get started without wasting a minute, if you are the MR. Right!

Open pmb for project details, for first project see below :

Project – 1 basically app for all 3 platforms as iPhone/Android and Blackberry :
Requirements :
I am in need of an APP built for an existing application. The current application is in Cold Fusion with a MySql backend and need to create a iPhone, Droid, and Blackberry app for it.

Phase 1 of the app will allow clients to search 3-5 different criteria to pull up and view information. I dont believe Phase 1 will allow the end-user to interact with the app.

What do you say?

More over PMB.


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Needed: Website Plus Optional Iphone, BB, And Android Apps

Website will need to allow two different kinds of user accounts/profiles to be set up:
1. the end user- consumers
2. businesses

Business user interface should allow them to fill out a few fields. All of this information should then be aggregated into a post in a stream of other posts created by other businesses. The business users account will also include the ability to hold credit card information for monthly billing that can be turned on/off

The end-user should be able to view all of the deals posted by businesses who are within their zipcode. I would like these users to also be able to sort this stream in multiple different ways as well as search through the posts.

The programmer should also be able to provide the design/graphics. I have some pretty detailed slides laid out in PowerPoint but graphics, as well as logo should be handled by the company contracted.

Additionally, I would like to see options in the bid for smartphone apps (breakout cost of each for Iphone, Blackberry, and Iphone). Smartphone apps should use location devise of phone to aggregate posts rather than zipcode.

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Android And IPhone Apps

We need an Android (and IPhone) application with the following features:

– The application launches at phone "On" without user intervention
– The application tracks: GPS location, mobile country code, mobile network code, LAI and call status (busy/idle)
– The application forwards this information to central server over the internet in using UDP

– The application provides a ShowMe button
– Upon activation of ShowMe function opens user GUI
– Present state is shown in GUI
– ShowMe states are: Online, Away, Do not disturb, Invisible, Offline
– User can change state via ShowMe GUI
– Upon change of state the central server is informed over the internet in using UDP
– Application must work on all Android and IPhone phones

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