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Newsletter Via Iphone/ipad Application

This is a project to convert our bi-monthly newsletter (containing text and images) to an iphone application so that users can download and read the newsletter on their devices.

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Graphic Novel IPhone/iPad Application

I would like to create a multimedia iPhone/iPad for a graphic novel. The application will also involve incorporating electronic music into the application, as well as some interactive elements.

My team and I are looking to get some quotes on what it would cost to hire a developer for this highly creative project.

The graphic novel will brought out over time, in multiple chapters, so this may be a longer-term project.

If this sounds interesting to you, please contact me for more details.

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Age Of Empires Iphone/Ipad Application

Hello everyone,

I am looking for an iphone/ipad game to be made. The game is simple, it should include all the features included in age of empires 2. If you are not familiar with the game or havent played it, please avoid bidding. The game should be compatible with iphone and ipad and should include decent graphics like the original game and the same features. some of the key features are :

1. option to choose maps
2. number of components (for now they should play against the computer)
3. difficulty
4. all the same building and components (horses, etc).
5. different nations
6. different gameplay options (last man standing, kill the kings etc)

those are not the only features required, you need to play the game to understand the concept and know all the required features, but the above features are the key ones.

Please avoid bidding if you are not familiar with the game (Age Of Empires 2).


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Iphone/ipad Application

Application that utilized GPS to located app user location and direct the user to the nearest destination given.

Application needs to work in ipad as well.

All information of the destination will be given.

Selected programmer needs to be able to do minor graphic illustration and sound editing if required.

Only american programmers will be selected.

Bid with a peace of mind.

100% escrow payment once confirm the project.
100% direct payment once project completed.

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Simple IOS/IPhone/IPad Application

This simple application have only a menu and a coverflow

The start screen is a menu with 5 options and a search box

Each menu options have a defined URL
If the search box is used, a URL is computed from the searched text

This computed URL allow to retrieve an XML file from our server
the XML will have 0 (search not found) to 1000 entries

The coverflow display the images listed in the XML file

Each XML entry contains an JPG URL (the image to display), JPG-Width, JPG-Height, Title (the title to display under image) and a description (when user touch the image it flip the description)

So this very simple application have only 2 screen : Menu + Coverflow

This application will be published two times for two differents Art Museum related websites

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IPhone/iPad Application

Our website currently offers a variety of offers, each user has its own personalized list of products according to pre-selected preferences. We would to add an iPhone/iPad application that will serve as another front-end for our website.

Our website currently supports:
* Registration – Email + Password
* User preferences – Basic preferences are selected during the registration process. The users can modify their preferences in their settings page. Relatively moderate: product categories + location
* Personal homepage – That displays the relevant products
* All products page – That displays all products and allows manual filtering

We would like the iPhone/iPad application to support he following functionality:
* Registration – Same as on the website. Currently, there is an email confirmation step but I am not quite how it should work with an iPhone application.
* Homepage which displays all the products and allows manual filtering
* Personal page which displays the relevant products according to the users preferences
* Settings page which allows the user to modify their prefernces

The visual design should be taken from the website itself (In terms of color schema, buttons and layout)

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Complex Airline IPhone And IPad Application

I am looking to create a very complex iPhone and iPad application. The application should allow users to do 2 things:

1) Check to see if there is an earlier flight they can catch by choosing their airline, the date, the departure airport and arrival airport. A list of all of that airlines flights should appear, as well as the number of tickets available.

2) This is the very complex feature — Users can actually change their reservation via this application. (e.g. if a user is on a 11:00 AM American Airlines flight, they can change it to the 10:00 AM American Airlines flight). I am not positive how you integrate this, so please, in your PM, advise me how you would integrate this feature.

This application needs to be designed and developed/fully coded without bugs by the developer. Please send me your portfolio with your past work on applications. The developer must adhere to deadlines, but we are flexible in setting those deadlines.

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IPhone/iPad Application

I need Application compatible both for iphone and ipad.

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Iphone And IPad Application

We require an application for both iPhone and iPad and also for Android which should exactly have the functionality of the following application

The functionality will have minor tweaks, Will explain better once contact is made. I believe in a long partnership, We are a newly established company with lots of projects in pipeline, Winning and executing this project successfully will lead to a long term partnership.

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Iphone And IPad Application

We require an application for both iPhone, iPad and Android similar to the iphone app currently in the app store for This will be a free app in the app store. Please email for more details.

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