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We Need An IPhone/Android App Created

We require a Non Disclosure Agreement to be signed.We need the applications to be built from scratch. It will be a marketplace like freelancer. This is a SMS related app that sends text msgs. We have the website in development!

Please only bid if you have previous experience.

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Iphone, Ipad And Android App For My Site

I run a small site and i want an app that:

1) Get my articles via RSS and display like engadget app for iphone (a gallery with 3 photos at the top, with articles) and latest news below it, with thumbs.

2) Publish exclusive content to the app (this will be done from wordpress, using one category)

3) At ipad, the app most flip pages like flipboard

4) Tweet button and like on facebook

Three menu itens:

1) News
2) Twitter mentions
3) Videos (we will get from a category at my site, they are from youtube)

Your bid should be like this:

Total – US$ xxx
Iphone – US$ xxxx
Android – US$ xxxx
Ipad – US$ xxxx

I need like that because i dont know if ill make them all, depends on costs.

This is my first app and i need orientation in the hole proccess. Winner must have previously developed at least five apps and send me links. Be gentle in the bids, im not a company, im a person and my site is small. Tks a lot.

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Iphone / Android App Taxi Booking System

A booking system for customers to be able to book a taxi using the app for both Iphone and Android and automatically sends the information when booked to our base to dispatch the taxi.

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IPhone To Android App

Seeking a developer to create an Android app that exists on iPhone but not yet on Android.

You will need to know how to access input from a phones mic.

Need this done ASAP.

Excellent English comms only.

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IPhone, IPad And/or Android App Developers

We have several apps waiting for development. We are looking for sensible costs, first rate programming skills and good communication skills. We do most of the design however mockup screenshot graphic designer capability is a bonus. We are looking for a long term partner, if you think your the one then get in touch.

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Simple Iphone / Android App

Im looking for programmers that can create an app. I want someone with experience,

I would prefer to see your portfolio if possible/ past projects or an example of what you can do. No time wasters.

Examples of what I want

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Iphone, Ipad And Android App For Children

We are looking for a developer for an app for young children. The app consists of about 10 screens, on each screen there will be one simple interactive activity for the child to touch and explore.
We will provide the design, images and sounds.
This app is the first in a series and well be happy to develop long-term working relationship with the successful candidate.
We will provide all the remaining details to qualified offers.

The developer must have proper experience in developing apps. Please reply to this with a portfolio of past apps.
A final price can be discussed upon our final agreement.

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IPhone/Android App

I need an iPhone AND Android native App.

It needs to be native to each phone and submitted to app stores for people to purchase/install.

Simple interface that allows people to see product reviews in the app as we add them to a webpage, they need to have an option to be notified on the phone in realtime when we add a product even when the app is closed.

The will see a list of products and can read them by clicking a link to get the review then they can click another link to view the full sales webpage for the product within the native browser. An option for the user to rate the product 1 – 5 would also be ideal.

Budget is MAX $250


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Iphone And Android App – As Discussed

As discussed

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IPhone Or Android App

We need an iPhone or Android app created that involves GPS, a secondary contact list, phone features and text messaging.

Please pm for more info.

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IPhone, IPad & Android APP Similar To Groupon APPs

We are developing a new online proyect similar to Groupon. The website its been implemented on Magento, using the plugin Magento Groupon Clon. You can check it here:

Now, we need to developmet the APPs of our project for:

– iPhone & iPad.
– Android.

The features must be similar to the Groupon APPs. You can check it here:

Another important considerations:

– Its very important to show us examples of similar jobs and experience using Magento. It will be very important in our decision.

– Remember: we wanna an APP, not a mobile version of our site.

– It necessary to include design cost in your budget. We will create the general image of the site but you will need to adapt our design to iPhone & Android standar.

Thx in advance to everyone.

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Mobile App Builder

Take a look at our online program Hazmatch.

The program selects the proper protective clothing for hazard material response units.

We would like to be able run this as an app on BBerry, Iphone, and Android.

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Need Iphone And Android GPS App Built

I am looking to have an Iphone and Android GPS app built. will be adding own voice over for directions. can use google maps etc….
i do not know budjet for project like this so let me know your cost in a pM since budjet amounts are set here.

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Iphone & Android App Similar To Talking Carl

Seeking developer for Android app AND iOS developed app for iphone similar to Talking Carl and Talking Tom Cat without voice recording/repeating. The interactive 3d character is to respond to touch with animation and voice. This project will include a Lite and Full, paid version of the game. Developer is to create programming in appropriate OS ready for me to submit to Androids Marketplace AND Apples App Store. I will provide animations, audio files, and backgrounds.

I plan to continue this working relationship on future jobs which would involve updates to this app of additional features as well as new apps.

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IPhone, IPad And/or Android App Developers

We are looking for exceptional iPhone and iPad App developers to work with us on various App projects. We will pay a good percentage of the overall fee, so the bigger the App, the more you will make. We only provide exceptional quality Apps to our clients, so you must be happy that you are the best out there.

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IPhone/Android App Required

Hey Guys..

