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Convert PDF To Web Form

Need someone to convert a PDF (roughly 2-3 pages, most of that is general text) form to a web form that when filled out it produces an email or pdf that looks like the form. Data must go to a mysql database. Also need simple php page that can pull the info from the database, list by first/last name to print out of web browser.

Form can also just send email with basic info and have link to web site that pulls the info and has a printable form that looks like the PDF form.

Project MUST be completed and submitted by Sunday 8 PST. Do not bid if you cannot finish by then.

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Web Site Refreshing

We currently have a website that I need updated to look cleaner and more professional.

We are photographers that hosts sideshows for our customers that are used for real-estate marketing.

The slideshows are currenlty made with slideshow pro on a basic html site.

We will need something that is almost a template so we can create new slide show for each property.

I am not sure if this is enough info…

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Edits to current site needed

Existing site menu navigation needs to be changed to a drop down style that keeps the design of the site and work accross browsers (IE6up, Firefox2 up and safari at least). Menu is actually one PHP file so editing will be on one file that will work on every page – hopefully making this part of the task easier.

Existing custom back end editing/CMS system needs to be completely redone to make entire site easier to edit (add pages, delete pages, control menu items, control content and page elements). Current back end uses FCKedit with a lot of custom coding that restricted access to much of the site.

Menu changes need to be completed very quickly, the back end will take longer I am sure so please do not bid if you can not start work and complete the menu changes quickly. Please make real bids and not placeholder or hourly bids.

All changes need to work on IE6 up, Firefox2 up, and safari browsers.

Thank you for your time to look at this project.

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Fatolitis Studios

The current site We would like a new site about 6 pages. New photos and same wording as old site. We may add just a few sentences about new changes to apartments.

Basic Html is fine but will leave it up to Web developer. We want a decent, clean modern site that will show up well for SEO.

Thank you,

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basic site and sales copy set up

I have a very basic html website I need set up. I have the main idea of what I need written, but I can give you an example of a site that I want you to use as a guideline.

If I have to I will get the copy done by someone else if you can design, build, and create the site.

I have a payment processor, so once you have the template I can upload it to the processor and the credit card application and such will be incorporated directly into the website for you.

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Porting large quantity of information

I have a fresh new MySQL CMS system for managing software information and pages/screenshots. What I need is to port my existing pages (hardcoded in HTML), to this new system.

There are an estimate of 400-650 entries/pages/programs that need to be moved.

All that is needed is the will to do a massive amount of tedious work, and someone with basic research skills.

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simpale corporate site with cms

We need a simple web site with CMS.
we have only the PSD files that contains all the design that should be converted to html+css+ CMS
the site is similar to
with one difference, the homepage Contains NEWS section
the user will choose which news they wants to show from the news database.
the site has home page with top banner that the user can replace by loading diffrent jpag

The menu builds dynamically, the user can add and edit categoriesand
under categories they can add and edit how many pages that they want
all the pages has same grid see attached JPG.
each page is editable ( fck editor)
and has to sections the main section and the right side
on the right side he can add testemonials items that will be rolled randomaly

meta date control:

all the page should have static names that the user can control
abilty to create and edit for each page
page title
meta key words
meta description
the user can upload files and pictures throw the Fck editor

news page:
the user can add edit and delete news items
each news has an date
short description
long detailed page .
the user can choose which news will be placed on the home page by clicking on check box

on the news page you see the news in chronological order the newest on the top
as in this link:
when you click on the news item you jump to a full item

Archiving news items
the user can check when the news item is archived and then you can see all the the archived items in chronological order

contact page
the contact page contain some static fields when the user press on the send button the site send the message to email

the Admin will login to secure admin area with user name and password that he can change
he will be able to add categories as he wants
under each category he can add as many pages the he wants
each page is editable and has 2 sections main text area and right side where he can edit testimonials
The user also can edit the meta data for each page
title, meta key word

the site will have a simple search box the search results will show a list of the pages contain the term

site map
the site map should be build dynamically from the CMS adding a page will add it to a Google friendly site map

each one of the pages will have footer that we can insert static links

the site will be installed on sheared server that has all the components throw ftp .
Code the code of the site should be open and with comments so we can maintain it
the tempaltes of the pages should use proper CSS file
so all the editable areas inherent the same stiles
main text box
the Fck editor has to contain the main styles that the user will use in the site

i will need to view similar sites and ability to view the back admin and play with it a bit
Dror Arbel

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