I need an app which reads all incoming sms and if the text in the sms matches some predefined text, it should simulate a keypress from numpad (0-9).

I have been told that its not possible in a non-jailbroken iphone. Ill be happy even if someone can make such an app in a jailbroken iphone.

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Just 4U IPhone And Android App

Publisher of a 13-19 youth magazine (non profit), we want to offer an Iphone and Android app.
The application should present x services:
– video message (updated every few days or week)
– agenda (concert, conference, festival, etc.) with gps localization. And possibility to submit an event for the agenda (form to fill up and send to editorial team)
– the article of the day (title of 1-3 magazine article – picked from website database if possible – with possibility to read the full article)*
– the though of the day (new though at every opening of the app) from a database (if possible from the same database as the website)*
– question or message sent to a) editorial team b) a special contact (with confirmation screen)
– music section with 1) the new hit of the week 2) the number one hit of the week 3) the prefered song of the week (with an teaser of the song – 30, and a link to the music partner)*
– Option: if on the starting screen, the user could see the new Facebook notifications (if new ones) and new emails (if ones for at least 2-3 emails addresses). When there are new messages or notifications, the user can click a botton and go to Facebook or his email browser.

*with if possible a context sensitive picture

As a publisher, we of course have several graphical elements that we could submit to the developer.

We relaunch or magazine in march and would be very thanksful to get the app done by march 15th.

If further details are needed to quote the app, do not hesitate to contact us.

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Iphone/Android App Developer

Hello: I need a simple iphone app developed. Must have proper and indepth experience in developing apps. I am looking for a creative and innovative developer who can come up with solutions to issues so that this app can be simple and easy to use. Thanks.

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Iphone/android/smartphone App Similar To Geomium

Hi there,

I am looking to develop an iphone/android/smart phone application similar to that of Geomium.

It will be a location based social networking application that allows users to access up to the minute deals/discounts offered by surrounding retailers (such as bars, restaurants, theatres).

Retailers will need to have the ability to push market.
Users will have the ability to locate friends and surrounding deals (interface with facebook, facebook chat and google maps).

I would also like the ability for users to be able to purchase the deals/vouchers and pay for experiences utilising near field communication (i.e. future proofed for iphone 5).

I would like the application to be incredibly simple and user friendly. It should incorporate practical and appealing design functions. Ideally I would like to deal with one provider who can build the application/platform and also the "look" and "feel".

Alternatively, I am happy to sort the design elements/look and feel through another freelancer if this is not your expertise.

Im not looking for a beginner programmer, i need someone extremely experienced and who can make this app VERY user friendly. The entire app should be very easy for me to manage with no programming knowledge.

Please only apply if you are the best.

Thanks in advance


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IPhone And/or Android App For Hook-up Like Grindr

The job is to develop a iPhone and Android Application like grindr. If youre only able to do the iPhone OR Android, so write this in your bid please.

You need to develop a real native Application in Java for Android and Objective-C for iPhone (no HTML5 or any scrappy framework!).

The application is a hookup app for gays around the world (like grindr, download the free version and test it to understand what functionality is needed). You need to develop a database (MySQL) where we will store the data including the needed API/Webservice for the communication with you mobile App

Also you need to have already some application in the two Stores that you can show us.

Please only experienced developers, please no time wasters – I check every provider prior chose the bid.

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Basic IPad, IPhone And Android App

Hi –

iPhone/iPad developer wanted for first (of many) native iPhone/iPad apps.

Our clients want us to offer more variety in our business services, includiing iphone/iphone app development.

Therefore we have a very basic iphone app project to find a trustworthy company.
The first project will be a search & find listings on a directory.

Future projects
Please only BID if you can show experience programing 3+ different apps. Preference is given to anyone who has an app in the App Store, but it is not necessary. You must have experience with Objective C and Cocoa.

TEAMS are preferred – we have a lot of work, and this is a trial project, so we want fast work and low bids when possible.

Good Luck,


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Basic IPad, IPhone And Android App

Hi –

iPhone/iPad developer wanted for first (of many) native iPhone/iPad apps.

I want a VERY BASIC App with native versions for the iPad and iPhone.

I will provide all design files, and you program two (2) very similar apps – the iPad (larger) version, and the iPhone (smaller) version. The programming should be 95% similar between the two. Basically, the same iPhone app will be used on the iPad, but I would like to change the design a little for the larger format.

Please see our website – – we are a local listings website.

The app will have a basic interface to "Search Your Location" or "Enter Zip Code" – the search your location for 3G and later iPhones/iPads will pass the phones GPS coordinates to our server. Our server returns 10-15 results with pictures, and the App displays those results in a list. EASY! The "Enter Zip Code" field does the same, but sends a 5-digit integer to our server, again returning results. A few other static URL links will be included in the design, but nothing dynamic. The data received by the App will be in XML or JSON format (still to be decided).

Future versions of the app will include the ability to take and upload a picture to our server using the iPhone/iPad.

Please bid and send a PM with the text IPAD

Please only BID if you can show experience programing 3+ different apps. Preference is given to anyone who has an app in the App Store, but it is not necessary.

You must have experience with Objective C and Cocoa.

TEAMS are preferred – we have a lot of work, and this is a trial project, so we want fast work and low bids when possible.

Thank you and Good Luck –

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IPhone / Android Shopping App

Looking to develop a simple front-end shopping application for mobile phones and would like someone skilled at developing stable, fast applications for a variety of mobile phone platforms. Graphic design skills and asset but not necessary.

The project will function very similar to the application (only better and easier to use). Please see for an example.

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Convert IPhone SQL LIte App To Mac Application

We currently have an iPhone app in the store that is a database of car prices that we need put into a mac application for inclusion in the mac app store. It is currently a sql lite application with approximately 65K rows…. We would like the mac application to be built as a pre-populated core data application that you can search the data.

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Webcam Android App

I would like someone to develop an Android app that will utilize the camera/mic of an android phone, and will allow users to use the phone as a webcam on a personal computer. More details and specifications will be given upon personal contact with me.

Pay for the project will be very generous with bonuses depending on the success of the project.

We are looking for a developer that is willing to work closely and continuously with us and has knowledge not only with Android app but also iPhone apps. Upon completion of this project, there are other android app projects we want to hire the developer for. This project will gauge the quality of work from from the hired developer.

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Iphone/Android App Required For Restaurant


I require an Iphone/Android app for a Restaurant which will be easily changed after completion.

The development and deployment will be done under my accounts.

All code and processes will need to be well documented.

The apps will be similiar to with a few minor changes and/or omit-ions.

I have two projects posted that require same work so If you want please quote me on both projects as well.

12/29/2010 at 14:50 EST:

I have two projects posted that require same work so If you want please quote me on both projects as well hair Salon and Restaurant.

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Iphone/Android App Required For Hair Salon


I require an Iphone/Android app for a Hair Salon which will be easily changed after completion.

The development and deployment will be done under my accounts.

All code and processes will need to be well documented.

The apps will be similiar to with a few minor changes and/or omit-ions.

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IPhone/Android Greeting Card App

We are developing a fairly simple mobile greeting card application that needs to run on both the iPhone and Android devices.

The user would upload a photograph to the application.

The user selects from approximately 20 predefined animated "princess-like" characters (which we would provide in a video-based format… AVI, MPG, MP4).

The user needs the ability to enter the recipients name, which will be displayed at the end of the animation sequence.

We will also provide other applicable background graphics and storyboards for how the final output should appear.

The photograph that the user uploaded will need to be scaled to conform to a predetermined part of the screen. It will transition/morph into view on top of the background animation, then eventually take up the entire screen.

The final screen will contain the uploaded picture with the greeting words and the previously entered name appearing as an overlay to the picture.

The entire greeting sequence must be able to be forwared to the receipient by e-mail, MMS, as well as Facebook.

The entire sequence, from start to finish would be under 20 seconds.

Please contact us with any questions.

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Iphone/Ipad/Android App Idea And Technical Task Creator

Hi to all bidders I need one person or team who can provide me excellent idea with creating Iphone/Ipad/Android apps. I dont need software developer for this stage, I need good idea with nice tech task for programmer. What I am expect from your job:
1. Ready to made idea of creating new Iphone/Ipad/Android app.
2. Good and readable tech task for app developer
3. All ways and strategies of app monetization like free and non-free
4. Market potential
5. Revenue return by your opinion
6. It can be no one idea but it must be real and with real facts
7. I will prefer for bidder who describe to me step by step way of monetization of his idea

If you want to work with me you must clear and simple explain to me in PM what your Idea is about and why is must be investing. Better if you ready to give me some presentation of future idea. Bid will win not lowest bid but most best idea in future sense. Good biddings guys!

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Convert IPhone App To Android App

We have an iPhone App that we need ported to other smartphone platforms. We are in the process of finalizing the app and should have it ready for release within two weeks. Needs the same feature/functionality on the other platforms. The winning designer/developer will need to consider and explain how we will be able to update/maintain parity with the various platforms as new releases/enhancements in the software as well as the platform become available.

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Simple Mobile App For Iphone And Android

App Name: "Fan Car Finder"

Step 1: When a fan of a sporting event leaves his car they can press button 1 to set the location of their car. (GPS)

Step 2: When the event ends they can press button 2 to (Find my Car)

Platforms: iPhone and Android.
Features: Need to have header and footer for Advertising. map display.
Buttons (3): Set Car Location: Find My Car: Clear location

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Iphone/Android Photo Filters

Photo filters for our Mobile Apps,

looking for experienced freelancers (Iphone and/or Android) to create unique photo filters.

Please quote a price per filter.

Ill send you some app examples if needed on PM.

Freelancer must have previous experience with photo filters/effects.

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Iphone & Android App For Joomla With Jomsocial Website

I need to an app for my website. the web site is set up with joomla and jomsocial , i want an app so that users can go on their profiles and be able to have all the same functions as they do on the site.

Will need to get updates in the near future.

Give me some details of how you might be able to do it or how fast. and direct me to samples of your creation. Thanks

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